The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (The End)

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me.. Thank you. Amen

*** This page is actually for my 3 stolen babies, who are now men; (written on these days of 6.2.17 Planet Earth time for whom ever is receiving this out there in the Universe and in generations to follow). It is the last page. God said to me, “you tell who hurt your 3 babies.”and, so I do! Amen 
*** hi 😀 my name is carol and I am you three’s one and only mom.
i am only a member of gods program in his basic instruction books for living on earth called the bible. im not a member of any other program. gods program works for me. i am a new creation 😀 i have been out of Satan’s bondage for 13 yrs. in that 13 yrs i did meth 8 separate nights. not 1 time was my motive. not 1 time did i think, i can use as a gentleman.
I was like what the hell? OMG, I can’t wait til this crap is out of me. Sleep is my main beauty and health secret.. I have no purpose for that crap or such in my life. What the hell, God?
God reveled..organized crime of our own roots beginning with my own biological father and mother Donald And Sandy Walters, along with my oldest son Joseph’s roots of Hell Angels of San Diego and WW set each time up for me to fall in and i reported them. i continued living life right. for who i am and my individual recovery story, relasp hasnt been my experience them 8 times! never in my life, have i, as an active addict in bondage of Satan did that! NEVER! So, NO it wasnt me! There was no reason to tell you three, because I was not in bondage or an actual user. I knew the first thing you three and our roots would do, is exactly what you all did and distort all of it, speaking out of anger, ignorance, and rudeness…. I did’nt have to put myself thru your false accuasians or theirs and it really is none of your business..esp., since, I continued living life as I do…and have the last 40 freaking years or so.. I am a good girl and I wont be around others who treat me other wise… 
so, yes by the grace of god i have 13 yrs of walking in recovery. depression doesn’t consume me, but evil plotters plot depressing situations i survive. death will never happen to me, for i’ve been given eternal life. life runs thru me and god calling me home natural while sleeping or any other natural way would be his divine mercy on rescuing me from you illegal people in my life purposely killing me slowly anyway as you medically neglect me. and, low and behold I am not an alcoholic either, God used Joshua Paul Cunning to admit that.. I am able if thirsty on hot day or just in the mood, out eating or such have a drink, but I don’t even like alcohol.. funny thing is: I consciously made conscious decision at age 12 to do all the things I am against, don’t want, don’t like, and of the such in this area and cigarettes just to piss my own insane parents off and with 12 yr old mentality of yelling for help and positive attention, I ended up getting much negative attention and just went with it.. I got honest with self.. sought, sought, sought, I didn’t know what I was going to self for future at that age, I didn’t know my own roots had plans of evil for me and you three. I didn’t do any of that for reason’s of my honest wanting… So, when I got pregnant with Joseph I now, had reason to stop and grow up.. I didn’t know our roots had the  plans for us they did, nor did I know God was going to prove OUR innocents to this degree and show us the insane Demons of our roots WE did survive and defeat, by God’s divine power and purpose for us.. Cigarettes are the only bondage I am still in, but God has given me instructions and encouragement about that.. 
 its abomination to god to preach his word and not practice it. he is our judge,not each other. what one may believe gods word says may not be the truth. god says it takes all of us to understand his word. we are suppose to encourage each other,not point or speak for god. right,god? “yes, my faithful love.” god replies 😀 victory is in Jesus! thanku, Jesus 4 using rose to help emotionally ground me. its true what she noticed in my word therapy art: i have god and you,Jesus 1st 😀 hence, i have no reason to fear my 3 stolen son’s; for youre not about fear, but about forgiveness and love. forgive me father and correct me, brother Jesus if i was wrong to them 3 stolen son”s today. i, too am human. i am exhausted. i am hurt by them, but thats ok. you,lord have blessed me to feel and know what it musta been like for Joseph when i wasnt able to get out of Satan’s bondage of meth, until he was age 3. tho,he was enuf for me, i was empty back then without a father for him and husband for me.
a liberated worldly woman i am not. i did get recovery by the time he was age 3. then organized set us up with jonathan to do us wrong! jonathan is a satan worshiper, god for reals and we know and saw. but, i am blessed. i see today how fighting with jonathan all the time stole me frm my 3 son’s needing me. help them 3 and me, Jesus to keep evolving forward and to you. forgive us,correct us, let us walk in positive solution. let us each be able to say,”god did this for us!
halleluyah! god does exist!” let us, god. i know all is possible with you. bring this husband quickly and/or lift me quickly single married to you, lord or please just call me home out of this sick, 24/7 nauseated, migraine, nerve,muscle, everything chronic/acute sick body that i cant afford to take well care of. something, Jesus! just do something, please. thanku . your will be done. amen
and, i am a daily alternative medicine believer and medical user of gods tree of health and life: marijuana, but it wasnt apart of my recovery program god did with me, until i was rooted and established in him and self. then,’08 god told me, “his marijuana will add life, healing, health, and cure both physical and mental challenges i have.that its safest for me, as well as many other natural foods, spices, herbs, etc., he gave us.” since,’08 and god telling me this, as long as i am seeking gods truth and herb, i am choosing health and life.
when god or anyone im close to asks me,”what may i give you? what do you want?” my immediate automatic heart yells,”A HUSBAND WHO TRULY ADORES AND LOVES ME! MY 3 SON’S. US AS A CLOSE, HEALTHY FAMILY MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR THE BETTER AND OUR GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW!” But, im tired of wanting who and what dont want me. So, since ’08 i stopped being a burden to another human and began wanting a life that floats my interests,talents, and boat! When asked that question my answer has nothing to do with material things or places or self. Its husband, 3 kids, family…then, stuff and places to do, have, love come for us to also enjoy together and share. Thank u, Jesus for molding me. Amen
~~~ halleluyah for him being the solution to all our problems and challenges 😀 may it be his will to strengthen us in utilizing him as our solution quickly. amen 😀
Matthew 6:33Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
33 What you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he wants you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need.
2 Corinthians 5:17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world.[a] The old things are gone; suddenly, everything is new!
~~~ God says not to look back and to close doors on the past that has been dealth with, but God is the solition, not the, to follow Him and pick up your cross is dealing with issues in the solution..HE is the solution…no man need to conform to anything… don’t let the recovery rooms mislead you. There are many lost souls in them rooms, many who don’t have a proper insight or walk spiritually, nor share God’s truth correctly. It is bondage of Satan we get in, not a forever thing…yes, the point of the recovery programs it to teach a new way to life with out picking up and using some vice to deal with issues… Why God doest want us looking back once healed and moving on IS we will turn into a pillar of salt and nothing but hurt is back there.. no life, just death.. Seriously guys?? God gives us free choice..not even God tells us ‘conform!” God wants us to do things out of our own desire…not because he had to force us.. 
Genesis 19:26Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
26 Lot’s wife was following behind him and looked back at the city. When she did, she became a block of salt.
Prayer for the Son
…John 17:2~4  For You granted Him authority over all humanity, so that He may give eternal life to all those You have given Him. 3Now this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whomYou have sent. 4I have glorified You on earth by accomplishing the work You gave Me to do.…
 Featured Image -- 10412 As I said, ” I am only a member of God’s program…no AA, NA, or anything else… God used that place for 4 months in 1993 for me, rooted me in him again..and, I will never be a member or conform to any program that is not this one.. God’s… That is why I was trying to have you go to CR with me, because it is Christ based and not for those who never knew any God that gets mislead in choosing a door knob for a higher power and all the other distorted things it teaches..that are false…and, it is a recovery program…so, yes spiritually them programs must agree with God’s program and word or it is all a lie… only what God says matters.. ” God’s program is actually easy,kids.. its just about being good, successful, rooted, established, mature, healthy, normal manors and stuff… opps., if we slip..just get back up like when you were babies starting to crawl, walk, and run..God doesn’t punish…he gently helps us up. God only punishes those who want to be like Cain and not change or be sorry.. 

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This is what I suggest to my three son’s in recovery .. where god uses recovery rooms such as AA, NA,CA, SA, OA and of the like…. their worldly wording in so called spiritually based programs… teach “once an addict or of the such always,” that we are cucumbers and can’t be change back into a pickle,” that we must ‘conform and/or fight,’ LIKE, omg! AT THAT POINT, i GO STRAIGHT TO THE Bible and ask God.. when it comes to going to god, nobody can ever argue God… Satan is in these worldly rooms for recovery for the helpless, hopeless, lost, hiding spot for the insane plotting,,, the purpose it to rise and evolve in appearance, attitude, choices, to God in a spiritual personal relationship with Him who is in control.. and greater than we..
*** The greatest suggestion
I am able to suggest to you three son’s of God’s and mine that I also did, do, walk in… is indulging one’s self into the book of Proverbs daily readings in ‘TRANSFORMING FROM INSIDE OUT’ and becoming a ‘NEW CREATION’ mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually, financially..and, it being YOU evolving the remaining days of your lives in body on Planet Earth. I suggest in indulging yourselves in the daily proverbs in building wisdom, knowledge understanding, character, and personality. I dont suggest anything i havent done and/or do that worked for me in being who i am and as tools for recovery and every day living. I love you, my three son’s. Love, me mom
~~~ PURPOSE AND TEACHING of the book of Proverbs daily, month, life readings 1~31 for each day of the month:
According to the prologue (1:1–7), Proverbs was written to give “prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young” (1:4), and to make the wise even wiser (1:5). The frequent references to “my son(s)” (1:8,10; 2:1; 3:1; 4:1; 5:1) emphasize instructing the young and guiding them in a way of life that yields rewarding ends. Acquiring wisdom and knowing how to avoid the pitfalls of folly lead to personal well-being, happy family relationships, fruitful labors and good standing in the community (see outline, p. 1279). Although Proverbs is a practical book dealing with the art of living, it bases its practical wisdom solidly on the fear of the Lord (1:7; see Ps 34:8–14 and note). Throughout the book reverence for God and reliance on him are set forth as the path to life, prosperity and security (cf. 3:5–10; 9:10–12; 14:26–27; 16:3,6–7; 18:10; 19:23; 20:22; 22:4; 28:25; 29:25). Such godly wisdom is a virtual “tree of life” (3:18; 11:30; 13:12; 15:4) that yields the happy life that God fashioned the creation to produce.
In the initial cycle of instruction (1:8—9:18) the writer urges the young man to choose the way of wisdom (that leads to life) and shun the ways of folly (that, however tempting they may be, lead to death). The author chooses two prime exemplifications of folly to give concreteness to his exhortations: (1) to get ahead in the world by exploiting (even oppressing) others rather than by diligent and honest labor, and (2) to find sexual pleasure outside the bonds and responsibilities of marriage. Temptation to the one comes from the young man’s male peers (1:10-19); temptation to the other comes from the adulterous woman (ch. 5; 6:20– 35; ch. 7). Together, these two temptations illustrate the pervasiveness and power of the allurements to folly that the young man will face in life and must be prepared to resist (see also Literary Structure below).
personThe major collections of proverbs that follow range widely across the broad spectrum of human situations, relationships and responsibilities offering insights, warnings, instructions and counsels along with frequent motivations to heed them. The range and variety of these defy summation. However, an illustrative section can convey the general character, moral tone and scope of the collections. In a variety of situations and relationships the reader is exhorted to honesty, integrity, diligence, kindness, generosity, readiness to forgive, truthfulness, patience, humility, cheerfulness, loyalty, temperance, self-control and the prudent consideration of consequences that flow from attitudes, choices and/or actions. Anger should be held in check, violence and quarrelsomeness shunned, gossip avoided, arrogance repudiated. Drunkenness, gluttony, envy and greed should all be renounced. The poor are not to be exploited, the courts are not to be unjustly manipulated, legitimate authorities are to be honored. Parents should care for the proper instruction and discipline of their children, and children should duly honor their parents and bring no disgrace on them. Human observation and experience have taught the wise that a certain order is in place in God’s creation. To honor it leads to known positive effects; to defy it leads only to unhappy consequences. All of life should be lived in conscious awareness of the unfailing scrutiny of the Lord of creation and in reliance on his generous providence.
Although Proverbs is more practical than theological, God’s work as Creator is especially highlighted. The role of wisdom in creation is the subject of 8:22–31 (see notes there), where wisdom as an attribute of God is personified. God is called the Maker of the poor (14:31; 17:5; 22:2). He sovereignly directs the steps of people (cf. 16:9; 20:24)—even the actions of kings (21:1)—and his eyes observe all that humans do (cf. 5:21; 15:3). All history moves forward under his control (see 16:4,33 and notes).
In summary, Proverbs provides instruction on how to live wisely and successfully in the “fear of the Lord” (1:7; 9:10) within the theocratic arrangement. The fear of the Lord includes reverence for, trust in and commitment to the Lord and his will as disclosed in his creation and as revealed in his word. Wisdom in this context, then, is basically following the benevolent King’s design for human happiness within the creation order—resulting in quality of mind (1:2) and quality of life (1:3).
********2006~2008 and to this day, but with witnesses and in a church. In transforming, I begged Jesus, sang to Jesus let me be like you in personality and character, in being hated for the right reasons, and more ********
!!!!!! Knows whats also saucy about pastor scott and that church? They heard and saw most, if not all my prayer requests had to do with asking Jesus to make me like him. Why its saucy of pastor scott and members of that church, including tom trier? I bet for fun, not 1 told any of you that, either: along to, much they didn’t admit to and still keep quite about to this day!!!!!!
~~~~~~~~ Remember, Jesus,God, the Holy Spirit’s point is OUR body is where the temple, church is: not a building. We are His living stones. Buildings are not the temple of Flesh in spirit. Not that a temple ran as He says isn’t to be…but, Jesus makes it clear: WE, our bodies our the temple in many bodies and where we stand.. ~~~~~~~~
1 Peter 2:3-5Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
You have already tasted the goodness of the Lord.
The Lord Jesus is the living stone.[a] The people of the world decided that they did not want this stone. But he is the one God chose as one of great value. So come to him. You also are like living stones, and God is using you to build a spiritual house.[b] You are to serve God in this house as holy priests, offering him spiritual sacrifices that he will accept because of Jesus Christ.
Romans 12:2Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
2 Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.😂😘🙌
No automatic alt text available.I AM ready in Skyway, Washington
Joshua 1:6-8Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
“Joshua, you must be strong and brave! You must lead these people so that they can take their land. I promised their fathers that I would give them this land. But you must be strong and brave about obeying the commands my servant Moses gave you. If you follow his teachings exactly, you will be successful in everything you do. Always remember what is written in that book of law. Speak about that book and study it day and night. Then you can be sure to obey what is written there. If you do this, you will be wise and successful in everything you do.
*** A song to my 3 stolen son’s ***
Due to me leaving my roots, not allowing them to control me, keep me sick, and get away from them esp. since 2008, God gave me in 2009, Hilo, Hawaii for YOU three; for this we are blessed. I love you three. I thank God.
1. Title: “‘Lil bo Peep”
Laaallalalalalalawww! lets sing this song 
“‘Lil bo peep some say she abandoned her sheep, but little did they care her heart cried for them. She never left her lambs! I went to simply build a better path before them, for them, for my grand~kin! So, fuck all you Mother Fuckers who stole them!! I never left my lambs! I simply went to build a better path for them, before them, for my grand~ kin! So, Fuck all you mother fuckers who stole them!! ‘Lil bo peep finds her stolen lambs..and, God rewards them with HIS divine green pastures and staff!!”
lalalalalalawwww! thank you for singing along 
*** My 3 son’s:
I have never claimed the dysfunctional spirit of ‘perfectionism,’ Hence: What I leave to you are the same things I aim to be and do, too. I do not walk perfect in any of it. I am learning, just as we all are no matter what earth age we are. Our maturity is really our spiritual maturity.. We all are exactly where God wants us. I accept and always have, just as God each of you three right were you are mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and financially.  I have only good motives for you three my babies…Healthy minds get help for their selves this I know and did. Action is a main Key, but we stumble many times, before we can run.. I love you, three and have no favorites. *** All my sincere love, me, your one and only Mom, mamma *** The point is “I try” and ” I try” and I remain with God, not matter how much emo’s I have to express or process.. at the end, “this too, shall pas” is a reality and God is still the only one there, no matter what! And: WE remain increasing our integrity and faith in Him! i have no clue who told you MOM’S TAXI bumper sticker was for me, Joseph. its really a bumper sticker about kids who have a mom who enjoys driving her kids and their friends to things and is able to be relied on; hence, when other parents say,”no.” you always had me to say,”yes.”
~~~ Praise God for rescuing my 3 son’s and me:
‘the twins’ are just age 21, on this written day of 2017 June 06 and ‘the oldest’ just age 27, on this written day of 2017 June 06, and me, mamma age 51, on this written day of 2017 June 06,!!! He is using those Only of Him, whom only found out about any illegal Organized loop of retaliation on me, and taking it out on my 3 babies, as well! These people have never been in any illegal loop of Organized Crime or apart of this done to us. They have only found out since God has had me tell in last 11 months! It has gone legal now! The one’ s who offended us all, apart of the organized crime since our roots to those in hi places since 2008, Joshua Paul Cunning, Hawaii, EGM woman’s’ Shelter, the slumlords, and more I, by the anointment of God survived to tell, expose, and save my 3 babies and many WW, who also were there victims who never spoke up and or their next.... HalleluYah, for getting His glory and using us, absolute nobodies! I love YOU three, sons’ God gave me as gifts to love and reason to live, beginning in 1989! We are now legally beginning to be protected, beginning to be lifted up, and our offenders are in BIG legal trouble! They are going to wish they did their dirty deeds legally, after God is done with them.. Thank You. Lord for building me into a God fearing woman. I love You, mostest! 
*** the beginning and end of this page will be: I was willing to die for my 3 stolen babies: just like “god” was willing to die for us, His babies.
