Blessed by Satan;”Hallelujah”, for Jesus!!!Thank you, Father Abba


….and his happy participants “50 yrs. daily; regardless to ‘what was, is, could, etc., be or not be me;”Who came to save me, from Satan’s plots? For Your Power, that lies in so little amount of ‘faith,’ from us, that Satan has to obey even our rebuke and command.

case # K16-043653 Deputy S. Moore king county sheriff’s office Seattle, WA took the report..: Displaying IMG_1506.JPG

Romans 10:13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

13 Yes, “everyone who trusts in the Lord[a] will be saved.”[b]


  1. Romans 10:13who trusts in the Lord Literally, “who calls on the name of the Lord,” meaning to show faith in him by worshiping him or praying to him for help.
  2. Romans 10:13Quote from Joel 2:32. Displaying IMG_1505.JPG

approx. a week ago I was walking thru skyway park in So. Seattle…it’s a walking path for the public..I was blocked by three, big, full…

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