ATTENTION: Tenants Union of Washington; much bad to me by landlords


Image result for washington state renters rightsNo this is not spam!!! I am in danger to put it loosely and this is only way to reach out for help///Tenants Union of Washington I reside at Greentree apartments in skyway, Washington unit G~305. I was illegally herded to move there in 2014 from Sheridan, WY by an illegal conspiracy against me by the people I turned in for being housing slumlords and other things in taking advantage of less fortunate 2009 Hawaii Police Department to present. The entire King County participated. They charged me $400 for electric in 2015 and I never used heat or anything. I go with out heat. I am disabled both physically and mentally. They set the apartment un prior to me moving in with illegal monitors. The other tenants are not low income, are king county employees and others. They have kids on monitors. They had me taking my items out…

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