The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.96)

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me.. Thank you. Amen

Wendy daniels and her husband may be hell angels, cuz they made a point of making sure i knew, she was brought up to their wedding via riding a HARLEY.I hate harleys cuz its originally a bikers bike of organized crime and the have become popular as a bike for law enforcement, yuppies. They rarely ride an idian, bmw, triump. do you see how the illegal king county loop has been and is promoting my stolen son jon, as a drag queen at julias on broadway, in gay “movement”?
In Jesus’ name, Satan and your servants, get away from gods child, a son Jon christian barber, who has the stench of Jesus’ blood thats anointed him from the time i conceived Jon in my womb and get away from his twin Nathan barber and big brother, too who are also anointed in Jesus’ blood since conception in my womb, now and eternal. In Jesus’ name, amen
This is what i did for Everett gospel mission 2010~2011, until silvia ceo of egm woman’s shelter began intimidating me and she got pissed at me writing king 5 news, online “what really goes on behind closed doors at egm.” i followed the rules, i went with their organized operation of hours, volunteered answering phones wee in the am, until woman are allowed to get up at 6 am. I informed them of woman,not following rules, i tried to experience the mission statement. I sang at fund raiser for egm womans shelter in a building in everett, wa., meal with the wealthy, law and order, and others in hi places as the guests. silvia had already banded me from praying at egm shelter and come new years ’11 she began doing the rest i reported to me. I pushed out grievance letters and wrote the article on king 5 news. She kicked me out and i went to Monroe, WA., shelter where they had the woman i reported when volunteering at desk of egm shelter, in Monroe shelter where silvia’s retaliation began approx., 2.11-ish? An elder man, neighbor to egm shelter, mike, who i”only” gave help to by playing cards, watching tv., wrapping his holiday gifts, cleaned for him and he shared gods miracle herb with me for my health and 2nd half of month when i couldnt like now in poverty,who drove me to Monroe shelter, who tried to get weird when i massaged him “platonic-ally” and not my best he paid $40. for: him, his black renter,and neighbors were apart of organized loop,with big island. The neighbors just got back frm there,his black male renter would get rude with me,and 1 day mike mocked me Satan, “you and your FBI friends.” i didnt tell him about FBI. So, how’d he know?
Somebody dirty in illegal loop is controlling my phone and turning it off when im texting gods work he has me report. Making me loose my work and having to start again. Then they do it again. Husband to be, please secure my phone. A dirty illegal loop party continues to turn my phone off,making me loose my work, that has to do with gods reports about them. Please over ride them frm being in my phone. Thank u
Now it makes since when a Dallas, TX., “black” woman bus driver who picked up on meadowlark dr. Or what ever the name of road was i lived in nice studio told me, “this isnt California. You cant get on bus with that on.” first off, there are no dress codes for bus riders. 2nd it was hotter than all hell. I was wearing a jogging bra that is also worn as a top! Ive seen other woman wearing them on bus, (just happens to be skyway, wa., getting on bus). My point: black bus driver = aka: Ron and Kathy, and silvia ceo of egm woman shelter’s and her team of people in texas,where her and the organized crime members had a jerry kingston “bait” me to ’11, and were taking retaliation out on me, staking me, being my neighbors, in my itt-tech classes, in my computer, and having illegal monitors in my studio. 
Now, it makes since that when i was waiting for bus like 5 am -ish to go to criminal justice college on meadowlark Dr, Texas a “black” guy asked me for a cigarette. I said, “no.” he began to verbally attack me and was starting to get physically violent,threatening me. The bus pulled up and saw. He told bus driver and passengers i was on crack and he took off. a “black” passenger said, “he said youre on crack.” i ignored him as i thought, “oh yea im on crack. Thats why im on my way to paralegal studies.” The bus driver called 911. “all” the “black” experiences i had = silvia ceo of egm woman shelter and team of organized crime having texas ’11 people do things to me and all “blacks..” at that. God busted the hell out of silvia and god uses me to expose her racist, african – american, criminally insane, and organized crime “root,” family,friends, associates willing to kill me to save her own insane “guilty” face. Halleluyah for gods favor is divine! I love you, god! Thank you :-* amen
Many of the same black people who were in Texas around me in 2011 are the exact same black people in illegal skyway, wa., illegal king county loop 2014 to present 2017 that are around me! All silvia ceo of egm woman shelter people who have been staking me and bringing harm to me the last 7 years. her same black people, like Hakim up at smoke screen AA serenity hall set up to do wat they illegally have been doing to me and my 3 kids, are who began illegally shadowing my stolen babies jon and nathan in ’10 and are who took them illegally over in using them against me, their dad, and each other. Who broke illegally jonathan their dads back, did illegal acts to their older brother, who killed lance brakefield, who did something to norman. Jr.,maureen gaumond,who did something to karen and erik hall,who got donald walters,who tore my roots lives up illegally! they are who did something to sandy walters, carol robinson! They illegally took over our biological family members lives and tore the twins up.they illegally began shadowing and doing this to my twin boys when they were age 15! They are age 21 now and have been “so” messed up by these people in regards to me and they force nathan to do things that make him hate me more and that he isnt ready for or doesnt want to do. Yes! God just whispered in my ear,”vengeance is mine, my love.” yes,yes,yes thank you,god! God had me put Hakim’s licence plate on another page, but soon after he no longer has that particular car of license plate.
Silvia and her african american people are all “criminally insane.” because god had md expose her in 2011, her and they were willing to take revenge on my own kids and biological roots, to work with donald walters, donald ivester, and roger christie to set me up in towns set up to devour me the last 7 years. Step away Satan workers frm my 3 sons now! In Jesus’ name stay away. Anything illegal my 3 sons may have gotten themselves into,was illegally set up for my kids to fall in, by illegal loop. these people are the only ones illegal on every level! So, if the illegal loop did get my sons in any illegal act that the ruled over and it went legal, was a trap set for their innocents to fall in, like they tried to do with me when they had mark albertsons daughter jody felix to push meth on me, then they said i got caught, tho nothing went legal and its they who has been caught! These people are getting in much legal trouble for their illegal acts to me, my 3 sons, and many others, that god uses me to expose! For god choosing me for this, i and my 3 sons are truly blessed. Thank u, abba. Amen
God views all sin equal: hence, the guilty parties in stealing my 3 babies, who participate in bringing harm to me, and illegally taking our lives over are equally guilty! God views his innocent children who get “con-ed,” yet, repent and walk with him and those who never new as equally innocent. Period! Halleluyah!
Effective Prayer
1 John 5:16~18 If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he should ask God, who will give life to those who commit this kind of sin. There is a sin that leads to death; I am not saying he should ask regarding that sin. 17All unrighteousness is sin, yet there is sin that does not lead to death. 18We know that anyone born of God does not keep on sinning; the One who was born of God protects him, and the evil one cannot touch him.…
Ok at this point, 3 people have told me “be careful” when youre out here walking and crossing stree.” that means, retaliating parties of the organized loop being busted, is pre-meditating a plan to hurt me, maybe kill me. Gods divine protection has been over me 51 yrs, so far. Security around me, is for me now and taking action on my illegal retaliators and their people. Halleluyah! Victory thru god! Amen thank u, jesus! I love you!
