19th monthly daily life long reading; Better to be ..than ……

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me..”My stories are all for GOD’s Glory.” Thank you. Amen


Proverbs 19 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

19 It is better to be poor and honest than to be a liar and a fool.Image result for proverbs 19Image result for proverbs 19

Being excited about something is not enough. You must also know what you are doing.Image result for proverbs 19 Don’t rush into something, or you might do it wrong.

People ruin their lives with the foolish things they do, and then they blame the Lord for it.

Wealth will bring you many friends, but become poor and your friends will leave you.

A witness who lies will be punished; that liar will not escape.

Many people are nice to a generous person. Everyone wants to be friends with someone who gives gifts.

If you are poor, your family will turn against you, and your friends will avoid you even more. You might beg them for help, but no one will come to help you.

Be a friend to yourself; do all you can to be wise. Try hard to understand, and you will be rewarded.Image result for proverbs 19

A witness who lies will be punished. That liar will be destroyed.

10 A fool should not be rich, and a slave should not rule over princes.

11 Experience makes you more patient, and you are most patient when you ignore insults.Image result for proverbs 19

12 The shouts of an angry king are like a roaring lion, but his kind words are like a gentle rain falling softly on the grass.

13 A foolish son brings a flood of troubles to his father, and a complaining wife is like the constant dripping of water.

14 People receive houses and money from their parents,Image result for proverbs 19 but a good wife is a gift from the Lord.

15 Laziness brings on sleep, and an appetite for rest brings on hunger.

16 Obey the law and live;Image result for proverbs 19ignore it and die.

17 Giving help to the poor is like loaning money to the Lord. He will pay you back for your kindness.

18 Discipline your children while there is still hope. Avoiding it can be deadly.

19 People who are quick to become angry must pay the price. Protect them from punishment, and they become worse.

20 Listen to advice and accept discipline; then you, too, will become wise.

21 People might make many plans, Image result for proverbs 19but what the Lord says is what will happen.

22 People want a friend they can trust. It is better to be poor than to be a liar.Image result for proverbs 19

23 Respect the Lord and you will have a good life, one that is satisfying and free from trouble.

24 Some people are too lazy to take care of themselves. They will not even lift the food from their plate to their mouth.

25 Punish a rude, arrogant person, and even slow learners will become wiser. But just a little correction is enough to teach a person who has understanding.

26 Those who would steal from their father and chase away their mother are disgusting, shameful people.

27 My son, if you stop listening to instructions, you will keep making stupid mistakes.

28 Using a criminal as a witness makes a joke of justice. People like that only want to do wrong.

29 People who show no respect for anything must be brought to justice. You must punish such fools.



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