The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.95)

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, add to or delete, take ideas from for books, movies or of the like based on or inspired by, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me..”My stories are all for GOD’s Glory.” Thank you. Amen

I lack nothing with nothing, because I have Jesus!
 Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial
…Luke 22:34~36   But Jesus replied, “I tell you, Peter, the rooster will not crow today until you have denied three times that you know Me.” 35Then Jesus asked them,“When I sent you out without purse or bag orsandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. 36“Now, however,” He told them, “the one with a purse should take it, and likewise a bag; and the one without a sword should sell his cloak and buy one.…
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By postal mail:
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
By phone:
(703) 482-0623

Open during normal business hours.
By fax:
(571) 204-3800
(please include a phone number where we may call you)
Contact the Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
Contact the Office of Inspector General
Contact the Employment Verification Office
 Luke 22:35-36New International Version (NIV)
35 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”
“Nothing,” they answered.
36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Image result for luke 22:35-36
Jesus, thank you for turning my tears into roses…thank you for proving my innocents in you, for saving them three sons stolen from Satan, taking vengeance on our enemies and esp. those whom claim you as their savior as they know, what they are doing…they are not ignorant, to their nastiness~ may they all choose to repent and change as they save their OWN salvation and place in the kingdom with you.
thank you for building a character and personality like you in me..I have a long way to go, to be “just” like you, but I have also come a long way, from when I was nothing like you….in absolute bondage of Satan and only because of you, am I free today 12 years and 11 months. (6.24.04~5.27.17 this written day)
Thank you for YOUR divine guidance and not man’s..except for those whom are also like you thru and thru…thank you for choosing me to be a female JOB. Thank you for my husband to be.
Job 42:10Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)Image result for job 42:10
10 Job prayed for his friends, and the Lord made Job successful again. The Lord gave him twice as much as he had before.
Thank you for telling me, that you want to give me these earthly gifts, and that you don’t want me home with you….you have chosen me, my husband, and three still, illegally stolen kids who are now adult men to make a differance as you chose Noah, Moses, Adam and Eve, Jesus, and a few others..King David and Virgin Mary for eg. It is an absolute honor.
Thank you for telling me 2002~2003, when Dago Mob HA and my retaliators in my roots via cockfighting purposely put me in a grocery cart, when they illegally stole the boys and did unmentionables to them and me, that YOU WERE TAKING ME FROM RAGS TO RICHES…in 2007, you told me you were going to build me from the inside out..blessing me with the fruits of the spirit and such… today, 2017 you speak..telling me I am ready for your earthly gifts…  I am blown away! For it has been just as you said and for that I am blessed to be able to hear you and you speak to me…I am glad I was truly homeless due to: Reaming Donald Ivester on Night all night outside his bedroom window for locking me out, with my food just bought in there, and all my other items outside in 63~ish boxes, except the most precious and only worth to  me very small box. It contained the items I collected to be close to my boys Pokemon pencils, the last book they read to me i kindergarten, jewelry they made for me, flowers, lll my jewelry at cost in store more than 20,000 value first bought in time, jonathans moms jewelry he got after she died, my wedding set, and, yes I was spun, not being a vegetable staring at the floor any more…..on the hunt for it, in my things and in and out of the dump of the donald ivesters house on 16th st National city ca  11.02 They had just stole my credit cards i just got as a fresh legal strat in getting the; by the time, they had me living in Lemon Grove, CA end of 2003, Toni Ivester, the woman, who was with Mike in front house on 16th st. N.C., CA, who slept with both Kevin Hill and Donald Ivester at same time, who worked at IHop Plaza Blvd., who shot up meth, who’s kids didn’t live with her, who let her 15 year old son when he did come shoot up too, who put a bowling pin ball in her vagina wearing the diamond tierra ring Jonathan had gotten me off the wall, I tell about prior to the Granite Falls episode with him in’s in the first and pt. 2 of this book. by then, My soul had been broken, my journey and one purpose of divorcing Jonathan Barber was to not participate in violence and unhealthy relationships any more, esp. since my physical health is how it is now then,…OMG! violence, falling, kills me..I express in 2007 testimony that to spank my child would mean killing my arm and hand, just a little spanking…WTH!!! Organized Crime knew! to apply the instructions from Jesus, “turn the other cheek. he will return my stolen Tierra ring on Toni Ivester’s finger and not to say a word. She even showed me and told me story where she got it… I practiced keeping my mouth shut and I didn’t repay her, by helping myself to any of her stuff.
