Monthly Daily Readings from the “top;” the Source HIMSELF; not a horoscope written by some ‘fake’

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me.. Thank you. Amen


God’s Proverbs monthly ‘daily’ reading and/or written on the tablet of our heart, as we apply; HIS divine insight and instructions on Dangers of Debt, The Dangers of Being Lazy,Troublemakers,What the Lord Hates; we are to Hate too and strive to not represent (tho, Satan will have traps we as lambs are subject to fall in will be saved, due to it being a trap of Satan and not truly you, God will rise us quicky and Satan’s schemes will be brought to light; hence, nothing may truly be said agianst us when God is for us),and Warning Against Adultery

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Proverbs 6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

Dangers of Debt

My son, don’t make yourself responsible for the debts of others. Don’t make such deals with friends or strangers. If you do, your words will trap you.Image result for proverbs 6 You will be under the power of other people, so you must go and free yourself. Beg them to free you from that debt.Image result for proverbs 6 Don’t wait to rest or sleep. Escape from that trap like a deer running from a hunter. Free yourself like a bird flying from a trap.

The Dangers of Being Lazy

You lazy people, you should watch what the ants do and learn from them. Ants have no ruler, no boss, and no leader. Image result for proverbs 6But in the summer, ants gather all of their food and save it. So when winter comes, there is plenty to eat.

You lazy people, how long are you going to lie there? When will you get up? 10 You say, “I need a rest. I think I’ll take a short nap.” 11 But then you sleep and sleep and become poorer and poorer. Soon you will have nothing. It will be as if a thief came and stole everything you owned.


12 Some people are just troublemakers. They are always thinking up some crooked plan and telling lies. 13 They use secret signals to cheat people; they wink their eyes, shuffle their feet, and point a finger.14 They are always planning to do something bad.Image result for proverbs 6 15 But they will be punished. Disaster will strike, and they will be destroyed. There will be no one to help them.

What the Lord Hates, I hate too

16 The Lord hates these seven things:Image result for proverbs 6
17     eyes that show pride,
    tongues that tell lies,
    hands that kill innocent people,
18     hearts that plan evil things to do,
    feet that run to do evil,
19     witnesses in court who tell lies,
    and anyone who causes family members to fight.Image result for proverbs 6

Warning Against Adultery

Image result for proverbs 620 My son, remember your father’s command, and don’t forget your mother’s teaching. 21 Remember their words always. Tie them around your neck and keep them over your heart. Image result for proverbs 622 Let this teaching lead you wherever you go. It will watch over you while you sleep. And when you wake up, it will give you good advice.

23 Your parents give you commands and teachings that are like lights to show you the right way. This teaching corrects you and trains you to follow the path to life. 24 It stops you from going to an evil woman, and it protects you from the smooth talk of another man’s wife. 25 Such a woman might be beautiful, but don’t let that beauty tempt you. Don’t let her eyes capture you.Image result for proverbs 6 26 A prostitute might cost a loaf of bread, but the wife of another man could cost you your lifeImage result for proverbs 6 27 If you drop a hot coal in your lap, your clothes will be burned. 28 If you step on one, your feet will be burned. 29 If you sleep with another man’s wife, you will be punished.

30-31 A hungry man might steal to fill his stomach. If he is caught, he must pay seven times more than he stole. It might cost him everything he owns, but other people understand. They don’t lose all their respect for him. 32 But a man who commits adultery is a fool. He brings about his own destruction.Image result for proverbs 6 Image result for proverbs 633 He will suffer disease and disgrace and never be free from the shame. 34 The woman’s husband will be jealous and angry and do everything he can to get revenge. 35 No payment—no amount of money—will stop him.

Image result for proverbs 6

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