“Attention” renters rights & Federal Fair Housing


Sec. 8 makes it so difficult and will drop us on our head to be homeless; my testimony protected by Jesus

God told me that I didn’t have to participate in this “illegal” king county loop, nor stay in Slyway intil “D” or better can take action in showing to be a man of him, whom values the treasure they found in me, and come get me to begin this NEW Promised life by them and God…. that I already worked hard for the FBI and they do own me much money. So, I asked SEC 8

 Please email me the information for “moving”. I will be taking my time to relocate, keeping simple somewhere near ocean distance King County, fits my disability needs, animal companion, studio, honestly approved by sec 8, and healthy environment for me..not an “illegal” set up king county or such Greentree Apartments. “A simple move of no stress or mess”…

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