2008 Who God used to be my “biggest” inspiration to be MEEEEEeeeee! Thank You, Ellen!!


True!!! 2008, I was being held in a home of victimizing me, set up by Dago Mob HA; Donald Ivester and associates. AND, YES JOSHUA PAUL CUNNING WERE HE HAD ME IN VISTA, CA 2008~2009….actually, nothing more to me, but the biological uncle to my Oldest son, whom HE and associated sold out to child porn and other unmentionables; to them and me..and, whom stole him at age 10 from me….anyway, I was watching Ellen in the room I was renting from these people in Vista, Ca Oct. 2008 to Feb. 2009 and she described my room I was in and life to the “T” in speaking about her own life and how she turned her unfortunate experiences into comedy and positive…..She stressed JUST BE YOU! Image result for ellen degeneres show

It wasn’t in a since of my sexual identity…it was a simple as “just be me” and don’t care about others who bring me…

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