To Hawaii from God thru me; His truth


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Psalm 18:16-19Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

16 He reached down from above and grabbed me.
    He pulled me from the deep water.
17 He saved me from my powerful enemies, who hated me.
    They were too strong for me, so he saved me.
18 They attacked me in my time of trouble,
    but the Lord was there to support me.
19 He was pleased with me, so he rescued me.
    He took me to a safe place.

Image result for psalm 18:16-19Image result for psalm 18:16-19

I get victimized, made proper choices for self, got away from Jonathan Barber 2002 and Tom Trier 2008, my entire roots of organized Crime 2009… get my self up from being their life time victim, Victoriously By grace and help of ONLY GOD am here to share about itand the hu’man’s plot, to do UGLY to me!!For…

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