God says we reap what we sow


Since 1966 to this very day I have been under the worst “ABUSE” ever; NEGLECT, by my own biological roots to our government and those in high places. I am left alone to only have an invisible God, supernatural being to talk to. Neglect is the worst form of neglect, because the person, animal or what not has no interaction with others, is left alone, is hard to prove as abuse cause there are no violent marks….it’s actually healthier to be abused in a relation cause at least the person has interaction with another.

once I am with somebody, I chat, chat, chat…they always have something to complain about me, about; and, that is ok..i rather be alone with just GOD; for HE loves m e and my chatting.

1 John 4:19We love because He first loved us.

what’ s God say about worse form of abuse…

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