God says, “old man and old lady aka: ron and kathy are big in illegal king county loop. They are affiliated and/or owners of Dallas cowboys, EGM Woman’s shelter and much more. They are guilty for the theft of my 3 babies, tampering with my mail since ’11, setting up Texas, sheridan, wy., and king county up with organized crime. Ron is an IT Professional and has been a main person in my devices the entire last 7 years. Aka: kathy was at Sheridan senior center ’12 when i volunteered there. She came up to me and off the wall said,”i love you.” they illegally took over my kids lives, are apart of illegally using them against me. They are “main” money and brains in the offences done to me. they are who illegally had lance brakefield killed, tore up my biological roots lives, and others,had jonathan barbers back broke, had sheridan,wy medical field harm me, had mark albertson daughter push meth on me, who set illegal monitors up, had illegal tracker put in me. Aka: ron illegally cashed $200.- check i sent my son nathan and then took control of the money. They are behind me being physically attacked. They set up smoke screen aa serenity hall in skyway,wa.,,to really do a private court with sheridan,wy., and my enemhes viewing live. They stake me, shadow me, and are in my devices to this day. They are big in illegal loop a main root that came frm EGM woman’s shelter and roger christie ordeal. They have illegal loop neglect,abuse me,are in my bank account and other personals. They purposely have medical field not help me,because they were going to use restoring my health as a “reward,” if i jumped their illegal hoops. They are who had me homeless in reuniting with my kids ’14 and staked me as i was getting wa., registration for my car upon arriving,they are behind my car being destroyed.the only reason they arent going to prison is because they are apart of the 2% wealthy and get to buy themselves out. God says,” they may may not use their money to increase their health,as a consequence. being convicted,imprisoned,and pay us
since, 2015 in the smoke screen aa rooms, aka: ron laughs every time god used me to catch the people they had in on loop. Ron was giggling over god having me expose camano chapel. are they laughing at themselves, now too? There is no excuse for the 2% wealthy to be able to buy themselves out of prison time. These two deserve life, too like the others. If charles manson was a 2% he’d be able to buy self out, too. The 2% need to financially pay the people off they do crime to, and still be put in prison, like any other human. They only brought harm to my 3 sons and i. They are strangers to us who took retaliation out on us and illegally took our lives over, because god had me report them in reports that had to do with roger christie and EGM womans shelter. I never seen them in my life until ‘sheridan,wy., they are behind doing an unmentionable act with me ’12 sheridan,wy. They are who is behind my son jon being promoted as a drag queen. They are behind every thing told in this story to my 3 sons and me since ’11 to thir ’17 day. god, please put them in prison. Please get these evil people of satans acts away from “my” 3 sons and my life and please keep their people away, too. Yes, lord they worked as a team w/ my own evil parents, hell angels, roger christie,and silvia ceo of EGM Womans shelter. Aka: rons roots are who put the money up for whore houses in seattle,wa., and part of their paying my 3 sons and i is, seattle, wa., will be ours and our generations to follow. victory is”only” gods! Halleluyah the king of all kings! Thank you, god for choosing me to be your brightest beacon of salt and light. Thank you for crowning me your wife. Amen
aka: Ron and kathy and one of their sons DEAN owners of julias on broadway who promote my son jon as a drag queen. they had an agent aka: jina woodruff hide him frm me. they had me arranged to marry a kid to me, hindu “black” dallas cowboy, who paid a woman off 2 mil. for life 7 yrs ago as of 5.29.17 to keep her mouth shut that he got pregnant and calls her a gold digger. he and his people abused me. after they all had a “black” woman, monique beat me their son “dean” stood up to be my arranged husband. he told me i was on probation and didnt know when he’d come get me to begin a life. i asked, “what am i on probation for?”  at smoke screen aa serenity hall they set up to really do their nasties to me an old “black” man, supposedly on god and my side, aka: grandpa Stan sexually harasses me, thinking its funny. he does the tongue thing, he grabs his privates, he has said rude sexual gesters. i have asked him several times to stop and that im not comfortable. obviously, aka: grandpa Stan wanted me to report his sexual harassment via WWW, cuz he doesnt stop. i want him to pay me for this sexual harassment and get away frm my 3 babies he helps to keep frm me, as they illegally take our lives over.
agent dean and agent joshua paul cunning know each other. when i was arranged to marry “dean,,” joshua had kept his mouth shut about being arranged to marry me in ’08, already did the things the illegal king county loop does to me, back then. because joshua is a dirty agent who works with and knows my own biological father donald walters and dago mob hell angels. then, they arranged me to marry him again approx. 6 mo ago as of 5.29.17, until god used me to tell of agent joshua being dirty. now, a man above them all, never in any illegal loop that is busting these offenders has chosen me 😀 god is good. yes!
12536 so. renton ave   address to smoke screen aa serenity hall where they illegally threw my life prior to’93, ’03 when my3 babies 1st got stolen and i was put in grocery cart, and my accomplishments since ’04 in my face, like a dogs nose in shit. they hit me, record me live with my enemies viewing. they character assassinated me, had agents in posing as alcoholics, they do not follow AA traditions at all. they give a show by going thru motions of aa readings, then when they share they are really speaking about me, or for my stolen sons, or what punishment my offenders got. the 1st mtng they illegally herded me up to, as basic only option for something to do AKA: Herman told me, he is my lawyer. Herman is one authorized by god and me to be apart of my 3 stolen sons lives, once we are lifted up and in new “kennedy money, but not blood $ like them” life. we have been blessed by Satan’s offenses. I thank and worship only you, Yah. Selah  
The reason why i stopped telling things to and bell, sherdan, wy., set up by illegal retaliating roots, around the 1st time a “black” man named ray did unmentionables to me and told cindy livingston about gerry steil, is because prior to ray, andi bell began telling me that i was a whore and i stopped trusting her.
These named people in this book, esp. main roots donald walters, sandra walters, donald ivester, Jonathan Barber, clyde eddleman, steve holly, joshua paul cunning, roger christie, hawaiins i reported, aka: ron and kathy, silvia ceo of EGM Womans shelter, ron, kathy, one of their sons Dean, and all their friends, fam, associates in hi and low places, those they payed off to participate in stealing my 3 babies and destroying me to save their own guilty faces are “criminally insane” people. Not one of the 2% deserve the privilege of paying way out and getting out of incarceration time in jail or mental ward for criminally insane. They are wicked evil beings! Verse
Random license plates of participants in illegal loop: wa. sh 16760, wa 650-ybk, wa 66848, wa avh4554, wa aom3769, wa b19551l, wa bds7130, wa ajh4428, wa aww7399 and “black” woman in the yard knows my name, wa c58558e, wa bcj8771, wa ard7871, wa bcw7860. These people are illegally viewing me, shadow me, and are sourounding neighbors who signed on to do these insame acts to me and my 3 sons.  Wa azx6779 ownersof skyway market, Wa nevzat owner of nevzat expresso, Wa pf 02607 with skyway 3ire dept., wa b57085t with skyway fire dept. Participants in illegal loop of the theft of my 3 babies and me. Kin county sheriff westhill storefront all “dirty” sheriffs in skyway in on illegal retaliation loop, and did let harm be done to me as they turn their heads, and play an intimidating role towards me. 
Last year they had many in illegal loop, camp, drug, deal, and drink behind aa serenity hall, in attempt to “bait” me in joining them. Due to my reports, as this it was cleaned up and stopped. Yet, here comes summer and jay, black men clyde, shorty and others are again drinking, drugging, still selling in same area, with a couch. They dont just sit discretely, inhale thc medication the legally may have in state of Washington and be on their way! This property is my 3 sons and i’s property being turned over to us by 2% as there consequences. They bully me still on whats to be our property. I want this stopped and i want their crap of our property, including the 18 wheeler trucks and vehicles in fenced area, period! They all participate in illegal loop. Gods vengeance is upon them, as he finds favor in me and my 3 stolen sons. I told clyde i am going to report them, again. Clyde stated, “they will have somebody kick my ass.” i told agent AJ & he viewed clyde. They play different roles in illegal loop, and know each other.  Walking thru street entrance off so. Renton skyway, wa., Hawaiian tony who was a participant in me being jumped and sat and watched as Clyde and another black man took my phone, so I couldnt call for help while I got attacked (I had even walked away from Monique and she followed me to my apartment throwing blows to my head),  clyde, one “black” punk who got me to say niggar, in reference to myself at that in how it felt when Hawaiians called me a houley, and many others stand at bridge entering skyway park drinking, drugging in public. Thats where one black man choked me when walking thru last year, after they had “black” monique beat me, in am, and at 7pm when i was walking thru say, “they beat me for saying, “niggar”.” well, they are drinking,drugging in public, 2017 too, where children and family walk. Sheriffs let them and turn their head, then if i call they make it worse for me. 
