WARNING for AA and of the like programs…..the rooms aren’t all that anonymous


An abomination to 12 Traditions and anonymity of AA and to GodImage result for psalm 114

Image result for prayer and, so I do pray for this aka: bobcat…One of my offenders whom is apart of the illegal King county loop, whom has barely ever said a word to me in the 3 years, but try his best to prove I am insincere and to help retaliators prove fault in me, as they set up traps…aka: bobcat…this man was one of the main recorders with his phone in the meetings on me….he was and is against me. His mentality of a supposed 15 years sober has him do little stupid bully kid stuff like take wires away so I cant enjoy movie day they have set up at serenity hall on Sundays….he was so ignorant today when I shared about it…he raised his hand proud and high admitting he is the sick one whom does it….he laughs…

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