The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (pt.10)

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, add to or delete, take ideas from for books, movies or of the like based on or inspired by, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me..”My stories are all for GOD’s Glory.” Thank you. Amen

The Truth and nothing but the TRUTH so HELP me God; may justices be done!
Romans 8:29 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
29 God knew them before he made the world. And he decided that they would be like his Son. Then Jesus would be the firstborn of many brothers and sisters.                                                      
I have been so neglected by improper health care since i left San Diego 2009. Between Hawaii, Washington, Texas, Wyoming, and king county, WA, as i was only seeking proper care. Today, the illegal Kathy and Ronald John operation, my health declines as i’m left to walk on my M.S.legs. I have severe CNS nerve damage and over active nerves. as they leave me like this pushing me beyond my true abilities, my already blown out hip and back become worse.
1 John 4:9-11 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
This is how God showed his love to us: He sent his only Son into the world to give us life through him. 10 True love is God’s love for us, not our love for God. He sent his Son as the way to take away our sins.
11 That is how much God loved us, dear friends! So we also must love each other.
They know i need surgeries, that i’m highly sensitive to pharmaceutical drugs, that i need intense massage and chiropractor therapy, that i use natural herbs, spices, of the like care safest for me and between medicaid not letting us use natural care doctrine and a poverty level income I am unable to provide such care .
Matthew 4:23 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Jesus Teaches and Heals the People
23 Jesus went everywhere in the country of Galilee. He taught in the synagogues and told the Good News about God’s kingdom. And he healed all the people’s diseases and sicknesses.
They cause me much distress as they deny me, illegally at that, a life. Something serious is going on like my kidney, liver, or just the gerd, ibs, acid reflux getting worse. They mess with my medical marijuana selling me low quality, shorting me at a rediculas prices, as they keep me sick and when i run out of my medication, that they personally know and have witnessed over their illegal monitors watching me that it is best for me and works, they give me little to zero help.
Its cruel, nothing about God in any of this.
Matthew 20:28 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
28 Do as I did: The Son of Man did not come for people to serve him. He came to serve others and to give his life to save many people.”
I want justices done to Ron, Kathy, their Sheridan, WY gang, and their participants for their illegal and immoral acts done to me and my kids; and god will do that. I want my pay already earned that’s enough to provide more than well for self, for life. Most of all, I want the will of GOD to just be done….
Acts 9:20 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
20 Soon he began to go to the synagogues and tell people about Jesus. He told the people, “Jesus is the Son of God!”
They wont have the Dr. write a request to ride Access bus door to door, in seeking medical care, and they stole and destroyed my car I used to obtain medical care. My complicated physical and mental conditions will not permit me to ride buses … by the time I get to the DR. I am all over the map, then they are unethical and neglectful with me as they tell me stupid things like change your under ware daily!!! Just to have me leave unhelped!! Then the buses back?? YOU gotta be kidding me! Are you guys trying to push me to absolute insanity?
John 13:12-17 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
12 When Jesus finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and went back to the table. He asked, “Do you understand what I did for you?13 You call me ‘Teacher.’ And you call me ‘Lord.’ And this is right, because that is what I am. 14 I am your Lord and Teacher. But I washed your feet. So you also should wash each other’s feet. 15 I did this as an example for you. So you should serve each other just as I served you.16 Believe me, servants are not greater than their master. Those who are sent to do something are not greater than the one who sent them. 17 If you know these things, great blessings will be yours if you do them. 
They don’t have anyone available to take me,unless its to urgent care and they still give me run around there as they and dr.s are on devices listening. In Sheridan,WY the dr.s were so neglectful, unethical, liars that “I” demanded Andi Bell a therapist attend my appointments. Well, between there and Skyway, wa., word got “twisted & flipped” that it was i who was lying to dr.s and needed monitoring! “Hell no!” all i do is scream for medical care and my medication to be healthy and a life.they illegal deny me.
“Abba, father rise me your Queen, as you freely promised enabling me to live and be healthy. May your divine vengeance be upon these participants and their unjust illegal acts done to me, as you find favor in me & my 3 sons, lifting us up.” Thank you, Jesus. Amen
1 Timothy 1:12-14 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Thanks for God’s Mercy
12 I thank Christ Jesus our Lord because he trusted me and gave me this work of serving him. He gives me strength. 13 In the past I insulted Christ. As a proud and violent man, I persecuted his people. But God gave me mercy because I did not know what I was doing. I did that before I became a believer. 14 But our Lord gave me a full measure of his grace. And with that grace came the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.
Evidently, Dean is trying to stay with me after all that has been said..but, God wants you, Dean to know, “You have no better chance at winning my hand in marriage, as the next man… may throw all the “codes” you want at me, but all you are doing at this point is succeeding at driving me insane and into an institution or worse! It is going to take action on your part, period! NO amount of color codes or any other codes is going to bring you, me or anyone else closer together. Today, you let me walk up the hill in tears of pain and hardly able to walk up that hill, have people deny me marijuana medicine, have them mess with me in helping out with a buck 50 for coffee, only stressing me!… had no compassion to have anyone pick me up and when I begin to hitch hike it is because, I need a ride, bad! Bad enough to be willing to put my life in danger with a stranger!
anyone truly interested in winning my hand at marriage…..must be willing to do what it takes to win my hand and heart……period! “may the best man win! exciting stuff! who will it be??? I already love the one who does……..I adore him, I treasure him, and I want to live and die with him…….romantic I am….”not til death do we part, but ’til death we will still be joined…..” vows Jonathan Barber and I made and HE didn’t keep or value.. Thank you, Dean for considering me, but if you want to really be with me….you know what you or any one else needs to take action in doing to win me. May peace and happiness become you. I wish you the best.” me
1 Corinthians 13 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Let Love Be Your Guide
13 I may speak in different languages, whether human or even of angels. But if I don’t have love, I am only a noisy bell or a ringing cymbal. I may have the gift of prophecy, I may understand all secrets and know everything there is to know, and I may have faith so great that I can move mountains. But even with all this, if I don’t have love, I am nothing. I may give away everything I have to help others, and I may even give my body as an offering to be burned. But I gain nothing by doing all this if I don’t have love.
Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, and it is not proud. Love is not rude, it is not selfish, and it cannot be made angry easily. Love does not remember wrongs done against it. Love is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth. Love never gives up on people. It never stops trusting, never loses hope, and never quits.
Love will never end. But all those gifts will come to an end—even the gift of prophecy, the gift of speaking in different kinds of languages, and the gift of knowledge. These will all end because this knowledge and these prophecies we have are not complete. 10 But when perfection comes, the things that are not complete will end.
11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, and I made plans like a child. When I became a man, I stopped those childish ways. 12 It is the same with us. Now we see God as if we are looking at a reflection in a mirror. But then, in the future, we will see him right before our eyes. Now I know only a part, but at that time I will know fully, as God has known me. 13 So these three things continue: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.
for u nasty i survived being my own evil roots, cockfighters, hell angels, cartel, hawaiian mafia, Aryan brothers and of the such, and the 1% roger christie, aka; Ron and Kathy with Dallas cowboys, slumlords, and many others: 2017 god says, “you nasties tried to prove i sold my EBTsnap food funds as a way of living! Hell no! I testified about my wrongs and change in my 2007 testimony at age 19 from when i was a teenager approx. 1985.
Approx. 2010 You guys had an old man mike who lives on same road as  Woman’s Everett gospel mission take me to a store who would give back cash on ebt snap in 2010 and quickly after experiencing it to be true i reported that store and big deal i didnt kno our ebt for state living in worked in other states we travel or move to, so prior to taking your gross ungodly bait to Texas using Jerry kingston to bait me to go march 16, 2011 i used $70 to purchase Easter candy to send to my stolen kids and traded the rest to a woman, you guys had in on this illegal loop back then at Monroe, WA shelter the rest, so when i traveled to Texas and got there i would have money for food, until I got set up with assistance in Texas. In which jerry kingston stole $60 frm me when arrived and I had to go to the emergency room (which you all had neglect me and not treat me for my severe migraine attacks at the Irvine, Texas ER) as he let me believe the staff at mesquite, Texas hospital stole letting me go off on them and i ended up having to apologize to cuz it was Jerry, not the hospital staff that stole it.
Shame on you evil who plot then say,”see look at her.” god says,”see look @ what i did for my child, my wife. She is innocent and you people only harmed her.” thank u father for truth. Î love you most.”
 you illegal retaliators, for me telling on u, not being ur victim, for being educated and knowing what you do to those below u is against american rights, and for me not being like u, 2015 a aka: rita who was my fake neighbor in bldng L at greentree apartments in skyway, wa. And 2015-2016 aka: janis wolf threw interrogation and character assassination were used to try baiting me in selling my ebt snap.
aka rita asked me several times if i knew where or who would. why or how would i? I dont do that, nor hang with any who do. Im who reports such illegal acts. Aka: janis wolf via smoke screen AA Serenity hall skyway, wa who admitted to being an agent, was used to really treat me as a criminal and take retaliation out on, tried by admitting she buys her sons ebt snap monthly and he uses the money to buy drugs.
What sick people, lord. Yes, i thank and praise you for catching these evil plot doers to save there own faces. May ur vengeance drop them all to their knees repenting, receiving, and turning from their sin done to others. Halleluyah for my freedom in truth of u being my witness and defender. Amen o gracious God.
2014~now Yes, Lord they had me living on $15 a month for food in Sheridan, WY..approx rent $500 at Americans best value inn, $400 at Rock trim, and $267 or so at Hillside manner when my income was like approx. $700…. and, I need to purchase staples, other needs, your miracle herb for my health…with no funds for any life…and, they have my on $126 here in Skyway..but, they have people like Nathan and Jon barber who have jobs receiving over $250 a month for food.and are functional males.yes, crooked people who starve me and point their nubby fingers at me…and, they tried proving I live off churches and food banks when I don’t even do church food or food banks..but when I was put in situation in Hilo, HA and Sheridan, WY, in which they hid the good food, until I left.. Thank YOu father for defending me and telling the truth…yes, lord may your vengeance be upon them…thank you for rising me above all this and more..thank you for finding favor in me, your faithful wife.