This is one license plate that aka: ron drives when staking me, to serenity hall WA bcx3378 ford, white, 4 dr.   Wa bep0258 mercedes “black” agent aka: mike hall big participant, who went toe to toe with me, when i was sharing at mtng of their illegal acts in this and god using me to expose. He heard clyde threaten me, if i report their acts behind building.  Wa c45165b red ford, ower old man bka: sam and lily, were in sheridan, wy., are apart of stealing my baby nathan and hiding him from me. The old participants dont really care about being caught, cuz they can buy self out and they are about to die, due to nature and not being alkowed to use their money to increase their health. Plus they lived life already. Wa bck4390 one car aka: bobcat drives who has been a big “enemy” participant in illegal loop, recording me, staking me, hiding my 3 sons frm me. 
aka: Malinda (name ?) and suppossed dad big in illegal loop. A nasty white woman, who actually coulda befriended me as another white woman in black community. Its been made a point that i know her “dad” is good w/ computers and grows marijuana. What a  nut case she is. Address 12082 so. Renton ave. Seattle, wa., 98178. She was used to tell me mark albertson died.  
update: 7.27.17 Thursday
Last Sunday this aka: Malinda at above address, stalking me as she has since I arrived 2014, just has to ask How you doing.. ? as If she is really nice and cares.. I took opportunity to say, ” I am rebuking you in the name of Jesus from illegally stalking me, your so called father being one who is big on his computer being hooked up to illegal tracker in my arm and the illegal devices in my apartment, clothing, and what not! I rebuke you, In the name of Jesus flee! Who cares if your so called dad grows pot! You are who was used to teach me Mark Alberstson is dead! and, what kind of woman leaves another woman’s house at 5 in the morning leaving door unlocked and me sleeping?”
because in 2015 July she was used for a minute to mingle with me.. aka: African American Ron, who God had me give licence of in report in this book and he no longer has since, who is one of my illegal king county loop neighbors at Greentree, who I have stated I have no desire to speak to this man, but he insists on saying HI and bothering me, every damn time I am walking and calls me crazy if I don’t say HI.. instead of getting the clue that I want nothing to do with him! He hooked me up with Malinda by letting me know I could get dark, green, Satan Mark weed from her!
She wouldn’t stop bothering me to go here and there! I didn’t want to go to any damn nasry basteria river! she did nothing but imimtate my dysfunction for reltions with past relations like Jonathan barber and Tom Trier.. constantly resting a supposed boyfriend who had her all upset …. it was gross… 2015, I had her stay over ONE night, and I believed the bitch knew what the hell she was doing and who I am .. I shared with her in laughter how I stood up to Jonathan Barber once, in 1996...and how I had battered woman’s’ syndrome.. where when the abuser isn’t expecting it I’d come around and clock him for his death holds and other abuse he did to me.. this bitch.. laughs with me, leads me to believe she understands.. next I know, she left at 5 amish.. I was asleep.. aka: “Ron” now tells me how crazy I am and scary: Mind you the entire illegal organized crime loop was watching and listening anyway! Excuse me for sharing a testimony wit her of how far I have come and what I have survived in not being a victim, but in not being in relations that bring the worse out in me and/or abuse me at all..   I have been successfully single since 2008, because of this majestic growth and she/they wanted to shove it in my face! whf! exactly!
Tuesday, 7.25.17 Malinda in obvious act of stalking me and doing her best to bait me in convo.. I ended up sitting minding my own business, not paying attention to her. She is walking in front of me.. I’m sitting, don’t even acknowledged her any more.. she should have been almost to her so called house they stay at, as they are apart of this illegal loop..
no! she WENT OUT OF HER WAY TO TURN AROUND, COME INTO MY ERRONEOUS ZONE, BOTHER ME WITH HER LITTLE INNOCENT FAKE “HOW ARE YOU?” i REPEATED WHAT i HAD SAID ON sUNDAY: ” I am rebuking you in the name of Jesus from illegally stalking me, your so called father being one who is big on his computer being hooked up to illegal tracker in my arm and the illegal devices in my apartment, clothing, and what not! I rebuke you, In the name of Jesus flee! Who cares if your so called dad grows pot! You are who was used to teach me Mark Alberstson is dead! and, what kind of woman leaves another woman’s house at 5 in the morning leaving door unlocked and me sleeping?”
Fact: I really didn’t want to hang out with her from the get go, because she looks and is what I call “saucy”… she is gross…. ugly…. ‘ew  an embarrassment for me to be seen with or viewed as her sister… In Jesus’ name I command this demon sorri excuse, of a woman to leave me and my kids alone. I pray she gets arrested,  charges pressed against her for her participation in illegal loop and for her offences to me on this day, putting my health and safety at risk: When I am correct and she came up to me!
This house in on loop 12058 so. Renton ave. These people make a gross mess on public side walk over feeding cats, crows. Crow poop all over city side walk. They have had dead rat as sign to me,as in kill me saying ima rat. The city needs to fine them and tell them do their pig, shit mess with cats and crows in back yard that is in alley, not the city public sidewalk. 
2014 and to this very (update) 2017 July 21 day, This house is in on loop 7039 S. 125 St. Seattle, WA (skyway) WA 98178. They who go, live, stay, what not there so illegally stalk me in their vehicles. One is a Green truck type with a cap or something.. they are always outside, just happening to be doing their own thing every time I walk up hill thru skyway park and enter S. 125 St. where this house is right across street, in front of entrance to street from park.. They just stare and if I say, “HI” or of the sort I cant really  hear them, but for the young men/boys smart, disrespectful mouths.
Their stalking me as I walk no matter when onto that road from the park or in their vehicles is very uncomfortable and very illegal on many accounts. Yes, Lord I would love all stalkers, especially those you have me report WWW to have charges pressed against them and arrested. Thank you, ABBA for asking me. I always end with YOUR will is always best to me.. YOUR will be done, my faithful,loyal, royal invisible husband who is THE ONE AND ONLY MAN of true power that beats all others power, be it spiritual power or human weapons and /or of the such.. YOU beat them all! YES! It is you, Lord who the man whom wants to win my hand in marriage must get permission from..and, you already told me the man you have chose for me IS OF QUICK ACTION and is about to completely  be used to end illegal loop and come lift me and my kin of 6 children up, up, up……….    “life” YES!!!!!!! thank you, Jesus. 
“No, I don’t know any of these people. Yes, they are African american.” ; as well as all of Skyway, WA, Renton,WA, Seattle,WA and other plcs. All their neighbors are in on illegally king county, Hawaii, Organized Crime of racism, roots of cockfighting, roots of san diego hell angels that I never really new about, until these days illegally trapped by these retalitors 2014~ present ongoing day of 2017, who are busting fits for God, YOU, God having me tell the Universe, go public and reach REAL help of true INTEGRITY of YOU, not money and organized crime! Halleluyah and amen. 
Yes, Jesus I do want your might holy spirits power to have it’s wrath on these illegal people in mylife, my three babies life and whom they may reproduced and love, whom  organized crime hides and keeps from me and me from them, and soon the neice and two nephews you also chose for this new reproduction and beginning of OUR NEW LIVES completely away from those of Organized crime and of the 2% since 2009, you had me report, YOU held me above, YOU defend me from. I love you, mostest ‘O most high. Thank you for your favor on me, my three son’s, their three cousins, and all our generations to follow… Amen
update 7.22.17
322 HYW Organ plates. Today, sitting in this vehicle directly across my window the way the illegal loop does. being an obvious stalker and listening in. I guess maybe their is a better connection to the illegal devices the illegally have in my apartment and on me. She even was rudely bold and repeated me when I praised God out my window.. God said, “she is a hypocrite..claiming my name and illegally out their being a spy for Satan. Go, get the license place and document it..and, so here I am
Driver of 322HYW Organ plates. I swear, I pass that plate on S. 125th St. seattle, wa 98178, maybe even belongs to 7039 S. 125th St. Seattle, WA as mentioned above. I don’t know, but stalking is a criminal crime, so why are they getting away with it as I remain illegally neglected and they are in the library with me…I am able to tell the one’s of real integrity who god now put in my life who are in the NOW, in ending all this and coming to get me.. for 521 years.. even the Real fakes/frauds in sheep clothing like filthy san diego, ca Agent Joshua Paul Cunning..claim to be REAL.. no! oh Hell no!! there is a difference and my Real is the enemy ot my enemies and are of Integrity,,not fake or dirty..
Driver of 322HYW oRGAN PLATES stalking me thru Skyway park across from my apartment window.not even trying to pretend.. she finally drove off after I got her license plate as instructed to do by God, my Dog. she is:..African american woman stalking me. Illegal king county loop had mark albertson and his daughter teach me and falsely lead me into “illegal organized crime diverted loop” of marks “wife” being filipino and working f/ a contracting company that is in organ and washington in 2014. organized crime loop w/ 2 % god had me report who teamed up w/my roots i had successfully detached frm in ’08! My hair dresser in sheridan, wy, who’s mom went to sheridan senior center and gave me two shirts, who knows aka: kathy, ron, sam, lilly, mike and other seniors who are big in the theft of my 3 babies and more…ya, my hair dresser “just so happened to be relocating to Organ.” organ has never been apart of my life prior. Its dirty law and order, others, and of the such.
