The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.88)

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me.. Thank you. Amen

It is better with God “to me,” anyway… daily reading
Proverbs 17 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 It is better to have nothing but a dry piece of bread to eat in peace than a whole house full of food with everyone arguing.
A smart servant will gain control over his master’s foolish son. He will be treated like a son and get a share of the inheritance.
Fire is used to make gold and silver pure, but a person’s heart is made pure by the Lord.
People who do evil listen to evil ideas. Liars listen to liars.
Whoever makes fun of beggars insults their Maker. Whoever laughs at someone else’s trouble will be punished.
Grandchildren are the pride and joy of old age, and children take great pride in their parents.
You wouldn’t expect to hear a fine speech from a fool, and you shouldn’t expect lies from a ruler.
Some people think a bribe is like a lucky charm—it seems to work wherever they go.
Forgive someone, and you will strengthen your friendship. Keep reminding them, and you will destroy it.
10(A) Smart people learn more from a single correction 
(lol, God just told me I am smart. people I do learn from need to use  a single correction with me. I love to learn and improve self to go from good, better, best; that is what Joshua Paul Cunning didn’t realized or “care” about in  2008, but it also takes a special person to correct me, for me to listen. One that walks their talk and talks their walk.)
10(B)than fools learn from a hundred beatings.
11 Those who are evil only want to cause trouble. In the end, punishment without mercy will be sent to them.
12 It is better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool who is busy doing foolish things.
13 If you do wrong to those who were good to you, you will have trouble the rest of your life.
14 The start of an argument is like a small leak in a dam. Stop it before a big fight breaks out.
15 The Lord hates these two things: punishing the innocent and letting the guilty go free.
16 Money is wasted on fools. They cannot buy wisdom when they have no sense.
17 A friend loves you all the time, but a brother was born to help in times of trouble.
18 Only a fool would promise to pay for someone else’s debts.
19 A troublemaker loves to start arguments. Anyone who likes to brag is asking for trouble.
20 Crooks will not profit from their crimes, and those who plan to cause trouble will be trapped when it comes.
21 A man who has a fool for a son will be disappointed. A fool brings no joy to his father.
22 Happiness is good medicine, but sorrow is a disease.
23 A wicked judge will accept a bribe, and that keeps justice from being done.
24(a) Intelligent people think about what needs to be done here and now.
(and, thank you Abba, again for showing me, that by me thinking about here and now, not taking life for granite, encouraging the uplift of me to be, by one arranged marriage as he/they waste time thinking we have tomorrow and so confident of the future, as if they are you IS:)     24(a) Intelligent people think about what needs to be done here and now. ) 
24(b)Fools are always dreaming about faraway places.
25 Foolish children upset their parents and make them sad.
26 It is wrong to punish an innocent person or attack leaders for doing what is right.
27 Intelligent people choose their words carefully. Those who know what they are doing remain calm.[a]
28 Silent fools seem wise. They say nothing and appear to be smart.
Hope up enjoy the review on google god had me leave for: sheridan wyoming police 😀 god is the author to my reviews and story 😀 a special “thanks” to agent russ 4 teaching me donald walters was identified there when i was. I bet hale my wealth about to receive that he can have been identified in hilo, hawaii and texas too! In hawaii when i was put in paho or puna after the rape in hilo, HI a neighbor in cockfighting admitted to knowing i was donalds daughter and he knew me growing up in chula vista as a kid and he admitted he knew donald walters. At that same house there was a renter raising a rooster for fighting! Donald walters was on that island when i was! Final answer, bob. 