For all this, I am blessed and God is my hero!! hallelujah… i love you, Abba
updates 6.26.17..
.hahahaha,praise to God!  it would be Donald and Sandra Walters 52nd wedding anniversary today, had they not been so ungodly and real… what a waste! Hey, Sandy thought you would never get yourself in these situations? Bitch of a wicked mother! Satan Queen… child thief, money loving, pot transporting bitch!!! who abused me her own daughter and was caught for putting posing in my food as a kid and times thru your freaking home in my life prior to 2006!! You must spend life in an cell next to Charles Manson!! 
Yes. San Diego Police Enricke Medina aka: kiki Medina from San Miguel Rd. Bonita, CA and his brother Manuel Medina Lied about knowing of any loop against me and to not help me, Carol Walters-Barber their peer, they were both mean to, growing up as kids on our road! Kiki was a snob to me as kids. Him, Manuel, and his sister Martha Medina were mean to me in elementary school and up.. I am more than positive that his parents knew of Jr. Gaumond, Donna Gaumond from being their neighbor across the street on San Miguel Rd. Bonita when I was age 3! I am more than positive their dad knew of and was in association with Donald Walters, my biological father. Kiki took me out on one date as teen ages or so. He kisses weird and puts his tongue around our gums when kissing.. ‘eww and yuck! He went our with a peer, Diana who’s dad was a Dr. from Bonita. She was into meth too. She was used in loop too for years 1989!~2005…She is in AA program, supposedly… she has daughter my oldest son’s age 27! Kiki was mean to me. Went off in his sister Martha in 1987 ish or so… I don’t know for hanging out with me. All we did was go to South Western College for her classes. smoke weed SHE got, and hung out at their house eating! She was actually becoming a positive influence on me, but that ended when Enricki Medina went off and forbid her to be my friend; which, I found odd, because next I knew Martha was pregnant and drugs were involved in her life for a minute… Manuel was first person who saw me at 7th grade second semester drinking a pickle jar of alcohol! So don’t tell me that didn’t tell him something wasn’t going on….after all up til then, all they saw me do was ride horses, walking my dogs, being by myself, none of the neighbor kids, including them wanting to come over and play or have me over. I was a shy and good girl.They are three peers that drove my 12 year old mentality to begin drinking like that! Manuel taught me in Spanish at the bus stop to say, but never told me what it meant: chopa leverga or something like that ! it means suck my mothers dick! 1992 ish, after I turned Donald Walters into San Diego ATF and DEA, when I was living in Spring Valley, CA with my son Joseph, their dad was coming onto me, and trying to get me to go horse back riding with him. LIARS! the Medina family! Their parents know Donald Walters and Jr.Gaumond since, the ’60’s or before….2010, in Hilo, HI Manuel Medina posts to me on FB, after reading my 1st book and autobiography on Google, that google illegally hide on me, instead of remove..titled something like: my lift with and with out God…….I chose life thank you,” “I am sorry you had to go thru all that alone. I will help you.” I reluctantly (I thought, maybe Manuel grew up) exchanged numbers with Manuel and was speaking to him on the phone when I was in my room at the crises house I was at that dirty Lori Batio KOA motorcycle club worked at..NO, WHILE ON PHONE WITH MANUEL, MANAGER OF AN ALBERTSON’S IN SAN DIEGO, ca….Manuel BEGINS SPEAKING to me rudely, sex stuff like when kids at bus stop and around neighborhood! So, I hung up. I think, I told Lori Batino about the call…it was disturbing. the illegally king county loop contacted them two 2016..God said, he was using them two as honest witnesses for me, but them two lied as witnesses, acted as if they cared and knew nothing, acted as if they were my friend as kids and never told then anything, and they both claimed to not know a thing! LIARS!
Wade Greg, San Diego , CA Sheriff’s~~~ dirty, dirty YOU, mother fucker!! Wade, you are one of the main loosers in school I copy cated, who was mean to me in 7th grade, who disrupted our classes, who was on ADD meds, who called me a smack for getting ‘A’s…all in first semister of 7th grade! You are who I would drink with, do pot and coke with, along with the Shedenhelms and other peers of ours! Your dad couldn’t handle you, WADE GREG! Your dad is why you ended up going to Military after high school! You saw me in Imperial Beach, when the organized crime had me in grocery cart and stealing my kids! One day, I was crying on legde of the Adult book store on Palm Ave, imperial beach..A woman Sheriff came up hassleing me, want ing my name and stuff, not concerned abut me, but tere to hassle me.. I told her my name wasn’t any importance..I wan’t doing anything, but sitting in shade cying!! She handcuffed me, took me to imperical beach jail…You Sheriffs were, I was released into an ambulance and taken to the emergancey room at H ST and 3rd chula vista, CA..I open my purse..You sheriffs took my pot pipe, my bud, and my cigerattes….you never wrote me up for any pot or released my into an ambulance as you Sheriffs were laughing… today, I know YOU WADE GREG were one of them dirty Sheriffs! How? Michelle Shedenhelm…who is also dead from all this illegal king county organized loop on me and my 3 ababies… it is all in my book THE THEFT OF MY 3 BABIES on this link:    
no not spAM.. true story and many of you in the story! San Diego Police Department Police & Sheriff / San Diego East County / Alerts and InfoHonolulu Police Department (Official Site) San Diego, California Hells Angels San Diego California Camano Island Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation ATF Pentagon Memorial Donald J. Trump Worldnews Joel olsteen National City, California Thackerville, Oklahoma Sheridan, Wyoming Bonita, California Bonita Vista High SchoolCarol Walters-Barber Albertsons Albertsons ALBERTSONS – Distribution Cntr
theft of my 3 babies whole story
~~~~steal, kill, destroy ~~~~
 Things never told about Hawaiians and gods islands he lends to us: Hawaiians love whites money and have no use for us ‘The word “Haole” has been degradingly used in incidents of harassment and physical assaults by the Native Hawaiians on the ‘white people’ living there.[9]
Gee, exactly what I said it was being delivered to me as a white in the islands… the “N” who got  me to say this… does represent ignorant that niggar means for telling me it means something nice and that I am not allowed to say nigger as a white, even if speaking about my own experience, self, and using it correctly…However, I am telling correctly and it even states my words in wikepedia and other dictionaries of the Hawaiians calling us whites Haole!!!
2014 illegal king county set my up in Skyway,WA., loop that includes Hawaiians, I had reported in 2009 and FBI Randy and Clinton Z. allowed them to stalk me and my 3 kids under age 18 since 2009 to this day of year 2017 via dirty san digo FBI ATF DEA VICE JOshua paul cunning in on organized Crime in devouring me for my big mouth that saves me from them all!!…trying to harm me and take their lives illegally over..
in 2009~2010 during my stay on Big Island, I had been reporting on FB in photo and blogs that clinton Z and Randy Hawaii FBI, I worked hard for and my 3 stolen sons could see…. in one of my blogs and photos I stated how I was blown away at racism! That I never experienced it… that the Hawaiians truly call whites ‘haole’s’ in the same manor evil, white man ‘once’ did when calling blacks, ‘niggars’ and how blessed I felt that God let me feel what it was like a little bit to be discriminated like that…the Hawaiians gross out after whites use drinking fountain and of the such..just as the stories of the African American’s experience back in the day in America… Today, I know what I experienced was also organized crime set up for them to really, really do that to me, anyway..but, it does go on and there are others besides me… So, the illegally king county loop that has many mean dirty Hawaiians in on this……six years later……in Skyway, WA they set up to do many illegaly organized crime things to me and racists attacks….. all allowed by FBI randy and clinton z. and joshua paul cunning and san diego vice!! all dirty…they were suppose to legally protect me and my 3 babies…. instead, they did all and more that is in this book to us and God uses me to tell and save my three babies and these demons in flesh get caught and in much trouble! Credit is God’s… I am not able to live with out God…never mind remember what I just did…. Thank you God for having my back! 
2016, retalitors and had African Americans named aka: ROB set up King Count on me and as I was sharing how being called a Haole by the Hawaiians was like when white man called blacks ‘nigger’….that I felt blessed by God to have exp[experienced racism, so I could relate.. The African Americans set up in illegal king county loop were trying to get me to say, NIGGER so they could use it as an excuse for beating me, but that was just one excuse they had.. fact is: they are related to Black CEO Silvia CEO of EGM woman’s shelter and obviously she got in much trouble when God had me expose what really goes on behind closed doors of EGM on King 5 news internet in 2011! Residence at Greentree apartments are in on it and all turned their heads…the illegal king county loop participant in apartment next to me in 306…African american man.. he let me use his phone to call dirty king county Sheriffs in on loop, too who said, they didn’t see anything…it is all on other pages of this book…
the Hawaiians do use Haole to discriminate, in racists manor towards whites and, when we have no money and/or run out they have no love for us whites.. . it rains on the islands more than Washington and organ! many of the beaches are imported sand. There are as many, if not more bisexuals, gays, transgenders, tattoo distorted objects in face mutilating face and a body, slicing tongues into two, like snakes and reptiles, and more. These were a few of my personal experiences with Hawaii that organized crime and dirty agent joshua cunning gave me bait to take to go to islands in ’09 to be apart of fake Reverend roger and share christie’s fake THC ministry on big island. Big island had been being set up, by my own roots to bait me there by cockfighting, Hawaiian mafia, koa and dago mob hell angels starting in ’93!