Love Your Enemies
Matthew 5:38~40 You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’ 39But I tell you not to resist an evil person. If someone slaps you on your right cheek,turn to him the other also; 40if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well;…
My tears want to roll down my face now…tears of roses that is.
What I find especially awesome with this tears of roses theme IS: In 2008~2009ish you gave me lyrics of turning my tears into rtoses…it ws when dirty secret agent Joshua Paul Cunning had me living in Vista, CA and I sent what you gave me then to Roger Christie as I believed he was a real minister of you, not a fake that just used your name and sold pot, taking advantage of less fortunate…then, I deleted the lyrics or what ever, but my point is only now..years later, only with using JPC do You have me speaking about lyrics and turning my tears into, for me my husband to be is exceptionally special… thank you
Abba, I do have concerns and questions; Like, if this is the man you have prepared for me then why has he not shown up to lift my up? Why does he give lip service of protecting me, but reality is I am still neglected and oppressed? Why does he make same mistakes as he did before? Why is it still just you and me? Why doesn’t he apply song of solomns to me? Is he really whom you have chpsemn for me? I feel like it is more my hopes then real….or of you..for it isn’t happening as you say…no man of action, just games…fake people….less help…even my brother is to busy for me…
I see nothing these humans have to offer me of sincerity or than you haven’t already freely given me…I would prefer for you to call me home or give me to courage to do it my self..but, you insist YOU want me to receive these earthly gifts of abundance that will enable me to take well care of self and really help others, as nobody ever helped me.
God, Abba it’s hard for me in this same situation of true neglect, poverty, oppression, abuse, abandonment, and kept sick. I is hard for me, because a man of you is suppose to love me and be able to take that all away….I have all I need with just you and lack nothing. You allow my situations for me to witness about you..and, that brings me great pleasure…..
Man purposely keeps me this way and enjoys it…if my future husband is JPC and his our lyrics are “learned just how cruel this world really Is” then why is he allowing cruel to be to me….? I am not so sure I want this man…I almost feel I should have loaded a gun and handed it to him…for his lack of actions in you with me are not acceptable…I am too old for his or anyones sheet, my lord and savior…You may take JPC away if you want, for he isn’t taking action as you told me the one will who finds favor in you, in finding me a wife a crown to his head…. Halleluyah, You did and You used me to catch that brat, who did deserve a disrespect to a woman fool he was to me “to be slapped by me a lady and woman of God, who he himself said with much compassion, “looks like you really got messed over on 7.17.08 when he say the room he was a part of setting up, before I knew him on Euclid Ave, at an evil El Salvador’s home Maria! With illegal electric and other things of additions to her home, and had illegal servaliance on me and the room I rented…Dago Mob and Donald Walters set up.. people
I am only interested in you….the one whom loves you and me most….Lord, there is no companion for me from 2009~now that was apart of all this illegal stuff….no way and you tell me….thank you….’eww huh? God, I am not interested in JPC or anyone whom lets they days go by leaving me here really neglected, oppressed, abandoned, abused..I have all I need with nothing but you Jesus.
Lord, please don’t give me to any man IF he thinks or believes it is ok to not honestly apply life enhancing, surprising, stress free to my life……I am satisfied with you, with nothing….and, will only accept a man as my husband whom acts like you with me….like my real friend, my protector, my provider, my lover and of the such…
I may be lonely as a woman litterally with no family, real friends or companion, but I am not desperate and am blessed the most to have you……thank you for using me to be a statement on society….
