Bible Verses About Aliens and more


More OF you, lord and less of me..for this and more, I am blessed and you are the majestic one. I praise You, Father. I know,  I am nothing without You and I know, nothing without You. I know, YOUR power and spirit rule in me and I thank and praise You. Amen HalleluYah 

ONCE again, by You, Yah Abba Father,  I am blown away and have experienced a “twist” for the better 3.31.17 approx., that brings praise and credit only to, you god. You called Joshua Paul cunning WWW a few months ago and used him as my only honest witness in myh entire life, but also he was one of my worse, illegal offenders 2008~2009 that I knew of and thru this 9 years of him being stealth and quite…..believing YOU< Abba wouldn’t use me to expose his ‘eww’s and muddy black heart…He too underestimates You, who has…

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