The plan was to hook me on meth there, rape me, train me, and kill me! I survived! And, am here to tell of gods divine power and hands over me thru it all! Because of god i live to tell! ‘eww Hawaiian islands of corrupt and many other worshiped gods,but god, Jesus, the holy spirit! God gives me Deuteronomy 13 for Hawaiian islands and others. I only want a husband who hears god say this too and who god empowers by his divine authorization to take action in so! San diego, ca., seattle,WA.,, dallas, TX., sheridan,WY., big island and 4 other bush islands there are to have Deuteronomy 13 done. For those who claim god and his word you know gods instructions never change with times and Jesus came to for fill gods word! Flee, Satan in name of Jesus! Now! Halleluyah and amen! read much more in my book THE THEFT OF MY 3 BABIES… LINK:
Deuteronomy 13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Don’t Serve Other Gods
13 “A prophet or someone who explains dreams might come to you and tell you that they will show you a sign or a miracle. 2 And the sign or miracle they told you about might come true. Then they might ask you to follow other gods (gods you don’t know) and say to you, ‘Let’s serve these gods!’ 3 Don’t listen to them, because the Lord your God is testing you. He wants to know if you love him with all your heart and all your soul. 4 You must follow the Lord your God. Respect him. Obey his commands and do what he tells you. Serve the Lord your God, and never leave him. 5 Also, you must kill that prophet or person who explains dreams, because they told you to turn against the Lord your God. And it was the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. They tried to pull you away from the life he commanded you to live, so you must kill them to remove this evil from your people.
6 “Someone close to you might secretly persuade you to worship other gods. It might be your own brother, your son, your daughter, the wife you love, or your closest friend. They might say, ‘Let’s go and serve other gods.’ (These are gods that you and your ancestors never knew. 7 They are the gods of the people who live in the other lands around you, some near and some far away.) 8 You must not agree with them. Don’t listen to them or feel sorry for them. Don’t let them go free or protect them. 9-10 No, you must kill them with stones. You be the first one to pick up stones and throw at them. Then everyone must throw stones to kill them, because they tried to pull you away from the Lord your God. And it was the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. 11 Then all the Israelites will hear about it and be afraid. And they will not do those evil things any more.
12 “The Lord your God has given you cities to live in. Sometimes you might hear some bad news about one of these cities. You might hear that 13 some troublemakers from your own nation are persuading the people of their city to do bad things. They might say to the people of their city, ‘Let’s go and serve other gods.’ (These gods would be gods that you never knew before.) 14 If you hear this kind of news, you must do all you can to learn if it is true. If you learn that it is true, if you prove that such a terrible thing really did happen, 15 then you must kill all the people of that city and their animals too. You must destroy that city completely. 16 You must gather up everything of value and take it to the center of the city. Burn the whole city and everything in it as a burnt offering to the Lord your God. You must turn that city into an empty pile of rocks forever, and that city must never be rebuilt. 17 Everything in that city must be destroyed as an offering to God. So you must not keep any of the things for yourselves. If you follow this command, the Lord will stop being so angry with you. He will be kind to you. He will feel sorry for you. He will let your nation grow larger, as he promised your ancestors. 18 This will happen if you listen to the Lord your God—if you obey all his commands that I give you today. You must do what the Lord your God says is right.… TRUE STORY AND TESTIMONY Hawaiian Islands Hawaiian Islands MinistriesHello Racist Honolulu Police Department (Official Site) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Donald J. Trump Joel Osteen Ministries The 700 Club Nigeria 文茜的世界周報 Sisy’s World News Global Politics Magazine Military Intelligence NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Haole – Wikipedia
to refer to individuals who are not descendants of native Hawaiians and the other ethnicities that were brought in to work the plantations. The ethnic groups that worked in the plantations include Puerto Ricans, Portuguese, Japanese, Filipino and Chinese. The term “haole” is mostly used to refer to…      EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
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> Great Clips
365 Renton Center Way SW, Renton, WA 98057
> Hair Salon
Carol Walters-Barber
true review and testimony. my book The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies.. follow this link: Source: ~~~~The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies~~~~ This review is on page 10 in book Source: The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (pt.10)
This entire town, as well, as previous others and others at current time, was set up by organized crime being my own father via cockfighting Donald Walters, Hell Angels Dago Mob Donald Ivester, Roger christie fake THC minister, aka: Ron and Kathy, and Silvia CEO of EGM W omens shelter and their relatives, friends, associates, who they could pay off, intimidate to devour me and find filthy in me and put my life in danger to save their own faces from God having me report their nasty acts to me: as one FBI/Agents Clinton Z., Randy, Joshua Paul Cunning, Srgt. Derr, whom I worked hard for let these criminally insane people in HI and LO places take retaliation out on me, since 2009~ current on going as if 6.12.17, and illegally take over my and my 3 son’s lives. God uses me to be a voice for the less fortunate, my 3 babies, me, myself, and I. bIG NEGAGTIVE ZERO!!
2014 This place was set up to cut my hair wrong for me having a fit on Big Island Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii 2009 on an Asian lady who did cut my hair wrong. I made a point of stating NO MOLET! she gave me a molet! I happen to be a beauty school drop out and know the laws of not satisfying your patron… She is a local, knows Jap Charlie I rented from at that time, knows his Philippiano old lady girlfriend,
Illegal King County loop 3 ish years later: they tried proving I was using it to get free hair cuts.. White hair dressers who cut at the hair place across parking lot in Renton, WA Fred Myer, tried telling me I had to have cash first in 2014!! I was so upset that I came up to Skyway, WA sheriffs station and the community cop in blue van spoke with me..not even telling me: “Renton isnt his area.” He too in illegal king county loop. I went back to apartment where my stolen son Jon was at for a minute while illegal king county used him against me and as a sassy mouth spi and I cried to him about it..with him already in illegal loop of it, too! and, he could have cut my hair for free! After all it is a gift of his and most of all is wigs just so happen to have been cut like mamma’s long hair at the time..But, oh NO he wasn’t being used to participate in a relation with mamma..
It took me until, 2016 to take the $15.00 bait to get my hair styled at this Great Clips in Renton Center! And, YES, they did exactly what I knew Hawaii and illegal loop was going to do! Messed my hair up, played same game as in Hawaii, told me I didn’t want flips..I did go back. It wasn’t in shape to fix..they gave me refund..
By the way..It isn’ the place a patron isn’t to be welcomed back at IF YOUR service sucks.. it is the professional the patron doesn’t want to use again.. so, maybe a better person at a place would do better service.. anyway, my situations have been purposely and unethically done to me, by Organized Crime and their people and money! Since, God told me, “on your poverty income, don’t pay for another professional to do anything to you, nor your hair. Just put your hair in a pony tail aand cut it off.. messed your hair up on your own for free and now you may get more of my herb medicine for your health.. and keep your sanity! Dont give them another dime, just to mess you up…” and, that is exactly what I do since 2016! #Bi*ch$
I am very particular with my hair EXCUSE THE HELL OUT OF ME!! AND, YOU DID PURPOSELY CUT MY HAIR WRONG AND AS PATRONS WE DONT HAVE TO PAY IF YOU MESS US UP! PERIOD IT IS THE LAW! and, yes once home and I wash it I see mistakes! and, yes I did want flips in my hair!
Spell Syllables
Usage alert
The term nigger is now probably the most offensive word in English. Its degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years, although it has been used in a derogatory manner since at least the Revolutionary War. The senses labeled Extremely Disparaging and Offensive represent meanings that are deeply insulting and are used when the speaker deliberately wishes to cause great offense. It is so profoundly offensive that a euphemism has developed for those occasions when the word itself must be discussed, as in court or in a newspaper editorial: “the n-word.” 
Despite this, the sense referring to a “black person” is sometimes used self-referentially among African Americans in a neutral or familiar way. The sense referring to other victims of prejudice, especially when used descriptively, as to denounce that prejudice, is not normally considered disparaging—as in “The Irish are the niggers of Europe” from Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments—but the other uses are considered contemptuous and hostile.
1.Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.
  1. a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person.
  2. a contemptuous term used to refer to a member of any dark-skinned people.
Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a person of any racial or ethnic origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. for me, if and when I use this word on any one of any race.. and/or myself IGNORANT is what I am meaning and I have to be pretty frustrated and disgusted to refer to self and or another if I do use this or other words! it’s actually never a racist to only blacks when I say it.. if the shoe fits wear it tho, as aka: Rob who was a big part of getting me to use this word in reference to my own story in Hawaii and them doing racist ‘haole’ stuff to me!! 
3. a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by black people; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.
List of ethnic slurs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following is a list of ethnic slurs (ethnophaulisms) that are, or have been, used as insinuations or allegations about members of a given ethnicity or to refer to them in a derogatory (that is, critical or disrespectful), pejorative (disapproving or contemptuous), or otherwise insulting manner.
For the purposes of this list, an ethnic slur is a term designed to insult others on the basis of raceethnicity, or nationality. Each term is listed followed by its country or region of usage, a definition, and a reference to that term.
However the complexity of the issue of the listing and usage of such terms needs to be noted. For instance, many of the terms listed below (such as “Gringo”, “Yank”, etc.) are used by large numbers of human beings in many parts of the world as part of their ordinary speech or thinking without any intention of causing offence, and with little or no evidence that such usage does in fact cause much offence.
Ethnic slurs may also be produced by combining a general-purpose insult with the name of ethnicity, such as “dirty Jew”, “Russian pig”, etc. Other common insulting modifiers include “dog”, “filthy”, etc. Such terms are not included in this list.
Contents :
“ALL” Lives Matter = red, yellow, black,white,and brown 
A SONG: Jesus Loves the Little Children
Words by C. Herbert Woolston, music by George F. Root
Listen to sample & buy CD »
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow
Black and white
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children
Of the world.
Jesus died for all the children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow
Black and white
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus died for all the children
Of the world.