Image result for verse worth more than rubiesImage result for verse worth more than rubiesImage result for verse our fatherImage result for verse worth more than rubies
thank you, Lord for telling me this morning that man of you’s actions are not matching their promising, lip service words…that, I am worth more that rubies, not the plastic bag they treat me like… 
Blessed is He who Finds Wisdom
…Provers 3:14~16 For her profit is better than the profit of silver And her gain better than fine gold. 15She is more preciousthan jewels; And nothing you desire compares with her. 16Long life is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches and honor.…
Image result for verse worth more than rubies
Yes, Lord you, are right and thank you for telling me… Joshua is real fake and insincere, is not honest, nor patient.. You gave the “good life” and him the “bust” His words “good life or bust” praise you Abba…I have no tolerance for any more fakes or excuses to not be an action man of you by any one….
I have all I need with only you and nothing….thank you for blessing me…. Thank you, Abba for giving me the gift to “forgive”…no, LOrd not one human in my life,not even JPC has ever made a sincere apology to me and make it up to me for real..for this you have blessed me and you are all I need…
Father, Abba you know I need my medi herb daily; for you are whom told me in 2008 and it was provided daily until, you allowed man to mess with me since 2011 to I am witness to your divine love over me, as you used me to tell on all the ugly people…the one’s who miss use it..the ones who illegally sell and grow it, pretend to be a sincere minister of you when they are fakes…who wont take money and put one in situation of sex to have….You, Abba told me it is my medicine and it was…, Satan has gardens and man keeps me sick with it or none. For you allowing this I am blessed and my tears turn into roses…thank you excelsior YOU, meaning “ever upward”…..i LOVE YOU MOST.
NO, aBBA i DON’T WANT to have any one as my companion whom allows this to go on and doesn’t take action in coming to get me, as you keep telling me the one whom is real will…. I trust in you,not one man…Image result for verse our father
I pray for ‘our’ enemies and ‘our’ Friends….may your will be done… 
The Lord’s Prayer
…matthew 6:8~10     Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. 9So then, this is howyou should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed beYour name, 10Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.…
LORD, may it be your will to have the man whom loves us most take action quickly and be consistent…show up and begin sharing a live thru you with me……or better… may his actions blow me away and wow me, as you do…thank you, Amen
Well, god exposed the roots to my calamities in my life being my own parents, hell angels, roger christie, and silvia ceo of egm womans shelter 😀 he must be about ready to lift me and my kids up now, regardless to their current choices with me 😀 politics, FBI, nobody has an excuse not to, now! victory is gods! Victory is in him! Halleluyah for victory in living right! Thanku Satan and his workers for exposing my divine beauty in him, in trying to save your own filthy faces! For your ungodly and illegal acts done to me, my 3 sons, and others “we” are truly blessed! Yes, yes, yes! Gods worth it all, not one human is! Viva Jesus and long life of riches and health! Victory is mine,thru him! Amen 😀
There supposedly was a Harley buried to give joseph when he turned 18, unless i didnt comprehend right wen donald ivester told me. Donald ivesters sister has joe’s (his executed shot in head by brother show 1994 ElCajon, CA) leather coat that was suppose to be given to joseph. Joseph is prince of san diego and its mine, his, and the twins money and town! God get whats ours for us frm satans claws. Satan step away, in jesus’ name. Amen
Last year summer of 2016, that is for I don’t know what year you are reading this in the future and generations to come, i was threatened that if i lay out and sun bathe at park, i will be raped. Well, let ’em come rape me, cuz im going sun bathing at park, right now!