“I command Satan and his army of workers dirty and illegally in my life stalking me, in my technology, keeping me neglected and captive in skyway,wa since ’14 and prior in my journeys flee, now in Jesus’ name! Thank u, Jesus. Amen
the next early morning than date reported, yesterday on above address. To this very day they have Hawaii sitting by me right now, and knows I just wrote this and many African american’s and others of even white who stalk me in the library eight now with me in skyway, WA. I guess, I am suppose to just keep doing what I am.. and, soon all participants of organized crime illegal loops will be ended and I, my three found and saved son’s, their three cousins will be lifted to new and no participants of illegal organized crime king county loop or others will be permitted to enter our new lives..
That IS God… and, makes since, for first time in my entire 51 years of neglected and victimized by organized crime sickos… those God is having end this, who do walk in integrity and who are not dirty.. who never knew of any organized loop with all this and me… He has no purpose for any participants to enter up into the new life.. all will be disconnected and all will be given consequences from a slap on the hand.. like my brother thru this Jon and other innocents for lack of better words.. to death of mercy like for Joshua Paul all in between.. professional licenses revoked, prison time, institutions of some sort.. kept alive to torture as they do to their experimenting on homeless, to what ever God authorized my husband to be quick to come get me from this very day…..what ever God authorizes him and his people of integrity true to YOU and their earthly titles.. Halleluyah Victory thru yOU..YES!
I even got to have my spiritual, nature talk w/ god interrupted by an african american woman in illegal loop asking me who i was talking to, already knowing illegal monitors she’s illegally connected to and god. She thought it funny to ask just to hear me say,”.god,but god had me ask her what business is it of hers who or what i am talking to?” and, i did. I “think” it might have been same lady in this car w/ organ license plates 322HYW illegal photos and videos of stalkers is what organized hawaii, king county loop illegally do to me, Lord Jesus. Your will be done. Amen
2014~ this on going day of 7.22 year 2017
Every License plate from organ, texas, california among others in washington,esp., around me, are participants, illegally and in skyway,up at smoke screen, mis-used by organized crime and of illegal set up king county loop recovery aa serenity hall mtngs to do their paybacks illegal to me, used my stolen sons to help them, as hawaii dirty fbi agents randy and clinton z., dirty srgt. Derr, dirty agent san diego joshua, and the entire “dirty” organized crime that includes law and order, as god used their motives to expose my beauty in him and he in me, as they fell in own traps of evil motives and ignorance! Thank u, lord for josua paul cunning!
Halleluyah victorious, you, gracious, god and love of mine! Help and come quickly. Amen in 10.2014-3.5.15 when i was herded like a “sheep or cow” up to fake misused AA building, organized crime loop tried playing it off as an “intervention” they “lovingly” set up to do on me that included using my 3 stolen sons, exposing me to dangerous criminals i survived, exposed my evil roots, and live illegally! To this very july 22, 2017 day i have no clue what any “intervention” they were claiming to be doing had to do with. Im not an alcoholic or drug addict or any of the such. Intervention! for what? To take me off gods program already working f/me? To shove my life prior to age 19 and Nov. 1988~April 1993, in my face and my success? To hit me? To turn me into a pillar of salt? To stalk me? i pray deliverance over all of you. May the spirits of Satan that rule ur minds hearts bodies souls, who love false power and money flee frm u now, in Jesus’ name. Amen
Sweet Jesus poor me another blessing! :-* ONLY by the grace of God.. holy mole! Yumm, Thank You!
A fact: if the skyway, wa, sheriffs,esp. white sheriffs take authority and enforce various laws that i share about them ignoring,then the “blacks” will beat sheriff up. I heard one confess this at a community meeting at skyway vfw in ’15. I dont remember topic he referred it too,but point was: he will get jumped. Sad that this stuff really goes on. So, not all law and order can be paid to be dirty, intimidation is used,if they wont. may gods will be done. Amen
(-) neg. Period walmart sheridan, wy., and renton, wa.! Sheridan walmart open 24/7. at end of ’13 a black man ray some how got me to have sex and do meth. He gave me $250. after to help me get items i need. For 1st time i had a decent amount of money to shop walmart for shoes, wants, needs. I was so proud to be in there honestly relaxing, not stealing when “hi.” dream shopping by putting my choices in cart, cuz at end i’d pick most wanted in cart that i could realistically buy. I guess my brain was melting and i was in store for hours. The employees hassled my relaxing thru store. You see, since im in poverty, i dont pay attention, cuz i dont need presure thinking i need, when i dont and to avoid temptation to take it then. So, when i was in walmart looking at whats out on shelves i saw things created, i didnt know about. I left the full cart when they hassled me in my relaxing mode and told them i had $250. I was going to spend. I left. I did need boots, a few other things and did go back and purchased the “need” items. Then, when ray did it the last and 2nd time to me, may-ish ’14 i shopped again! Town citizens, medical field, and funny enough gerry steil mocked me when they saw me wear items and nurses at the ER SAID,”SEE You in Walmart.” they took them 2 times, twisted my success of acts of innocents and integrity in walmart, under situation. I was being responsible,as ive always been with money. They tried saying, “i stole and was dirty in character. The illegal king county loop ’15 was shoving it in my face. I said,” what the hell? What i share about walmart is in 2007 testimony and i was beautiful in sheridan walmart them 2 times 😀 nothing like before, but organized crime owned the san diego stores and let me prior to”93 and ’03! Renton,wa., walmart ’16 security followed me when i said,”no,i dont need help.” one day i was picking a shampoo to change to. yes, i was straight as i am every day. I was buying my monthly staples and hygiene things. Both stores participate in illegal loop.
(-) neg. Period! VALLEY MEDICAL ER Renton, wa., illegal county loop has security and desk person intimidate me and hassle me. Just going and getting thru them caused my anxiety and hypertension to go up. My 1st time at the VM ER illegal loop had my son jon, they illegally got involved with and promote as a drag queen just drop me off at ER DOOR 2014! The nurse gave me Vicodin. I told her,”im allergic to that.” her unethical self said sarcastically, ” you didnT put it on your allergy chart, just take it.” in 15 minutes my stomach was on fire, i was fevering, i was screaming. I told them its the reaction to the medication the nurse just gave me. They released me as was. I couldnt get dressed. They had security around intimidating me with their presence as staff was telling me to go. i was scooting on the ER floor, stating,”im burning up and sick.” my son jon picked me up. I screamed in pain all the way home. Supposedly, he was scared for me and called set up illegal king county loop 911. They asked if i needed to go to ER. I said,”no. they did this to me and sent me home. I need to sleep it thru. next night,without asking or telling me jon comes back with his supposed boyfriend,an agent josh who was another main person they illegally had in my laptop, i had sent to them. Another time, at VM ER ’15 jon was there. The nurse, a man illegally inserted an illegal tracker in my right arm that records everything i say and more. He was supposedly taking my blood or an injection,but it was different. It enabled them to “secretly & illegally” do that for illegal retaliators. In ’16 ambulance took me after a racist attack done to me,the illegal loop had a “black” woman monique to to me. They left me in waiting room for hours,as if i wasnt brought in by ambulance. I had bruise ribs & concussion. I have copd and needed antibiotic for bronchitis cuz the yelling when being attacked bothered my already condition, but i wasnt given any. I saw dr. Sundan for follow up. He didnt care to do more tests or about my condition. i told him im getting bronchitis and need antibiotic.He did not give it to me. Later that day, I called his nurse to tell him,” I need antibiotic.” He told her I had to come back in. I said, “Oh hell,no. I told him when there today.” He ended up sending a script I dont respond to well, just putting me at Valley Medical Urgent walk in care to get another script and treatment. I don’t have HIV, but I have a low immune system, as such, and I need preventative antibiotic and 14 day antibiotic they take. I refuse to see him. He refuses to make it plausible for me to have access bus drive me door to door for medical treatment and I can not take bus for such…..Hell No!! These illegal people who set up Texas had my Dr. a 2 hour bus ride, transfers. and walking to get to Dr. in Texas and I would be all over the place stressed, conditions acute, all over map of health and what to treat! Plus, I have a sever bladder issue and have to get off bus at times.. They know I need door to door transportation, I qualify for! 