Jesus rose for all the children
All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow
Black and white
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus rose for all the children
Of the world.
Jesus, god and his word, teachings i began posting in ’08 “i don’t see colors. I see personality and character, like Jesus,our father sees. I try looking thru gods eyes,not mine. In that, i find it equally important to have a character and personality thats also attractive to what god sees in me, as well as others, rather the outside of me. I learned i enjoy the company of others who are like me in character and personality with same share interests and such. In ’14 the illegal Hawaiian organized king county loop threw it in my face “i dont see color, just character and personality,” they’d be mocking where i could hear and up at the hall. in your face, Satan! Jesus, speaks again on my behalf and his word, my sword! Thanku, jesus for helping me see like you, please continue. Amen
Romans 2:11-13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 God judges everyone the same. It doesn’t matter who they are.
12 People who have the law and those who have never heard of the law are all the same when they sin. People who don’t have the law and are sinners will be lost. And, in the same way, those who have the law and are sinners will be judged by the law. 13 Hearing the law does not make people right with God. They will be right before him only if they always do what the law says.
7.2.17  Lol with the BLACK LIVES MATTER sign in an AA serenity hall bathroom in Skyway, WA that illegally king county loop set up as a smoke screen to mis use the rooms to really take retaliation out on me and more, most up there at 5 BBQ mtng “black,” and mostly men; i didnt know if i was up there at an AA Mtng or a Racists BLACK PANTHER BBQ RALLY it was just weird. Surprised david s. let sign be in bathroom. I knew its there to see my reaction. David s. Usually says,”take that down .whats that have to do w/ recovery?” Jesus says,”he has no favs. All lives matter: red, yellow, black,white, olive, and brown :-* all the children of the world.
The city of Atlantis will have no racism nor religion, but the anonymous religion of god 😀 halleluyah glory is his name 😀 amen  as of 7.13.17 there will be no city of Atlantis I will ever want.. noting, nobody, no place was worth it and what I am still illegally being put thru..when the only right action to take is rise me and give me what is already mine! Amen and halleluyah! 
And, no that sign black lives matter doesnt belong in recovery room as AA or such; alcohol and addiction dont care what color we are or any lives mattering. there, mans plot to put that sign in bathroom has gotten my godly, truth reaction and report of such a stupid, spiritually, immature mind that plot and action to set scene up has! bird shit for brains that are up there, but im no judge: just wat god shows me and goes with his word 😀 proverbs 2 and Jeremiah 22 todays study
a point god made to me during this racist experience was: “calling and treating anyone a “haole” in this derogatory, less than racists manor does need to be considered as illegal and tabu as using “niggar” is. racism, slavery none of that is legal or of me. i, god see no color. i see actions, motives of hearts; i see all thats about each of you, the good and bad.” joshua paul cunning had me cuffed up at Euclid ave trolly station ’08 san diego, ca., and released me if i picd head or tails on coin trolley station cop was flipping. i said,”both.” i had been off the charts sick that day, believed i had no medical insurance or ssi. it was Sept. Oct ish ’08 and i was trying hard to be independent and out of the system. well, i was super sic this one day, as joshua knows my health gets, and at trolly station i asked a black man to use his phone. him and trolly cops already in loop of organized crime to devour and hassle me. the black man actually kept ‘his’ lips moving, telling me to get my own phone. all i wanted was to call my minister carol magers for prayer, who i had no clue was apart of organized crime loop of own roots and had just gave me a fake wedding to tom trier! anyway, i ended up calling the man a “N,” out of frustration with him, for his lack of respect to me a human too, and out of defending myself. joshua had one of the abusive kids at home i rented room at in vista, ca,’08-’09 prior to taking joshta’s bait to go to roger chistie THC ministry on big island told me,”the Hawaiians are going to call you a haole.” today, i understand what he was really saying. He knew they were going to do it in a racist manor as set up by my own roots of organized crime of cockfighting,hellangels, cartel, white color criminals and associations? Weirdos!
Shalon owner of warehouse in hilo, hi puna, HI 2009 BS had me living in bathroom, was a Jew, had me some how giv him head, told me not to tell, i did tell roger christies wife share and hilo Hawaiian police, who just asked if i like sex when i told him, shalon owns stuff in Seattle, WA too! Was already set up as organized crime. Charlie T. The Japanese man i rented room frm, who i won in court with him playn dirty and apart of organized crime loop there on me also has much contact in state of wa., Seattle. His daughter some big hotel manager in Seattle and nephews, no? Hmm illegal king county loop root and illegal retaliatory set up is Hawaii and my roots…… and, nasty Silvia CEO of EGm womens shelter and more… !! 
Shalon, his Mexican compadre who ran the warehouse, feed me hot dog for the day, the white guy who had his sail boat out there in HIlo bay illegally and taught me to kayak.. they were all apart of illegal loop of own roots Joshua Paul Cunning gave me bait to take in San Diego 2008! They were from San Diego.. they knew Donald Walters and others!!! Shalon and Jap man Charlie’s contacts in Washington, Seattle are in on illegal retaliation loop and crimes done to me and my three son’s since 2009 to now, present day, this illegal loop still goes on and we are not lifted up…
The Mexican and shalon were buddies! They are who had me living in bathroom, being 24/7 live in security of building, opening up, cleaning, omg! for a hot dog, chips, juice a day. I was not allowed to leave the block… I did with Shalon once, he didnt do anything weird to me that time..then, next day the Mexican kicked me out…i ended up in Puna with Shalon one night… he told me not to tell… i told.. i flipped… I think that is when I got to rent room at Charlies….  The white guy who taught me to kayak was a tourist guide for a ship in San Diego near the Airport… he also would tell me story of working in a teenage, in-treatment sexually offenders clinic on Hilo, HI… Today, I understand that as my own father and organized crime teaching me that is exactly what they were doing to my three stolen babies… sexually assaulting them and turning them into sex offenders… !! and, sex addicts!! 
Hallelujah for my sincere agape love for my three gifts from God of them son’s and getting the truth out for them.. freeing them and showing them a loving God! Victory is in Him and only because of HIM….let no ‘ego’ bestow you… for God is the only reason WHY and to thank 1st! 
Ok somebody in Hawaii loop of pod havn me report shalon, Hawaii police etc must be wantn o shut my fone off to loose work
Update: 7.5.17
2009, after my roots of organized crime havn dirty suit joshua p.cunning, who is now dead over all this, because HE can never be trusted in CIA, FBI or of the such again, as of 2017, but in 2008 they had him get me to be germaphobic by teaching me in own environment, with their illegal school and mind control mafia and government experiment as in science and germs; The Hawaiians ’09 had hilo, HI on Big Island set up with no hot water in any public areas and/or in living areas for proper hygiene, for showers. Had me living only in black mold, rat (size of 6 lb dogs)/cockroach(big, flying aggressive) infested, tru mental, sexual weirdos, drug addicts, scorpion infested, empty places, cock fighters, hazard waste conditions and already pre set up by my own roots joshua helped in setting my experience up on big island and since; ’08-’17 still! Wth! Indeed, ty 😀 they starved me to this day; those in government SNAP/DSHS/MEDICAID has participated in having me on $15. a month for food thru this and other poverty amount to properly feed self..took my dental away, until 2014 in Skyway, WA!
2014, four yrs later Hawaii organized crime loop, after stalking me and my kids under age 18 beginning ’09, sets illegal king county 2014 loop up, basically how they did me in hilo, hi in 2009~2010 to take retaliation out on me for reporting them back 4 yrs ago and FBI randy and clinton z. from Hanolulu Base Let them and helped them in all this.
2014 to 2017, ongoing most residence and those in illegal loop are Asian, Hawaiian, frm Hawaii and/or such, pacific islanders, African,Hindu, muslem, Wyoming/Washingtonian/Colorado, NORML anti~gov. group, white American’s set up in their stages skyway, renton, seattle, entire illegal criminal king county loop. they played and had my stolen son’s Nate and Jon participate in playing games with me:A cock roach game. A mail game. no hot water and/or not enuf game to this day. A bad hair cut. Exact things i had done to me in Hawaii and reported 7 yrs ago now! Same people, their families, friends, associates, and such stalking me and my 3 stolen son’s since 2009! They were only age 15.
Hilo Hawaii’s womans shelter ran by local Hawaiians was set up to deny me shelter entire time there. They gave me excuse i would fail drug test to enter cuz i medically use pakalolo (marijuana and had legal medical DEA approved patient card) and they always told me, “No beds.”! Mind you, they too, smoke pakalolo and so did the other clients, one client they had was a male as a homeless family local who Roger Christie had re~paint the fake THC ministry door green every other day to exhaust dirty money with his illegal operation, etc.! I seeked thei r housing assistant shelter program often frm feb. 3 ’09 – feb ’10. Roger christie and hilo Hawaiians etc were set up to push me into crisis house and mental health program, under Lori Batino’s with KOA boyfriends motorcycle club with Hell Angels.. authority and her all legally allowed up in my business.. A white woman Patricia.. they had Hell Angel Dago Mob of San Diego as a client in same house who had tattoos all over, old, looked like a troll monster.. all set up on me, with recorders in their boots and such.. , rather than help me up and along as i worked hard by organized crime of my own biological roots! Victory is gods the mighty divine. Amen
God says dont let that big Samoan Woman w/big hair, pacific islander of Somao or such..what ever she is woman on big island hilo, Hawaii who was a cop on an other island Samoa or something, she was the one running house i rented room in hilo, hi approx. July~Aug. 2009 ish, where i was sexually assaulted by Big old Hawaiian sex offender. It went to hilo court. He was convicted.
