~~~~The ‘JOY’ of OUR Lord~~~~


MY HINDU PSYCHOLOGY INSTRUCTOR IN RICHARDSON, TX 2011 REPLIED, “she wouldn’t want the joy of my Lord.” another set up by organized crime and the 1% as a team in taking retaliation out on me for surviving them and telling on them… NO, I am not one of them, not do I know 1 on them on a personal level or at all..

when we were studying topic of laughing, joy. my participation was asking the HINDU instructor, “HOW ABOUT THE JOY OF THE LORD?”
i will tell you right now, since that moment Satan used her to blow my candle out to dim and HE Jesus wasn’t being seen in me, until now.the holy one is moving mountains right now for me and others like ww..what good news from the Angels above.

 Satan baffling, cunning, and powerful.

well, my answer to that HINDU psycology instructor noware a few…

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