(-) neg. Period! Sheridan senior center “beware” of the seniors who do unmentionables to the young, like they did to me and my 3 babies! Seniors are predators, too; not just Preyed on & advantage of! OMG! I BEGAN Volunteering there approx., February 2012. Now, i understand why the short woman, with very long hair,and a voice that sounds like a mouse had “tude” when i went to 1st sign up and do it. She was already apart of illegal loop set up there to devour me,as so were the eager seniors were like aka: child thieves ron, kathy, mike, mayor dave,sam and lilly, nelly, harvey, silvia, their daughter, and the rest of them was set up to devour me like voltures. i, ignorant to seniors being predators who play victim, believing they’d enjoy my viberant smile and “free” service i walked approx. 30 min. a dy in ice and snow to clean parking lot, yard, clean windows, play cribbage, dominoes, cards, do crafts, “aloha” event, prep for events, eat with them, play bingo, clean up after mayor dave, sam & lilly, mike, kathy and ron, nelly, silvia and harvey, their daughter, and many other seniors. cleaned tables with another volunteer mike. I, befriended silvia, harvey,their daughter. Would go to their home, visit silvia, did her gardening, clothes, tried dusting for her. Did crafts and they began calling them,my mom and dad. They had me for harveys birthday, silvia insisted i let her buy me a $3 top at walmart. Their daughter went to an event they have with me, as she was looking at a table and next i knew said,”here, i got us $2 sister bracelets. Funny thing, the mousie voice long hair woman at senior center who i signed up to volunteer with and others were always around when silvia and her daughter did this. Another senior woman in crafts asked if i could babysit her grand kids,that were her nasty sons,who lives in old chief of police swinger home,who invited me up mountain where he set bear traps and left me there for hours and got an attitude when i wouldnt sleep with him. I never saw a bear trap, nor did he share more than a bowl of herb medicine that was what his invite included and he turned electric off leaving me sit in trailer,alone for hours. i had intense surgery. Instead of healing for 6 wks or so, i walked approx. 40 minutes to work for “free.” i was now being criticized for how i clean, visit with seniors. It was hot weather. I just bought short outfits at jcpenny. Bras hurt My health issues and found cute top with bra built in. Next i knew, i was being told by long hair woman that seniors complain that i dress inappropriate. When i spoke up for myself,she said,”your having seniors buy you things, asking them for work. We dont need to feed you.” i was so upset, i had to email the director who is one wicked woman! I attached Mayor Dave and others..
(-) neg. Period! One Gwen Burges with sec 8! She approves places that take advantage of tenants and it is obvious. She didn’t help me. She set up king county sec 8 illegal loop,too.. I had reported to her about a few, esp., a Dave and his wife owners of Hillside Manor, N. Main St. Sheridan Wy.. They didn’t do a thing to upcare apartment, and complained if I needed things done. They entered my apartment when I wasnt there, not leting me know. Some body busted in alley enterance and he let me live there for 2 years with out fixing. Officer Kelly came, that dirty cop..he supposedly took photos of door. He refused to give me my $600 deposit, and I tooth brush cleaned entire apartment…I tooth brused stove, frig.. I gave him no excuse not too.. He told me, “one reason he let me live there was because I had no car,” but not when I moved in. so when any company did come and when I did get the car I drove to reunite with my kids in 2014, that these people also set up for me to buy with illegal “bugs and tracker in it,” he and the neighbors complained and he put notices on doors wanting license plates to his tenants… Yet, black man Steve was allowed to let his girlfriend’s broken down car in lot, he let others friends and the bar next door park in spots… He sent me letter, I have in file stating, “He wasn’t giving my deposit back, because there were holes in the wall (excuse me, it was a little paper off wall due to removing stuck on mirror decor on wall), I had boyfriend living there, ( I have not had anyone live with me, was always alone, and only Gerry Steil,, and Stu, or platonic two others just happened to stay a night in the 2 years I was there! Excuse me, but was I not allowed to ever have any company?), and some other lie! At the end of being there, he got out of hand, that I was uncomfortable. So, I gave key to sec 8 worker Gwen Burges and he was suppose to inform her if he wanted to show apartment. He makes some mess of a statement in the paper sent on that… and, makes it sound like he could enter apartment without telling me. He let people cook meth, under Steve’s apartment. It smelt for months and nobody said a thing. He rents to sexual offenders. He lets Nelly go into apartments and other managers (black) he had, He doesn’t fix washer and dryer. He came in and turned my heat off! He gave me cold water to bathe in! God had me tell Dave,”You make your pockets rich by taking from the poor. You are going to crash in your plane.”
A Good Name More Desirable than Riches
…Proverbs 22:21~23 To make you know the certainty of the words of truth That you may correctly answer him who sent you? 22Do not rob the poor because he is poor, Or crush the afflicted at the gate; 23For the LORD will plead their case And take the life of those who rob them.…
Jesus, God, Abba Father tell us about religion. For man who claim to know you so well, such as aka: Berry up at AA serenity hall and big in illegal loop, wanted to tell me to watch what I say about religion.. blah blah.. I told him, I will only listen to you. 
god’s word on religious churches
James 1:26-27Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The True Way to Worship God
26 You might think you are a very religious person. But if your tongue is out of control, you are fooling yourself. Your careless talk makes your offerings to God worthless. 27 The worship that God wants is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence. This is the kind of worship that God accepts as pure and good.
Acts 2:42-47Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Believers Share
42 The believers spent their time listening to the teaching of the apostles. They shared everything with each other. They ate[a] together and prayed together. 43 Many wonders and miraculous signs were happening through the apostles, and everyone felt great respect for God. 44 All the believers stayed together and shared everything. 45 They sold their land and the things they owned. Then they divided the money and gave it to those who needed it. 46 The believers shared a common purpose, and every day they spent much of their time together in the Temple area. They also ate together in their homes. They were happy to share their food and ate with joyful hearts. 47 The believers praised God and were respected by all the people. More and more people were being saved every day, and the Lord was adding them to their group.
Jesus, God, Abba Father tell us about spiritual relationship. For men who claim to know you so well, such as aka: Berry up at AA serenity hall and big in illegal loop, wanted to tell me about it.. blah blah.. I told him, I will only listen to you. 
1 Corinthians 2:6-16Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
God’s Wisdom
We teach wisdom to people who are mature, but the wisdom we teach is not from this world. It is not the wisdom of the rulers of this world, who are losing their power. But we speak God’s secret wisdom that has been hidden from everyone until now. God planned this wisdom for our glory. He planned it before the world began. None of the rulers of this world understood this wisdom. If they had understood it, they would not have killed our great and glorious Lord on a cross. But as the Scriptures say,
“No one has ever seen,
    no one has ever heard,
no one has ever imagined
    what God has prepared for those who love him.”
10 But God has shown us these things through the Spirit.
The Spirit knows all things. The Spirit even knows the deep secrets of God. 11 It is like this: No one knows the thoughts that another person has. Only the person’s spirit that lives inside knows those thoughts. It is the same with God. No one knows God’s thoughts except God’s Spirit.12 We received the Spirit that is from God, not the spirit of the world. We received God’s Spirit so that we can know all that God has given us.
13 When we say this, we don’t use words taught to us by human wisdom. We use words taught to us by the Spirit. We use the Spirit’s words to explain spiritual truths. 14 People who do not have God’s Spirit do not accept the things that come from his Spirit. They think these things are foolish. They cannot understand them, because they can only be understood with the Spirit’s help. 15 We who have the Spirit are able to make judgments about all these things. But anyone without the Spirit is not able to make proper judgments about us. 16 As the Scriptures say,
“Who can know what is on the Lord’s mind?
    Who is able to give him advice?”
But we have been given Christ’s way of thinking.