Then, same lady moved me to another house, she and her daughter lived in puna or pahoa, HI? Infested with mental ill, sex offender, cockfighting renters, roaches, scorpions and such! She is, who i stated, told me roger christie payed hilo police off, she was friends with lori batino, she had secret mtngs with roger christie- she is a big root to 2009~2017 ongoing illegal Hawaiian, king county retaliation loop on me and taking advantage of my 3 sons beginning then, too; shadowing them, setting them up, separating them, and more prior to age 18, at that..AS they led my stolen son’s to be intimidated by them and that it was, again I the enemy!! OH my Satan is Good, but God is better, best and why they and I are victorious over all this!!
.. . She was furious when i was working faithfully for FBI randy and clinton z. taking her photo and reporting what i experienced and knew of her. Yes, god my dog sick her. Yes, my lord her and others had that Hawaiian living under hilo bridge in 2010, command his fighting pit bull to shred my face, as a message to shut my mouth. Hilo emergency room put my face together. “Ann,” i believe her aka: name was.  
2017, 😀 my mouth continues to tell god, my dog. Halleluyah for my mouth god uses to save me and OUR 3 stolen and lost babies, praise him! Yes! Awesome, you god :-*
Feb. 02, 2009~July 505, 2010~~~~~ My time on big island Hawaii, it was i whom was cultural shocked and traumatized by the majority whites there “hippies,” from the 60’s at that.. shroom and acid fried brains… who are into brain washing, o’cult brainwashing, enslaving own race, whom considered me the “weirdo” unfit to invite, due to “me” being against orgies, swingers, and/or nudest beach, etc.
It was said, “It was i who made them uncomfortable with my bathing suit on.” then, in stalking me since they have “me” sexually taken advantage of, esp.,in sheridan,wy., ’12-’14 and king county in ’14 by mark albertson and ’15 by dirty agent chris rice was set up to do as an illegal fuck assignment by aka: cds8 African american cedric! And, had nasty illegal Hawaii king county loop scream and shove in my face ’14-’17 ongoing that i was g whore, exhibitionist, no respect for self, didnt know my value and more magor false accusations that nasty agent la: tina, shantel and many others just loved doing to me and believed they were right. They even had my stolen sons in on shoving what i sexually been thru and victoriously survived,just like them 3 did, in my face and as if i enjoyed it! Yes, lord shame does shine on them. Thanku father. I love you, most~~~
2009~2010 and still…and, who was a big part of illegally promoting my stolen baby Jon at at age 16 1/2, 17, under age 18 as a Drag Queen in Seattle, WA beginning 2009~2017 when God tears it down and shows Jon His divine Love.. HalleluYah Victory thru Him; Nothing stronger than a sincere mothers LOVE… esp. when she is empowered by the power of the Holy  Spirit…. Power no greater.. than the Power of Love!! Amen!
Some where between Nov. ish ’09 as a renter at Charles’s Jap old man hilo, hi., and at egm women’s shelter maybe, ’10 a red cell phone of mine had possibly been stolen from me. Jap charlie‘just’ happened to notice it missing after pickn me up frm doing neighborhood watch w/ Sgt. Derr, Stephanie local Hawaiian, maybe others. Charlie the 70 yr old Jap of old Jap money on Big Island was my landlord from approx. Sept. 2009~Jan, 2010..IN that time, he let me military clean his roach infested, dried up for years of corrosion, hazardous home…he attempted to obtain my social security number stating his lawyer needs his renters social security numbers; but truth is he wanted it to illegally use for a mail order bride he was sending for from some Island or something..He already had an old Filipino lady as a girlfriend he had taking care of and living at another place he owned and rented rooms at in Hilo, HI. He attempted to get me in bed.. He showed me the deed to his home. He told me that I am a hard worker. He preferred the male Heroin addict renting in other room over me, a renter of integrity. He opened up his hazardous walls with me and a renter Pete? WE got contaminated for like, in the emergency room.  Charlie attempted to take me to court to kick me out, he lost. Charlie’s daughter in law worked at T~mobile in HIlo, Hi.,,and was messing with my phone all the time!! His sister in law has her husband locked up in one of the rooms that was hazardous condition after they left…she would tell me she was going to cut my fingers off if I didn’t stop cleaning. I got a restraining order on her. She had to vacate house..The hilo judge let her put a restraining order on me..that had been on Hilo, HI records for three years..!! I never was a threat to her,,the judge was ‘dirty!” WE had two court dates over it..because She wanted to fight back! the judge assured me then,,no worries…HE went against his word at scecond hearing.. WTF!!?? His teenage son was going to get legal medical marijuana card with me and we were going to do a legal grow op, and out do Roger Christie, but it be legal… They screwed me!!
Charlie tried stating that me smoking pot was why he was kicking me out, but that did not fly! Anyway, I did win and Charlie had to pay me! YES, most of this was shared via text and or recording on phone to FBI ClintonZ.., Randy, Renters rights was working side by side with me, training me… Alen Rudo with FFHA Disability Act was training and working with me.. They all knew, heard, and saw.. I sent a photo of me to Clinton Z.’s phone once, that I never set to any one else and I was it in the photos when my full name is googled! LIke wTF?! why would they post and expose me, when I was working so hard for them? And, why in the holy hell would I have ever introduced my self and gave them access to my autobiography written in 2007, that San Diego CIA, VICE, DEA, FBI and of the such read while I was writing it, IF IT WAS MY CONFESSIONS???? DOES THE TITLE NOT SAY….. MY LIFE WITH AND WITH OUT GOD…………I CHOOSE LIFE THANK YOU…  and, have my entire life documented from age 3??? and, does not each page share what God did for and/or said to me??!!! and, now at the end all truth out.. I find most in that book isnt even mine..needs to be deleted and/or edited to  truth..most of book and what I had choices of, including companions were all illegally set up by my own father and roots of organized crime… I have been growing, maturing, persevering forward all thru my  life.. I am a good , sane being… and,IF Joshua Cunning had to be put to death due to not being able to ever be trusted again for military, FBI,DEA, CIA, ATF or of the such.. isn’t Srg. Derr, FBI Clinton Z. and Randy as dirty and not of value or integrity to live or be trusted any longer, either????  I mean, I would believe so.. and I believe Deuteronomy 13 is what God says to do to the Hawaiian Islands.. 
Deuteronomy 13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Don’t Serve Other Gods
13 “A prophet or someone who explains dreams might come to you and tell you that they will show you a sign or a miracle. And the sign or miracle they told you about might come true. Then they might ask you to follow other gods (gods you don’t know) and say to you, ‘Let’s serve these gods!’ Don’t listen to them, because the Lord your God is testing you. He wants to know if you love him with all your heart and all your soul. You must follow the Lord your God. Respect him. Obey his commands and do what he tells you. Serve the Lord your God, and never leave him. Also, you must kill that prophet or person who explains dreams, because they told you to turn against the Lord your God. And it was the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. They tried to pull you away from the life he commanded you to live, so you must kill them to remove this evil from your people.
“Someone close to you might secretly persuade you to worship other gods. It might be your own brother, your son, your daughter, the wife you love, or your closest friend. They might say, ‘Let’s go and serve other gods.’ (These are gods that you and your ancestors never knew.They are the gods of the people who live in the other lands around you, some near and some far away.) You must not agree with them. Don’t listen to them or feel sorry for them. Don’t let them go free or protect them. 9-10 No, you must kill them with stones. You be the first one to pick up stones and throw at them. Then everyone must throw stones to kill them, because they tried to pull you away from the Lord your God. And it was the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. 11 Then all the Israelites will hear about it and be afraid. And they will not do those evil things any more.
12 “The Lord your God has given you cities to live in. Sometimes you might hear some bad news about one of these cities. You might hear that 13 some troublemakers from your own nation are persuading the people of their city to do bad things. They might say to the people of their city, ‘Let’s go and serve other gods.’ (These gods would be gods that you never knew before.) 14 If you hear this kind of news, you must do all you can to learn if it is true. If you learn that it is true, if you prove that such a terrible thing really did happen, 15 then you must kill all the people of that city and their animals too. You must destroy that city completely. 16 You must gather up everything of value and take it to the center of the city. Burn the whole city and everything in it as a burnt offering to the Lord your God. You must turn that city into an empty pile of rocks forever, and that city must never be rebuilt. 17 Everything in that city must be destroyed as an offering to God. So you must not keep any of the things for yourselves. If you follow this command, the Lordwill stop being so angry with you. He will be kind to you. He will feel sorry for you. He will let your nation grow larger, as he promised your ancestors. 18 This will happen if you listen to the Lord your God—if you obey all his commands that I give you today. You must do what the Lordyour God says is right.
*** how was i an asset to Hawaii, you ask? Seriously!!!????   1st off i was open minded and took secret agent joshua paul cunnings bait to go, being fake rev.roger christie THC ministry that was really a tourist show and illegal street value sales of pot. I was a faithful Cinderella cleaner, renter, healthy participant in community. I helped city with events, washing windows, cleaning parking lots and parks. I did neighborhood watch with Hawaii police and srgt. Derr. I was polite bus rider. I tried out for plays on stage, went to community meetings and much, much more. I went to Hawaii community college for word, power point, and excel. And, this is how Hawaii showed me ‘aloha’ of death for telling on them being evil to me! And, they victimized my 3 sons too prior to them age 18! Hakim was one who ilegaly shadowed my twin sons’ adn he works with kids.. who in there sane mind would even confess to this? Hakim did at the phony smoke screen AA Serenity Hall Building they really were using to take retaliation out on me and use my kids then 2014 age 18 against me!! Hell no!! Hakim doen’t belong around other peoples kids or teens.. he may be stalking them illegally.. !! Are you serious???!!! IF, SHOW WERE ON OTHER FOOT~~~I WOULD BE IN PRISON! WHY ISN’T HAKIM? BECAUSE HE HAS MONEY AND PEEPS IN HI PLACES TO SIDE WITH hIM? BS!! gOD IS AGAINST THAT !