*  its gross how those in hi places intimidate and take from less fortunate, and try proving the less fortunate is who’s taking advantage of them! Its divine to know vengeance isn’t mine, but god’s instead! Wow! Generally its “don’t kill the woman or children.” but, my 3 sons and i are woman and children! Wat a buncha psychos in both an hi places WW! Step away Satan! No! Seriously! There are stories in gods book to wipe out even woman and children Deuteronomy 13 and my thinking is as gods word. If, i had expressed any ‘no’ mercy in expression in my past to psychos who actually, in evil tho did and do it, they would rem me, to a new level of belittling me, letting me know just how sick i am! and, 51 years later i learn, that the same sickos in this book and on this page, were victimizing me and my sons our entire lives! Omg! is there a level of insanity to label those i survived by gods will, as he uses me to tell? I see it as Satan himself, demons in human skin, period. They got joy out of repeatedly viewing and hearing their visual and audio recordings of their satanic acts done to us and others before us, as well. Halleluyah for Christ!
!!!!!! 2009~present day and on going of this 2017 16 June as I am writing !!!!!!
These retaliators actually played my 3 stolen son’s already distorted minds about me and god, into believing i called FBI on them, too; as god had me report these illegal king county loop of organized crime., that include our roots who originally “victimized” us, beginning as kids. WHEN TRUTH IS: My going to FBI and sharing anything about me and/or my 3 kids and/or any work i did for them WAS FOR THE PROTECTION, HELP, AND ANSWERS TO THEM BEING STOLEN AND MORE! Not for them to get in any trouble! What the hell would my 3 stolen babies need FBI in their life for, besides helping and rescuing them! Satan, take your servants of liars, who take advantage of already troubled kids minds to program them against their own mom, who god used to expose these illegal organized crime king county loop thru her life and they thought they were above god.
2017. 16. 06 today,
God’s anger is upon them as he saves and rescues my 3 sons and i, lifting us up above the sky 😀 thank u, Jesus! Amen thanku 4 truth! “no, my 3 son’s i didn’t tell FBI about you 3 and me to get any of you in trouble. I contacted them in hopes, they’d help us, help you 3 from all god himself did,with no help, but thru me. That’s the power and love of your mom. Yes, i contacted them about all these illegal king county loop and our filthy roots who did do these insane, criminal?Satan, evil acts to us. And, i am glad. Victory is gods! Victory thru god! Amen
*** Let us sing to OUR Lord ***
~~~ Psalm 7:5-7Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
If that is not the truth, then punish me.
    Let an enemy chase me, catch me, and kill me.
    Let him grind me into the dirt and put me in my grave.Selah
Lord, get up[a] and show your anger!
    My enemy is angry, so stand and fight against him.
    Get me the justice that you demand.
Gather the nations around you,
    and take your place as judge.
~~~ suffering for Christ, as an innocent, as in doing good and what is pure and right
1 Peter 4:12-13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Suffering as a Follower of Christ
12 My friends, don’t be surprised at the painful things that you are now suffering, which are testing your faith. Don’t think that something strange is happening to you. 13 But you should be happy that you are sharing in Christ’s sufferings. You will be happy and full of joy when Christ shows his glory.
Romans 5:3-5Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
And we are also happy with the troubles we have. Why are we happy with troubles? Because we know that these troubles make us more patient. And this patience is proof that we are strong. And this proof gives us hope. And this hope will never disappoint us. We know this because God has poured out his love to fill our hearts through the Holy Spirit he gave us.
God’s Love in Christ Jesus
Romans 8::31 So what should we say about this? If God is for us, no one can stand against us. And God is with us.
~~~ God returns Double for the troubles of His children’s sufferings that brought Him Glory ~~~ My 3 babies, WE have been blessed ~~~ Are you three ready to rise into this new confidential life of Kennedy wealth and all that is going to be offered to US to enjoy and share with others of less fortunate situations? I sure hope so! See you three on the other side, at God’s perfect timing! In the mean time, ENJOY  and get to really be your own bestie! 
Job 42:10Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
10 Job prayed for his friends, and the Lord made Job successful again. The Lord gave him twice as much as he had before.
How Satan got you 3 to believe FBI was called on you, too by me, is baffling. After all, when with FBI randy and clinton z., inside rental car they had in hilo, hi to meet with me, i gave them a piece of paper with what i wanted as ideas for payment and helping and the option for my kids was top on list! Just like it was when lori batino was used to ask me the rewards i wanted frm Hawaii, in’15, in illegal king county loop! So, remain in hell, loser Satan!
Its the dirty side that lead you to believe and/or supported any of that nonsense! Its them i turned into fbi, its them taking retaliation out on me my entire life, its them who put my 3 sons lives in danger, illegally took over their lives, its them who used my 3 babies to help them take “hatred, racists, retaliation, illegal” acts to me. I am ever so sorry, my beloved 3 sons that you were put thru any of this and they began working on you, as children. I cant imagine what it musta been like and what its like now for you 3. Now, that truths out. Monster demons caught. You 3 are free!
Its only who ever in FBI, CIA, and of the like who has just found out about what organized crime has been doing to us, who are beginning to help you 3 and me, in how god and i had intended them to, in the 1st place ’09 when i worked the roger christie THC ministry case. I will give credit to god for his divine perfect timing; not only is he rescuing us, lifting us up and giving us access to his universe, HE USED US 4 TO CATCH ALL THESE CRIMINALLY INSANE OF OUR OWN ROOTS TO STRANGERS IN THE 2% WEALTHY! 😀 God has chosen us for incredible things that will bring him divine glory and its about to begin! thank u, god for using me to bring u glory and save my 3 babies and all our generations to come. Amen
It wasn’t i thought u 3 were bad. I believed something happened to you 3 and it wasn’t by me. wth?! I’m glad God has spoke thru me, for you three and that his vengeance is upon every dirty agent and all, that was apart of organized crime, who put you 3, never mind me, thru their illegal and naughty, ungodly acts and lies, yet some how appearing to be the one’s who had your best interest at heart!!! Satan and Your members in Your weak Army, Step away, stay away, under our feet where you belong.. Legion, Jesus has already personally spoken to You..Get away from MY and HIS babies.. You no longer may have them! Your people have been exposed..the bodies your spirits rule and live in.. 
~~~ Luke 8:30-34Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
30 Jesus asked him, “What is your name?”
The man answered, “Legion.”[a] (He said his name was “Legion” because many demons had gone into him.) 31 The demons begged Jesus not to send them into the bottomless pit.[b] 32 On that hill there was a big herd of pigs eating. The demons begged Jesus to allow them to go into the pigs. So he allowed them to do this. 33 Then the demons came out of the man and went into the pigs. The herd of pigs ran down the hill into the lake, and all were drowned.
34 The men who were caring for the pigs ran away and told the story in the fields and in the town.
When I have said during this illegal King County Loop, “Those are not my kids.” It is not me disowning you. It is me saying, “something happened to them. They are not how they were. They are like Jonathan Barber and Sandy Walters…their words, their treatment to me…..” I just cant articulate even right now what I am trying to say….  I know my 3 babies…stolen or not!!! and, evil did something to my 3 babies, making them believe it was me, mamma, the ONE who truly wanted them and loves them, as God!!! Praise God, for shame upon all whom caused use harm, esp., all whom took great advantage of my 3 babies, and feed on it thru their lives.. Praise God ‘the twins’ are just age 21, on this written day of 2017 June 06 and ‘the oldest’ just age 27, on this written day of 2017 June 06 !!! Still, babies…esp. with us living into our 100’s in the world of today.. Wow!! Just amazing.. God, I am wow’ed! Thank You, Halleluyah.. My divine invisible husband, I so love you.. Amen
*** SEE my 3 babies, now men; all in God’s perfect timing and it ends up being worth our troubles of suffering, after all; ONLY He is worth it all, tho, no other, not even each other.. He must come 1st! Then, all else follows in his perfect order. Amen!!! 
~~~~ SEE???? God has had you and me the entire time and it is now our turn to shine!!! He is going to end this, put it behind us, rise us into new, better, and more… I and HE do love you!! LOOK! see what OUR Father, Abba is promising to do, for US and to all those evil people He had me expose, who DID  “causes that child to sin,” being us four!
Matthew 18:5-7Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
“Whoever accepts a little child like this in my name is accepting me.
Jesus Warns About Causes of Sin
“If one of these little children believes in me, and someone causes that child to sin, it will be very bad for that person. It would be better for them to have a millstone tied around their neck and be drowned in the deep sea. I feel sorry for the people in the world because of the things that make people sin. These things must happen, but it will be very bad for anyone who causes them to happen.
* In 2000, the organized crime did have smokey pt, wa., CPS (child protection services)
order Jonathan to get immediate restraining order on me!!!!! and, Upon re~entering home three months later Nov. Thanksgiving 2000, it had been removed! Tho, since and never to this day no restraining order on me, since and jonathan’s bogus parenting plan had no legal jurisdiction in san diego and i legally, as their one and only biological real mom, who never had parenting rights taken away, nor signed them over, who could have gone to sandy’s or jonathan’s and/or taken kids myself to visit and such, at any time; sandy, jonathan and such intimidated me and the kids with their paid off law and order if i had tried. They even had my 3 sons in on that! It was sick and still is! Another words, 2000~ 2017 this day, the kids were to freak out if they saw me or if I was at the door…for a small eg. and if I had they’d be acting like that, Jonathan, Annie, Sandy, Karen, Erik, Jr, Maureen, Norman for eg. where they may have been at, where I was not welcome would have been acting nutty, as IF I were the cause, and they paid off cops would have been called on me, anyway… YES, I knew that and YES< I am smarter than them, Demon’s God used me to expose! I, let vengeance be God’s and lol, I made the best choice in that! HallelUyah! Amen
*** I either believe God’s word, know he is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and that Jesus came to for fill the old testament or I don’t!
Well, I believe, if there is anything I may be literal about and take 100%, it is God’s word. I believe God instructed me and my husband to be to use His instructions in Deuteronomy13 on Big Island, HI., San Diego, CA., Sheridan WY., Seattle, WA., and Texas and how to resolve the ‘blood diamond’ issue in Africa. It doesnt matter if you believe it or not..that just tells me, you only believe God’s word were it’s useful for you and works for you and stuff…
~~~ Deuteronomy 13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Don’t Serve Other Gods
13 “A prophet or someone who explains dreams might come to you and tell you that they will show you a sign or a miracle. And the sign or miracle they told you about might come true. Then they might ask you to follow other gods (gods you don’t know) and say to you, ‘Let’s serve these gods!’ Don’t listen to them, because the Lord your God is testing you. He wants to know if you love him with all your heart and all your soul. You must follow the Lord your God. Respect him. Obey his commands and do what he tells you. Serve the Lord your God, and never leave him. Also, you must kill that prophet or person who explains dreams, because they told you to turn against the Lord your God. And it was the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. They tried to pull you away from the life he commanded you to live, so you must kill them to remove this evil from your people.
“Someone close to you might secretly persuade you to worship other gods. It might be your own brother, your son, your daughter, the wife you love, or your closest friend. They might say, ‘Let’s go and serve other gods.’ (These are gods that you and your ancestors never knew.They are the gods of the people who live in the other lands around you, some near and some far away.) You must not agree with them. Don’t listen to them or feel sorry for them. Don’t let them go free or protect them. 9-10 No, you must kill them with stones. You be the first one to pick up stones and throw at them. Then everyone must throw stones to kill them, because they tried to pull you away from the Lord your God. And it was the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. 11 Then all the Israelites will hear about it and be afraid. And they will not do those evil things any more.
12 “The Lord your God has given you cities to live in. Sometimes you might hear some bad news about one of these cities. You might hear that 13 some troublemakers from your own nation are persuading the people of their city to do bad things. They might say to the people of their city, ‘Let’s go and serve other gods.’ (These gods would be gods that you never knew before.) 14 If you hear this kind of news, you must do all you can to learn if it is true. If you learn that it is true, if you prove that such a terrible thing really did happen, 15 then you must kill all the people of that city and their animals too. You must destroy that city completely. 16 You must gather up everything of value and take it to the center of the city. Burn the whole city and everything in it as a burnt offering to the Lord your God. You must turn that city into an empty pile of rocks forever, and that city must never be rebuilt. 17 Everything in that city must be destroyed as an offering to God. So you must not keep any of the things for yourselves. If you follow this command, the Lord will stop being so angry with you. He will be kind to you. He will feel sorry for you. He will let your nation grow larger, as he promised your ancestors. 18 This will happen if you listen to the Lord your God—if you obey all his commands that I give you today. You must do what the Lord your God says is right.
*** and, I believe Deuteronomy 14, 15 are instructions to my husband and I to be, but that doesn’t belong on this page and any one of you, including him, may look it up and read your selves… 
~~~ 1 Peter 2:24Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
24 Christ carried our sins in his body on the cross. He did this so that we would stop living for sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you were healed. 
~~~ John 15:13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
13 The greatest love people can show is to die for their friends.
***  Lyrics God gave me for ‘Our” babies Joseph, Jon, and Nathan:
***  this is dedicated to my 3 son’s
 I love my babies like Jesus loves His! I love my babies like Jesus loves His! I love my babies like Jesus loves His!
 Im willing, Im willing to die for them, like Jesus did for His! Im their mommy, their friend! Like Jesus is our Father, and friend! I love my babies like Jesus loves His!  Victory thru God!!!
*** I am very sorry for not being emotionally there for you three Jospeh, Jon, and Nate;
when it was just us, Joseph 1989~1993 ish,
until Jonathan 1993 ish and as a family too, 1996 to 2002 Joseph, Jon and Nate. I was either in my own “emo” crisis mode of much of what i expose in ’07 book and this book, with or without god, on meth the first 3 1/2 yrs w/ Joseph and what happened in these evil people’s already, evil plans they had for us and sucked me in starting in ’99; Joseph age 10, Jon & Nate age 4, but they for filled their bigger plans for that w/ me & you three ’02~’04; Joseph age 12, Jon & Nate age 6, and/or I was made to be “convinced”  that it was me, that needed to be taking by Dr. john Silvia and Jonathan Barber, for me to save our marriage,and that psycho Dr. funk in Everette, WA., over medicated me on: BUT, mostly due to the sick, gross, poster pic of “exactly” what unacceptable marriage is, with a husband, that was also your dad, that did not represent any man, “i believe,” God of light and creator of all, desires us to listen to and/or be head over us, any where,” generally “yes,” yelling at him, NOT YOU THREE, and not letting him put his “shit” on to any of you and/or non~stop speaking to you three from the time we woke up ’til bed and much of my talking was about the unhealthy marriage, stress of ‘our situation with how mine has been made to remain: with nothing, as you three get to ‘illegally’ view me ’14 ~ today: halleluyah “you 3 can see me, your mamma! I told you three, ” mamma don’t lie to you.” i didn’t go to great lengths to have each of you or get back to you, to do anything,”but love you.” i am sorry i wasn’t there then for you 3 emo’s, as you did need, as I, too was left clueless and victimized by the same people; but, i am here today; now, tomorrow, and 24/7 all the remaining days of your lives. There are days when we all need our mom. Your mom is right here, when those emo days and moments come. “if ~n~ when you are, ever ready,” for me, your one only God and only mom.
*** And, Joseph never had to
“listen” to jonathan. not that he was to be rude, but not only wasn’t jonathan his biological father; abuse is how jonathan was if any mistakes made or he thought punishment and a 2 hr lecturer, standing at attention was OK to do to my 3 babies. 1st off, parenting classes teach “step parents” have no place disciplining, “parenting,” speaking bad to child about missing or either parent or biological parents at all! 2006~ish, That’s why i began treating Tiffany trier with love as my own,sent her 2 grand for a car as i did for my Joseph. My place as a step parent is to kindly treat as my own, be supportive friend, but not the parent, not place of step parents. The three didn’t have to, because again Jonathan wasn’t the type of husband or dad, God instructs us to listen to… he is Satanic and abusive! I protected them and Jonahtan resented me for it and hated, when they had me out of home for 3 months in first attempt to steal my 3 babies, Jonathan made sure he got it in their heads, they are to only listen and obey him and never, ever me who was the crazy, dangerous, one and reason for what bad came to them, my babies!! 
*** I am sorry that reality of you three’s
false perception, lead you children to believe and your experience of being convinced that I, your mom wasn’t there for you, didn’t care, had abandoned you to do drug and fuck, and was insanely dangerous crazy. I’m not sorry, for I am grateful god has proven to you three, those are all lies, and that He and your mom have been here for you three the entire time and We are who love and protect you. I’m just sorry we had to suffer, but i know our sufferings are being replaced double and all them people are in trouble! Thanks and glory is Christs; for he suffered for us 1st! Amen
*** In many ways, I am as God the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; but nobody wanted to take notice in that.. BUT, GOD HAS AND DID;  for HE is who told me, I am ***
*** I am sorry that
all my honest sharing to you three, since in my womb, no different than now, how loud, much or unfiltered i speak, just as today, didnt root in any of you three, as seed planted and exceedingly demonstrated  and that, “talking, sharing, telling of bondage, situations uncomfortable or not, times of experiences, good and poor choices, learning, being human, telling god, that you are allowed to cry and feel, that out of anyone, i, mom am one you may come to about anything. That i’d do what i could to listen, help you, walk thru it with you and find solution, ask Jesus for help.
