Dallas Cowyboys partake in the theft of my 3 son’s and more


Jon Watson, please correct me when wrong. I am not out to be a false witness or to cause trouble. I am here for truth and justices for our lords glory. Thank u and have a nice day.

ERV Proverbs 17:15
The Lord hates these two things: punishing the innocent and letting the guilty go free.
Image result for proverbs 17:15 What drove them to believe they knew better than God…”word Vomit” they believed from my enemies, offenders, and whom I turned in.
God just told me Ronald John, Kathy, and participants played the role of Satan, in this way too: wise in ur own eyes thought you would make me jump thru ur hoops of evil doings of fire neglecting my health putting my well-being in danger. Then as a “reward” you planned on restoring my health with your money! Gross, nothing about god!
None of you consult god “prior” to meddling…

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