Proverbs 24:23-25Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
More Wise Sayings
23 These are also words from the wise:
A judge must be fair. He must not support some people simply because he knows them. 24 The people will turn against a judge who lets the guilty go free. Even the people of other nations will curse him. 25 But if a judge punishes the guilty, then people will be happy with him, and he will be a blessing to them.
Hakim is am ass kisser when he is in trouble.. God showed me today.. Hakim will kiss ass to those who will be behind him in getting caught in this..Then, distorted their minds more and used them in attempt to eat me! In ’10,when i arrived at my son Nate’s immediate request i knew then, something wasnt right, because my 3 sons and my automatic reaction when seeing each other in past was smiles,tears, and huggs. In ’10,when i arrived at Nate’s request abnormally Nate is hating me and Jon doesnt want to see me! Wth?? Where are my twin son’s? Those weren’t them!
I was 2009 Holiday Salvation army bell ringer..They almost killed me in the sun in front of Longs one shift~~ “oh, hell no!!!I said! Come get me, now!!!” and, they did. I am really, I copied Phebee on show “friends” sorta on scene when she rings holiday bell… I was full of holiday spirit.. I rang the bell out of six bells.. lol cracked me..up.. I walked and/or took bus from Pahoa or Puna daily to help Hilo daily…. because, not one local could be kind and pick me up..I had to crawl and walk to hospital at times too!! Nasty Hawaii truth! I was filled with joy and nobody would know I was shy!! idiots!! Charlie’s sister in law who I had restraining order on reported me to Hilo, HI Salvation Army, as “pressuring” for donations…when I was only singing and ringing the bell in a non~christian, non~giving community in the first place!! 
One time i was reporting something on phone to clinton z.,not his voice machine in 2009, as i was walking while talking over in center hilo park area when the locals hung out daily…as I was talking the very one’s I was reporting were right there. I ended call quickly. For some reason,  i automatically wrapped call up referring to Clinton Z. FBI as “mom!” since 2009 to this very 2017 year and day dirty agents and those in on illegal king county 2014 loop who are also innocent, like my god given brother Jon use “mom” as code word. organized crime uses it and did w/ robert howe! thats one reason i thought Robert howe was FBI in 2011, when this illegal Organized Crime, 2% filthy loop put him in on me, with NORML and Roger Christe (national organization to reform marijuana laws.. anti~gov. organization!
 Did I mention I cleaned that Island up? God had me expose it all in camera… it all was on all went to Honolulu FBI Clinton Z. and Randy!! Everything I share and more about my experience in Hawaii 2009~2010 was recorded by me!!! and, posted!! All I say, is on visual!! and, Hawaii is covering it up!! They even put me with out a camera phone in Skyway to this day 2014~2017 ongoing.. Hawaii!! from 2009~201 and  me working hard and faithfully for FBI!!! God used me to expose America’s most wanted hiding on that Island!! I didn’t know anyone!! I was scared and wondering WTF!!? Help me and I will help  you was my deal and motive with FBI!! and, help and opportunities for my 3 stolen sons!! God used me to stop much illegal organized crime activity on that Island!! The Organized Crime messed up…it’s funny really..they had no clue how rooted I am in God and that He did and does have my back! My own father and Organized crime toots sent me to an island at age 42…where all the Hawaiians and others on that island had the mentality I had at age 15!!! They really never knew me and had no clue I was grown up  and evolving daily in God adn my own skin!!  BAM!! GOD gotchya filthy maggots!! Halleluyah..rise me, Lord I am ever so ready..Amen Oh,yes and God used me to take down fake Rev. Roger Christie!!! Victory is thru HIM!! and, his abusive evil witch of darkness wife Share Christie who actually physically grabbed me once and i did post about that and mentioned it in an email to Roger Christie FBI saw!! 
But, in 2014, on phone w/ nasty rowena aarstad Sheridan, WY she stated,”she’s got my red phone i lost in van to CELEBRATE RECOVERY my last wks in sheridan, wy 6.14!”
I never had a red phone (I dislike red and only have it when its my only choice) but the one stolen frm me in Hawaii 2009 and/or egm women’s shelter 2010 I had sent my stolen son age 15, Nate prior to arriving 7.5.10! I had shown it privately to hilo Hawaii officer in office prior!my only contacts were law and of such, but my 3 son’s. It must be on tape. isn’t police station video’d automatically? And, why in 2014 rowena in Sheridan,WY after i left shfridan,wy.!? Wth!?Victory thru god! Hallelujah thanku Amen
.These evil, dirty, illegal, mafia, organized crime, insane, sociopath, money and power loving people waited til 2014 to set up Skyway,WA and more, as they used my 3 son’s against me, to eat and devour me!! What God did to and with our retaliators secret, evil motives, and using of my innocent 3 son’s was: expose my true beauty in HIM Universal WW and exposed themselves being caught in their own traps!
I practiced giving back and helping others as a way to stay healthy for me, really not them..however, I would have to stop: for I was greatly taken advantage of, used for my free bitchen, thorow, hard honest work and then, left to: Aloha i was given for my free aloha to that island: I was taken advantage of, basically kept in housing crisis, starved, left literally alone, treated as-worked as- a slave, sexually assaulted, dog attack to my face, put in hazard waste living situations, stalked, my kids were victimized to this day Hawaii taking retaliation out on me!
Like, OMG!!! What a God!!!  lol, giggle and wiggles.. OMG, God does sexually arouse me out side of bed!! I love intimacy with God! Not even sexual, but bliss thru my body, mind, soul, heart, and yes wet panties!! It’s a miracle!! I can produce ‘juice!” lol, this is funny, true, shocking, real, and no shame!! God is ‘da man!! Now, for a man in tangible flesh to wow me, show up, wow me in intimacy out side living life..but, .. unlike with God.. to share this intimacy in a sexual way, as God intended man an woman to .. as one, in Him… in bed, on the couch, lol, on the wall… on the roof.. in the penthouse in every room.. Make it go BOOM! raise the roof!! lol, I love you, God!! It is satisfying and real!!! HalleluYah for Victory thru Him and His truth! His truth is what is! Truth is his victory! Amen
July 15, 2017 update of God’s light on shisty darkness in this Organized Crime of roots to 2% wealthy with Law and Order of course. This is actually sick:
Get this: the organized crime loop of roots and 2% were allowing my biological father Donald Joseph Walters (December 04, 1945) w/ cockfighting, child porn, trafficking, terrorist, guns, drugs, whores, selling and victimizing me his own daughter and my own 3 babies, and more like, who is behind all ugly done to my 3 stolen babies, me and others thru our entire lives “pay” his way out and be team w/ them in illegal king county loop and more since 2009 while dirty agents like San Diego, Hawaii, Texas, Organ,Wyoming, Washington, other states let him be free: until the African american race learned donalds tru pure KKK terrorist hatred for their culture in Nov. 2015! only when they learned that did action be taken to put donald walters where they have him staying for life. Either than that, donald walters was able to “pay” to be free and to manipulate their minds w/ lies from hell. Now, thats sick! only his real hatred f/ blacks got him in trouble! They were letting him “pay” money to be free either than that, regardless to his crimes!
Something must be done! People w/ money should have to pay “and” spend prison time f/ crimes! Why should insane people with money be able to pay to stay free and continue their crimes? I am very interested in taking action and spending what ever it takes, once I am uplifted to the 2% wealthy, in making this happen for the rest of life on Earth. I will need others in the 2% who are in agreement and want to do this, regardless of the rest of the 2% who don’t… WE WILL WIN, because it is right and it is HIS money, not theirs who love it more than Him and do naughty with it harming others and many they get away being a sick free weirdo to continue. May God’s will be done. Amen
yes, Jesus and after you, lord speaking thru me Nov. 2015, as illegal king county, illegally listen and heard you revel donalds real hatred f/ their culture and you using me to save them frm racist attack by him and/or hell angels dago mob AND the way the African culture thanked me was: did their own hate racist crimes to me! Yes, many to this day 😀 yes, much of its in this book, no need to repeat self 😀 love u, god! Amen
Yes, Lord Since 2009 to this day of 2017 the Hawaiians and African Americans relatives, friends, associates, etc..of Silvia CEO of EGM Women’s shelter began stalking me, my stolen twin son’s that were age 15 in 2009. They are the same people who was apart of setting up Texas, Wyoming, Skyway towns to treat me less than, to literally leave neglected alone as they do to this day as they have people illegally in my computer, phone, have illegal devices in my shower, heating units and devises and how ever they plant illegal and legal spying devices, who had medical field neglect me and malpractice me, who taunt, stalk, shadow, set traps up for me and my 3 stolen babies..
Yes, Lord all in retaliation for me reporting them and standing up for right beginning in 2009! I am just a “fucking Haole!” to the Hawaiian’s as they do yell out and  to the racist African american’s, “a cracker, white trash, nigger whore, and, nasty white girl w/ nasty hands ( how many refer to me up at smoke screen AA serenity hall in skyway, set up by organized crime as a cover up, misusing AA recovery rooms to really take retaliation out on me, shove my past mistakes and accomplishments in my face. Aka: agent Tina is why i use “nasty” in my vocabulary today and in this book. Tina refereed to me as being a nasty, crazy, whore so many times and about washing our nasty hands that i now use “nasty.” during my blogs an African american woman at library, illegally in loop and in my book blurted “nobody says ‘nasty’ anymore.” who ever you were and/or are “get your illegal African american self out of my personal life, in Jesus’ name flee! And, your own culture taught me to say nasty! Yes, glory to god! Amen)” as they refer to me to the African American race here in Skyway, WA that is why this illegal KING County loop set up in 2014 to this very day 2017 of having me in an African American community where 4% is white..IF, I DIDN’T JUMP THEIR ILLEGAL, ABUSIVE,RETALIATION HOOPS THEN THEY WOULD BEAT MY ASS..was one of the theories when loop was being set of their motives.. but, God had me shine HIS light..they “got caught,” in their own traps… and more!! Glory to our Lord for Truth!
