~Victory is in the name of Jesus Christ~


Brown is for rooted; Black is for sin+ the colors in this testimony, represent the sin of many they are rooted in… 

Lord, THANK YOU FOR HEARING MY PRAYERS AND BEING FAITHFUL TO ANSWER THEM, tho since age 3 to now, none yet have really materialized, nor happened, I know nothing else but to claim and trust in your character, timing, word, program, and promises.. IN YOU I PUT MY HEART, SOUL, BODY, AND MIND. MORE OF YOU AND LESS OF ME. sELAH 

 “eww, Lord continue to not let me be as one of them. and, thank You for making me a “god fearing woman,” in You I am rooted… brown for me is rooted in our Lord Healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, sexually, and spiritually. Only, because of Him, I am…

Satan works thru people who say, this is only a few, and I mean a few…

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