The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.86)


14th monthly daily reading on ‘Fear, Pride, Guilt’; Spirits ‘not’ of God
Proverbs 14 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
14 A wise woman makes her home what it should be,Image result for proverbs 14 but the home of a foolish woman is destroyed by her own actions.[a] Wisdom builds her house, but Foolishness tears hers down with her own hands.”]Image result for proverbs 14
Those who live right respect the Lord, but dishonest people hate him.
Foolish words cause you trouble; wise words protect you.
A barn with no cattle might be clean,Image result for proverbs 14 but strong bulls are needed for a good harvest.
5(a) A good witness is one who does not lie.Image result for proverbs 14
(Dec. 14, 2016~God,tells me this is the type of witness J.P.C., from San Diego, CA is already being for me (Thank You, Posh), and Jesus says, “I will be in my new life, shortly; it’s already been 4 months…

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