God, our enemies say, “Kill the rat,”as in Kill me …


I am not Hawaii’s “baby”; discovered, rescued, and chosen one…by God’s Grace, I am Joshua Paul Cunnings “baby.” I had introduced myself to Hawaii Hilo, Police Srgt. William Derr, worked as a volunteer side by side with him, and worked hard for FBI Clinton Z., and Randy Srgt. Derr’s friends….. they used me, they let my retaliators take retaliation out on me to this day. They let my life be in danger. They let them whom stole my kids origionally and those in high places destroy what may have been able to save, between them and I. God’ only gets his Glory by me continue to serve him and let go…to go live my own life of God’s real will for me…and, not as a victim to the weirdos and rich with mentalities no better than Charles Manson, in fact, they purposely had such dangerous people put on me to victimize…

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