The ‘power’ of God IS~~~~~~~~~~~~


GIVEN TO ME AS A CHILD OF AGE 7 BY cAROL mAGeRS WHERE i delighted in the WORD and LEArned what and who you see me today as..the part of me, my enemies fail to tell…and, how they purposely were and are out to cause me to trip…Jesus is my defender! Glory glory glory to HIM!! for once, 7th grade began 1980 or so, there was no place of safety in HIM for me to go and grow…

2000 I WAS LEFT BY MY OWN BLOOD FAMILY TO BE ON MY OWN AS THEY THEMSELVES STOLE MY BABIES, ACCUSED ME OF BEING a drug addict  who abandoned my own babies..hell no organized crime of cockfighting and hell angels dago mob san diego, CA did it on purpose to me…. I am not ONE AS THEM A CRIMINAL WHO LIVES AND FEEDS THEIR SIN!

JOY FOR me is the power of…

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