Now that god pulled the racist african american root “silvia” and her people 😀 im more than happy to go to africas egypt and such. Praise god,i know all blacks arent ignorant fools, but like all cultures, they to have their trash and weeds that need to be pulled! Halleluyah for victory is only thru god. amen
Thanku and lets pray gods will is to lift me for real and let it be as in now 😀 lol another words quickly 😀 then, i wont need to text anything long. Ill have husband, plants, animals to talk to, a life, and a secured computer if god drives me to write 😀 wow, that sounds like gods will 😀 and, so it is
Now god shows me why these blacks were having so much fuo around me in Texas, wyoming, skyway. You ignorant are relatives and friends to nasty silvia CEO of egm! You all were having fun cuz ur sick, racist, bullies who love misusing ur power and money! God caught you all! All you related to her and friends to her or her family now get the wrath of god, my dog, my hero! Silvia needs to be locked up with criminally insane for life! Period! Gods vengeance and will be done to her, those of you who are her relatives and friends! Thanku, abba for your divine favor on me and my 3 stolen sons 😀 victory belongs to you,yah!
Tho, illegal on his part still, too since I am not in any loop on and people who won’t be in my new life are still on..this is OK with me, as long as he is of action and real; for filling the acts Jesus clearly says in his word, that a man will do, if he values, loves, and does want to marry me…   The man who picked me, that was never in any loop, who is an innocent, who God had given Authority to give consequences to me and my son’s offenders, to end this and has chosen me to be his wife, like in this icky, not ok with me, arranged type of way, left still  not well cared for ‘arranged marriage’ way” is in my devices, huh! 😀 lol gods giving me a bad ass in him and who he is for a husband 😀 yes! Hell ya! may i be living a life with him soon 😀 except for the loop being illegal, i do appreciate my husband and his people on and the innocents that were con-ed to be in loop that god opened the eyes of and is using to bring glory to god in all this. Giggles and wiggles! Know who the best liar and story teller is? Eva c. I have caught her in all of them! I cant stand her! I dont want her near my kids. I mean, out of all of you eva can pull lies sideways frm her ass. Shame on her moving lips
Negative 5000 julia’s on broadway seattle, wa., the owners and employees are in illegal loop. They promote my drag queen stolen son jon. when age 18 they let him have jello shots with alcohol. The seattle, wa., cheese cake factory owners and owners of clothing store H&M Hired him and are the illegal loop, too.
negative million the sheridan mini bus. In being established in god and who i am, in sheridan i began to have courage to inquire if one was single too, who i thought i was attracted to. I asked mini bus driver who was single, a school teacher; little did he know i woulda made a gr8 helpmate to him. he got my #, never called, his name starts with a “c,” i think. Off the wall soon after mini bus driver tim said,”he’d drive me to Montana any time.” wth? Why did i need to go there? His daughters and relative old mean lady Nelly or what ever her name is lived at hillside manor apts. next! I saw gerry steil a new driver 2013. I asked if he was single & he got my number. Wks went by. Then, one day he was my driver again. We made plans that he’d pick me up after work. I told him,”i dont drink. I just smoke bud for my health.” he picks me up with cooler of various alcohol drinks. He took me for ride in hills. I was thirsty. Im not an alcoholic, but i dont like it. I sipped on a wine cooler. He took me to his trailer where he lived. He had my name written on his calendar, on his work paper work. He had different things in his place that looked like he was obsessed with me. it was all laughter and good. He had lots of liqueur and spice. I dont do either, but i tried it. Yuck! Wth? Smoking poperay! Weirdos! I had a couple drinks. We hit it off. We didnt have sex 1st 3 days. He off the wall said,”oh,you dont want to have sex,you just want to be held.” he asked me to be his girlfriend. Made it sound like he was telling his mom. We began sexual relations. i witnessed him drinking, smoking pot and spice before going to drive mini bus. He put alcohol in his drink while driving. He chugged my codeine cough medicine while i was sleeping in his bed very sick. He insisted on cooking for me. He put poison in what he prepared for me. He drinks and drives. He insisted taking me to Montana mall to get me Victoria secret panties and pick up his monthly supply of spice. He took citro to have clean ua for pot. I didnt enjoy his company, car, and
