The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.87)


San Diego, Hawaii, World Wide Homeland Security, NCIS, ATF, DEA, FBI, CIA and of the like whom has gotten all your information for you to do the worlds largest crime busts in history that include Law and Order of those in your fields…like Joshua Paul Cunning… I want my freaking life and pay!!!  I have done nothing but be of help since 1992~2017 to you people, who allowed my life to be put in danger and let my retaliators illegally take revenge! I am happy God’s vengeance is upon you all, that He is using me to expose you all, and I will be paid…. and, It will be God who pays me and lifts me up…who wants a mere cop when you can have the top dog? NOT me or I would have never had the pleasure to have Joe Ivesters’ only son Joseph Donald Walters/Barber 11.25.89 who IS…

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