The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.29)


the praying hands is one of my loves, my favorite….for my salvation i am blessed, have eternal life, and am a member of the Lord’s army…pretty much the only club that is right for me…there isn’t any club that has ever satisfied me…
they all have something that i am not in complete agreement with and can’t bring myself to fully support…the BIBLE is the only book for me, the truth, life instruction manual….
we are born with an instruction manual…it is called the BIBLE and it talks about every possible question i may possibly have. I NEED NOT GO TO ANY HUMAN FOR THEIR INPUT…GO STRAIGHT TO GOD OUR FATHER AND HIS BOOK…to join in agreement with another spirit like minded is very good..but, when it comes down to it GOD is the voice i choose to hear. i know only what HE…

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