What’s God say about Mental Illness, Health, Addiction, etc.?


I am not a cucumber…I am made in the image of God  there for I have the right to be a new creation and not continue to claim something I am not, that God rose me out of Satan’s bondage of…

God just told me to tell u all this: “if you illegal people in my life spying on me have had me on a suicide watch this wk or ever, then not 1 of you know him, his holy divine power, or me. Suicide has never been me and anyone with a brain of him would see and know thats obvious, that i wouldn’t even be alive today, and wud kno i am about life. ‘Er duh! go focus on urselves and stay out of my affairs. fools with no brain of him or common sense!” Thank u Abba father for telling me in 1993, that u are who…

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