The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.87)

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me.. Thank you. Amen

San Diego, Hawaii, World Wide Homeland Security, NCIS, ATF, DEA, FBI, CIA and of the like whom has gotten all your information for you to do the worlds largest crime busts in history that include Law and Order of those in your fields…like Joshua Paul Cunning… I want my freaking life and pay!!!  I have done nothing but be of help since 1992~2017 to you people, who allowed my life to be put in danger and let my retaliators illegally take revenge! I am happy God’s vengeance is upon you all, that He is using me to expose you all, and I will be paid…. and, It will be God who pays me and lifts me up…who wants a mere cop when you can have the top dog? NOT me or I would have never had the pleasure to have Joe Ivesters’ only son Joseph Donald Walters/Barber 11.25.89 who IS king Dago with two brothers… Give them what is theirs!! In Jesus’ name flee from what is mine and theirs and get your ugly claws off and stop giving it to others, like Joshua Paul Cunning…San Diego, CA IS me and my son’s birth rights to have, even if it was built on meth money! What the HEllllllll!
God morning 😀 praise god for one J.P.C., whose rehabilitation worked in ’08, who is one in high places whom knew all about my 2007 testimony when it was being written, who can say,”what the hell did you guys do to her?” Who can say,”her father Donald Walters was taking retaliation out on her, for confronting him and signing sierra star  in ’11 and dago mob ha via Donald Ivester,  adn NORML via roger Christie together were as well”.Image result for psalm 123
J.P.C. can say, “yes, he knows me as sierra star when God named me in 2008, he, while rehabilitation me in my own environment, right after I got rid of one Tom Trier, played with me on making this new density, it was no secret, and he would have sierra mist water drive by all the time, not crystal water,” like this ‘illegal’ king county loop that was made prior to me arriving 2014 and still going on towards me does, that was set up via Sheridan, WY from their participation, in taking retaliation out on me as favors owed and being sell outs for one Donald Walters via cockfighting, Donald Ivester via Dago Mob H.A., and on Roger Christie via N.O.R.M.L. 2011 who set Sheridan, WY up to eat me; because, I stood up to all of them in my life, I told on their illegal activities and victimizing me. However, I was doing it by simply telling my story and they all just happen to be in my story of what I have survived; Hence, they did these same offenses, to many, prior to me. God used me to be the one who shined the light. I didn’t even know I was living a life surviving such a REAL story. 2014 the “illegal” king County loop was formed to devour me, prior to me arriving, Hawaii 2009 thought they discovered me, blah, blah,!Image result for psalm 123
San Diego knew of me and one Agent J.P.C., the smartest man I have ever met, did a successful rehabilitation of me 2008. Had it not been successful, I wouldn’t have ever been able to depart San Diego 2009. IF, any one in high places actually has anything to say against me, in regards to them not being satisfied, they are really saying it against one Agent J.P.C. I am his “baby.” Only, he in my life God used to equip me to believe and fly. Yes, the organized criminals get me to fall in a few small traps of theirs, but God picked me up quickly, for that is them not me. The “illegal” Sheridan, Wyoming and King County loop has only been detrimental to Agent J.P.C.’s success with me.Image result for psalm 123
In fact, prior to leaving Sheridan, WY 2014 I called South Bay Drug Court from 2004 and calmly spoke to a real person who answered phone. I was encouraged to depart WY, go on with my plans of sincerely uniting with my stolen kids and take the ‘bait’ to King County, WA, anyway and told, I would be O.k.and I called Hilo, HI from 2009 crying and hysterical in message stating that, “Sheridan, WY was messing with and up all the successful rehabilitation we did years ago…” I was encouraged to depart and take the ‘bait’ to King County anyway and told I would be O.k.Image result for psalm 123
Who is who god used to tell me im an artist, how to safely express, get education, etc.? One Agent JPC that is who. i am not Hawaii’s discovery. The just got the best of me and I would appreciate my pay long owed 2009~2016 for work I did for them with my whole heart and knowledge. I am posh’s baby. 2009, I just introduced myself to Hawaii and they got to witness the positive results from my ‘ 07 testimony, that Agent JPC and San Diego, CA, was reading, when i was writing it, because I had told Drug Court and they encouraged me to write it and knew it was a testimony.Image result for psalm 123
2008, Posh made mistakes that even got positive results. 2016, 10 years later an illegal loop via sheridan, wy and king county was made and i hadn’t done anything, already went thru Posh’s successful work with me, get here ten years later and the illegal loop to take retaliation out on me is still happening from the ’90’s by my own blood. The ‘illegal’ King Count Loop was throwing my entire past in my stroke face, messing up what was already fixed; being me. And, judging me, as i scream what the hell!?!?and, while only they are whom are doing ‘illegal’ acts on levels of Law and of God’s.Image result for psalm 123
I am ready for my uplift into my real new promised life. I am happy to be uplifted as a single. I will accept the man willing to accept me as am, takes action, comes and gets me, etc.Image result for psalm 123
since ’08 i have been walking in knowing: to just live my lil life and the man worthy of me, will faithfully and romantically peruse me, not me he, as god wants A man to find his wife and get favor from the lord.Image result for psalm 123