Update 6.15.17
Now, management puts harassment notes, not real stuff, grievances, or anything, just harassment on all our doors, in this bldng at least and i say harassment because everyone in this and all Greentree building smokes marijuana and its a note stating neighbors complaining about smell and notice to vacate will be giving if bla bla. God said, it is just an illegal loop move, in this illegal school in my own environment that is illegal and organized to me, but appearing as if, its given to all, besides if a tenant complained in any unit, why would all tenants get a note?( Plus, Greentree is put together so saucy that the doors have gaps and all smells enter apartments from cooking, cigars, cigarettes, stinky bodies, mildew, trash, honey buckets from Skyway park..I am just saying the gaps in the entrance doors to units are there and many smells enter inside our apartments, not of us.), cuz these people play stupid games with me like this. That its more i am to shine his light on and im not to be intimidated by note on our doors: its just rediculas and Satan’s low moves of insanity and trivial to see my reaction, if any. Hallelujah for this good news god leaves us with 😀
god says ur my witness Jon, how about all them times you been here and i have no marijuana and its in the smell is strong in hall entrance and my apt. along with many other smells not from my apartment, but in it, as if it were! 100% true and “you” and “you all” know, “thinking of the neighbors is what i am polite about, was already practicing, living, and was trying to demonstrate and teach Jon and Nate 2014, upon moving into your illegal set up at Greentree for me to be at, and that stupid agent josh and kristian when i 1st moved here! To do best in keeping marijuana smell in own apartment and/or window open and/or air freshener! Halleluyah, god quickly gave me Jon, my god given brother, as my honest witness that marijuana has been and is smelt by both him and me on many accounts when i dont even have any, nor been smoking, if any hassling me is in their evil plans. Yes! God is good! Thank you amen
**** Jon’s, my god given appointed by God brother reply, “yes, i am your witness.” ****
Obviously, i dont trust greentree management, the owners or any in illegal loop 4 any reason. I am like this: if that supposed man wants me so bad then begin with the proper action. Cuz if i kno anything, if anyone really loves and wants me as their wife they wont have an issue doing me right or yes, go away now. Thanku..God and those in hi places who matter have told me, they are suppose to just leave me alone, let me be, as I wait upon the Lord to uplift me.. but, they don’t seem to be wanting to do that…. God is much bigger than them and all this… they are associates, friends, family to aka; Ron and Kathy, and Silvia CEO of EGM woman’s shelter….. and, retaliation is their game… 
Im so sure, because the other tenants at parkhill apt.s., and greentree are king county employees in illegal loop, set up as my neighbors, prior to me moving here ’14, where its really illegally set up, just for me by my retaliators to do as they wanted to me, until god intervened! But,they still try their evil illegal tricks. Greentree is suppose to be low enc6e,yet king county employees,their friends,and fam are living here with bmw’s, mecedes, multipal vehicles. Greentree puts stupid note at our doors about marijuana smell in own apartment, minding own business, yet, they do nothing about tenants selling drugs and drinking in parking lot, in front of buildings, outside in their cars and low life hanging out! All illegal king county loop set up on me! Gods vengeance is good.
Oh, but me living like that and trying teach my sons, you, evil, retaliator twisted them acts of mine, as “being sneaky, covering up,and other of the like. When truth is: you people just wanted to know my private business! I was walking in integrity, teaching the boys to think of the neighbors in noise, various cooking smells even, cigarette,and marijuana! You,twisted people illegally in my life,who went to great lengths to harm me, my kids, and save your own filthy faces!
God continues to say to me, ” my beloved, you also have proof of 5 marijuana Dr. recommended medical license since ’08. It is legally your medicine, according to the laws where legal nobody can threaten you over your legal medication, you have rights as a patient, disabled renter, poverty level,middle age american citizen woman these people i have you expose are under your feet. You, are my beloved angel”
Lets sing a song:
Psalm 91Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
91 You can go to God Most High to hide.
    You can go to God All-Powerful for protection.
I say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety, my fortress.
    My God, I trust in you.”
God will save you from hidden dangers
    and from deadly diseases.
You can go to him for protection.
    He will cover you like a bird spreading its wings over its babies.
    You can trust him to surround and protect you like a shield.
You will have nothing to fear at night
    and no need to be afraid of enemy arrows during the day.
You will have no fear of diseases that come in the dark
    or terrible suffering that comes at noon.
A thousand people may fall dead at your side
    or ten thousand right beside you,
    but nothing bad will happen to you!
All you will have to do is watch,
    and you will see that the wicked are punished.
You trust in the Lord for protection.
    You have made God Most High your place of safety.
10 So nothing bad will happen to you.
    No diseases will come near your home.
11 He will command his angels to protect you wherever you go.
12 Their hands will catch you
    so that you will not hit your foot on a rock.
13 You will have power to trample on lions
    and poisonous snakes.
14 The Lord says, “If someone trusts me, I will save them.
    I will protect my followers who call to me for help.
15 When my followers call to me, I will answer them.
    I will be with them when they are in trouble.
    I will rescue them and honor them.
16 I will give my followers a long life
    and show them my power to save.”
Rudy, a maintenance man, i knew god brought, on my behalf for something, the very 1st day i saw him approx. a month  ago as of 6.15.17, also said, ” i know.” when i pointed out greentree hassling me and how the majority of tenants, in all their buildings use marijuana. 
Washington Medical and medicinal marijuana laws the thing about greentree is the doors to enter each apartment are not all sealed, as in fitting right and/or no proper weather striping. There are open gaps in entrance doors where they are suppose to fit in right. Sun light, the hall light, and moon light enter thru into my apartment. hence, any smoking of cigars, cigarettes, marijuana, cooking, and air fresheners from other apt.,s in both units i lived in at greentree go into my apt. im sure its not just my door entrance like that and the smells go into others, too. Jon is my witness to walking in with or without me and these smells all being inside my apt. too. its being claimed that who ever is smoking, its so heavy it goes in other apt.s. God says, “it is what their tenants are smoking, but more importantly greentree’s neglectful set up for door apt. entrances is a main cause any smells enter the other tenants apt.s and it is not just marijuana. Its food and cigars too.
6.14.17, approx., 20:30 hours, While walking thru Skyway park, until i got up near apt., clyde “African american” who also helped when they jumped my last year, and is in this sexually harassing me and stuff, is yelling at me, “gonna get your ass beat. I know you heard me.” and of the like repeatedly. I ignored him, came in apt., and texted you who matter and care. Yes, as usual illegal king county loop continues to allow clyde and many others to drink, drug, loiter,and sell illegally various drugs, crack in skyway, WA.
My reports as this, have the dirty cops stalk me and what not, as to possibly catch me inhaling my legal, in state of Washington medical use of marijuana when im up and about walking around between apt. I stay at and library, so they can try to say, “im doing what they do.” when i don’t.
And, we are suppose to be able to inhale our legal Dr. recommended use of marijuana discreetly, as needed, not just the time we are inside and at home. Then, i carry on with my day. However, i rarely do inhale when out and about, but if i did or do, no its not like these addicts and alcoholics and drug sellers. Plus, FBI clinton z. and Randy has no issue with me needing to inhale my marijuana medication when out and about or they would have told me,when i signed up to work for them in 2009 with roger christie thc ministry in Hilo, Hawaii, that dirty agent Joshua Paul Cunning gave me bait to go to in ’08 and who also had no issue with me inhaling my marijuana medicine in legal state of Cali. in ’08. These dirty illegal “African Americans” in illegal king county loop esp. (but, all guilty races, too) are plotting retaliation in some form to do to me. they are illegally in my phone, as i text rite now.
James 5:7-8Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Be Patient
Brothers and sisters, be patient; the Lord will come. So be patient until that time. Look at the farmers. They have to be patient. They have to wait for their valuable crop to grow and produce a harvest. They wait patiently for the first rain and the last rain.[a] You must be patient too. Never stop hoping. The Lord is coming soon.
Psalm 37:7-9Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Trust in the Lord and wait quietly for his help.
    Don’t be angry when people make evil plans and succeed.
Don’t become so angry and upset that you, too, want to do evil.
The wicked will be destroyed,
    but those who call to the Lord for help will get the land he promised.
~~~~~~~~ Update 6.21.17 of Greentree Apt.s and illegal King County loop and more that God has me share, that His divine Holy Power keeps me risen above:
you retaliators in hi and low places of organized crime: when i signed on with FBI to help with, already legal investigation on roger Christie, i was working and in state of Hawaii only one person needs to know recording is happening, and the recorder is all who needs to know. In the state of Washington where you set up your illegal king county loop on me, using my 3 stolen sons, you are also guilty in participating in, against me, in hopes to prove i’m a dirty sick duck, like you are,when unlike you, i’m a woman married to god ITS ILLEGAL IN STATE OF WASHINGTON TO RECORD WITHOUT HAVING SIGNS OR TELLING PEOPLE. ITS ALSO AGAINST THE LAW TO STALK ME AND MY SONS AT AGE 15 LAST 9 YRS, SETTING UP TOWNS TO DEVOUR ME! ITS You who are guilty on every level, so stop basing on me for picking my nose, Satan servers and flee, in Jesus’ name! Thank you, Satan for exposing my genuine beauty in our lord. I have truly been blessed by the devil and his attempts to devalue me. Halleluyah! Victory thru Christ! Amen
Walk abouts for me, are with god, and currently the illegal king county loop has me stuck using my disabled ms, fibermyaigia legs and body, as transportation, since they stole and destroyed the car i had. God and i are only able to walk up the hill as far, as 7-11 in skyway, WA., we go for coffee dates, library, and illegal loops AA serenity hall in between apt and library illegally set up, as a prop for my retaliators to hit me, shove my past in face, air me for the nation to view, esp., my enemies of organized crime i survived by gods great plans for me and his divine glory. God and i do nothing, in a no life, neglected, and illegally held captive by illegal loop. little do they know, I gots the best company ever! God and he is on my side. I will sing to Jesus, our creator and Lord: 
Psalm 84:10-12Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
10 One day in your Temple is better
    than a thousand days anywhere else.