And all i been doing since they stole the kids and abandoned me in ’02 is find safe place to rent and get medical help, education, give back to community God had me in, and what is good! My goal was to continue to grow into best me, so when I reunited with my stolen son’s I would be at my best..and, I my best ability with all this illegal gross stuff being done to me, by organized crime and 2% working as a team…to show me! Shame on me standing up for self and knowing the law and my rights!! NOT!… shame on me! Call me guilty for that! Lol
This is “all” illegal with illegal king county loop and the last 51 years of organized crime victimizing me; being my own roots! Not one of you have legal documents you can show me that any of this stoking me, shadowing me, monitoring me, having my texts/calls/emails diverted to many, having my enemies/public viewing me or anything. you all are “illegally” in my life: which would be fine if you were applying acts of god to me and bringing glory to him in protecting me and really giving me whats already mine. Its hard on me to see any of you as servants of god, truth and justices, and integrity. I put much effort into keeping calm, seeing the good in even the only 3 contacts god has me keep as of now, cuz you 3 participate in the illegal loop, too. But, im trying and god knows i am “pardoning” you 3, praying gods will rules in you 3,and that gods using you 3 and others like you to end this and make things right. i have to believe this is true or i have no contacts cuz gods the only faithful one. May god empower you in him. Amen “hnd” and “ty4 being a friend” muah :-*  
You guys cant show legal documents for illegally having valley medical emergancy room staff put an illegal tracker in me that records everything i say or for illegally recording me or for being illegally in my life to show god honor and glory for how he uses me. I didnt invite you in my space, but the FBI to help me and/or really hire me and stop using me for free. And, why am i being hassled by aka: shorty in texts and calls? I never have given aka: shorty any of my numbers! halleluyah for gods eyes are on us all and he is bigger than any of this and us. Im thankful 4 u 3 in my contacts and i leave you 3 in gods almighty hands. May u 3 serve him only and stop serving illegal acts not of him. Amen and thanks to him 😀
New lyrics   TITLE: gOD WILL
lalalalaww sing with me:
god can, will, and does use any person, place or thing of good or evil for his glory! So, don’t let us have judgement in our story. Lets give god’s his glory 😀 god say,”i even use the vessel of evil, to give birth to an angel.” god is glory of this story! So, lets not let him find unforgivable sin in children of him. God can,will and does use any person, place or thing of good or evil for his glory! Halleluyah, lets give god his glory!
Lalalalawww “ty 4 singing with me”
i honestly believe we live in an invisible spiritual warfare. I believe Satan knows gods divine purpose for us before we are born. I believe that Satan attacks gods chosen ones who have a divine purpose and does what he can to keep us from for filling that purpose and hopes to make us blame and hate god. I believe the more an innocent is attacked and/or in any bandages of Satan its cuz we are gods chosen ones for a special purpose like mary, noah and satan knows. then we let Satan get his way and win when we blame, hate, leave god. I believe the more diversity, attacks, and of the like satan does to some, more than he does others, that it means gods purpose for us is that of importance, beyond average being like Adam, eve, Noah, Jesus, others, me, and my 3 son’s. So, who are we? Warriors for god or Satan? Im for god and gods for me. So, “who” can be against me? Nobody! Esp.,nobody of worth, value or character that isnt of him 😀 god is a good god. Satan is a mean, tough/rude love god. As Jesus states “few make it into his kingdom and to be his friend. Halleluyah i made it and may it be his will, i keep it that way. Lord, i lift all your universal creation up into the “our father. Thy will be done. Amen”
At this point, since past 11 mo., God’s been having me expose this story there is legal investigations and arrests on the exposed. From what i understand the illegal king county loop has saved me from much more heartache: my 3 stolen babies, now men got themselves in legal trouble and have consequences and recovery to do. All said for lack of better words. However, in the name of Jesus “only” those of god and who apply gods way may be around them. Shame on all humans who believe in rude ~ tough love. For there is nothing in the god of lights word that ever suggests that rude-tough love is OK or of him, nor is it a proper tactic to use on those who have been abused. God gives instructions on discipline, guidance, prayer, everything. humans who practice rude-tough love are using tactics of Satan, power, control, and of the like. In Jesus’ name flee from my 3 sons Satan workers of the carnal brain that feeds your own ego. Halleluyah victory is in him! Amen
