THIS IS THE EXACT WORDS GOD SAID TO ME IN 1993 AGE 27 and SINCE, I HAVE BEEN SEEKING AND CHOOSING LIFE; as the organized crime WW of cockfighting and of the such, by my own ROOTS and blood and their fam and friends and their fam and friends and so on…have been neglecting me more, went to great lengths to save their own faces, got snared in their own webs, and GOD is the ONLY 1 who saved me to tell, witness to, and blew my ROOTs up, as HE divorced me from them; as I remain an orphan under HIS wing.

Yes, Lord Jesus at age 12 I began to yell out in the wrong way of what was happening in the home by my biological parents..yes, Louis Gaumond Jr. my biological uncle coached me to tell the mental health workers, who my biological parents sent me to…

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