7.17.07 update the Holy Spirit shines on more darkness of Satan and his workers:
since my teenage life that included my two real marriages to Rick Kassler and Jonathan barber and fake one to Tom Trier: my own father, uncle, san diego hell angels been having sex offenders with sex as their only motive! Drove me insane! Thru life in looking within, not aware that its my own father behind it, not me i ended up being alone so i dont have to go thru it and i went to gr8 lengths to not be sexually attractive. In 2015, illegal king county loop of dirty agents and organized crime used a white old nasty lady aka: agent janis wolf at smoke screen AA serenity hall building to tell me, as she spoke as if she were speaking of somebody else (the games playd. They dnt talk w/ u. They talk about you, to you, pretending they are talking about somebody else) that some are saying “they wouldnt fuck that w/ their dog.” then somebody else says,”hey thats my dog ur talking about.” I spent a big part of my life stating, “No or what of the like..blah blah.. and, everyone just wants to fuck me!”
I still didn’t know myself that it was my own father, uncle, Hell Angels, cartel and or the like doing it to me my whole life! in 2008, with agent dirty Joshua Paul Cunning… they even make me believe who I believed I was married to Tom Trier had given me herpes! I was yelling to my son’s then about nasty Tom Trier in text and on phone calls!!  Organized crime had medicaid doctors falsely having me on the highest dose of valtrex for herpes for sever years!!! 2011, Wyoming is treating me as a whore who just got STD’s, instead of being married and the husband giving it to me!! 2015, I learn I never had herpes and have been off the Valtrex.. it was all a fake out! Sheridan, WY even has me on recording stating I had it, when Robert Howe tried using me having it as me doing crime to him! Dirty Agent Joshua Paul Cunning knew I didn’t have Herpes..Joshua had been arranged to marry me in 2008…he slept with me.. just keeping his dirty guilty dishonest mouth shut from 2009~2017, as they did these crimes TO ME when God called him out WWW and now, he is dead.. because, he cant ever be trust as an agent or of he such again. 
Now, that this is all out..Truth is: Karen Susanne Walters Hall my biological sister is the nasty sex person..I was the different one, and sexually assaulted all my life for it! “For saying, NO! in my past!” I am the daughter with morals, values and standards after all in the area of sex! My sister is getting life in prison for her acts of many crimes of her own and sex sickness, giving my kids meth, and participation in having me put in mental institution when I am correct, for stealing my babies, for lying to them about mamma, for her being a ‘cain’ god gives me her 3 kids….Halleluyah, Jesus for saving us 7 to begin a new life and name for us and all generations to follow! Amen
So, my own white racist roots have done to me what they do to the races they hate.. insane! 
since, 1992, 2009~2017 this ongoing day,  i have reported these people of organized crime, Hawaii, and silvia ceo of egm womans shelter they call me a rat. So, 2014~2017 on going, they have had big rats at greentreee apts since i arrived 4 summers ago. They kill rats and put them in my path of walking as message to me “kill the rat.” since, god spoke thru me for my 3 stolen son’s and they, too are now talking greentree apts has rat families this year all in bushes around units, but esp., bldn. G that i am in. So, if i sit outside baby rats are running by, instead of squirrels and such. 
2015, 2016, 2017 Two African american men at greentree apts/park hill apts in illegal hawaii king county retaliator organized crime loop have stated several times they are going to kill me and throw me in bushes. One man chocked me in ally going to road thru skyway park, after they had african american monique jump me last yr. That aka: rob was standing there watching that guy chock me, as they kept accusing me of calling them the “N” word and forbidding me to use it, period! They walk free. I pointed them out several times to jon watson, rich, last night out loud to husband to be thats connected visually and audio to me, as i was passing him in skyway park and others i pointed him out to. their is a case # with dirty westhill king county sheriffs and its on several other pages of this book.
2014~ present day of 2017, hawaii has a man tony big in illegal loop. Tony sat and watched monique jump me like it was entertainment. Tony has a stupid smile and stares at me when passing thru skyway park, so. Wa.
I thank all of them Lord, for you used them to expose my true beauty, spirit mind, relationship, follower, new creation, establishment, and how I am really “rooted” in YOU.. and, have been.. HalleluYah.. victory only because of YOU!!! Thank you, mold me, hold me, love me, let me sit only with YOUUUUUUUUUU, abba father and husband tooooooo! 
What is sorta weird is: Hawaii is receiving much embarrassment from this and the truth to their acts in this story.. Instead of some big wig Hawaiian coming to me, verbally apologizing for what Hawaii did, asking me to accept a direct apology and some gifts that set me and my three stolen babies, now men up for life…and ask me, please let our amends be known.. please forgive us..just please stop telling all the ugly our people did to you..” and/or something… NO, INSTEAD MANY FLY HERE, ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT BELONGING IN SKYWAY, CHECKING IT ALL OUT THAT IS IN THIS BOOK, OBSERVING ME MORE.. PLAYING STUPID GAMES WITH ME, JUST TO SEE HOW I WILL REACT.. WHEN GOD AND THE PEOPLE HAVE PROMISED ME THAT one man who is coming to get me quickly, who was never in any illegal loop, who is ending Organized Crime loop and all of the such.. serving justices to the many guilty………LOOPS ARE ACTUALLY ALMOST ENDED, LIFT UP IS REALLY ABOUT TO HAPPEN.. so why are stupid games and such stil being allowed to be done and as I stated above.. Hawaii doesn’t even come to me and give me ALOHA due.. 
God ur bigger than this. Help please. Come quickly. Im readi :-* amen
~~~~~~~~ God’s word’s on slavery ~~~~~~~~
Leviticus 25:44-46Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
44 “About your men and women slaves: You may get men and women slaves from the other nations around you. 45 Also, you may get children as slaves if they come from the families of the foreigners living in your land. These child slaves will belong to you. 46 You may even pass these foreign slaves on to your children after you die so that they will belong to them. They will be your slaves forever. You may make slaves of these foreigners. But you must not be a cruel master over your own brothers, the Israelites.
Ephesians 6:5-9Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Slaves and Masters
Slaves, obey your masters here on earth with fear and respect. And do this with a heart that is true, just as you obey Christ. You must do this not just to please your masters while they are watching, but all the time. Since you are really slaves of Christ, you must do with all your heart what God wants. Do your work, and be happy to do it. Work as though it is the Lord you are serving, not just an earthly master. Remember that the Lord will give everyone a reward for doing good. Everyone, slave or free, will get a reward for the good things they do.
Masters, in the same way, be good to your slaves. Don’t say things to scare them. You know that the one who is your Master and their Master is in heaven, and he treats everyone the same.
1 Peter 2:18-25Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Example of Christ’s Suffering
18 Slaves, be willing to serve your masters. Do this with all respect. You should obey the masters who are good and kind, and you should obey the masters who are bad. 19 One of you might have to suffer even when you have done nothing wrong. If you think of God and bear the pain, this pleases God. 20 But if you are punished for doing wrong, there is no reason to praise you for bearing that punishment. But if you suffer for doing good and you are patient, this pleases God. 21 This is what you were chosen to do. Christ gave you an example to follow. He suffered for you. So you should do the same as he did:
22 “He never sinned,
    and he never told a lie.”
23 People insulted him, but he did not insult them back. He suffered, but he did not threaten anyone. No, he let God take care of him. God is the one who judges rightly. 24 Christ carried our sins in his body on the cross. He did this so that we would stop living for sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you were healed. 25 You were like sheep that went the wrong way. But now you have come back to the Shepherd and Protector of your lives.
update 7.26.17
2014~ on going present day of year 2017… these humans are of the African American race, for one Silvia CEO of EGM women’s shelter who God had me expose via King 5 news 2011 internet, WHAT REALLY GOES ON BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF EGM?
Hell no, I do not want to associate with aka: Marcus who is supposed Louise’s nephew aka: square. They both are big in on illegal King county loop. She was posed as one inside the misused AA Serenity Hall rooms of recovery for Organized crime of my own roots and the 2% God had me turn in since 2009 to really take revenge on me and used my stolen son’s to assist them. That ‘nigga’ as thats all I hear them call each other day in and day out.. if I hear the ‘N” word again I am going to tare my ears off! lol, that is what I heard on a comedy I was watching once, and guess what those of that race I have been hearing speak to each other…the older ones.. they say ‘NOBODY OWES US ANYTHING.” I have heard one’s of their culture jump on them and say, “we don’t use that word at all. It was used as a slave word for us once and I don’t want to hear you say that “N” word or “nigga” again… so, excuse me for repeating what Hollywood puts out and what I hear decent people of their race tell them.. and say too. 
Marcus is a fast talker. He makes it sound like he is giving one a deal and he is NOT! Last summer in 2016, I was sitting with him and others behind AA building, cuz tho aka: his auntie square was in the rooms.. he was posed outside the rooms as a dealer, drug addict, alcoholic. He and others were playing chess and I enjoyed watching them and I was hoping they’d play with me, but not once did they.. they tried accusing me of just being their in hopes they’d spark a joint and share.. like that was my motive.. as I am minding my own freaking business.. and happy to see people playing chess and in that company! When Marcus shares.. its a toothpick portion and he insists I share it with him, as he gives me his nasty germs and I get nothing but a hit or two that doesn’t really help my health at all.. I only use it for my health. I am not a criminal and am in legal state, and have been a legal alternative care user of it since 2008, as the World knows. 