Serving as a guard at the gate of my God’s house is better
    than living in the homes of the wicked.
11 The Lord God is our protector and glorious king.[a]
    He blesses us with kindness and honor.
The Lord freely gives every good thing
    to those who do what is right.
12 Lord All-Powerful,
    great blessings belong to those who trust in you!
God Works In All Things
…Romans 8:30~32 And those He predestined He also called, those He called He also justified, those He justified He also glorified. 31What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?32He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, freely give us all things?…
2014 to present day of year 2017, What is really set up as my court and place for the retaliators to do unmentionables to me unsung smoke screen. Fake serenity hall building is still only damn place “most” agents and people in illegal loop, who are suppose to be my friend, and possibly in my and my 3 son’s new life, only freakn see me up there or not at all or just stupid text! So, if i want to possibly see any who may matter to me, if they even show up now is what i have to do and go! And, Its a place to go get out of apt 4 minute if none who may matter aren’t there; for I am not an alcoholic or of the such. Sometimes the hardest thing to do, is do “nothing,” and let God take the wheel, but it’s worth let tin God drive… 
As for grievances: they are legal. Retaliation is illegal. God chose me to be a voice for the less fortunate. It is your filth god had me expose, while all of you were well organized working with my roots of organized crime already taking retaliation out on me, while you, in illegal king county loop frm Hawaii, aka: ron, kathy, and/or African american silvia CEO of egm woman’s shelter, used my babies, distorted them more, stalked them beginning at age 15, and me, only broug,t more harm illegally, at that to my 3 sons and me. step away hypocrites, money and power lovers, evil doers and child thieves and stalkers, in Jesus’ name flee frm my 3 sons, all our generations to come, and me!
By the way, its not just king county employees in illegal loop: marijuana growers and more….participating in taking retaliation out on me for my reports thru my life in their dirty weed and more... *I am the only sincere legal marijuana patient user, I have ever meet to this day, in America…everyone else is full of shit for the most part and just want to get hi….. and, rip people off.. it is sad, but God is bigger that them and that, too! I, thought DEA was appreciating me and my help since San Diego 2008 to 2017 Washington and all in between, but, no they too were dirty, as one agent Joshua Paul Cunning and allowed these people to take illegally retaliation out on me and do harm to my three babies, as teens and now men!!! 
I do not have a cent to pay greentree $50 to $147.36 towards carpet repair costs this month. I paid my bills and rent and am broke as usual possibly needing help chaz and jon help me with already. Greentree wont stop hassling me with threats of having to vacate if i dont pay min of $50 this month in next 2 days. Please let me know if you are able to help or not. I will just go homeless if thats wat illegal king county loop wants to do. Thank you. I pray ur emergency situation at hospital worked out, chaz. Have nice wknd. Thank u
Fw: Atten: Adden, Greentree Management, Sec 8 workers, Chaz, and Jon
Carol Walters-Barber <>
Mon 6/19, 7:35 PM
Flag for follow up. Start by Monday, June 19, 2017. Due by Monday, June 19, 2017.
Greentree set up in illegal king county loop, relations or of the such to silvia CEO of egm woman’s shelter, is illegal on federal levels braking many laws in their illegal set up with me. As far as this carpet repair costs jeanneta already admitted in paper shoved at my door that any balance due upon me vacating will be taken out of my deposit. They dont follow or honor laws pertaining to being landlords in america and renters rights. I am on poverty disability. Nobody can force anything out of me i am on government poverty, my x husband couldnt even get child support due to me being on assistance.
Greentree uses signing something upon renting that if repair cost are acquired payment will be added to our rent. As i said, this is over $50! I actually qualify for help with that, but the illegal loop is set up to deny me help. If, this really went to court greentree would owe me and my lawyer would have a ball. Get this! Because of what has been done to my 3 babies and me greentree apartments really belongs to us! We just havent been given access to whats ours yet! And, i dont appreciate being bullied on my own property!
Chaz, i understand yous a busy person, but i dont trust you. You are who said you’d help me,things will be ok,that u wud contact me if there was a problem and you never did! Excuse me, but me being illegally put in homeless situation is an emergency to! you hung up on me and havent gotten back in touch! you drooped me on my hear, Chaz!
i thank god for telling me to not have contact with anyone who drops me on my head. Hence, keep chaz L. far from me, lord. Dont let him in my or my 3 sons lives. Chaz opened his own mouth to help pay $147.36 to shut greentree up and get their illegal selves off my innocent back. Then, chaz left me hanging! Then, chaz hung up on an emergency call i made to him, cuz he was at a hospital emergency.
Hmmm, stand around in er not able to do anything but pray or get active and help the one alive? chaz chose to stay with the dead at er and hang up on me alive. Chaz dropped me on my head, still havent heard frm chaz and he is in association with adden and apart of illegal king county loop, as everyone is. I thought he was a good guy for me,but he is like roger christie and joshua paul cunning who droped me on my head where i was illegally being put homeless by greentree and their illegal pressure to pay carpet repair costs on my poverty budget, they already admit in writing may come out of my deposit and them illegally telling sec 8 i didnt pay rent,when i did! Thank u, lord for showing me not to trust or communicate with chaz lindsey. May ur forgiveness be on him. Amen
illegal king county loop set up at greentree apt.s even have participants that pose as renters but are big in illegal loop and viewing this asi text…illegal loop had my vehicle stolen and destroyed. Since, the fake tenant neighbors and their African american people park in my spot,assigned for apt. I rent in,for my car and/or visitors to park in safely without being towed. One day a black girl sitting in her car in my spot told me, “ask me nicely to move and maybe i will.” when i report it to office or go to call tow company im given run around and nobody answers to company.
Mike a neighbor 24/7 parks in my spot. Supposedly he was more like renting my spot to park since he has multi pal cars and nobody really comes by to visit me that makes it worth me having my parking spot open, but no, mike doesnt make it worth my while to let him park in my spot. Mike is big in illegal loop as everyone is. Mike is in association with many in illegal loop, like a michael, rich, and Dallas cowboys. I actually like mike and debbie tho mike stings me at times and its not funny.
Its with my parking spot, as i just shared and him not making it worth me letting him park in my assigned spot and in BAD OVER PRICED pot i get thru him at times, THAT HE KNOWS I NEED AS ONLY MEDICAL GRADE OR NOT AT ALL: sometimes its real medicine herb other times its short,crap, and a rip off like the month of rune ’17 purchase frm him was! With him, i try to believe mike is on my side, but god tells me look at mikes actions they are more for the enemies side than gods and mine. I lift the situation with mike up in prayer. Amen
Jesus, reminds me of his teachings on “friends” and Jesus says,”real friends dont drop you on your head or take advantage of you in ways, nor messes with your health and medicine. A real friend has your best interest at heart and watches out for you. In being a real friend we are to do the same. Love each other as brothers and sisters, love your neighbor as your self. 
Gods word teaches us on how to be a real friend and how to identify one best not to be a real friend with. He has me share much about Being a real friend and having real friends on the last page, the next page.. enjoy and God bless~~~ 
google review update 7.19.07
The Evergreen Market – Renton Airport
409 Rainier Ave N, Renton, WA 98057
Cannabis store


Carol Walters-Barber
true review and testimony. my book The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies..
follow this link: Source: ~~~~The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies~~~~
This town is set up in an illegal king county loop with me. They too are on devices and in the illegal loop and at times ‘play’ with me and that is the only reason why I give them a 4 star. But, as I continue to go there to purchase my medicine, each time, I am more satisfied and it gets better, with their friendly staff, product and price that works for my medical issues, that OMG was 7 mo. old (first time I know of one that old being great was real. I am grateful for the experience) and at price that my budget may realistically do for 3.5 g. Last few times I have been ‘threatening’ them, lol, not really, lol that if they continue to do this I am just going to have to leave a good review on google. That, generally tho every time, in past googles or reviews for others like: Roger Christie, Have A Heart 21+ Marijuana store in Skyway, WA, others, and EGM Woman’s shelter, “NEXT” thing they switch..and, that is why all my things about them were the truth to their doing.. The gentleman helping me, at the time, by the way “thank you,” at Evergreen Market replied to me, “We don’t do that to people here.” I believe him. So, here I am , lol. I am leaving them one Excellent review (Prior to 7.19.07 which is bloged below on this page when you goofed up, again and took my kindness and good report for granite.), that I am so happy to report.. UgG!!! “rare, but there.” nice aww…thank you, God. “Thank You, Evergreen Market.”