Proverbs 18:22Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
22 If you find a wife, you have found something good. She shows that the Lord is happy with you.
So, far nobody had found me and received favor from the lord. All the one’s I settled for, I had believed were who the lord let find me, but their actions did not show it. So, I have been able to get them weirdos away from me between 3 days and 6 wks in getting to know them, since 2008! Since, Joshua Paul Cunning and I made love on the beach of Pacific Beach, pass Crystal peir 7.17~18.08 and slept on the beach over night! 
2014~2016, There was one, abusive Hindu “Fil,” who had people in this illegal loop, letting me know “humility comes before fame,” but gods word states
Proverbs 15:33Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
33 Wisdom teaches you to respect the Lord. You must be humbled before you can be honored.
 knew that when “humility before fame” was being shown to me. Hence, why i thought b.s., who wants fame any way? And, gave no honor to fil and participants as i thought, “who told them humility before fame? is he god? No, and his Hindu God isn’t the God every knee will bow down to and confess Jesus Christ is Lord, either. God is above Hindu Gods. Image result for psalm 123
God morning 😀 god says,”Hawaii didn’t discover me. They got to witness who i am and the success San Diego’s Agent JPC., work was with me. When I introduced my self and gave access to my “07 testimony, What Hawaii police, FEDS, etc. saw in my ’07 testimony like names on FBI wanted list was already seen while i was writing it by FBI, the like and agent JPC. So, basically Hawaii FBI witnessed in ’09 when i shared my ’07 testimony is how San Diego FBI, vice, sheriffs, police and the like cover up the criminals in my testimony, they must get paid off or something, cuz San Diego didn’t do anything to them FBI wanted names and ’14 to present them people and that book been shoved in my face and i learn i was witness to largest WW bust?Image result for psalm 123
Sounds like all law enforcement in San Diego needs to be replaced. So, no my book wasn’t new to FBI when i shared it with Hawaii. Hawaii can see San Diego wasn’t and/or isn’t doing their job, if those in my book were living free, and 2009 Hawaii saw.. because, San Diego already knew of my book and them crooks..I don’t know??? I only know, what God tells me….Image result for psalm 123
Plus, um, Dino, please stop treating me like im suicidal. I love life!! I hate neglect and this 50 year illegal insanity done to me by those in high places from low places and their dirty money, that Jesus saved me to testify about, as I tell about HIM and HE gets HIS glory.Image result for psalm 123
I am not, never truly have been suicidal, am not a child I once was, and 2008, Posh’s made it perfectly clear in ’08 that im not to allow anyone to coach me to say i am, nor am i allowed to use it as a form to ask for help or express my frustrations.
I am allowed to safely express as an artist; Gee, I hear comedians say same stuff as me, like Chris Rock and who is kicking his a**? I have never been a racist or prejudice. Yes, when mad I will say stuff about all our cultures and YES, when I am joking I will be like any famous comedian and say stuff about all cultures… and YES, I will say what is… I can’t help who you are and what I experience with you… but, as who I am no I am  not racist… 
.Image result for psalm 123Image result for psalm 123 since 2008, I haven’t heard about suicide until i came to this illegal loop 2014, they illegally put my stolen kids on devices, and the kids were with me for a minute, whom i had closure with and dont want in new life, as any reward at that. God freely gave them to me; Satan stole them. I don’t know them, but they are not like me. i dont even see ’em as a reward. Image result for psalm 123They were my gifts from God, not rewards from Satan to dangle in my face. Besides if god wants them in my “new” confidential, long over due life, they will be. Anyway, im sic of this bogus suicide crap. Thank You; Like all i do is scream for a life. Where the hell do u hear me screaming for death? The orgainized crime and 2% are who have been neglecting me, adding death to me for my entire life, never mind the last 10 years… so, suck on your own web you got snared in; Image result for psalm 123except for god to call me out of this body and rescue me from mans plans to never really be satisfied as they wrongfully neglect etc me?Image result for psalm 123 as far,as im concerned i value life and my life more than any of you do and i know i have eternal life in spirit another detention. I look forward to being upgraded single or as one of true integrity, who has just learned of all this nasty in last 11 months of my blogging, and who is disgusted over it, who God authorizes to be apart of serving consequences to yu all, who comes quickly and lifts me up, sharing  and showing the “good life” with me or better’s wife. Cultural sorta does matter. I am not interested in the “black” culture, Asian, or Pacific Islanders….I am attracted to Hispanics most and then, the European/American Native Culture, then again there are a**holes in all cultures and when it comes down to it, I only am interested in one only God had find me and is of immediate action…no procrastination in him… 
As the days go by and no supposed man who chose me doesn’t come to get me, esp. at this point of my life, i dont want a husband and by the time he arrives he may eat my sh*t and i will say, “Hell no, god is enough for me! Don’t let my door hit you in the face.” and, God knows you people are pushing me beyond reality and my disabilities. He knows i will prefer being single, than to accept one of you as my husband who just leaves me here, not helping, esp. with rides up this damn hill on my M.s. figermyalgia disabled legs and help with God’s miracle herb..for my health as a whole! I kno God’s bigger than all of you and this, that he will lift me single, if the days go by and i continue to receive nothing in whats owed to me and a supposed husband, brain washed into me believing in illegal king county loop. I barely want one at this point.