* Instead, Satan taught you that,
mamma had to much on her plate with her own emo’s, that it isnt OK to cry, talk, feel. That i would go crazy on you, rather than the truth: “mamma will only eat your offenders, throw them up, and let the pigs slop that up. My protection is only over you. Yes, i guess i can look pretty scary and be intimidating to those whom are truly are dangerously, insane, who did these things to you, my 3 babies. You 3 were taught by Sandy your witch of a grandma, Karen your nut case of a jealous nut of you three and me, Erik I don’t even really know except he is psychologically not safe or sane and played big part in stealing you three, putting me in institutions, giving Joseph meth, talking shit about me; to get me back for”Pepper spraying” him in the face, 1992 when he was twapping at my door at 2 am in the freaking morning for Karen! in fact, erik is who donald walters and donald duffy had steal our truck in ’92-ish from our spring valley apt. as pay back to me and you for me going to ATF on them.Thing is, he and Karen were already apart of it and knew Donald Duffy before me, and Donald Duffy worked for Erik’s dad, and I never hung with Karen or Erik, they were 8 years younger than me, and Sandy had interfered with our sibling relationship and bam, her and Erik 1992 were apart of it, prior to Donald Walters your  criminally found to be insane grandpa trading Joseph off in Gun and Drug Deal with Barrago Cartel leader, soccer team owner 1992, (hmmm, my baby Joseph did you just hear? Erik Hall who took you in under his wing, as his bestie, who you even wanted to copy and be an electrician like..helped with us being set up to be traded off in Gun and Drug deal.. Erik was being paid off to be your friend and steal you from me; the plans included him and Karen giving you meth at age 17!)  that I just happened to go to ATF~DEA San Diego, CA 1992 and ask, “WTH!? this is me and my son and I will tell, but did AFT Scott protect Joseph and I? NO!!! Donald Duffy’s fist was 2 inches from my babies face, as Don was hitting me and my baby was wrapped around his leg, saying, “Stop hitting my mamma!”
*** (NOBODY fucks with my babies, as in my 2007 book states,
“Back then they may do what they want with me, but NOT MY KIDS! Period! It’s who I am, this is not new..I just was left to do it with God.. and, it is turning out perfect for Him, me, you three, and all our generations to follow! Halleluyah couldn’t do it without HIM!) Sept. 1992, In 2 hours, I had prepaid 6 months rent in Spring Valley and got my baby safe, so I thought!  You three were taught by Norman, Jr. and Maureen, who I really do not know either, since age 3, at ages 16, 18? Then, 1997 age 31 with you learned from them and others Satan’s workers and spirits in bodies to: grip every time i speak up to protect you, yet you want to claim i never did! Another lie of Satan’s you enjoy. Thats sick! Wth?!
*** well, kids, now men
I command the spirits of Satan that consume each of you to leave and never return, it is of Satan’s spirits who just are embarrassed, mad, and of the like for me! It is not my babies who are God’s children.. I am sorry for not being empowered to not stopping and catching all them psychos who harmed you, long ago, but I didn’t stop trying.. IT IS MY JOB TO PROTECT YOU AND I WILL NOT BE STOPPED THIS TIME OR EVER AGAIN; SO, ENJOY KNOWING YOU ARE LOVED AND PROTECTION IS OVER YOU FOR THE REMAINING DAYS OF YOUR LIVES; We are here to leave a legacy of Service, not combat..a mission statement we live for the Empire God is about to lift us each up in!!  This is what the actions are by a mom who’s babies were stolen, period! no~matter~wat creature, when the baby is stolen the creature losses sanity, eats who took baby, looks for baby, mourns for baby. So, you, Satan servers step down, in Jesus ‘name,now! 
* But, instead of learning this from me, you 3 learned to just be
bugged beyond toleration to hear me breath. Im not going to be with people who treat me like that, esp., my own kids; esp., since i am not like that with them and never have been. God be with them. Amen 
*** The reason i “allow” you to each act out
is because, i know as distorted or real, there are emo’s and issues you need to express. Expressing them out on me, allows you to act it out. It also shows me whats happened, how it’s effected you and ways i can help. But, that’s only OK for a minute. Then, there’s a time to address issues, properly deal with them and walk in a solution. The 3 of you weren’t interested in participating and experiencing any of that with me,tho. Today, you 3 are only robbing yourselves. The truth is out. As adults it’s your responsibility to have a sincere relationship with self, a higher power, each other, and your mom. Today, its the choices you make for who you are and what you want to do that floats your boat. Reality is: WE need to be good with in self and healthy, but we are also blessed with the finances to do and be what ever we desire, and it be real….I am so happy God used me, who had nothing but love to offer her babies…God empowered me to offer you three not only my love, but riches and ability to really be and do anything OF GOOD, OF COURSE that your hearts desire and all our generations to follow!!! God empowered my thru my love for you three, to be able to offer you the world, and He empowered me to do it in integrity, not blood money!! WOW!!!
**** Thank god for we are artists and can safely express ****
~~~ Matthew 5:10-12Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
10 Great blessings belong to those who suffer persecution for doing what is right.
    God’s kingdom belongs to them.
11 “People will insult you and hurt you. They will lie and say all kinds of evil things about you because you follow me. But when they do that, know that great blessings belong to you. 12 Be happy about it. Be very glad because you have a great reward waiting for you in heaven. People did these same bad things to the prophets who lived before you.
~~~ I will Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills
a song for our LordPsalm 12:6~8 The sun will not smite you by day, Nor the moon by night. 7The LORD will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul. 8The LORD will guard your going out and your coming in From this time forth and forever.…
* god is my only honest witness;
he and i know this: “i didn’t neglect you three. I didn’t know, you three didn’t show that you needed me for any emo’s, you 3 musta gone thru that had to do with any of this stuff. i wont permit Satan to twist my apology up, either. Don’t get it twisted. I “was” and “am” emotionally for you 3, esp., together, we exercised that fact: Nov. 2001 Joseph, age 11 did begin expressing verbally, writing, and in actions, at the end of my marriage to Jonathan. I was only left to believe that any misbehavior at this time by you three was due to the divorce.
* 2002, six~ish months later, i was hoping to help with that:
I filed for emergency restraining order and emergency divorce! I did not have to inform anyone I was doing that, not even my kids, I didn’t need any permission to “pull that.” My intentions were to plug Joseph twins in interests, extra curricular school activities, free Joseph from watchn Jon & Nate; after all, Joseph was becoming a teenager and needed that free “to be,” had you 3 lived with me.
Any who, “I did, do, and will continue “my best,” in the “emo’s” area, increasing and strengthening my own; and, be at my best, “if ~n~ when” any, of you 3 are ever ready to.
* “good better best. Never let it rest. ’til good gets better and better gets best”..
Most of all, i am sorry that these unmentionables that have been done to each of us, to our relationship with each other were and really happened with each of us having no power, but me, mom thru God and sincerely living right, already, unknown to me, kept “clueless,” pre~meditated plans originated by my own biological father, you three’s grandpa”s evil, satanic, deranged plans for me, his own daughter and my 3 babies, while he not only paid the sickos off, that include your own father Jonathan barber, and all who came in our lives, up to these present days, but he and they made mounds of illegal money, in selling their offenses to us, unknown to us, to “black market” beings who’s Satan’s spirits rule and live in, sick “legion.”
*** But, my main time in gods word and studies
was when Joseph was at school, Jonathan at work, when all you sleeping. We as a family did do study and prayer together and in “mamma and you” in home preschool, we did read and watch gods word and stories, pray, and play. We were active in Dover Baptist with Joseph in things and there with him and at the performances. We were as a fam of 5 active in Awana club and more. I couldn’t do it alone. It made me sick how Jonathan would be yelling for shows to be found, like who gives a crap, go bare foot, but don’t belittle me or the kids if running late over freaking shoes to go worship ‘Christ, when he don’t give a shit! It made me sick how all we did him and I or him with  you kids and me on top of him to get off you guys, all the way to church..what a dick! who the hell wants to go to worship with a Devil like him!? A show at that! It was sick how he was so different once at camano chapel…oh, as far as everyone was concerned you kids and I were just blessed to have Jonahan! My ass were we blessed! It was sick how he took over Awana projects of Joseph’s for his age group. It was sick how once back in the car, Jonathan was back to who he really is: A Satan Worshiper and Server in human skin. The fighting circle as above or some sort would happen. Fact was: WE were broke, so IF going to do anything was a thought..Hell no, I no longer wanted to go hang with him, doing nothing really any way but another stupid movie we all only ever did, if anything or Burger King or of the sort..really nothing or anything out side Stanwood or Mt. Vernon! It made me sick how only WE saw how he was a show at church..and nothing but mean thru the week, when at home after work, one day a week Sunday off, and before and after church! I knew, I brought the Devil to chruch when I began taking him in Dover, NH. plus he had already in 1993 distorted my body, on Joseph’s bed, in Grossmont area San Diego at Joseph and my apartment, holding a big jug of win stating, “Satan Is his master!” and, YES, he grew a third knuckle on all fingers. After he was done twisting my body around and busting me up, in front of Joseph age 3 1/2 they went back to normal. He did not practice and apply his studies … what were his studies really about when he was with Mr. Bagley? I bet they were secretly talking about the plans they plotted and acted out in the theft of you three and more… 
= Applying is the key.
As god shows today, i was applying in many was then, too. The key to my life’s issues wasn’t my lack of applying at all, after all and I experienced 98% false condemnation, taking responsibility and looking in, most of my life, at that!! Wow and holy FU*k, God is only why I am here to tell and we are being rising to top quality and opportunity for like and our generations to come: most importantly, one day you three will value: WE four have each other and survived all that wow and amazing.. we are blessed! I am grateful you three, no longer have to live another moment in false condemnation..which for you three, was probably 99.9%, after all you 3 were innocent and you have been freed by the truth at awesome ages of 21 and 27! 
+ = It was organized crime causing me
to slip and slide, question self. the key to our being saved from the organized crime has been in my sincere act of staying single, away from anyone, staying true to god, self, pure in motives; being who i am and was intended to be before my own bondage and acts of insanity that began at age 12, as well. I, too broke from how my own parents, family, surroundings, environment, haters, sick homes, and of the such: Cause and effect, i snapped at age 12! I was not going to be hit again by them parents and, purposeful sober or not acting act, using cigarettes, alcohol and drugs gave me power, helped me appear to be scary, and was there for me. age 12~ age 27 (1993) then, (1993, just happened to meet Jonathan barber at my very 1st AA Meeting, already set up to get my attention and do to me and my Joseph, (why he was mad cuz havn twins meant waiting and doing it to them too. as a  job for donald walters and san diego hell angels dago mob donald ivester Jan. 1994 we got married, moved to Dover,NH., mar. 1994 they executed Joe, Joseph’s father. Jonathan knew they were going to kill Joe. I am more than sure clyde eddleman (who i was clueless about being apart of this and was believing, was going to go knock Jonathan up and get my3 babies, when I told my baby Jon, “by age 8, it would happen.” I am so sorry Jon, Nate, and Joseph. I did not know Clyde was one of the worst enemies we had, who planned to steal you three and put mamma i grocery cart and do ugilies to us four. I would have never made a promise I couldn’t for fill. I am so sorry. That actually effected me horribly for a long time! I couldn’t imagine what it must have been for you, for that to not have happened and to have been going thru all what Jonathan and Annie put you three thru). told him what was happening, as they kept me clueless, our last days in San Diego Feb. 1994 ish? I have done everything in my power to make that up to you, three. I have not stopped being here for you and in your face to not let you forget me.. I have gone to great lengths to bust everyone who harmed you three..! I did my best with nothing, no money, and nobody! May you three forgive me, yourselves, each other, God, and our offenders and be free and receive.. Amen
!!!!!! jonathan lived off me and Joseph 1993-mar ’94
* 1993~1994,
it was jonathan who daily put his cast in my throat and tell me to go get him a tenner of meth and not to come back to “my and Joseph’s” apt., until i got it. He said, “he didn’t care if i had to fuck 5 Niger’s. I was to get it.” strange, same words of donald walters.
Thats wen i believing jonathan will replace it thru the years as a couple, i then weekly or so,until it was gone, traded all my jewelry, i bought with $20 grand accident $ frm ’88 rear end by drunk driver Super Bowl Sunday in San Diego, CA.
* 1993~ ish, at the very end,
Jonathan’s 1st unemployment check was a couple hundred dollars. He had a fit i used it on bills, while he was at the VA hospital in San Diego getting a bunk surgery on his hand he just busted at the Sobriety house he just got kicked out of, for punching a wall or something when somebody called him a mother fuc*er and he had been caught drinking and drugging while there, when he went to the motel his X, mother of his daughter Jasmine was staying at on El Cajon Blvd. Ca. Yes, I was hi on meth when Jonathan was getting that surgery, but I am also the only one who was there for him, I was who drove him there, I spent my hi baking cookies and brownies for when surgery was done and It just so happened I spent the rest of my hi delivering them to him, after I had decided to go thru boxes he had at Joseph and my apt. What was he really about? WELL, LET ME TELL YOU! HE HAD EVERY PAPER WORK ISSUED ON HIM AND DONNA’S MARRIAGE, CPS IN THEIR LIVES, AND EVERY LETTER, CARD AND OF THE LIKE FROM HER AND HIS PAST RELATIONSHIPS, IN A BOX THAT HE MADE A POINT OF TELLING ME WAS WERE HE KEPT HIS SPECIAL THINGS, AND MY CARDS AND LETTERS WERE WHAT WAS IN THERE! So, I delivered the cookies and brownies and I left Jonathan there at the VA hospital. I told him to call a woman Kat that was also apart of the AA program and that he liked…she ended up being with Dan, who ended up being some big wig at Streamview Dr. Sobriety house, because when I was calling frantically at end of divorce to try and get help and witnesses I called down there and Dan was running the place.. 2002. Dan almost was who replaced Jonathan because I was sick of him, but I was also a sick woman and stayed with him. Kat, an old lady to me at than time. lol, jonathan’s age and a grandma, was going out with Dan 1994 when we left to Dover, NH.
The Sobriety house he was staying at was down the road from me and Joseph’s apt., on Streamview Dr. I purposely had moved close so we can be closer and more involved with the AA program and such, living closer and saving gas. The Organized Crime did to me, as Jonathan entered our relationship with NOTHING and NOBODY; in my sight, keeping me clueless…I worked hard to get Jonathan’s credit rebuilt and what not! At the end, that son of a bit*h even kept my truck, that had been a trade in in Everett, WA from the car I had traded in Cali 1994 ish, trading it for car bought in Texas 1996 ish that we drove to Stanwood, WA 1997! Well, I went and traded that car for a toyota 4×4 grey, with cab truck and dummy me and my sharing self, always put the titles in Jonathan’s name too! 2000, 2002 and to this day they have kept me, as how Jonathan appeared to be when I met him..with nothing and nobody! It was their plans when he was sharing his situation with me, when I met him… was really him telling me what they are going to do to me and Joseph at that time! 
I traded Joseph’s and my new truck, we got to replace the one found, that Erik Hall original stole in 1992, Toyota 4×4 turbo in, for a couple hundred dollars, to give him his couple hundred back, I used towards bills to shut him up and car we drove to New Hampshire in 1994 and to Oklahoma 1995.
* 1994,
Jonathan had a fit when i made him pawn his guitar, he “never” played to pay bills in Dover,NH.,after all it was his credit we were paying back on to clean it up like truck driving school from the 1970’s and other stuff, things I had to argue like rent owed when renting with Cindy Clark, back owed taxes 1992 and another year that he gave me power of attorney over to make payment plan in Dover,n.h.  He had costs of, Dover, NH.,Court order anger management, and his mom!
*** i have always been excellent with bills and money sober or not.
I am a natural penny pinching tightwad Jew. during 1st three days of knowing Jonathan,as we sat on a swing on porch, i and Joseph were renting room at in el cajon, ca., ’93. One issue he had heavy on his heart was the story of how his x wife donna, mother of his step daughter Tiffany and his daughter Britney, rent, food, gas, cigs., my herb medication.
we fraught often because Josephs death benefits did go on Joseph, not jonathans bills or us to go out without Joseph! PERIOD!
* 1995,
Dover Jonathan wants to thro cost of my herb in my face after 2 yrs marriage. I said,”fuck u,your not screwing me out of my medicine, as all I do is be here as a homemaker, we don’t do anything and I need my health,you, on our way out here Feb. 2, 1994, stopping thru Capt. A’s in South Carolina, your Hell Angels buddy from the say in Lynn, Mass, insisted i have and got for me in 1st place!
then,i took amount of Josephs death benefits out of Jonathan’s pay, it go for Joseph still and god let me use Josephs death benefits to get me my herb medicine. I just replaced Josephs benefits with Jonathan’s when it came in. All bills got paid, we had none left after Jonathan’s debts, starting with nothing, but wat Joseph and i had brought from San Diego, CA., 1994!
*** I kept every
paper document i had in doing bills filed from very 1st in Dover, NH, ’94- Stanwood, WA when marriage was about to end in ’02! During end of marriage, jonathan playn me, I was con’ed into believing in him/us. I threw all of it away. I thought, we were going to just start fresH and it was paper work from 1994.. I’LL BE A HORSES ASS! HE KNEW, I THREW THEM AWAY…NEXT, I KNEW I WAS NOW BEING ACCUSED OF NOT HANDING THE FINANCES CORRECTLY AND BEING DESCRIBED AS JONATHAN DESCRIBED HIS x~DONNA DID TO HIM!!!! When I first met Jonathan he cried about how Donna took the kids, left him with nothing, took everything, he isn’t even able to get in contact with them..
*** OMG!
again, today God assures me, Donna was also apart of what was done to my 3 babies and me, she knew what they had done to Tiffany and Brittany, she was using Tiffany and Brittany’s social security cards as little girls as employees for her Escorting service, to purchase cars, etc…  Jonathan did to me, what he was claiming donna did to him. Me clueless, 2002 when was intimidated to the point of giving the boys to him….I was still feeling noble, because unlike Donna I kept my word. I did pay all the bills, I did not take the kids, I did leave every freaking little thing! IF, I COULDN’T HAVE MY FAMILY AND MY 3 BABIES DIDN’T EVEN WANT ME, I DIDN’T WANT OR NEED A FREAKING THING! EXCUSE ME FOR BREATHING! 
!!!!! !Approx: 1994~ 10~ FebruaryIs when Jonathan got 1st job” in years” Dover,NH. ’93 and contributed income and Joseph and I  got off welfare: me a homemaker, Jonathan head of house . due to me being a homemaker with Rick Kassler prior and not every really working, and being disabled I am not able to receive more than poverty income and if, I get in a relationship, I am not able to collect my SSI disability and become their dependent. There is not protection for SSI people. SSI does not have it’s own payees, it’s own housing set ups, nothing for us as for protection….one disabled, should not have to become a dependent if with a companion, just so that companion can abuse and control and leave out to dry? No, disabled people such as me, ought to be able to receive our SSI disability pay, so we may have some sort of independence, and just because we get in relationship our disability is still there!
