The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.82)


Be an artist and safely express, like Joshua Paul Cunning taught me to do as an artist…in 2008
“who not to call”
“laaaalalalalaaawwwww” sing with me
who not to call 911. who not to call the po, po. No, no, no do not call the po, po!
Today, the po, po 911 serve and protect the organized crime….sell outs for another dime to let the criminals get away with crime! Don’t call the po,, no, no, no! They aren’t here to protect and serve the innocent…..they will set you up to go to jail, to fail, to die for the pay off of by organized crime!
Who not to call, 911! 
“laaaalalalalaaawwwww” thank you for singing with me
a riddle
“who is the biggest cold heart~ed “B” and “C” of a woman?”
Her name is Kathy. She is in her 70’s or so. She has been stoking me since…

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