When i signed up for WLER Transportation or something like that i never signed anything over in loosing my drivers license or that i couldnt drop service and get own car for one to drive me in or for me to relearn and work thru my disabilities and drive self. When gerry steil thing went down all gerry is telling me is how i will never drive his outfit. (Like, who the hell calls a car an outfit and who asked if i could? Not me) gerry staked me in his truck when we were broke up. Now, cindy livingston was telling me she will have to report me for using transportation services, if i tell her i get a car. what the hell!? She talked often with me like she was my best friend and on my side. Then, at the end she began to mock me and my disabilities. She suggested i go to cr for something healthy to do, where everett wa., people were apart of and ministers in! Gerry steil had most his windows bolted in and stood at bedroom window with binoculars talking bad about each neighbor. These people are criminally insane who have been staking and taking retaliation out on me thru my life as i kept moving forward and forgot them. Way to much to put in review for sheridan mini bus on google review. So all this will go in my book and ill put what will fit in google review. Thank u, my contacts for letting me process via you before i post on internet. Remember quickly correct me if and wen wrong.thank u. Have nic wknd
Ok it was x-mas ’13 gerry steil insists taking me to get panties. It was cold and raining. I didnt want panties or to be in his company. He took off walking in parking lot of mall. I stood at car yelling he let me in to wait. He came back and hit me in my chest and insisted i go with him. He bought the damn panties. His daughter and others were there, by cowencedance? I dont think so. Him taking me there was a pre planned event between all them. He got his spice. He had a fit in me asking if he go by store, so i may get pipe for my herb medicine. He told me if he had hit me in sheridan, wy., he’d be in jail. He was in my devices. i didnt know his adult kids and he’d tell me they didnt like me. So, i said i didnt like them. He said, “ew gross a fat short black man and white woman.” speaking about me and how the loop used a man named ray to violate me twice. He made me bring my own toilet paper. He put my gay son down. We broke up. January 3, 2014 was my year review with cindy Livingston for transportation. I told her all i just reported about gerry steil and showed her the bruises on my chest frm him hitting me. Little did i know she to was setting me up and in loop to trip me. I latched onto her. She had tn report what i showed and told. Gerry has old shoulder injury and his plan was to blame it on driving bus and get workman’s comp. Gerry went psycho when his work found out. He and i kept having contact. He’d make me duck when driving in town. He would tell me one thing and steve at mini bus another thing,but they were all in on it. He obviously told lies about me,cuz next thing i know they took me off anxiety meds,wouldnt give me codine cough medicine,and i was told dr. Roberts dont work any more. I was so upset and mislead by gerry that i was emailing and calling steve with mini bus daily sounding like an idiot! Gerry steil called me last and i hung up. I told cindy Livingston. Cindy Livingston was really a wolf in sheep clothing. When i signed up for transportation services,when she came to me,to do it, i neve
(-) Zillion sheridan, wy., emergancy room never helped me. Rowena Aarstad’s sister works in there. They mocked me about everything i went to them for. They sarcastically said,”do you have MRSA?” As if, i didnt wake up at paradise vally hospital 48 hours later frm passing out, in ICU or wateve they call unit they keep contaminated patients in ’06! my 1st visit was approx., december ’11 over robert howe crushing my ribs. i let them know my abuser was in waiting room. they did ask if i wanted police to come. i “only” said, “no,” because nothing would be worse if dirty cops didnt arrest him and/or turned it on me. so, as soon as we left,I had robert howe leave america’s best value inn, that i paid for and never saw him again. I began plugging into community, viewing what the mayor and other “supposed” winners do, on line. Many did and do volunteer work, as i was already doing in hawaii, everett,wa., and on my own a lil neighborhood watch. So, i got into meeting with andi bell the therapist to have a support system and i with glee began walking in 4 ft. snow And ice to go volunteer at sheridan senior center. Anyway, i had to go to emergency room approx. Mayish ’12 from a major slip and fall, a witness saw that happened in a unit a rock trim motel. Tammy the nasty evil owner had me cleaning units when people moved,in a supposed act of care in helping me have a lil income beyond wat poverty i have, but it was the town set up to use me and try to prove i can work and wasnt really physically disabled. My head and elbows got smashed in that slip and fall. Something is severely wrong with my elbows to this day! I need a good dr and proper care. My arms are becoming useless.