!!!!!! 2000-2002,
once finances began to be and fully were in lying jonathan’s tongue and hands: jonathan was who had his own way to bill pay and budget. He did not share it with me. He gave me money for groceries. I shopped as always prior 9 years. He belittles me. Tells me how i dont know how to shop with the budget he gave for fam of 5. He then demanded who shopped. I was taken to level of not knowing price of bread or postage stamps, since really. Some how he got a $7,000 guitar, again he never used, to replace one he had to pawn off in Dover, n.h. what a bitch i am to have made him do that in ’94! He obtained this $7 grand guitar during 3 mo. they 1st had me out & tried stealing my 3 babies. How? From where? I thought the 401K wasnt built up enough to use.
i dont know what bills paid or stopped paying as of 2000. i had paid all bills up til he took over and got me out for 3 months, as plans were to really be attempting to steal my 3 kids and put me out of the picture. He told the boys that iwas the problem and he is going to get rid of problem, me. He did spend the money now in his control secretly frm me “meth,” pool, beer at bars, whores like “Dee,” annie, jewelry for annie in my face, attempting to get classic, a car fix up, secretly frm me on getting a dump on camano island he already had plans to move my 3 babies in and frm that day 2002 October 25 hide them from me, to this day on going in year 2018, but today its natural for my 3 sons and their adult choice = cause & effect Satan did there. He was paying people off to participate by writing false statements in support for him to get kids in divorce, to be his spy, to put me in unmentionables in order for them to help me with moving and divorce just to not after. He got Nate and Jon broken down motor bike and go cart for X~mas 2002. He would say to me,”you want war?! I’ll give you war! I”m already 7 steps ahead of ya. Where did all this money come from now that he was in control? Not just his pay and superb budget talents, but jr.,maureen gaumond, donald walters, donald ivester, possibly his dad robert and step mom gene in No. or So. Carolina! And, he purposely made a stink a about my beautiful budgeting years prior! 
!!! 2003,
at end of divorce, i was sent a one time only $2,000 settling check. Then, organized crime set me up to get lame “open container” off the wall ber I bought on a hot day, in public,Omg and i dont drink! – $ 300 or so on that ticket! Then, they did sell me car that later steve holly destroyed, all in ’03, for $500. And, i spent $1,200 on the twins and gave Joseph some tho he wouldn’t come out of bedroom or speak to me, ’03 at sandys in summer. Most was spent on twins at Lego land: food, entrance tickets, costumes, toys, games, ice cream. Ya, it went fast at Lego land, but we had fun. Worth my last penny= my 3 ‘lil men :-*  tho, Joseph didn’t go.. and, the $2, grand was gone. Just like that and so were they, again. I never have received a penny for spousal support. 
Mind you, jonathan was buying house with annie, new truck, 2003 and i been living as am,while my 3 boys were told criminal, insane, scary, very distorted lies about me. They not once believed me in telling them, i live like this! Not what they are told! Wth!? Im not a liar by nature! Spirit of lying not an issue of mine! I abused into telling the truth all my life by these people called my mom and dad and the hell angels! 
due to not really holding a job down & not earning credit points paid into SS, being “just” a home maker and it on all my marriage certificates “homemaker.” ’85-’88 rick kassler, ’93-’02 jonathan barber, and ’05-’08 tom trier (all fake to me, left clueless set up by organized crime to devour me.), i am not able to receive any more, than poverty level welfare person and, as soon as im with anybody, i loose it, become persons responsibility, but if relationship dont work out, im able to get back on, due to being both physically and mentally challenged. So, i had to see ssi’s own dr. to get back on, if we were divorcing and i, the problem had to go, i needed to get back on before homeless and wud have ta wait up to 90 days for the process.
I, jonathan, 3 sons went to appt. Everett, WA., 2000. i was already willing to do rediculas, being intimidated to separate peacefully and best 4 the boys. I was suppose to be who was with them And, i say, “hell ya! Im so glad ur my dad, father god! What would i do without you?” ’00, prior to any cps, organized crime, attempt to 1st steal boys. Jonathan had control of $ now, i was the problem, i am disabled cant hold job support self, need get back on ssi so i can be who moved out!i was suppose to be who was with 3 boys during day, when he went out. I was just the one he demanded that moved out! He yelled, “i’ll be damned, IF I PAY CHILD SUPPORT! I’LL JUST GET RID OF THE PROBLEM!” I was the accused problem, i began to shake, chatter my teeth, black out,stress to kids about situation with their dad.
Next, 2000, ssi Dr. paper work come in mail: ’00 diagnosed permanently disabled due to fibermyalgia. I didnt file for ssi just yet. Next, the john Silva report of me using “marijuana” to cps & 3 mo out of fam home happens, very 1st time in Joseph age 10, Jon age 4,and nathans age 4 lives,actually away frm me; except, Joseph as toddler with grandparents sandy,rose,donald, and at “99 tournament with lance brakefield/doris eastbury and his karate team frm stanwood, wa. Went to Florida nationals at Walt Disney world and Joseph never saw it,  by the way! Why??!!
“there are photos in background with our or rather jonathans monthly debts in background in photos at Dover, thackerville, stanwood. I had no secrets and our home was like a learning center for kids activities and affirmations on the wall we were suppose to make who we are. There has to be a photo with monthly bills on it. Im a geek and well organized. Tho, it was on paper to.Or in a home video on the wall like kitchen area where i did the bills, near the calendar?”
!!!! ALERT!!!! today, 6.11.17
(and, my babies age 21 age 27 year 2017 has been holding all this sick shit in that was dont to HIM MY THESE PEOPLE WHO WERE SUPPOSE O M BE their/HIS GRANDPA, DAD, ERRRRR!!!  
~~~ god reveals,
that in 1993, during time jonathan lived with and of Joseph and i, during the time he daily got me to trade my jewelry for his tenner of meth, omg, i am so sorry my baby j.d., i did “not” know and you seemed to be fine with jonathan. Anywho, god reveals during that time alone with my baby Joseph lonathan did unmentionables to my baby and abuse, esp. Verbal. Joseph age 3 3/4 yr old ish to 4 yrs 3 mo., until packed up and moved Feb. 2, 1994 to New Hampshire.
!!!!!! October 1993,
That was when i relapsed, until FEB. 02, 1994 when we left to New Hampshire from Clyde Eddleman’s place that burned up in 1994, San Diego, CA when they killed Joe), w/ jonathan cuz i once was so sick, i thought that was love and walking in it with my companion. Because, I use to be a sick woman, as battered woman’s mentalities are.(. excuse me, for God fixing that issue of bondage, too!! NoT!! Glory to God in the heavens for blessing me as such!
I was already back frm detox mexico ’93. Probably hard core in any AA, na, ca, ta, recovery classes mtngs for good 120 days events,etc. Then that was it,”no taking meth or that life style into our lives married, a fam, in Dover, n.h.! And, we, “I” didnt!
* 1994~present really 2017,
except moment of Organized crime bringing meth back into my options 1999 and then did what htey did 2002~2004, until I got blessed wiht hteir other trap to fail me, DRUG court 2004! Organized crime did not expect me to already shared in this book. 
*** 1994~ on:
“Dover baptist church and Gods herb medicine, i did and do; Is what I am addicted…life adding, life enhancing, spiritual and health.. Excuse me for falling in Satan’s traps and getting out, regardless to how long it may have taken me! Victory is God’s, not one human helped me, mamma, not one! Only some super natural being has and does….” I cant speak for jonathan.
* 2017 Today,
i just learn he lived a very well organized double life and was a dangerous demon i and my 3 babies survived and God has  used me to helped save my kids from them, even if it took a while and much suffering for them and me: god did and using it all now as he gets glory, we are saved and safe, jonathan and many did and are criminally insane sociopaths, are dangerous and God caught ’em all! Thru us 😀 god has great plans for us. #Satanslayermom
~~~~ Let’s embrace, recognize, give praise for the truth to God’s divine Perfect timing, even IF were suffered for a small minute ~~~~ and, let’s give God His glory ~~~~ Let’s rejoice in Victroy thru Him !!!! Let’s receive our double for our troubles from Him, whom was only worth it ~~~~ 
~~~ Psalm 18:30Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
30 God’s way is perfect.
    The Lord’s promise always proves to be true.
    He protects those who trust in him.
~~~ Ecclesiastes 3:11Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 God gave us the ability to think about his world,[a] but we can never completely understand everything he does. And yet, he does everything at just the right time.
 ~~~ James 1:17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 Everything good comes from God. Every perfect gift is from him. These good gifts come down from the Father who made all the lights in the sky. But God never changes like the shadows from those lights. He is always the same
!!!!!! Beginning in the end of 2002,
They even had my 3 babies living in a dump with jonathan on camano island ’03 with a big whole in bathroom floor and they had me at that group home in national city officer Hernandez busted ’04. In ’03 they had me in that house, black girl peeing on bathroom wall with door open and bathroom had big whole in floor. They are sick people. they were doing the same things to me and with me that they did to my3 babies, but they’d tell my babies it was all my fault! It was none of our faults! fault only belongs to them sickos who did that stuff to us. Dont tell me it wasnt organized crime.
*** Me not being around
was suppose to be the answer to my 3 stolen babies happiness, once i returned in 3 mo. when they 1st attempted to steal them 2000. That didnt help tho, because they were still abused and neglected by jonathan and annie; and, yes what happened between the 3 of them. But, evidently the neglect, abuse done to my 3 babies increased, if i called, emailed, texted, sent mail to any of them 3.
!!!!!! jonathan’s abuse and neglect to them 3 increased more,
if one of them were found communicating with me (this the holy spirit says, began when they 1st tried stealing them and had me out of home for 3 months and went full bore, once divorce began happening and has been like since). my 3 stolen babies were now becoming separate from one another. So, if one knew other communicated with me they’d go tell jonathan on them.
That was also an act they did, in hopes of gaining jonathans false approval for a minute,while his abuse and focus was on the brother who talked to me. Joseph talked less, then Jon, then Nate. But, Nate would be courageous enough to “blurt” me something. It was hard to protect them without jonathan finding out.
Nate took alot of hits from jonathan for attempting communication with me; even tho i am who provided them with communications via computer and phones, jonathan abused and neglected them if they were caught talking to me at all. Jonathan and annies neglect and abuse just went harder on Nate and Jon age 11, when Joseph moved out, age 17, 2007.
*** 2000, 2002~2005 ish, 6006~ish
Joseph age 10, Jon age 4,and Nate age 4 were all 3 just kids when What happened between “was.” and 10 yrs later organized crime illegal king county loop, entice the twins to falsely set up their brother up in 2014, via agent bonnie posing as jonathan barbers new girlfriend, moving in together with her daughter into “Josephs home in Arlington, WA., because jonathan doesnt have place to go and annie i gets to live in the house on Camano Island? WHF!!. Then, they had agent bonnie who also was setting jonathan up to get his back broke, her and jonathan left her daughter with Joseph, staging it just like jonathan and annie did to him as a kid 2002~2006, and then illegal King County loop illegally brought harm to my son Joseph age 25, 2014 saying, “haha we caught you!” as they continued to intimadate, yet build up the twins to continue falsely helping them get me!!! Nov. 2015. God began speaking thru me and King County never moved so fast freing my Jospeh!
* 2015 Nov.
Illegal king county loop, illegal visually and audio observing me, heard the holy spirit share out of me, alone in the apt., illegal king county loop set up to illegally hold me captive in and do their insane criminal acts to me and my 3 stolen sons, when they heard all shared about baby Joseph, age 2 and the rest they knew then they fu*ked up with what ever it was they illegally used Josephs brothers to set him up in. King county never moved so east that i’ve ever seen. From that day on my baby Joseph has been set free from the illegal king county’s mistake and they put him on, in the loop, like his brothers,that’s still illegally on me as of this written day.
1989, beginning with my baby Joseph,
and 1997, once I we traveled thru San Diego, CA to see Sandy for first time, since 1994, with the Jon and Nate, too: when talking on phone to them long distance and/or in their company for a few minutes during the year, and/or at  their place of residence in summer 2~6 weeks from 2003~2007:  behind my back, in other company or not, behind the closed doors of their sick, evil witch of a biological mom to me and appear to them to be a “kind & material giver’s house sandy walters or not “bad talk, big lies were told to them about me, she made them afraid of me, told them what a terrible crazy abusive incouragable daughter i was, listened in on my calls to them and she questioned them about what i said, when we were alone. And if sandy didnt approve of me over or doing something with them, like build a bear, then i wasnt welcome. Ditto, for if they were at karen and erik halls house, except: they did give my baby Joseph meth at age 17 3/4 summer of ’07 that i know.
!!!!!! Thats why my 3 boys hated me calling or havn or making any contact: they were abused and neglected more truth is: they did want me there and i wanted that, too. I am sorry this was done to them,never mind to me, too.
*** I’m so equally sorry to you three
Joseph, Jon, and Nathan. what happened to Joseph is why what happened between him, Jon, and Nate, too! None of it was one of you’s fault! It was these who did it to Joseph and those who abused Nate and Jon regardless of that! I do love you three. Always have. Always will. Nothing can change that! I am proud of you three, but I don’t believe in teaching kids to worship and care about their parents pride in them or acceptance, but God’s; for I am only a human too and am to teach you..I fail God, too, and do not have all the answers.. I am proud to have been chosen by God to be You three’s mamma! That is saying I am proud of you! Step away Satan! You may not distort my love for my boys any longer, in to your hurtful lies! In Jesus’ Name flee, Satan and all Your workers! Amen
!!!! alert!!!!
Victory is in the lord! halleluyah! Victory is only because of god. He saved me and my 3 babies and will unite us together, strong in him! amen
~~~ Agape Love of God~~~  What we are to copy and aim to be in receiving Agape love and giving Agape love (“Funny,  Pastor kris, camano chapel gave sermons on gods agape love! They are eg. of not practicing what they preach!” God tells us.)
~~~ 1 John 4:7-21Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Love Comes From God
Dear friends, we should love each other, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has become God’s child. And so everyone who loves knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love to us: He sent his only Son into the world to give us life through him. 10 True love is God’s love for us, not our love for God. He sent his Son as the way to take away our sins.
11 That is how much God loved us, dear friends! So we also must love each other. 12 No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us. If we love each other, God’s love has reached its goal—it is made perfect in us.
13 We know that we live in God and God lives in us. We know this because he gave us his Spirit. 14 We have seen that the Father sent his Son to be the Savior of the world, and this is what we tell people now.15 Anyone who says, “I believe that Jesus is the Son of God,” is a person who lives in God, and God lives in that person. 16 So we know the love that God has for us, and we trust that love.
God is love. Everyone who lives in love lives in God, and God lives in them. 17 If God’s love is made perfect in us, we can be without fear on the day when God judges the world. We will be without fear, because in this world we are like Jesus.[a] 18 Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear. It is his punishment that makes a person fear. So his love is not made perfect in the one who has fear.
19 We love because God first loved us. 20 If we say we love God but hate any of our brothers or sisters in his family, we are liars. If we don’t love someone we have seen, how can we love God? We have never even seen him. 21 God gave us this command: If we love God, we must also love each other as brothers and sisters.
God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
enjoying one moment at a time;
accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
that I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
forever in the next.
* i am sorry that i have no control over
all  that, the past, other people, places or things. I am not sorry for having the courage and boldness of a bull in a china store and the righteousness of God’s lion to “have’ changed the things, i can and I will continue to. By the power of only one faithful god, moms mouth has been used for gods glory, to kill, bust, destroy, and expose our enemies. The ones who showed you their fake beauty, as they are really demons in disguise, sucking and manipulating your innocent baby souls. I’m honored god chose us for his glory. I love my 3 sons and god knows this. He empowered me to set you 3 free from Satan’s lies and hooks. be blessed…
The Righteous are as Bold as a Lion
Proverbs 28:1~2 The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, But the righteous are bold as a lion. 2By the transgression of a land many are its princes, But by a man of understanding and knowledge, so it endures.…
*** Emotionally there for me, myself, and I since birth to this time of life, you ‘not once’ ask or care?
 NUN~YA FREAKING BEES WAX! NOT YOU! NOT ONE OF YOU READING EITHER! But, if you must know: in my 51 on going years here on earth, it was meth for a good minute, god thru it all, me, myself,and I. So, next time anyone wants to bark at me that they had nobody’s help and its not being shared as in relating to me, i have nothing to offer you, not even an ear. And, if its one of my 3 kids doing the barking, “you’re full of shit. Your mom has been here your entire life, still is and always will be. You 3 are who don’t need or want help or support from me. Hence, unless its just been bondage of Satan that carried you thru, god watching over you entire time, and only you, yourself, and you some more and your able to sincerely relate with me,then your barking into wrong ear. I have none for you and call “bullshit!” that is for any one..
My parenting opposite
relationship then Jonathan, Annie’s, and those around them who had no place to parent them, when I am their legal parent, no court ordered to not ever have them, who would be contacted if found to not be safe in that home, and I have been treated and the kids have been raised as if I have no right and to delete me. there entire life prior, thru it, up to now.
as a mom,
I have not been the one who physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually or financially abused them, for they are Gods gifts to me, my children and IF and when I did be improper, I already shared them times with you all WW and I quickly made prayerful sincere amends with action to them with me face to face, as a whole and/or way of character and personality abuse was not of me to them, my gifts from God. I believe children are products of their parents. For the most part if a parent states they don’t like their kid or adult kid, how they turned out, blah blah, they are stating they don’t like them selves, for their kid is the product of them; look with in PARENTS, step out of denial and address yourself, and become the example.
Yes, i have had my “parenting” common shared wrongful moments already confessed and shared. Yet, i, still show and take immediate action in sincere prayer and amends to them. Something rare most parents do when wrong. I’ve had to yell for them to just get away from me, off monitors and my life, if i am just some joke to them. They are at a state of mind where Satan still has them believing god and i, their one and only mom are their enemies. Hallelujah, i know gods bigger than that and has already defeated Satan and his army. Now, my 3 stolen sons and our generations to follow are free, safe to live, and the real monsters have been caught, some are even dead! Yes, this mom is the one who was healthiest for them the entire time. So, step away Satan, now! 