Here’s the fact: IF, I DON’T REPLY, TAKE NOTICE OF YOU..PASS BY.. IT ISN’T IF I CAN’T SEE YOU OR NOT, DON’T RECOGNIZED YOU OR NOT… I cant stand you, you have nothing to offer me, I don’t want to assoiate with you, I don’t trust uyo,.I don’t know you,, nor want to.. and, it doesn’t matter how much ‘erb or how good.. keep going.. dont stop. I don’t want your pot! To be honest: ITS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO BE SEEN SPEAKING TO YOU OR STANDING WITH YOU ANYWAY.. AND, HELL NO I DON’T HAVE A CIGARETTE FOR YOUR NASTY MAN ASS.. i AM NOT YOUR MAMMA THANK GOD AND i DON’T PROVIDE FOR ANY MALE, IF YOU ARE NOT MINE! gO MAN UP AND PROVIDE AS gOD MAKE YOU TOO.. Support for Widows
…1 timothy 5:7~9  Give these instructions to the believers, so that they will be above reproach. 8If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially his ownhousehold, he has denied the faith and is worse thanan unbeliever. 9A widow should be enrolled if she is at least sixty years old, the wife of one man,…
Yes thanku good side azm5257 wa license plates at skyway park now. They in that car are b4 in illegal king county loop, african americans. ’16 summer he comes with clyde to my door stating they want to smoke me out w/marijuana cuz they know its my medicene.
The parenger of that license plat is who brough “crack” into my apt. I told clyde no crack cuz they had already tricked me and let me smoke crack that was in a joint they were smoking days prior and didnt tell me crack was in it. The passenger in license plate gives me a small bud. Clyde is bouncing out. They were hoping to bait me to smoke crack and do sex and showing money.dudes a stranger more than clyde and now he and i are alone. Im trying to watch dvd and be polite hostess. HE IS SITTING THERE SMOKING JOINT W/ CRACK WOBBLING! CLYDE STILL GONE! Yes, he had to leave now! Then, im minding my own busines sitting in shade where they did crack, drink, sEll behind skyway market and aa serinity hall building 2016 wks later. He pulls up. I tend to think he is dirty “organ” they have organ plates leanord and tony with dog chachi at greentree in on illegal king county loop…i rarely recognize this african american crack user and dealer and often think he is tony. Today, he comesup frm car at park to greenree apt in parking lot and askd 4 a lite. No biggy sure. Then, knowin marijuana is my medicene he makes point of making sure i see it was marijuana he iighted. I said,”what? You use me for a light to light ur shit to just get hi and you cant tear me off a thanku piece to inhale for my health??! You just used me!” it was set up for him to do that. He coulda gotten a light frm anyone. The other african americans in on illegal loop watched. when i went inside god said, “thats who brought crack in your apt w/ clyde. He is who pulled up when you were sitting behind skywaymarket minding own business and freely told you he will give you marijuana next time he saw you,but never has. Go down to that car he is in and report license plate.” and, so i did i am always left alone in african american community and they have their peeps all doing me wrong! So,i did wat god told me. Its in his divine hands now. I did wat god asked of me. Amen
complete true story/testimony, links and more
Source: ~~~~The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies~~~~
update 7.27.17
my enemies continue to make sure only rats are running around outside bldn G at greentree apt.s for what god has me expose in this book and in google/the like reviews also in this book. Since last two days of my blogging the rats run around more. Its how organized crime call me a rat. Obviously their ignorant to what a “rat” is: one who sins but rats on others to get out of trouble. Their ignorance doesnt become them.
I am not their victim! I am not one who makes a life style of purposeful sin. I am law enforcement at heart. I will go to gr8 lengths to expose darkness that wants to harm or use me. I am a woman of god. Gr8ter he who is in me than he thats of this world. I am gods salt and light, not a rat. Halleluyah! Victory and truth thru god. Glory, glory to you, gracious lord. Enemies in my phone continuously turn my phone off and on making me loose my work, gracious lord, please i beg you bring my arranged husband to get me quickly and begin restoring my health. Thanku. Amen
How dare I tell on their illegal criminal racists acts to me! NOT! Thank you father ABBA God! Halleluyah Victory thru  YOU! Amen
GOD’S Will be done! Only ur worth it god! please call me home out of this sick body and rescue me frm these sick evildoers! thank u. Amen If, this is what the GOOD side thinks is OK to allow and not come get me and get me safe and rise me up to what is mine, restored, health and a life..
HEll no, I don’t respect one of them and have no intentions of being with one of them as a husband, friend, or anything.. I rather them put a bullet in my head! This had been going on long enough.. Since 1983 for me!!!! I see none who deserve me and my heart, nor anything they have to offer, not even my own 3 stolen adult son’s.. NOTHING, but death out of this sick body and with God in heaven is what my hearts desires are LOrd, if this continues.. I wont want one of them to be my husband and it’s not like my kids gave a shoot the last 17 years.. after all it is their lying tongues as to why illegal king county loop is…. as, they helped to they and hang me! And, at this point CIA, FBI, and all law enforcement gross me out! I trust none! 
In fact: the organized crime of law enforcement victimized me so much and been dirty to me!!! me who calls for help and with reports… I no longer will dial 911! They are already in my phone anyway, They already see it all.. and, just watch..
update: 7.28.17
Summer of 2016, African american dude, approx. early 30’s, has pittbull named “blue,” hangs w/ aka: red and all illegally in my life big time! Illegal king county loop residence at Greentree really there since 2014 to now to have my in their own organized crime retaliation prison for standing up to them all my life, and now had my kids even helping them that they stole in 2002! he is who stated to me on afternoon, when they were illegally sitting in Greentree parking lot day and night drinking while in vehicles, in public, selling drugs from crack to legal pot, bbqing in the parking lot of all places to BBQ with a park and back to do it, but still low life manor…and, more…This kid, who’s mom is also apart of illegal king county loop states to me, “Can you not smoke your cigeratte around the kids?”  
Mind you, all I was doing was passing as walking, aka: skool’s brother aka: Mike acted as if he was kind to me. I even fed these people from time to time..the only time they fed me was the day they were falsely setting me up, prior the the jumping me they were having monique do to me…This guy, red, and the others just observed from Greentree back parking lot all day, while aka: skool and a few others were falsely inviting me to BBq, play domino’s that never happened,, sure they played, to smoke herb and chill.. to use my frig to hold their cold items in to take home later.. They fed me, probably spit in it, drank my water when I got up for a minute, probable spit in it too…this was some time after what I am about to share… BUT, IS WHAT THIS BBQ WAS REALLY ABOUT WAS FEEDING ME PRIOR TO JUMPING ME… FALSE FRIENDSHIP AND RETALIATION FOR ME REPORTING THEM AND THEIR ILLEGAL ACTS TO ME AND DRINKING IN PUBLIC.
So, as I was just walking as I do..stoped to socialized with that old man Mike…sitting on curb with him, no kid around me, outside in the air I have no control over on how it blows…… this old man’s approx, 10 grandson comes up where I am… they are in on illegal loop and was BBqing. That owner of dog Blue states “can I not smoke my cigarette with the kid there!” My reply was, “NO, wth? I’m outside. I have no control of the wind. Don’t be telling me what to do or somehting of the sort. Now, the old man BBqing.. they stay in Bldng F at Greentree, big in loop, and illegally monitoring me and more… The  African American, old man bbqing states to me,”You’re a bitch! I am going to kill you and throw you in bushes in front of bldng F. these guys stalk me big time and w/ greentree.
I gave greentree office grievance letter, they “just” filed it (as Roger Christie did with his THC ministry in 2009), as they kept me in their illegal loop, prior to God using my book to get me and my 3 stolen babies real help, outside their loop.
The letter states that old man bbqing calling me a bitch and in front of his grandson and all who were there that “he wants to kill me and throw me in the bushes.” mind you,these same people smoke, drink, sell w/ kids there and they are jumping down my throat f/ smoking my cig., when outside, having no control over the wind, and if the 10 yr old kid didnt want to be in the smoke, why’d he come standing near me? Oh, cuz he was maybe told to, so owner of dog blue could ask me to smoke away frm the lid and see my reaction? Only they and god know. All prior to God using dirty agent josh to confess, “he knows me and im a good girl who loves god and isnt afraid to call 911 if violated. 
Whats humorous is illegal king county loop f/ approx., 4 yrs going into would find joy in calling me sucker and/or an ass. Now, who”s the suckers and donkey jackass’ f/ underestimating He who lives in me being greater than he of this world that you all serve? It isn’t me 😀 then who? 
1 John 4:4Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
My dear children, you belong to God, so you have already defeated these false prophets. That’s because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

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  1. BIBLE = Basic Instruction Book for Living on Earth
    my comment added at the end of this page.. as of this moment of time 11:33 am, 6.28.17 the illegal king county loop has that African american man named aka: Rob in this blog who was used 2016 to hassle me about my experience in Hawaii and having them do racists stuff to me, and referring me to as a ‘haole,’ when I am native american, not white…as mentioned above in this blog.. last year to get me to tell my story and have me say, niggar in referring to my own personal experience as mentioned above in being treated with racism by the Hawaiians in 2009~2010..and who was there when another African american man he drinks in public with in alley off street to skyway park choke me…as they live free to do as they please and Rob is on computer 29 right now across from me at library, as he is reading this as I type it, because he is illegally in king county loop that has not been ended yet and still doesn illegal crimes and threats to me….and more…on my own property that is being given to me and my three son’s at that for their faults done to us as 2% and government workers who were dirty and got caught! HalleluYah!! Satan remains under our feet! Amen Avoid Divisions
    …Romans 16:19~21 Everyone has heard about your obedience, so I rejoice over you. But I want you to be wise about what is good and innocent about what is evil. 20The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. 21Timothy, my fellow worker, sends you greetings, as do Lucius, Jason, and Sosipater, my fellow countrymen.… Stand Up To Racism Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Joel Osteen Ministries Fans World Politics. Hawaiian Islands FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Donald J. Trump CNNMoney Gods411 Keith B Martin DC Military Intelligence Black racists LMAO

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