The E.R. JUST GAVE A SHOW AND SENT ME ON MY WAY! The last 2 months there in “14 the sheridan dr.s were illegally drug testing me and there only focus was intimidating me, insisting i take bipolar medication,and proving i was an active user of drugs.they were trying to use the pot, that i medically use as getting me as a drug uses. One dr. intimidated me; To point where i began showing him my sons photo that i was reuniting with. The sheridan police would be driving the area of dr.s during my visits. The dr.s refused to see me my last month, telling me to go to E.R. I was in ER Every other day with bed bugs, mild mini strokes, very sick frm somebody poisoning me. I believe they put it in my stuff, entering apt when i wasnt there. I dont know, cuz i was literately alone there 3 yrs with little socializing. I went in ER With my insides on fire like a fire was in me. I thought i was going to self com-bust the fire was fire frm insides out. I expressed it on phone to Cindy Livingston after telling her this, and she entertained me as “how could they”. They didnt help me once. They lied said, no bed bugs. They said, “its stress.” and, i was left to go reunite with my kids very sick. They knew! They knew i had cancer, too and never told me.
The ER Was more interested in having nasty, lying, child neglector wendy daniels last name i had as my contact, in her fake befriending me the last month i lived there “14, than they were in helping my health. I had mass infection. Skyway, wa, illegal loop upon arriving ’14 thru ’15 attempted to prove i was a hypochondriac and menopause. Both are lies! Ive had these health conditions all my life and ssi’s own dr. diagnosed me permanently disabled with fibermyalgia in ’01~ish everett, wa., they set me an appointment for! These dr.s all need to pay me for neglect and be black balled frm doctoing aaain!
Prophecy against Israel’s Shepherds
…Ezekiel 34:3~5  You eat the fat and clothe yourselves with the wool, you slaughter the fat sheep without feeding the flock. 4“Those who are sickly you have not strengthened, the diseased you have not healed, the broken you have not bound up, the scattered you have not brought back, nor have you sought for the lost; but with force and with severity you have dominated them. 5“They were scattered for lack of a shepherd, and they became food for every beast of the field and were scattered. 
5.27.17 Sabbath Day illegal King County loop, an African american man Dennis pulls this evil game and at this point adds to racist bullishness and stuff they do to me being Silvia’s peeps and other sheet: his is how sick these people guilty in my life are: im rejoicing in sharing how god used me to catch criminally insane like silvia CEO of egm, her relatives, friends, and associates! He used me to show she signed up with organized crime in ’00, when they 1st tried stealing my 3 babies to an agent dennis and he thought it funny to say,”you gave your kids up.” he was trying to steal my joy and trip me up. These are the games they still play in illegal loop. Others say,”thats just Dennis.” he is one god had me blog licence plate of on another page in this book.  MY reply was: “he must be a guilty one related to her, friend, or associate and how evil of one to say something like that, fully being aware that is a LIE! and, he and his African power trip, Silvia CEO of EGM Woman’s shelter people, are a part of the ‘theft’ of my 3 babies and all in this book of evil done for those in hi places to save their own filthy faces.” He pulled up at the smoke screen to really interrogate me, hit me, go to great lengths to prove I was an addict, sicker than they mentally, that I abandoned my babies, the I was a whore, all that is in this story and more…taking retaliation out on me, for turning them all in and sharing my experience with them… and more… Step away Satan, YOU have no business near me, my 3 son’s camps… You, Satan must smell the stench of Jesus’ blood on us.. so, you steal play us dumb.. Jesus is the Power, you have none.. Amen


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