Now, who wants to tell god and i that,
“those who stole our 3 babies beginning ’00~ ’17 year and on going, had the best interest for them by stealing them, interfering with their relationship with each other and their mom, sexually assaulting them, putting the fear of Satan, authority, false power in them, poisoning their minds and souls into hatred for their mamma, abused them in all forms, and more!” again, “who wants to say,”these people cared about the best interest of anyone, never mind our 3 kids; except for selves, self gain, self evil motives. Their motive was to do this to my 3 sons, just for being my 3 sons, as an act to “make me suffer” for using my big mouth god gave me, to save me and his 3 stolen kids from Satan and his people! “Its god and i, mom who had and has the best interest for these three. Period and final answer!
~~~ Wise Words for a King
31 These are the wise sayings that King Lemuel’s mother taught him:
I prayed for a son, and you are the son I gave birth to. Don’t waste your strength on women. Women destroy kings, so don’t waste yourself on them. 4 Lemuel, it is not wise for kings to drink wine. It is not wise for rulers to want beer. They may drink too much and forget what the law says. Then they might take away the rights of the poor. Give beer to people without hope. Give wine to those who are in trouble. Let them drink to forget their troubles. Let them forget they are poor.
Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Help people who are in trouble. Stand up for what you know is right, and judge all people fairly. Protect the rights of the poor and those who need help.
*** I tried
as above, in them words, and in many of my own words, but mean same as, the above written, and teach my 3 stolen babies up to them being stolen, as I was physically there, period! Then after and since 2000~present ongoing illegal manor year of 2017 and not stopped… when given the chance and in living as in example or trying to, at least at the best of my own understanding, maturity, wisdom, mental and physical challenges, and more..but, I am still trying regardless of that crap.. I never gave up with them. I even coped with this situation for a long minute, by believing, like Jesus, their spirits were invisibly with me, too; thru 2008~2014 when illegal loop used them to show me they would delight in seeing me dead, instead! Very bad attitude, I have no time for, is what they have at this time. I let go and let God’s will be done: wise sayings that King Lemuel’s mother taught him; her son 
*** As I mentioned, I began teaching the above verses and message to each of my son’s  as they began to grow in my womb. i nurtured them and told them wisdom about girls.
*** Prior to the family being torn up Jon had liked girls his age. He would be exceptionally heart broken, be who was the bigger one to say sorry, OMG! I did see him in me, in action, in needing acceptance from the girls, but me it was boys, at his age, too, then..3~6..  I have to tell you, it did take every thing I had to not act, and know this was a little girl hurting my baby, not a woman; hence, no going over and beating her up.. He just wanted them to like him and was sorry if he made them mad. I didn’t understand it! I was still sick in my relationship with Jonathan kinda stuck in that still at that age like 34 or so.?? I was trying to teach him and me at same time, fuc* her, them, other people! When it comes to us belittling our own selves, being who is suffering, getting sick, it’s renting emotion from, etc…be confident in self..yes, it is good to do ones’ own part, even being bigger person, if part had noting to do with them, but then it is time to say, “tag your it.” to other person and just move on in life.
*** Prior to them and I being separated,
out of intimidation by these demons in human skin, and bringing them up to Jr, and Maureen Gaumonds, where Joseph now was. I had already had a talk with them that Daddy was going to keep doing this to mamma, where she cant breath, until I give them to him. That I loved them. and that is when Jon confessed first time, ” Daddy scared him m ore that his nightmares.” after,  I had taken Nate and Jon to Rite Aid and or of the such. Jon felt comforted and nurtured by me getting him a girl barbie and a ken or of the such. He said, “Mamma, this will be you, and I hope you find your Ken.” He said, it in the isle of them items in store. From that time on, once in San Diego, Ca experiencing all I share in this story and probably more…for first time in my life I got into barbie things, got one for Jon and one for me, so be connected….I don’t know what kind of belittling or of the such my baby Jon went thru by his brothers, Jonathan, Maureen, Jr, Norman or any others, but that was me, his mamma and her boyfriend ken who loved her! “Eat shit and die mother fucking sick as* greedy demon, adults who tampered my 3 big deal Nate and Joseph, you three where just kids and going thru alot,, that can change tho! 
X~mas time 2005, I am getting ready to send them their holiday money. Jon’s hearts desire was to purchase a game for a ‘girl’ he just loved. I tried speaking wisdom again to him. He was age 7ish? I did fall out of character and wanted to control the situation and NO he can’t use the poverty funds I don’t even have to send them on some damn little girl!, but that is Sandy Walters, and I am not her. I did not entertain that. I sent the holiday money for them.. Jon spent a good portion and/or all on that damn girl! 
In 2006, mother’s day book my baby Jon, age 10, that i submitted for judge ’06, Everett,WA., Dago mob set up, controlled, and paid for “phone” court to re~modify parenting plan, because of the above experiences with girls my baby Jon has a page that states, in his own 10 year old child words, “mamma’s wisdom and instructions on not wasting and/or spending money on girls.
*** Another words, my baby Jon was still expressing the truth to what mommy was teaching: Wise Words for 3 Kings
Summer 2006, Nate and Jon on very 1st day of visit with me, age 10, at sandra walters, on her same damn chair in corner of her dinning area took turns, as they “twins” had been perfect eg. of two sharing  that I ever witnessed; Jon and Nate took turns sitting in my lap, while the other was on floor and/or standing near, as they each fell in my arms, went to fetal position, pretended to breast feed with my top on, as i rocked them like infants breast feeding and nurturing them.
I thought, “what the fuck??!” i may abnormally, in fact,  since 2003, and 2004 Summers when they came down, not caring this time, 2006 if Sandy gave me permission to stay or not, have spent the next days close to them and approx. to, July 5, ’06, six days later, until the park, toe to toe, story with sandy happened, as i let her know what it was like having her as my mom; illegally sandy walters and karen walters-hall threatened me with cops and forbid me near my 3 stolen babies!
And that’s when my 3 stolen babies brains just began to erase me, trust me, forgot me, have ‘no’ care to have me in their life, more and complained when I called them, at first at Sandy’s.. why did they complain? Was it me or what was really going on behind the closed doors of Sandy Walters, Jonathan Barber’s, Karen and Erik Hall’s, and others..period and for lack of better words! I and god refuse to let Satan and his worshipers succeed in “our” 3 stolen babies, suffering privately in their adult bodies and minds, just caring on! At any gr8 lengths god and i are here to nurture and free “our” babies: enabling them to be free and now grow in their adult minds and bodies, at perfect ages, he saved his 3 babies, now men.
~~~ Galatians 5:1Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Keep Your Freedom
We have freedom now, because Christ made us free. So stand strong in that freedom. Don’t go back into slavery again.
Year 2000,
Jonathan did some thing scarier than my baby Jon’s nightmares to my 3 babies, 2000, Joseph ape 10 3/4, Jon and Nate age 4 1/4, during the time they had me out of the home for 3 months. This was the 1 time in me and my 3 babies entire lives being separated, for all the wrong reasons, at that. I was the type of mom who had to be involved with my children, like a teachers helper, being the mom who brought snacks,homemade fried chicken, awana helper for few eg.s.
!!!!!! Jonathan routinely left Joseph with Jon and Nate,
while he supposedly worked, at night in car out, doing meth in neighborhood with woman across apt.s and her boyfriend she got fried as truck driver cuz of meth and over at ann maries. He was out in his moldy ’70’s biker leathers on meth. he was out already secretly talking with jr., maureen, norman, neighbors, wat not to set up stealing my 3 babies. Nov. 2000, I told my cancelers on Canano Island that I was seeing, and Fay another one that when jonathan agreed for me to return in the home, that jonathan is making it appear that he is being a “good guy” here, but somethings not right. His actions arent joyous in us staying a family. He is going to pull something, making it look like its me.” and, sure enuf!
!!!!!! During that 3 months
that jonathan did something scarier than my baby jon’s night mares, telling them its mamma’s fault and times for abandoning them together my baby joseph snapped. Excuse him! He, closest to his brothers than best bubba’s and lil brothers could be, began expressing, sharing, showing, making, imitating his offenders never spoken about or known to mamma, between ages 2-10 by donald walters, don duffy, jonathan barber, lance brakefield, and who ever they may of had around. Joseph had Nate in a situation of bulling jon. Jon, expressing a like for bling for lack of better words,liked both girl toy things and boys like no biggy really, but Joseph had Jon dressing up as the girl, Nate, Jon’s twin was the boy. Joseph would be telling Jon he was gay at age 4 1/4 in custody of jonathan barber. Joseph was just reacting and told the twins every thing that had been done.
!!!!!!! in my 3 son’s entire lives!!!! OH, Satan is good.. they needed to have complained about many; but what made them only complain as in the following?
   the only one’s ever complained about by Joseph was at age 3, in 1993. Joseph didn’t want to go to his daddy Joe’s and Sherry Ivesters. Joseph said, “they left him in a wet diaper all night in a bean bag, while they drank all night.”
   1994 ish who Joseph, age 4 1/2 reported to me, as being mean to him. of course, she denied when i mentioned it to her. New Hampshire, neighbor, Dover baptist church member, elderly Lady babysat, couple times while Jonathan and I did some sorta date like, with church marriage counseling or maybe we went out to eat?? I don’t know, but I do know our Counseling sessions would be considered our time together, since we were so broke and well, I was just being a supportive, non materialistic wife, growing and building with these broke asses put in my life like Jonathan!! no appreciation for me given.. but WHY..he was hired to steal and destroy my babies and toss me out like trash at least… 
    Jon, 2000, age 6 said, “Daddy, being Jonathan Barber, scared him more than his nightmares.”
   2000, Jon and Nate age 4 ish reported same to me about the woman who ran and lived at with her own kids, in home day care, east stanwood,wa., towards Mt Vernon, WA on road goes thru closest to stanwood elementary school, big old white house, that jonathan had no problem dropping them off, until he got off work during the 3 months he, our roots, and many of organized crime 1st attempted to steal them and toss me out. of course, she denied when i mentioned it to her.
  2002, Jon and Nate age 6 ish also reported ellen bagley, wheelchair old lady, camano chapel member, associates to kurt smalley and his wife, Collen with polio were mean to them. They too denied when i confronted.
  2002 to 2014, jon and nate ages 6ish thru 18ish reported to me on occasion of annie barber’s the wicked child thieving step mom jonathan and organized crime went to great lengths to replace me and whip me out compldtely abused them, compared them against each other as twins, said vishes things to them and about me, and that annie was mean! Of course, annie actually avoided me and did participate big in stealing and hiding my 3sons frm me!
  Then, 2014 twins age 18, they report annie did more drugs i ever did. Wth!? Me and drugs! what has been told to them?? by jonathan and annie who have been drinking,drugging,fucking,neglecting,and abusing my3 babies telling them its their mamma’s fault!!!!? them entire 17 years! While i was sincerely walking in being my best and the last 13 of them years its been out of bondage’s of Satan’s, sane and in victory thru god 😀 my babies, god loves us! I give him thanks and credit. Amen
   Nate, 2010 at age 15 said, “Joseph (which was horrible for them three brothers to go thru I am sure, but it wasn’t their fault or Joseph’s!), Annie, and dad, being Jonathan (it was these two adults faults and others involved!)” 
   2000, Jon and Nate age 4 ish reported same to me about the woman who ran and lived at with her own kids, in home day care, east stanwood,wa., towards Mt Vernon, WA on road goes thru closest to stanwood elementary school, big old white house, that jonathan had no problem dropping them off, until he got off work during the 3 months he, our roots, and many of organized crime 1st attempted to steal them and toss me out. of course, she denied when i mentioned it to her.
  2002, Jon and Nate age 6 ish also reported ellen bagley, wheelchair old lady, camano chapel member, associates to kurt smalley and his wife, Collen with polio were mean to them. They too denied when i confronted.
  2002 to 2014, jon and nate ages 6ish thru 18ish reported to me on occasion of annie barber’s the wicked child thieving step mom jonathan and organized crime went to great lengths to replace me and whip me out completely abused them, compared them against each other as twins, said vishes things to them and about me, and that annie was mean! Of course, annie actually avoided me and did participate big in stealing and hiding my 3 sons from me!
  Then, 2014 twins age 18, they report annie did more drugs i ever did. Wth!? Me and drugs! what has been told to them?? by jonathan and annie who have been drinking,drugging,fucking,neglecting,and abusing my 3 babies telling them its their mamma’s fault!!!!? them entire 17 years! While i was sincerely walking in being my best and the last 13 of them years its been out of bondage’s of Satan’s, sane and in victory thru god 😀 my babies, god loves us! I give him thanks and credit. Amen
*** yes,
when i love, care, am protective,and have invested my heart in my 3 sons esp, but any one and you come to me about your troubles, I do explode at first as i’m still maturing in that, but then i do cool down and we or i did and/or do work it out; preferably together. We are a family, your problems are my problems too. I cant help, if you don’t tell me about them. I love you, three equally, me, mamma. You 3 are victorious survivors of all that unfriendly and horror, you 3 were told and put thru 😀 there isn’t anything God wont and cant repair of how it all effected you in a harmful to the heart, body, mind, and soul beginning as ‘lil toddlers for you 3 to be free healthy balanced adults mentally, emotionally,physically, sexually,spiritually, and financially as he idea and aim is for all humans~~~
*** Weather you three like it or not, God’s divine plans have already made the future for see able and YOU three are His and my 3 prodigal son‘s ; and, like the following story, when you three do return I am instructed to have a party in your honor, and so we will ***
Luke 15:20~24
The Younger Son Returns
“While the son was still a long way off, his father saw him coming and felt sorry for him. So he ran to him and hugged and kissed him. 21 The son said, ‘Father, I have sinned against God and have done wrong to you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’
22 “But the father said to his servants, ‘Hurry! Bring the best clothes and put them on him. Also, put a ring on his finger and good sandals on his feet. 23 And bring our best calf and kill it so that we can celebrate with plenty to eat. 24 My son was dead, but now he is alive again! He was lost, but now he is found!’ So they began to have a party.
*** I came back in home in 3 months!
You see, its a miracle because organized crime was paying cps off to order jonathan to do an instant divorce with me and get sole custody! My therapists are why jonathan had to play his cards another way, look like the “good guy” and agree our family is best together. Once home, the kids had me home as before. what was happening between them stopped. In fact, when marriage bean to get worse and i was trying to sneakingly save money to move me and kids out, as stated at beginning of book and i got job at stanwood cinemas i did not have Joseph watch Jon and Nate. I paid a woman colleen able, tho in wheelchair to watch twins,while i went to work. At end oe divorce more, me having no job,again as written at beginning of story, i began needing Josephs help to watch Jon and Nate. Regardless, to it being for things like lawyer hunting while black balled to other obvious musts in situation to being put in bad situations i never experienced for any one to help me then nod after i did unmentionable, it was all for them 3 in what I was out doing.
*** But, at the beginning rite before i got 2nd restraining order and emergency divorce 2002,
when jonathan was still in apt., with us, at breakfast Jon age 6 1/4 had a big pink barbie heart ring on that was in their toys. Jon likes jewelry, so what! At breakfast my baby Jon says to my baby Joseph age 11 3/4, “be quit, Joseph! I’m not gay!” today, i believe that during the 2 wk restraining order i had on jonathan and needed Joseph to help by watching the twins, that way i could get in car and just do what i needed or tried to get done, that Joseph began acting out with the twins again, as when jonathan had just left them. I dont understand Joseph’s issue with me tho. I communicated with him and i began paying him. I thought it was the divorce itself making me and the kids not ourselves. Jonathan used Joseph to go to great lengths to get him and twins away frm me. before 2wk restraining order on jonathan in court, i had to have Joseph leave. The intimidating would not stop, nor did it to this day… 17 years so far and they continue to get away with their illegally acts to me and my son’s lives! Yes, God is going to destroy all of them who did and Victory in His name with be given to US as earthly Gifts, and we already get Eternal Life.. WoW, God is Good and we are blessed! yes, yes. yes, yes!!! Thank you God my loyal dog for sicking these evil plotters and doers… noting is more powerful my lord than letting vengeance be all yourse and knowing it is.. there is noting I could possibly do to these evil doers that YOU can and are!! Victory is in YOU!!  
Age 17 3/4 my baby Joseph expressing “life is a chore” on myspace. Joseph moved out of jonathans at same age and has been living on his own since 2007, age 17 3/4 trying to be soductive member of society providing for self. now, the twins age 11 1/4 are alone at jonathan and annies, delicate to being alone at dark, and such. They took much abuse and neglect frm annie and jonathan. My baby Jon expressing “he feels like he’s in chains” and my baby Nate expressing “can everyone just be nice to each other” on myspace and/or random few texts they did send me.
!!!!!! 2014!!!!!!