Sec 8 inspectors suck! They require locking windows then they dont make sure they work. Greentree “really” didnt pass sec 8 inspection for many reasons and this is another reason. As i already shared me and the sec 8 inspector agreed ill be lifted up soon enough so no reason to not pass them for now, since it would disturb me with having to move, get in another year contract. So, im trusting in god, reporting it all, and happily wait upon him to lift me up into the “good life,” he promised me when organized crime illegally put me in a grocery cart and stole my kids in ’02. Thanks be to him. Amen  Greentree Apartments say, “I owe them approx. $150.00 on carpet.” They illegally went against my renters rights, charged me to replace entire bedroom carpet…when I accidentally caused a “small” fire in my trash with a cigarette ash, from being under all kinds of stress this illegal loop was causing me and does cause me…I come from education in Federal Laws and renters rights…I come from a flooring background…my god given brother in on loop also admitted all they had to do was patch the burnt part up… When I moved into apartment light bulbs and carpet were not brand new for me; Hence, it is not my responsibility to replace entire carpet…not at all…  
God says they can take the remaining balance out of my deposit when I am lifted up and move on…and, so does the laws for renters rights, Federal Fair Housing..really, they cant charge me, it could be taken to court, but as Jeanetta stated to me like a year ago, “No court is going to support me. ” WhY? because of the illegal King county loop and all of them in on it.. “dirty law and order..” I am going to only listen to God.. besides, they can’t make me pay more anyway…it’s when tenant leaves that charges need to be paid and/or that is why they take it out of deposit…  God does have much more for me to share about Sec 8 and their dirtiness with me, starting in Sheridan, WY with a Gwen Burges, who’s office is in the Sheridan Senior Center…. Nasty lady, Andi Bells friend, apart of illegal loop to devour me in Sheridan, WY 2011~2014 and then, they took it to Seattle, when I was trying to go out of district to expose Gwen and the landlords in Sheridan! And, Sheridan is who set up Skyway to devour me, too and who followed me here, and who helped steal my adult kids…….Nasty town Sheridan, WY!! God’s vengeance is upon all of them…OH, and for all my sec 8 workers, until 2015..all their names where Gwen…. Gwen in Sheridan did not help me at all. She passed housing for sec 8 clients, when they didn’t really pass. She let land lords enter my apartment with no notice to me and when I was gone. Gwen Burges pretended to be trust worthy and safe for me to contact. I even tried helping her, by reporting slum lords there who denied me housing, when I was with that Robert Howe, when I first moved there, because the land lord wanted Guns for deposit… I only had rent money on me and was willing to work something out for deposit as we often can…..  NO< he wanted a gun for deposit, not my money or to work anything out legally.. I emailed her the info or brought it into her..  that Robert Howe was living off of my SSI and me, taking advantage of me, set up to kill me! And,Sheridan was in on it, prior to me ever arriving! My biological father who turns out to be one of the biggest criminals ever was identified there…
This is my review on google for Greentree Apartments God had me leave:
Greentree Apartment Homes
6900 S 125th St, Seattle, WA 98178
Apartment Building


Carol Walters-Barber
 I give Greentree Apartments a negative 100!
  in the last week
True testimony and much more may be viewed in my book “The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies” in google, FB, and twitter.. follow this link to the book on twitter moments
a negative 0 is my rating for this place. They participated in an “illegal: conspiracy with my retaliators from whom I turned in from 2009 to present being them in housing and others who take advantage of less fortunate…they have illegal monitors in my apartment…they go against my renters rights and more…they have king county employees as my neighbors who drive BMW’s and Mercedes at this low income housing who all illegally view me on illegal monitors illegally in apartment I reside in…. God has used me to catch them…they intimidate me and you can view more in my blog titled “ATTENTION: Tenants Union of Washington”; much bad to me by landlords it on google, twitter, and face book..It’s in the book “the theft of my 3 babies” today I remain there as I wait upon my arranged husband to come get me, ending it once and for all..and, they know.. hallelu Yah for God is who is boss, my witness, and protector. For God is for me; Hence, nobody can be against me… thank you, God..Amen.. ATTENTION: Tenants Union of Washington; much bad to me by landlords   

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