Victim NO more; VICTORY is Him


I had the honor of being physically attacked at the AA rooms they use as a smoke screen to playing vigilantes.(there is a photo with more of the story in another blog I was led to share by the spirit of God I serve and love) 1 meeting at Serinity Hall Skyway December 2015 last year my gift was being attacked by a woman at the meeting , they had me chairing as they purposely provoked me interrupting me, stating I wasn’t reading out of the book and I tossed a book to Philip a MEMBER stating HE read and lead..I first said, excuse me, but they didn’t like that..had to push me..a supposed test of how bipolar or not I am….

the book accidentally hit another “agent” playing the king county loop in a fake AA thing I know she the loop had her beat me, before I could…

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