And, that was that with what happened between my 3 babies and 10 yrs later, illegal king county loop had intimidated, played the twins to falsely set their older brother up with reenacting how jonathan and annie had left them with him when they were kids, by using agent bonnie to also falsely bait jonathan barber into an affair, divorce to annie, move in my son Josephs home and bonnie and jonathan leave her daughter used for set up. Illegal king county harmed Joseph and when truth came out illegal king county loop ran fast, fixed their mistake, and Joseph is in illegal loop with Jon and Nate illegal viewing and listening to me right now too
!!!!!! 2010, years past my 3 sons unfortunate experience together, 3 yrs past Joseph even living with them,
on the phone my baby Nate, age 15 said,”this is what happened to us by Joseph when dad and annie use to leave them with Joseph. That Joseph said,”dont tell dad.he dont care. Him and annie just care about going out with each other. Dont bother telling mom, she left us for drugs.” nate shared that he had turned to heroin and was dead inside. Jon was cutting his wrists and being actively gay. That they needed me there.” 1st time any of my babies let me know they did need and want me. At Nate’s request, broke, disabled, me got there in a month, set self up at egm woman’s shelter (where Silvia CEO of EGM woman’s shelter already had signed up with our roots of organized crime in 2000, in their attempt to steal my babies then!!! She, the owners, and people from Hawaii God had me turn in is who has been working with organized crime to do these things in this book to me and my three son’s all our lives and God has me tell..Victory is God’s and we are being lifted up..into the world of Kennedy money and love..), just for Nate and Jon to complain, put me down,and tell me fuck off. Hell no! I will go live life and when they are past that we can try again, was my thoughts! Well, these aka: ron, illegal king county loop 2014- ongoing still, was already set up via Hawaii ’10 to take me in egm woman’s shelter, to illegally take control and get my baby Nate in their inpatient drug treatment in Burien, WA., without me knowing. Same people god had me report,that set up Dallas, mesquite, Irvine, and Richardson, Texas, San Diego, Wyoming, Seattle, WA up to harm me, illegally shadowing my kids since age 15! All these organized criminals in hi and low places taking retaliation out on me, my whole life due to standing up to them and exposing them! they messed my 3 babies up, using them against me! Gods vengeance be upon me and my 3 babies enemies. Rise us, abba. This has to end in victory thru you. We have to be risen by your victory! Amen
*** those are just a couple “similar” things
Josephs offenders said to Joseph, esp, the 1 about mamma. fact is: mamma, nor drugs, nor any one, thing or place responsible for what happened to my 3 babies, but the sickos who did these things to them, beginning with what they did to my baby Joseph, prior to twins being made!!! Demons who prey on children and innocent!
!!!!!! Anything
that my 3 babies experienced being done to them that was of Satan, they were told it was mamma fault, that its her who is crazy: when mamma didn’t know, sure in hell did and does care, and unmentionables, not of her motive or choice was being done to her, too! While these demons of Satan told my 3 babies that my failings in life,were my fault! Omg! Thanks be to, Yah, our brother Jesus. Amen
!!!!!! The abuse my 3 babies experienced
of all levels of abuse and child/adolescent theft from me, their one and only real mamma under jonathan and annie barber’s custody, in sandra walters house, at karen and erik hall’s. Not under my care, except what we all learn of what grandpa and step dad jonathan and martial arts instructor did do to god and my baby Joseph when i wasn’t with him. Satan sleeps in same bed as his victim, appearing to be so nice and so sorry when mean. Step away legion of Satan! Get away frm me and kin! Go into the pigs and very the cliff where Jesus commanded you to go. Go away Demons in flesh who come near us, in Jesus’ name flee! 
Mark 5:11-13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 A large herd of pigs was eating on a hill near there. 12 The evil spirits begged Jesus, “Send us to the pigs. Let us go into them.” 13 So Jesus allowed them to do this. The evil spirits left the man and went into the pigs. Then the herd of pigs ran down the hill and into the lake. They were all drowned. There were about 2000 pigs in that herd.
results of cause and effect, with OUR baby Joseph, on dealing w/ believing, I, mamma didn’t care about him or them (Satan’s lies) and sex with males and/or females was there; as well, as other false identities in who they really are, as children of god and represent as false comfort, over ruling any natural desire, nor sincere curiosity of me, mom or god.     DOB: 1989~ Freedom thru this truth, OUR heavenly Father has brought for them, me, US 2017!        
These are the things Satan said and did to my baby Joseph thru these mentioned people and who knows, who else during them times or others, but god and them. May god encourage our 3 sons to tell, but here are some Joseph experienced by these mentioned: for sure at age 2 and on to age 8~ish that we WW now know, thru gods spirit speaking thru me for my 3 stolen babies, my sons, now men: pop-cycles, forced to never talk, didn’t walk intimidated or show signs, yet most of Josephs violators in any way had him on their side against me, his natural parent and mom. Aggression was used on him. He was told mamma didn’t care and was to busy doing drugs. He was told its both little girls and boys, they just have to be cute. Any offenses of neglect or abuse his offenders did to him mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, sexually, or financially baby Joseph was told, “it was his mamma’s fault.” he was belittled by them about his precious, perfectly made baby and adult teeth. Told like both little boy and girls? And, held this and more all in to age 27, when gods spirit began speaking thru me, Nov. ’15 and now, 2017. He aims to do good, be financially independent, active participant, accepted human, as the rest of us,”ditto” for his brothers and,those like; esp.,when found to be victims at young adult ages. How awesome god! Thank you. Amen. He was threatened/intimidated by them saying,”don’t you want to make your mamma proud? 
*** My baby Joseph,
I love you no matter what! Always have, always will! never have you had to make mamma proud. It is a pleasure and prideful thing to have been blessed by God to be you three’s vessel and mom… It is God we aim to make proud. I knew, right when you asked me that, Lance Brakefield did something to you.. those were the words Donald Walters had them us on me, mamma, but it was abut making daddy proud.. You never shared beyond…you didnt show any signs.. I was not aware Satan had gotten you and twisted your brain into believing mamma wansn’t there for you to tell…..or what your reason was..that didnt allow you to.. but, as the attentive mamma I am… I am hoping you and your brothers are seeing, I did hear.. I did pick up on each of yous little ways thru posts, texts, tude, and God now uses it all to bust and save others from these evil people of our roots, at that! God, now gets his Glory for having his hands over us after all and using the offenses done to us for his glory and to reward us with earthly gifts to enjoy prior to eternal life with him.. God had chosen us four as a one and one time story for rapid WW change.. like Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mary and others in his divine word.. We have been blessed and I pray, you three love it, some time, if not now! I love you, Joseph! You are an awesome big brother…. then two love you and you love them….  It is OK to forgive yourself.. and, to tell them… please don’t let Satan win..  WE did survive it! 
God says, “shame on Rose Olson of camano island! She shoulda been my 3 stolen babies and my very 1st honest witness, like Dover baptist church and Joshua Paul Cunning! some how they were involved. Thats why 2002, Craig her husband replaced me with another as their housekeeper. Thats why when i invited them verbally and put them on invite list i gave sally morgan or Lynnette trier, to tom trier and my Valentine’s day ’07 wedding (that only to me, clueless, was fake), Craig said,”they’ll come if its real.” oop! What a strange statement! Makes since now! Thats why they didnt come, nor send wedding gift! I did call rose ’10 frm Everett gospel mission phone to inquire about her kids experience with lance brakefield who did private lessons at their house with them. Thats when i found out it wasnt them who anonymously put remaining funds up for my baby Joseph to go to karate nationals in 1999, age 8! I thought it was them the entire time, until that day ont the phone… from 1999~2010. I was blown, Who then? and, why?! My believing that is what had me in 1999, we even went to the Halloween Party 1998, her and Craig Olson let their two sons have, for the entire class with Lance Brakefield and Doris Eastbury who bought the club and martial arts from Lance, when they came back from 1999 Nationals (yet, 1999 Halloween the Olsons had no halloween party for their boys or any team/martial arts class members; Believing this I believed I saw the Olson’s anonymous hearts in helping the poor, cuz they have Casino money and more and not often are the rich like that and I would get closer to Rose, with gratitude and trust. I thought they saw Joseph’s talent, me bust ass with fund raisers for his fee for the nationals and i was thankful, they did that.
Nope, low and behold it was not the Olson’s who put that money up!!! Who the hell was it? Organized Crime and Lance Brakefield did unmentionables to Our baby Joseph approx. 1998~1999 at lessons and Nationals in 1999 Disneyland Florida Nationals; needless to say, “my baby didn’t  see Disney; he saw Lance and he was telling him at the Nationals, ” Don’t you want your mom proud?” Age 8, upon return his Team Jacket was no longer with him. Lance sold the Karate studio to “Doris Eastbury; stanwood, wa., ” woman, another instructor of Josephs and guess what, “Eastbury was at the Nationals with Lance and Joseph! I asked, where were her daughters, with Joseph? !!! Her daughter was in the Nationals, too with the Team, as well as my baby Jospeh! Her oldest daughter baby sat at times for us, but it was at the end of marriage and yes, Jonathan and i were suppose to by using Meth to sit and be active with each other, since we never had time to even do that! It is all shared in beginning of book and I, did do it with her ‘once’. She was like age 18 or 19 or something, then she never babysat again. 
!!!!!! My baby Joseph’s sexual offenders who were basically all men,
that we know of, except something possibly with Dorris eastbury or others we may not know of:  had Joseph wear various clothes…..and, Joseph had Jon and Nate do the same. REMEMBER: ALL THREE OF MY KIDS WERE AGES 10 AND UNDER WHEN IT FIRST BEGAN IN 2000! 
I even called that freaking bitch, Doris Eastbury on EGM Woman’s Shelter phone in 2010 and asked her if she knew anything about Lance Brakefield with Joseph at Karate Nationals 1999, him age 8 that she was at, too!!! It just so happen with Joseph first came back from 1999 Nationals he did want to take stick or and we invested in a proper martial arts ‘stick”..He took it for a minute, but after about 2 classes, at age 8 he came running home as fast as he ever ran, I didn’t know, I thought he didn’t want to be there and let him know ‘wow’ what a fast runner. ( I was sick at this time, with what I have today, but with hep C, they gave me in Mexico detox 1993, that story more in begging, anyway, had the twins.. it was in the period of 1999, had his 10th birthday, went to San Diego… THE MARTIAL ARTS CLASS, WHERE HE TOOK CLASS AT WAS STRAIGHT DOWN A WELL SEEN AND STRAIGHT PATH RIGHT BEHIND THE StaNWOOD APARTMENTS; it was not abnormal for parents in that area, and of the small community and such it was then 1999 for our kids 2nd grade and up to use that path to get to other side, and I knew. I don’t know if the others did or if they cared or if they were at work and not there anyway..; from that point on, he refused to take martial arts. He was not left to take class with us not there, because WE being the twins and i didn’t want to be there. One as you read my health, but that wasnt it the most. I was actually the only parent there, the other parents dropped their kids off, for the most part. The twins really stepped in class to, coping  their big bubba, and I didn’t want it to interfere with sibling riverly, get in his way of concentration. My reasons for the best interest of Joseph, innocent, and Satan twisted all that! Well, today God’s Achc Angel Michael intervene for them, mamma, and many others, including our generations to follow!! 
Our own uncle Jr. Gaumond, Aunt Maureen, cousing Norman, their father Jonathan, Doris EastBury, Lance Brakefield ( who did naughties to my baby Joseph), all in on, who and why My baby Jon’s Martial Arts Korean Instructor was taking Jon home and at age 15 or so and had drag queen photos of Jon at her house.. all set up and pre-planned for them, beginning prior to their births by Donald Walters and MAIN root and offender! All they were able to bring on buy paying off, loved it for the love of their love for money and this, them getting caught, God say’s is an small eg. of His wrath for those whom love money and use it for evil, self gain, false control, false esteem purposes at the cost of innocents at any age. 
the above mentioned also who made this plausible: Joseph and Jon both,had no problem finding and associating with peers who,too were bi and/or gay. Joseph’s psyched up fake, but appears and feels real, intimidating actions can be noticed in video u~tube clip, high school running for president or something, in basketball clip.
2010 FRM EGM Woman’s shelter phone, after inquiring w/ doris eastbury and rose olson about lance brakefield, and confronted his wife: jonathan barber out of blue spoke to me. People had now been calling his, on Camano Island, house after my calls. Of course, together the adults in on this wrapped it up to, one of my “off the wall”, mentally bipolar (and, I am not bipolar) ill acts, that was off meds and still needed help; because without me saying anything to Jonathan, he got on phone with me and said,” Joseph admits to being sexually abused as a kid, but he wont say who.” right then, the holy spirit told me,”Jonathan isn’t protecting Joseph and finding out. Jonathan knows who did. Jonathan is, one who did it to Joseph, at the son and father christian retreats, you set up for them to go on to bond with me.” one of us hung up on each other and i never heard or saw jonathan again except the few counseling sessions i tried to do with twins 2010 Everett, WA, but was set up for us to fail 2010, when he dropped them off and 2014 when illegal king county loop, had Nathan tell Jonathan where we lived and came to move Nathan out! Jonathan told illegal loop, “that was calmest he ever saw me.” God says, “liar!” and, illegal loop then expose me, to a murder, Jonathan Barber, who battered woman’s would allowed me to have changed my identity in 2002, to be safe frm Jonathan barber 1999~2002 when i was going! But, if the kids are not with parent, then they can’t even let children know their new identity either.
Jonathan and Annie knew of something going on either between Joseph , Jon, and Nate and/or was being judgmental to Joseph exercising being bi~sexual. I don’t know to this day, but……. Not long after baby Joseph age 17 moved out, one of the twins blurted quickly verbally or text age 11, unknown to me and being the parent and person god made me to be, i was encouraging t “they aren’t allowed to be at Josephs, with Joseph, or of the such.that Jonathan and Annie wont let them. Joseph bi~sexual life style is what God used to help me, identify who I am after being tainted. God used it for me to seek the “Hype” of sex and what not, to get into the sex addicts mind, so I may understand and be helpful to my 3 stolen babies. Joseph even called me soon after moving out about having a girl friend and asked my advice about being honest with her or not. I suggested he be honest from the start and let her know of his bi~sexual acts and of where he is at… the mid!end of 2007. I was still with Tom Trier and writing my 1st book. and, now that we all know about Jonathan’s sex offenses to my baby Joseph and his violent attacks physically and verbally to all 3 of my babies…..who was Jonathan to interfere with Joseph, Jon, and Nathan’s relationship who ever healthy or sick it was? Jonathan is a guilty NOBODY! A nobody God won’t use, but to be as an example of what happens to such satanic sinners as Jonathan Barber. Halleluyah and Amen! 
Prior to talking to Jonathan, where my brain and ignorance to all this and him and twins, i did send Joseph text, upset with entire thing! Stil not sure about wat happened to him and said, “just kill yourself for what you did with your brothers or get in military and do something with self.” never, as usual did Joseph reply and strangely enuf took it to Jonathan, as usual.
next, Jonathan made point to say, above never mentioned text sent. I knew Joseph was doing well tho and his best when, our, being God and mine’s baby Nathan let me know, Joseph was in the Army 2011
😀 Joseph has and does try to make right choices all his life and make up for his wrongs. He is a person with a conscious and will avoid you, due to guilt, shame, pain and punishment to himself. “Guilt is not of God my son..’forgiveness and love’ is. Step away Satan,now! Amen” 
So, that didn’t work for me! Besides, Organized Crime was controlling battered woman’s Mt. Vernon, WA 1999, Everett, WA 2000 ish to 2002, the surrounding others 2000ish to 2002, and San Diego, CA 2002, and in 2002 Sacramento, CA where my mail was suppose to be secretly going, as part of Battered Woman’s Program and opportunities for help in getting a new life and away from my offenders, and my mail by this time anyway! Yes, Donald Ivester, San Diego Hell Angels Dago Mob big in on that!! So, I never had gotten away.. they been setting up and stalking my entire life, up til now! WEIRDOS~~dangerous one’s at that!! no, not me or my kids, THE ONE’S IN THIS BOOK are the ‘weirdos’ AND ALL whom THEY KNOW!! ‘EWW, ‘EEWWW, ‘EWW! (Thank you, Joseph for teaching me how to spell, “eww from your myspace site in 2007 when I say you use it..)
*** Joseph, Jon, and Nathan were some how taught, by Jonathan at that age that my presence is distracting, embarrassing, my being their cheerleader, rooter, who brought fried chicken for the team, exccuse me I happen to be oneof the parents whom are supportive and shout for Victory in your team and gifts..I am sorry you were taught that was weird for a parent to do, especially one like me, who is so crazy and that my support was not wanted.  I refuse to make him; but I did try to encourage to say if there was any reason why or if he really did not want to do it any more. I don’t believe in “pushing” and I supported him in his choice to stop and put the stick up, too. age 8. 1999 Joseph asked, “Mamma, would have been proud of me, if I didn’t win?” I knew right then Lance did unmentionables to my baby..My biological father had the same thing said to me…Dont you want to make your daddy proud?” Those are not my words, because I didn’t raise my kids to make me proud. I was teaching them, WE are here to make God proud..and, always told them how proud I was to be their mamma. And, I am ..’err huh, that me I am proud of them …Satan twisted that all up!! Then, in 2011 when off the wall I forgot my own father was my enemy and was speaking to him for a second, when I told him, He said, “that is what happens when you leave your kid alone. ” It was my own father who had these things done to me and my 3 stolen babies.. and, many others participated and knew! Jonathan Barber did this to his own children… he did it to my baby that was not his!! I happen to be my own mamma and I am awesome. I am nothing like Sanrda Walters or Jonathan Barber. I am like Jesus says.. I am what I needed and wanted, and hoped for.. I did and do  my best! 
Until, 11.15 the story is on another page of this book; I did not know!!! The Holy Spirit and spoke thru me and told me that Donald Walters and Donald Duffy did child porn with my baby Joseph in 1992..age 2! As I was lead to believe my dad was just watching Joseph for a night as I went on a ONCE in never time date, which is another story and probably already expressed in this or my first 2007 book, any way. Or, he was watching Joseph while I was seeing Dr.s, or in 1992 when Don Duffy and Donald Walters had me in same institution Dirty Secret Agent Joshua Paul Cunning illegally set up and had me in 2008, off Euclid Ave. & El cajon Blvd.??? I dont know.. But, all the patients just happen to also be Ocean Beach, CA (Hell Angels). Lets me see..and, in Oklahoma Joseph was age 6, when around with Don Walters for a second, while I went to Dr.s or something dumb, maybe a small date with their dad Jonathan?? and, we even left the twins and Joseph with Donald !!! We went out dancing and drinking; WE never did that stuff and went out to let loose!! So!!!! Joseph shared his experience with his brothers and I believe it was ‘normal’…God knows, understands, is using his baby Josephs sufferings, for His glory and He is lifting Joseph to His Royal Crown.. God is proud of Joseph, Jon, Nathan, and me.. He, his brothers, and I their mamma are innocent in God’s sight.
