The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.85)


“Attention Hawaii, FBI, and of the such”
I, respectfully say,”No, thank you to bringing my twice stolen “illegally” 3 kids into any “new life; they are not healthy or safe for me.” I worked so hard for you guys to “allegedly” hire me, not illegally observe, use, and get the credit for busts and paid for, as I am left neglected, oppressed, illegally monitored, and tested, and what not, as my health to the hilt is also neglected. I do not want them or anyone in my past, in my new life. I worded to hard to have people, places, and things in my new life that I had  closure to and moved successfully on from.
I am not applying to be anyone’s wife as a “job,” …. and, while People are wasting my time, thinking that I will want them after putting me through Hell is an abomination to God. I, am…

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