Your Erroneous Zones by Dr Wayne W. Dyer


1. Introduction

Two themes: We choose to be who we are. And we should take charge of our present moments. I think he is hinting at the GTD mindset.

2. Taking Charge of Yourself

Nothing new. The first chapter emphasizes a theme common to many self help books. We have personal agency. We control our thoughts, which affects our emotions. Therefore, we control our emotions.

Negative thoughts create emotions which prevent us from doing what we want to do. Example, shyness prevents you from introducing yourself to someone you like, you avoid expressing your feelings because you fear offending other people.

Learning positive thought patterns to undo the reinforcement of years of negative thoughts is hard work. This reminds me I should seriously try NLP.

There are two reasons to grow, growth for growth’s sake, and growth because you feel incomplete. The first reason is better.

Growth motivated by…

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