2002, once
Jonathan was done using Joseph to help get them away from me at any lengths, Jonathan was done with Joseph at age 12. Jonathan stopped treating Joseph as his son and left him in demand with the twins, while Annie and Jonathan went regularly, as a life style to bar and such, neglecting our 3 babies, had intimidated them to hate ~n~ not call 4 me, nor obviously nobody! My3babies were made fearful to tell, to get help, and left to believe I, nor anybody cared. And if one or all did tell sandy walters or such SHE/THEY ALREADY SECRETLY KNEW, PUSHED IT UNDER CARPET, GAVE FALSE COMFORT, AND TOLD THEM IT WAS MY, their mamma’s FAULT, whom they were keeping and calling, ‘clueless,” as they did same unmentionables to me: Doanld Ivester and Donald Walters money could buy! Of Course, not telling the boys about what they were doing to me, their mamma..they lead my 3 babies to believe any of my sufferings since 2000~ now and/or accomplishments/spiritual messages, and such are ME “crazy, as in “insane, dangerous, OMG, as if I were really them, like Sandy and Jonathan and all of them, leading them to believe they are whom cared about them and that my sufferings and theirs were my fault and doings!  
!!!!!! 2000~2002
Sandy Walters, jr. and maureen Gaumond, Jonathan, and probably others I am unaware of coached my kids on how to behave with me during divorce, when they were first with me. Jonathan was telling Joseph of plans to take them frm me,when Joseph refused to listen and “not” talk or call jonathan during 2 wk restraining order time and we saw the judge. It came to point that due to restraining order, stanwood police told me with Josephs behavior and insistence to be with jonathan, i had to kick Joseph out, so legally jonathan could pick him up where he went. aka: agent monica clark closest eg. of me as an active parent, period and Satan erased their memories of that and gods breaking that memory block down! In Jesus’ name! Amen; Except, Monica lies to her kids like when she was still smoking cigarettes. I don’t and won’t lie to kids. She is a little aggressive in her discipline where the kids know she will have them get out of vehicle, and Avon does get in trouble for Langston’s provokes to Avon or what not…as little brothers are… I don’t believe in the oldest getting in trouble for everything, nor in having kids fear me to leave them… regardless to our parenting as a whole is not one whom did or does that..either than that, Monaica Clark is probably the clostest to a mom as me.. and how I am with and/or was prior to them being stolen in 2002 and since t this year and day of 2017! Monica Clark is an awesome mom! 
!!!!!! 2002 The illegal Organized Crime of our own roots
Many others and Jr. and Maureen Gaumond who made it clear to me, that SHE/ they were going to do what ever it takes to make sure I never see my kids again, because I TOLD ON JR. MY BIOLOGICAL UNCLE WHO USE TO TICKLE ME AT AGE 3 IN HIS LAP..I TOLD ON JR. LOUIS GAUMOND FOR ASKING ME TO HAVE ANAL SEX WITH HIM IN STANWOOD IN HIS BEDROOM DURING THE TIME I HAD RESTRAINING ORDER ON JONATHAN AND/OR AROUND THAT TIME! HOW DARE I AND I WAS A LIAR, I WAS TOLD! So, Jr. Gaumond wrote that complete lie of a letter for the judge during divorce on behalf of Jonahtan having he 3 kids and many lies about me! These people were encouraging Joseph to do things, like had Joseph age 11 3/4 ish talking to jonathan during restraining order on him, be yelling across the room, “stop hitting me!” when i was on opposite of room, not touching him, and hitting him wasnt my signature of parenting. They had him hang phone up on me and/or walk by knock over a chair and yell at me,”what did you do that for?!” he was sitting gangster, flipping his sneakers off telling Jon and Nathan age 6ish,”you dont have to listen to mom, i’m not.” had him telling me,”im willing to go to any lengths to make sure we are with dad.” thats when i stood up smacked him in his smart mouth and had to make my 1st hardest choice in my life. I had to do what stanwood police suggested since restraining order was on Jonathan. I found it odd when Jonathan didn’t care that my uncle did said that to me.. it must have happened during the time between the first and second restraining order I got on Jonathan… in 2002.. Everett, WA court Snohomish County public records.. 
*** I am so sorry, Joseph.
I should have been able to be there for you.. I, too was clueless, our roots and these people had planned it that way. I hope we can get past that and you will forgive me.
2002, I had to tell my son, Joseph age 12
to pack his back pack up and leave, not to come back unless he could behave.” in doing this i already knew he’d just go call jonathan to come pick him up! No, he had him stay at jr and maureens and went to cps on me! Cps never came to me, but now im being intimidated that im not allowed to go get my kid! I had to even sneak while he was yelling at me to leave to get picks of him playing 6th grade football practice. It was bullshit! I was trying to keep it together.have the kids participate in packing. I didn’t tell them welfare was being set up by organized crime to only give me approx., $900. a month for me and 3 kids and that the income they were counting was my ssi and Josephs death benefits! Nothing for the twins! I was having to file child support! omg! that’s why we were having to pack to move! But, Joseph and the twins already knew they weren’t going to be with me. That jonathan was getting a house set up for them on camano island,WA., that’s why Joseph didn’t need to listen to or help mamma. Jonathan and others had been coaching him. 
*** 2000, 2002~2006 ish
Joseph did nothing but reenact and say what had been done to him when watching his brothers in custody of jonathan, while he and annie went out. Joseph didnt do anything more, but share his sick experiences that was done to him, in anger with jonathan making him watch them and now, with all god has shared that Joseph had gone thru he had held in, until 2002, age 12 and now with jonathan and annie. Organized crime had me in a grocery cart, doing unmentionables to me,their mom in san diego, ca. what happened between Joseph, Jon, and Nathan as neglected, abused, stolen from their mom children~teens is really between them and is as far, as Joseph took his wrongs in that area with any others. He was holding all this in since age 2 with his grandpa to age 27 when god speaks thru me for him.
!!!!!! The illegal king county loop of retaliators
out to pay me back for telling on them, and esp. Since Hawaii and Everett gospel mission ’09_’11 began illegally shadowing Jon and Nathan at age 15. They fed on their experience and distorted beliefs and hatred towards me. They set up traps for Jon and Nate to fall in, and use to intimidate them and say,”we caught you.” they illegally took over my baby Jon and Nate’s lives over, intimidating their innocent,already abused minds. They feed them shit. They illegally used my stolen now adult babies at age 18 to insincerely bait and invite me to king county ’14 with permission given to them do what they want to me as in retaliation and in setting me up to prove i was an insincere,secret junky whore, living off system pretending to be sick, and omg!
*** 2014, I had to make the 3rd hardest choice in my life:
’14 let Nate go,’15 call 911 on Jon to be removed. choices i had to make because organized crime taught me 3 stolen sons they may abuse me and don’t have to listen to me ; putting me in the situation to accept the things i can not change. The courage to change things i can and that would be my sanity and safety 1st by even my own 3 stolen sons and carry on with my life with god.
*** 2000, during the 3 months they had me out of the home in their first attempt to steal the boys
Joseph was used to easily influence Nathan to become a bully as a team with Joseph against Jon. This isn’t acceptable to me and so I took steps in how I parent and we had a mandatory group, circle meeting between the four of us. We must take a family time mtng, sit in circle, eat Doritos, and talk. it was all at end of divorce, it was to fast for me and out of hand. Them boys needed me! Organized crime had us all not being ourselves, just how they wanted me and my 3 babies! There wasn’t anything right or wrong for me to do! Organized crime had this in operation for years. Their evil plans for me and them were working.
!!!!!! The illegal king county loop
of those in hi and io places since ‘ 09 to present day, Friday, going into gods holy Sabbath, 2017 June 15 and on going, as a team w/ organized crime of my 3 babies and my own roots began illegally shadowing my babies jon and Nate when they were age 15, in 2010! They found their weaknesses, used them to get close to them, and then illegally set a trap for them to fall in and say, “we caught you,” to them, falsely intimidate them, yet get them to turn more against me.
They purposely waited til Jon and Nate were age 18 to take the illegal actions they have with using them to bring more harm to me, by them bringing more harm to them; this way the boys could pull they are age 18 and dont have to listen to me and other reasons for their gain, in 2014 when they used Nate to falsely bait me to return to Washington to sincerely reunite! So, why the hell would they even move in with me, if it was going to be a burden for them and insincere on their parts, as a copy cat insane, what the hell manor and misery their biological dad had in the disgust of even hearing me breath!?
*** I knew,
something illegal is happening by dirty in hi and lo places god had me report! 2014,This town is set up so my retaliators from my past can illegally kill me slowly, illegally take over my 3 sons lives and distort them more and other evil plots and acts, as dirty FBI agents joshua paul cunning, randy,and clinton z. allowed them too since ’09 to this day. God authorizes me to expose these criminally insane demons in the flesh! Get away, Satan! You have no business near our camps!
!!!!!! Here’s one to clear up
illegal king county loop and my 3 stolen babies, you also have illegally and ignorantly taken over their lives: my 3 precious, distorted by may demons of Satan’s, “Nate, never told on you three and what happened between you 3 as kids and baby teens. When nate unloaded his torment of what happened to mamma and that piece of truth asking me to return in July 5, 2010 on phone. God, instantly used what Nate unburdened his load of to tell me, mamma right then lance brakefield hurt our Joseph, and since that moment jonathan barber and donald walters has been in my, mamma’s natural instinct for her son’s faithful gut. God didn’t use Nate’s sharing to mamma to bring shame upon you three, to discipline or any thing ungodly that’s illegally been done to you three thru this. God only used what Nate told to mamma to catch all these sickos to did it in 1st place to Joseph, in which the same people still abused you, too Jon and Nate: regardless to what happened between you 3.
God just wants you 3 to tell all you need and he will authorize others to keep you three safe and serve consequences to your true offenders, and talk about what happened with each other. But help to grow, heal, forgive is for you 3 kids. Its nobodies fault but them evil demons who began with baby Joseph and it was their evil plans that is “why” you 3 experienced horror together as kids,young teens!We can change that cycle forever. We can! God is proud of you three and Nate only walks in the bravery, courage and boldness of God’s lion.. 
Proverbs 28:1Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
28 The wicked are afraid of everything, but those who live right are as brave as lions.
!!! “No Nate never told on him and his brothers;
Nate told on those who did unmentionables to their bubba and my baby j.d.! Nate told on jonathan and annie barber! I have no clue how illegal king county loop twisted any of that into Nate being treated, like he told on him and his brothers, and Nate’s twin being glad Nate told on them! Wth!? First off, 2010 is when Nate told me, so why was illegal king county playing shisty in 2014 throwing it my face twisted lies that not only did i turn my 3 stolen son’s in, but that NATE HAD TOLD ON HIM AND HIS BROTHERS IN’10 TO WE!? get away from my 3 sons with ur double edged lying tongues, Satan and stop twisting my acts and motives for my 3 babies you and your servants stole, now in Jesus’s amen and, so Satan and his people in flesh flee!”
results of cause and effect, for OUR baby Jon, on dealing w/ believing, I, mamma didn’t care about him or them (Satan’s lies) and men/males attention was there; as well, as other false identities in who they really are, as children of god and represent as false comfort, over ruling any natural desire,nor sincere curiosity of me, mom or god.    DOB: 1996~ Freedom thru this truth, OUR heavenly Father has brought for them, me, US 2017! 
In 2003,
Jon said to me when down in summer,”dad gets mad and wont allow me to sing, I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CAN NOT LIE…. 😀 age 7. the boys are creative and laughing, singing at silly words in song, like big deal! Wth!? i allowed my 3 son’s and encouraged them to develop, sing, dance, be silly, roller blade in house, climb, martial arts, gymnastics. Today, i believe jonathan barber was ugly about Jon age 7 giggling, dancing, and singing that song for reasons he knew were happening and/or he did to my Joseph, possibly them, leaving them with Joseph as in force and neglect to them 3 babies back then, and/or to others! Guilt and control is why jonathan barber was a monster to my son Jon, age 7 having fun to that song.
!!!!!! 2006 ish, age 9 ish, 
Jon would be screaming on school bus, “my mom’s bipolar!” jonathan, annie who i never met, sandy walters, norman, maureen and jr. Gaumond, ellen bagley, who ever would be telling the kids i had mental issues i dont really have and/or what the offenders ‘really’ are, as some how they appeared to be who loved my 3s tolen kids. Jon’s disturbed, yelling that on elementary school bus, probably not having a real understanding of what bipolar even meant, but it was psycho, insane, dangerous they were being taught mamma was, by those who really are and who mamma, him, and his two brothers really survived.
These people in this book, on this page are the people who fed on my baby Jon’s believing he is gay and began promoting him prior to age 18 as a drag queen at Julia’s on Broadway Seattle, WA., as “farrahmones,” the drag queen, my baby, NOT THEIRS! Who think that’s their baby? me and my 3 babies are not in the need to be adopted! We aren’t your babies, nor legally they systems! So, get your illegal,dirty, asses away from us, now in Jesus’ name! Not ur babies! they are God and my babies, bitches! 
Jon is my son! I know what I gave birth to! I know my child prior to being in Jonathan and annies custody, neglected, abandoned, abused, and told his mamma left him for drugs.. which was a lie of Satan’s! It is my place to support, or not support Jon in Drag Queen stuff, not any of you!! This is not your son! God and I know what my son’s have been thru. Not one of you took the time to find out what really is the story of my baby Jon. You people feed on the lie of me leaving him…and, used Jon against me, his mamma who does love him, never left him, who he was stolen from….who my own biological father and his grandma Sandy Walters, Jr, and maureen Gaumond, Joseph’s roots side of Hell Angels, and more, like Silvia CEO of EGM woman’s’ shelter already had plans for them and me, prior to me having them! 
The first thing anyone of sincere interest would help the kid and their mom. Would find out what happened. Would do what can be of help. If after all the truth and processing was out….then, it is between Jon and God, if being a drag queen is more than just a stage he went thru, in all this… and, the rest is really none of our business….it is between God and Jon and God knows Jon and his story, just like God knows all of us and our hearts, weather we share it with others or not. I believe God’s will for us is to sincerely have a relation with him and let him deal with our struggles. I believe that IF God is really concerned about something He all alone, with out any will of us, makes it happen… My only job was to let the dark secrets out that kept my baby Jon in chains….free him.. keep loving myself in the healthy spiritual manor, pray for him, let him be him in God’s hands, love him, and support him where his interests and where he is at the moment…. It is not my job to disown him, judge him, not associate with him, or of the such! I just don’t appreciate others, esp., my own kids judging me and treating me like a freak and yet, nobody is looking at them selves. and YEs, I do defend my selves from my kids, too.
I love my Jon thru and thru..I have no favoritism for my kids, as God has none for His. We each do have our own identity, talents, etc., and shared one’s but, as for the love, acceptance, etc., from this mamma…it’s a no brainer.. was already there when I was age 3 already wanting my own fam to be a good mamma to that I never had. I would love, for my baby Jon to be content with himself as a boy…he is gorgeous as a boy, too. For him to learn to deal with girls rejection and rejection in a healthy manor, not a personal, gut wrenching, harmful manor towards himself.. God and I love him just how God make him… Satan will do his uglies to us, nobody is free from Satan’s attacks. With God we can stand up against him in confidence that God is for us and there for who can be against us…. But, all this is between Jon and God, not any of us…
all the verses of God’s words to us thru others before us, pertain to all of us whom read them. FYI , LOL “ER DUH…   not meant for any individual…’s how ever the Holy Spirit chooses to work in each of us individually. So, staying in my own self is my concern and responsibility, not what you or any other is doing.. visa versa..  I do know, as real friends we do sharpen one another and have each others backs.  I yet to experience much of that; just experience small portions in life today of going on 51 years. I have to agree with Joseph, “life is one fucking chore!” and it’s not suppose to be like that for any one! Esp., once we are given access to our royalties! You, son’s better enjoy, and not chore in life again!!! You will have all the money fun and enjoyment of healthy and right can ever possibly buy and real friends,and people who love you to enjoy it with at times!! Hallelujah!
!!!!!! The father of lies: 
~~~ John 8:44Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
44 Your father is the devil. You belong to him. You want to do what he wants. He was a murderer from the beginning. He was always against the truth. There is no truth in him. He is like the lies he tells. Yes, the devil is a liar. He is the father of lies.
~~~ Matthew 4:1-11Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Temptation of Jesus
Then the Spirit led Jesus into the desert. He was taken there to be tempted by the devil. Jesus ate nothing for 40 days and nights. After this, he was very hungry. The devil[a] came to tempt him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these rocks to become bread.”
Jesus answered him, “The Scriptures say,
‘It is not just bread that keeps people alive.
    Their lives depend on what God says.’”
Then the devil led Jesus to the holy city of Jerusalem and put him on a high place at the edge of the Temple area. He said to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God, jump off, because the Scriptures say,
‘God will command his angels to help you,
    and their hands will catch you,
so that you will not hit your foot on a rock.’”
Jesus answered, “The Scriptures also say, ‘You must not test the Lord your God.’”[b]
Then the devil led Jesus to the top of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and all the wonderful things in them.The devil said, “If you will bow down and worship me, I will give you all these things.”
10 Jesus said to him, “Get away from me, Satan! The Scriptures say,
‘You must worship the Lord your God.
    Serve only him!’”
11 So the devil left him. Then some angels came to Jesus and helped him.


*** “Our baby Jon,” God says, loves girls..he just didn’t know how to accept their rejection as a kid and he was told his mommy left him, didn’t car about him, he was effected and found attention and acceptance in being a drag queen…this, too was my own fathers plans for Jon…Organized crime did this to them and me… Praise God for his divine love and protection over us.. WE are God’s children..all 3 of them and me!!