I see you guys are still doing illegal “mind control” in my own environment and have your stupid school buses when im out driving pass me at hours they don’t even really run. I dont want to be in your school in my environment and will fuc* it up on purpose, since I am not interested and it is illegal on all your parts. I do not want to be apart of any illegal king county/agent family! I almost dont want to be with any who is law enforcement of any kind. you all are dirty and misuse your status for your benefits, and are the scariest to be with, who get away with your uglies…I would rather be with who YOU all work for on the legal side, but not be with one of you. There is nothing about a law enforcer I am attracted to any more..There are many who would fit to be my husband…a micro soft inventor, a DR. of non traditional doctrine and who uses traditional doctoring IF need, a man established in God, self, who already knows I float his boat, just observing me…IF his boat floats by viewing me, then I do it for him..come get me or all just know, I will stay single and become a woman of the world who needs no man, once lifted up; either way I winn and am happy. I cant stand 99.1% of you. Gods will be done. Amen
And after king county loop proving every word donald walters taught me about the black culture being true, i agree, as to why he hates ur culture! Your actions of racism and attacks with and to me 2014~present proved donald walters to be correct about everything he taught me, as a child about your culture. I am who has your cultures back in my 2007 testimony! I am who confronted Donald Walters in 2011, in letter telling him, “he was the only niggar I ever met and shame on him for how he tainted my friendships by not letting me play with you guys. I am who saved you guys from a terrorist attack by Dago Mob, Donald Walters and other true haters of you guys and your culture and YOU guys did these acts to the one, who protected and stood up for you!!!!! and for that you brought shame upon ur culture and king county. Tell you this much, I wont stick up for your culture again and Trump needs to keep you and other cultures from becoming citizens and taking over the USA!  Thank God, I am healthy minded and don’t put you all in same basket…. 
After how this has gone down, i really want a private wedding. There isn’t 1 person who is good enuf to be in or @ any wedding i am the bride of. I love dad and mom which are the only 2 worthy. Better we discuss all the details of this and what not, once you actually show up ( I would like to invest i us first), or never, if God will lift me up as a single. God’s will wins, this I know. Thank you, Abba Father, Selah. Image result for psalm 123
Psalm 123 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Image result for psalm 123
A song for going up to the Temple.
123 Lord, I look up and pray to you.
    You sit as King in heaven.Image result for psalm 123
A slave looks to his master to provide what he needs,
    and a servant girl depends on the woman she serves.
So we depend on the Lord our God,
    waiting for him to have mercy on us.
Lord, be merciful to us,
    because we have been insulted much too long. Image result for psalm 123
We have had enough of the hateful words of those proud people
    who make fun of us and show us no respect.
Image result for psalm 123
my own lyrics, God gave me 2008, San Diego, off of Euclid Ave., ca., at baseball field, I ran around for exercise, DURING THE Agent Posh JPC stuff. Image result for psalm 123 Image result for psalm 123 Image result for psalm 123
 alalalallalalalaawlawlawalawlawlaw “sing with me”     “I was looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in all the wrong faces, then I looked up and I saw the eyes of looooovvve…. they are the eyes of Gooooood. I was looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love in all the wrong places, then I looked up and I say the eyes of God. He took me as his bride, he allowed me to look in his ‘bright’ eyes, I found love. ” alwalawlawlawalallalalalalawalawalawawlawalwalwaawalwalwlawlaw “thank you for singing with me”
for this and more wE are blessed and god is good. Allelu, YAH!!! thank you, Father Image result for psalm 123
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