Philippians 1:3Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) Paul’s Prayer 3 I thank God every time I remember you.
Tho, I have been sheltered, neglected and of the such, and illegally at that, here in Skyway, WA since 6.2014 and have only been in the very few set up marijuana stores for me view illegal and legal, Evergreen Market being a Legal one, thank God. They are the most logical, organized, simple, helpful set up in the store. It is clean, doesn’t look like a tweeker set it up. It’s a regular nice environment and ran and set up, legal marijuana store and they are the best to me.
2 Samuel 2:6Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 6 The Lord will be kind and true to you, and so will I.
This entire town was set up by organized crime being my own father via cockfighting Donald Walters, Hell Angels Dago Mob Donald Ivester, father Jonathan Barber, Grandma Sandra Gaumond Walters, Roger christie fake THC minister, aka: Ron and Kathy, and Silvia CEO of EGM Women’s shelter and their relatives, friends, associates, who they could pay off, intimidate to devour me and find filthy in me and put my life in danger to save their own faces from God having me report their nasty acts to me, as He used me to be a voice for the less fortunate.
update 7.19.07 experience: to evergreen market review: for last time, “im not interested in CBD, it does “nothing” for me! I am not interested in old bud. Im not interested, mor have use for any marijuana, but real and hi medical grade. You “all” WW already know and purposely “mess w/ me” and think its funny to bullsh*t me and agitate me on purpose! I am disappointed i bothered stpn in again “to do same stupid dance, you lead me in. Im surprised you disappointed me, again where now i post it. I believed you valued being one of very few who received a positive report of my experience w/ You. tho, it is really games illegally plyd on me by all in illegal loop, NORML, DEA, growers, “all dirty”.
BUt, CBD, regardless does nothing for mental health and in long run harms me more. It doesnt help me sleep or eat! may as well give me fake or if wasn’t being lifted up to place of position to close all you stores down and have real in that life, I would have to say POT sold old and as CBD has no purpose for me or my health.” YOU all get giggles punking me and harming my health! and, YOU sold me harvest date Jan 2017 and it is July 2017. You all rip people off because they will buy it.. IN Jesus’ name flee Satan and hypocrites who are the one’s doing unethical, illegal, and of the such to me and hard with organized crime of my own roots as a team, since 2009…. none of you are innocent, none of you make it worht my integrity to not tell and confront.. YOU all only do me wrong.. I did nothing but what IS right.. YOU in the store and all in illegal king county loop geting busted by CIA and others who never knew, until God wrote this true story THE THEFT OF MY 3 BABIES at age 51 1/2 for me..  
Do not underestimate the power of God in me or God being having favor upon me and consequences for ALL participants.. How is your book keeping, because I believe IRS ought to be watching all you stores who rip us off! and, who really play me in retaliation king county loop! 
~~~~ true review and testimony. my book The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies.. follow this link: Source: ~~~~The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies~~~~
update 7.27.17
In 2010 before organize crime replaced my one awesome teacher at itt tech Everett wa criminal justices taught us that approx. that same near time something like approx. 3,500 inmates were going to randomly released frm California prisons due to no room or money to upkeep prisons and hold prisoners. I even sent that info to biological mom sandra gaumond walters on fb during that time.
Today, god reveals to me that it was organized crime that set up the release of prisoners and they were brought on to participate in their organized loop of retaliation on me and victimized my stolen sons since being released approx. 2011! Thats wickedness! God is why me and my 3 babies survived and are here to tell! Amen
wa acu8333 plates, 7800 s. 126 st seattle, wa z8178         This “white” woman aka: meledoy and her entire fam in illegal king county loop, just happens to have an IB (imperial beach) bumper sticker on a vehicle. she was used to falsely give me open door invite, have beer around to see if i’d drink, to offer me pot then accuse me of being around f/ that.
she judged me “negative” due to me standing up against the illegal loop she and her fam deny being a part of, etc. these illegal organized criminals in my life expected me to sing and accept what they illegally do to me and in them stealing my 3 sons. not 1 went to proper authorities helping us now and busting all of them,including her and her fam. She even  was used to try and get me to get up to fake AA serenity hall where they really use it as a smoke screen for their private court with me and other illegal and mis use of recovery rooms.. and, they know I am not an alcoholic or drug addict!  Yes, Lord I want her and her fam arrested and charges pressed against them. Yes, Lord from where ever they are right now..they are in my device and see this right now.. Gross!
Yes, I am negative when it comes to you lying and illegally being in my life.. God used dirty Joshua Paul Cunning san diego agents to shut you up, huh?  Didn’t even know what you were observing and didn’t even know your dirty agents of san diego already knowing me and lying to you all, helping you last 9 years keeping their illegally dirty mouths shut, until God brought them down and used joshua to admit I am ready, awesome and a woman of God! HalleluYah for Josh.. RIP..
get this: i never was a huger, until the rooms of AA and n/a 1993 teaching us to hug each other at mtngs! which,is weird in recovery rooms to do; since, everyone has issues over coming and predators are in them rooms. plus, all my life, even joshua in ’08 told me to go hug and sit on lap of his team mate “jeff.” and, i been around cultures that do the hug and/or kiss-kiss on check. no, i dont know wat check is kiss of death. God taught me, I am a new creation in HIM, and that once an addict always an addict is a LIE OF SATAN! I am here to witness the truth to God’s word being true.. 
2 Corinthians 5:17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world.[a] The old things are gone; suddenly, everything is new!
get this: 2014~ ongoing 2017 days and year aka: Ron John and others; imitating my body language in how my head tilts hi, chin and nose up,as in photos long ago, like one they got of me in Korea 1986ish. 2014 illegal king county loop imitating me. they were observing it as a body language in like micro analyzing in character. not 1 has had brain to figure out truth to my head tilt up. its breathing issues in my pipes! my head automatically does it to stretch pipe and breath!
7.27.17  Since god had me expose NORML National organization to reform marijuana laws COLORADO is here in skyway,wa stalking me. he left before i got license plate but it was a classic,white, maybe chevy car on street in front of skyway market. this morning approx. 10 am. 
12040 75th ave s.     The old lady who lives here, who had a white mustang…is here in on illegal king county loop… OMG! in Jesus’ name she must flee too! She is a Texan in on this! The day illegal loop had my biological mother leave message on phone with no notice on my cell phone of any call.. just a message in her voice with her wicked words.. “nobody is going to want to be around me,  until i get help!”  It was so disturbing! what the hell is that woman even in my life illegally for?  She had been my main offender since a child! anyway, I ednde up sitting at bench outside skyway sheriffs.. at that time, I thought I was safe there and didnt realized they are very dirty in on the illegal loop!
This old lady just happened to be using her fake walker she doens’ really need.. and , appeared she was there as my friend.. OMG! she is not my friend! She took me for a ride that day! Pretends to have ran out of gas and had me walking all around in my sick body.. it was a joke of a day. I tried exercising her as a lady to visit, but she is just to odd for me. Last time I saw her was when they jumped me last summer and i went to talk with her about it.. she watched them jump me as all the illegal king county viewers do.. she already knew… since, I tried saying hi once or twice since , but she is odd and it wasn’t a good time for her! The way old people spend their last days of life illegally in others innocent lives.. shame on her! Shame on all of them! 
read complete true story/testimony, links and more
Source: ~~~~The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies~~~~  




3 thoughts on “The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (Pt.96)

  1. Yes, Lord it is interesting how these people YOU have me report and what not.. who are the one’s illegally on many levels…… they actually have the attitude HOW DARE I TELL ON THEM.. HOW DARE I GO PUBLIC!.. YES, LORD, LOL AND HAHAHA YOU ARE CORRECT…. LAST YEAR WHEN ORGANIZED CRIME ILLEGAL LOOP HAD AFRICAN AMERICAN MONIQUE JUMP ME….. one of their REAL reasons untold for jumping me was also because I was going PUBLIC.. it is when you first told me last summer of 2016..IT WAS TIME TO START TELLING OF YOU AGAIN AS IN 2007… and, this is TRUTH.. beating me tushie for going public and getting REAL help outside the organized crime loop of all kinds and who are above these dirty one’s… victory ONLY BECAUSE OF YOU and my sincerity of being YOUR Wife!! and, more.. thanks be to my brother Jesus. Amen

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