~~~ My son Jon Christian Barber 2013, age 16 ish  My Drag Queen “farrahmones” 2013 ish, age 16 ish..  who the illegal Organized Crime of illegal King County loop and proir of our own roots purposely and ignorantly promoted Jon being a Drag Queen, following him and more prior to age 18. Today, year 2017 they illegal looop has done much more damage to the entire situation of them being stolen from me, to them, to me.. in hopes for their own dirty gain: God used their motive to expose me and prove dirty in me WW illegally to show the beauty of me in HIM WWW and they got caught in all their own evil plots and trap!! ~~~
*** my son Jon
who the illegal king county loop shadowed at age 15, beginning in 2010..who is now age 21..who they used against me…who they promote as a drag queen prior to age 18 at Julia’s on Broadway in Seattle, WA..the owners aka: Ron and many in illegal king county loop of organized crime has been illegally taking my children’s lives illegally over and using them for their gain….. these people who did this to my kids prior to age 18 and to this day do need to be put in prison, not just our roots like sandy walters and donald walters! The one’s in hi places owners of Burien, WA drug recovery in patient place…owners of Dallas Cowboys, EGM woman’s shelter… aka” Ron, Kathy, Dean, Adden, and many others….. roots: bait dirty agent Joshua Paul Cunning of San Diego gave me to Dirty Roger Christies fake THC ministry in 2009,. that was nothing but illegal pot sells under the title of being a Reverend! The organized crime was working the loop of FREEDOM of religion in America to get around illegally selling marijuana. It was an 8 million dollar bracket that God used me to take down! FBI has not paid me. Hawaii FBI Clinton Z. and Randy allowed the retaliators of the 2% who God had me report and those they teamed up with of Organize crime in San Diego, CA have been taking over illegally my kids and I lives, causing more harm than good…. This must stop! God will end it. We will be lifted up with new names into Kennedy money to take well care of selves and others of less fortunate..
*** Today 2017. age 21
my 3 stolen babies, now men do know I, mamma love, accept, and want them… all this writing has not been for me or any of you,nor was my 1st book in 2007….. it is solely for my 3 stolen son’s to know the truth and be free…… It just so happens that the only way I am able to get around the illegal loops  and get my love and truth to them is by   sharing it WWW….   my son Jon who thinks he is a drag queen.. and chooses to be… all promoted by these people who never even took the time to find out what was really going on and how to properly possibly help Jon, giving him a chance to process and then decide…. and, it being between God and Jon and we just love him as any other… They just fed into his crap…my 3 son’s are master liars…materialistic, attention lovers….they are thirsty and I was never enough after the organized crime tainted their child minds, souls, bodies, and hearts, and stole them from their mamma!
~~~ In Christ we trust and believe..
Love Jon into pieces, Lord! Let Him know and see you. Help Him to love you. Help him to forgive. Help him to have self esteem as a man. Help him to handle rejection as you taught me.. ‘rejection is God’s protection over us’; it means that person, place or thing was not health for us…and, to cope with lotsa rejection, applying that really works… If, a companion doesn’t want one of my son’s then I say, ‘that person wasn’t worth you.” to them.. thank you, abba father..  for Jon aka drag queen name was and/or is: farrahmones ~~~ 
!!!!!! 2011,
my twin son’s age 16 ~ When these illegal people of the 2% and organized crime use gerald kingston my 8th grade boyfriend, to falsely bait me to go to mesquite,Texas to make his house a home. These illegal king county loop were illegally stalking my 16 yr old twin stolen son’s on camano island, wa., a African american man Hakim was one of their dirty illegal shadowers. At that time, they were already trying to separate the twins Jon and Nate, but one of the twins wasnt ready to seperate from his twin. How i know this? Because, the organized crime and 2% dirty illegally set up itt-tech in Richardson, Texas for me. They had many African Americans related to and/or friends,associates of nasty silvia CEO of egm woman’s shelter in my classes and at the bus stops. One day at bus stop one of their dirty african american men was taking to a mother, as the organized crime does,in appearing they dont know you, are just talking to somebody about something!
Well, bullshit! They did know of me! they were only there to illegally stalk me! They were talking about me and it was my twin stolen son’s they were speaking about! See? Separation,division,using twins against each other. They give Jon fame as a drag queen and the son of a bitches give Nate nothing! at age 21 they have nate with no drivers license!they never taught him to drive! Get away,Satan! those are gods kid and mine,not yours! My and god’s son’s are equal kings and get equal treatment! Step away from Joseph,Jon,and Nate now,in Jesus” name flee!may gods vengeance be upon all who did this illegally to them 3 son’s that belong to god and i! Amen halleluyah and so it is!yes! Awesome,you god!
*** Hey, i find it interesting,
god that in 1st part of this book, 2002, twins kindergarten, age 5 organized crime of own roots had stanwood elementary in on loop. [I feel all im texting true to be in my acking gut, that must be said, to release the ach in my gut] their damn teacher basically insisted AND IT HAPPENED, IN 1ST GRADE THEY SPLIT THEM UP! NOT CARING WHAT I SAID IN WANTING THEM TO REMAIN TOGETHER, UNTIL THEY TOLD ME THEMSELVES, AS TWINS THEY WERE WANTING TO TRY THAT! THEN, jonathan and annie always comparing them against each other! Then, 2010, twins age 15, 10th grade at the end the illegal king county organized crime of our own roots loop illegally stalks and shadows my twin stolen son’s Jon and nate, finding their weakness’, waiting like Satan, as in demons and vultures for “one” twin, i guess jon, to leave the other twin; always separating them, always treating Nate less than, illegally and ignorantly using intimidation on the twins, tough love, military tactics, illegally saying, “nathan is still getting his feet wet.” to this i dont have a damn clue “wth” that even means!
results of cause and effect, for OUR baby Nathan, on dealing w/ believing, I, mamma didn’t care about him or them (Satan’s lies) and heroin at any act for cost he was put in to obtain it was there; as well, as other false identities in who they really are, as children of god and represent as false comfort, over ruling any natural desire, nor sincere curiosity of me, mom or god.    DOB: 1996~ Freedom thru this truth, OUR heavenly Father has brought for them, me, US 2017!
!!!!!! CIA and those who matter:
it appears that people in illegal king county loop have a secret illegal operation going on. Like the teens they get in Burien, wa.. Drug and what not Recovery place, inpatient there: after they leave people shadow them and their families. The kids are under 18 that they do this too. They began doing it to my son Nate in 2010, when he was age 15, have illegally taken over their lives. He is age 21 and illegal king county loop has him illegally with them, at one of their places in skyway, WA., as they illegally keep him hid from me, but have him at bus stop on purpose for me to see on my way to skyway library this year of 2017, and generally he is pretty rude, as he is even madder at me for the illegally king county loops doing, as IF I KNEW!!, as IF I am not exposing them and God’s favor is on them 3 and me, as they illegally have my Nate on monitor viewing me and using him against me. Hakim is one African american who shadowed my Nate and Jon since they were age 15 and found their weaknesses, then illegally set traps up for them to fall in. All illegal! These are the very same people such as aka: Ron and Kathy, Dean, and others who own these places of recovery and help for woman and kids!! and, men, but they actually offer very little for me that I have ever seen. Get away from my son’s and me, You illegal 2% kidnappers with your illegal secret operations, that destroy!! but, do make you look good, until God uses somebody like me to tell and expose you! 
Mamma loves you, Nate. You did and do need help with staying off drugs and increasing your spiritual. emotional emptiness.. and, what not…to be a healthy being, but hell no, did I or do I approve of how things were and are being handled with you, by this illegal king county loop! again, it is not me to be mad is them ..your true offenders! OUR SAME OFFENDERS! 
I would never do anything to harm you or set you up. I could have walked thru all of your struggles with you, as God intended you and me too..but, Satan got in the way for a minute, God has and is using all this to catch all those whom have done this and more to you three and me, and others! I could have never done this with out you! NOT at all. It is because of you, that WE live and are able to expose these insane beings. I am sorry, you have to learn that our roots, including your Grandma is one of them. I tried teaching you, but you all had to find out your selves. I hope nothing but good for you. I am your mom and I am willing to go to great lengths for you, one of my son’s. I hope, that nice is something you are able to experience and be in character and personality. I have always been and will always be here for you, as long as I am alive and able. Nobody should have experienced the ugly as we four. The emptiness you have, I too had since about your same age of having yours… I  had to fill it with God and good thoughts… I had to find what floated my boat prior to age 12 when I went empty, no aspiration.. I struggle with it to this day.. only because of my age, health, on going situation I do pray God call me home out of this body and rescue me from being man’s victim and illegal project or life time retaliation hit by anyone. I am not speaking of suicide tho or depression or of the such. I am freaking done, tired, and do not have to  be any illegal project for man to just neglect, keep sick, and everything that brings you joy at this time, in seeing them do to your mom..where your hatred for me comes from I have no clue…
yet at age 51, due to organized crime beginning with our own roots and our own biological fathers arranging my life to have been and still is, as of today, neglected, in poverty, taken advantage of, and more as retaliation towards me for exposing them, i still remain unable to exercise the things that float my boat: due to poverty and no way to pay, various health issues and other truths that im illegally kept from having to take well care of self and exercise things that float my boat in life. Im grateful to god that he is lifting us four up into a financial life style that will enable us to do and be what floats our boats and who we are in personality and character towards and in integrity. Im esp., grateful god’s enabling this for you three at ages 21 and 27, sparing you to age 52, as me! claiming restored health and double for my/our troubles thats age 156, i may claim in our new, upgraded, lives thats about to happen. God is the number 1 filler of any ’emptiness’ i may ever experience in life today. I developed this with god over time and now, he is all i know and am with; ’emptiness no longer exists and/or does not rule in me long with god in my heart, mind, and soul, as my bestie 7/24
I know, I love you and somebody, not just the brother situation…somebody like Annie and Jonathan did something to you! and, I am going to expose what they did as God has me tell and you are going to be free and full, as God’s will is for you to be.. full of love, niceness, and content with self.. Get into what floated your boat prior to you loosing any aspiration, becoming emotionally and spiritually is the best suggestion I can give and I live it, too.  become you own bestie.. I love you., me mamma
*** One thing you have, that I never had:
You are wanted, you do have a mamma who loves and accepts you, and much more! I am so happy for you, three boys of mine!
!!!!!! This illegal King County loop of Organized Crime that began with our own roots when we each were in the womb:
In 2014, in set up illegally Greentree Apaertments Building L, the illegal king county loop had my stolen son Nate at age 18 tell me,”stop contacting him. he isnt affiliated with me. he is getting a restraining order on me if i continue.” 1st off, i am his mother. he isnt allowed to speak to me like that. to obtain a restraining order there must be physical abuse and Nate’s the only one who wanted to challenge me! IN which, I just stood there and allowed him to go off. 
2014, in blding L The illegal organized crime king county loop had my stolen twin son’s jon and nate at age 18 use jon knowing karate as a form of intimidation to me! Which didnt make since it wasnt i who abused my 3 sons, never mind be a threat to them;and, instead of us sitting as a joyoice, reunited fam as jon proudly demonstrated to me what he knew and learned beyond what he naturally did in copy cating bubba when ages 1-3ish when we were a fam of 5 and/or as letting me know with jon and his martial arts we are protected. But, it was used as a form of intimidation when nate was leaving jon and i alone for the first time and after…as if i had ever been a threat to them.
Gee, last time ’06 my twins wanted to latch on to my boobs and be swaddled as infants! The natural relationship i have with them is hugging tight and hanging together when we see each other. These were not my twin sons Jon and nate. They were impostors, fakes. Nothing natural about them. Organized crime to illegal king county loop distorted and twisted their innocent child-adolescent mindset so much that i dont know them, as the 3 of them illegally remain monitors and in my life gettn to know me,  getting to call false opinion on me a stranger to them, cause they obviously didnt pay attention to one thing I exposed in my first book or even in photo from Hawaii to here: So, what is that? Strangers telling about me and calling shots illegally with kids distorted brains on truth, in and illegal retaliation manor towards me...praise god for joshua paul cunning, Dover Baptist Church, and loving us! Amen
!!!!!! 2000~2017 as it continues:
“illegal loop’ used my children for their retaliation on me and didn’t really care about them! It was dirty organized crime doing this to them and me…intimidating them and more..that is why there is no legal papers or etc!! Dirty law and order even distorted my children’s minds against me; leading them to believe ‘they,’ by three son’s were in trouble, when it is THEM, THE ADULT ORGANIZED CRIME LOOP OF OUR OWN ROOTS TO ILLEGAL KING COUNTY LOOP IN TROUBLE, NOT THEM! mamma did not return from Hawaii at Nate’s request to get them in trouble! It was suppose to go to court, Nate tell truth to judge, then live with me, in 2010, etc..while we, rather I got them adults in trouble with power of God! But, organized crime was already taking over before I even arrived to Everette, WA in 2010 at Nate’s request! 
!!!!!! This illegal king county loop
had the twins tell me they didnt graduate high school until ’14, at age 18! Bullshit! Its “I” who registered jon and nate in school, took them for entering shots, got them to school and picked them up, helped in their classroom! Nathan joel barber and jon christian were to graduate age 17, 2013! They had nate tell me he needed to pay for books to graduate, when he had been out of school already for a year and would need to get a GED they got jon to move out of jonathans and leave nate, his twin behind, age 17. They falsely and illegally used hiring jon for jobs, promoting jon as a drag queen as their ‘bait’ for ‘innocent/green,’ under age 18, my son, not theirs jon christian barber! Since, the twins basically have been separated age 21 and nathan is not treated well! They are not their kids! They had no care or clue to sincerely get to roots of my babies issues! Organized crime had their own FBI and illegal law and order in on all this! Nothing legal about any of it!
i am so sorry, Jon and Nate about all your nightmare experiences by all who harmed you and i cant imagine how much it hurt you two, scared you two to have gone thru any of that with, your big brother Joseph as kids. Same for Joseph and his offenders and how much it hurts him, to his inner gut, for what he did with the twins when he, too was a kid. Its time, my love doves to release it out. Let the power of god fill you with his divine love, understanding, forgiveness, guidance and/or better all the remaining days of you lives. Amen
??? Are you seriously telling me
they couldnt and/or cant promote jon in things for men and/or performances and/or wat not with nate his twin included as they did skits, singing and/or something together? Couldnt have kept Nate focused as they put him on the baseball field doing something, something more with his music, and may other things! I dont know what the hell this illegal kidnapping, illegally taking over their and my lives thinks they are doing, but i know they better step away from my 3 son’s, our generations to come, and me. In Jesus’ name flee. Amen
~~~ Gods 3 sons
each have talent in music; either with instruments, sound, sing songs, dancing,writing music, and more. Why aren’t these 3 being put together to perform,as brothers? As other families kids in entertainment! No WAY, can any of you who stalked my twin son’s at age 15 and has done this to them and us can be sane, Nor should be free. They were under age 18,they are mine,you illegally stalked then, shadowed hem,found their weaknesses, separated then, promote jon prior to age 18 as drag queen, giving nae nothing. Ur bullshit has been making my nate question why he cant have it in him to be as successful and blossoming as his twin jon? All their life being left comparing selves to each other! when this entire time,as me…its not necessarily ‘Nate’! It is them illegal organized crime king county loop and those of our roots doing this! Opening doors,distorted at that for jon. Jon developing the attitude, “well, i got what i wanted.” and,it only having to do with self, money, and material family before,no mamma, God or truth. While they treat nate less than,in need for jon to help him or tell him no.  Stay away frm my 3 kids and generations to follow. Now!flee satan in flesh!
*** Since can throw a ball as an infant, One of Josephs talents is basket ball. It’s been shoved in my face since they 1st attempted to steal my 3 babies 2000 to this day in how the organized crime illegal ‘mind control’ they been illegally doing to me since 1983! 2007 ish, age 17 ish Joseph wanted get Nate age 11 ish into football. I think, cuz Nate runs fast. “Er huh, why isn’t Joseph being put in pro basket ball and/or of the such..??? 
God says, 2009 “our baby Nathan went to heroin, instead of base ball, because Annie his “step” bitch mom read tarot cards and “always” told him, “he will never be a professional baseball player.” after they stole them from me, every year it was time to sign up for baseball Jonathan yelled, made big stink. the whole family being Jonathan, his evil stinky whole Annie, Jon, and Joseph didn’t attend his games as support system, like when i was there and how we did it. Nathan ran strong though threw age 14 regardless; that shows he has what it takes to do one’s own thing with no support, but he was a little kid and by teenage he got caught up in Satan braking him down, then heroin took over, things began dying in him. Heroin also was how Nathan dealt with what had happened between Jon and him by Joseph their big brother, who they worshiped, they and he were close, not weird then, and ‘err, any who this is holy spirit lead,.. moving on then, than you lord.. “bubba” gone psycho now, 2002~2006~ish ( I don’t know) for a minute, himself. Remember, tho? Jonathan began telling Nathan that when he grows up, he is going to be a drug addict. I called smoky pt cps ’05 or so and told them. They didn’t care, cuz i wasn’t reporting physical smokey point cps was big in stealing them with organized crime. I did report neglect and sexual abuse done to my 3 babies in 2010, when arrived, also! When my brave Nathan told me as clear communication, on phone, when I was on brake at Hawaii Community College 2010, in computer class. ….
 *** God says, “Joseph, Jon, & Nathan were innocent victims, (I say ‘were,’ because “victims” NO MORE, ‘victory’ is God’s!) to organized crime that included their grandpa Donald Walters as the man man as his plans already made for them, since they were my children, uncle Donald ivester, aunt and uncle jr. & Maureen Gaumond, grandma Sandra Walters, father Jonathan barber, and many others in the theft of them and tossing me, their mamma carol Walters~ barber out like forgettable trash, distorting their brains about me, beginning as infants, into toddlers, young children, developing adults “clueless” to the entire, if any truth that: the 3 of them are 100% allowed to share and express freely anything they need, of any memory. They get to freely vomit up all they need. The idea is get it safely out, even if need to use psycho therapy, deal with it, feel, process, move on. Its “in the now” of gods free will in making choices that they are accountable for at ages 21 and 27, this year of 2017 here on Planet Earth. Nothing prior; for they had been victimized as innocent children, who so already knew him and loved him.
!!!!!! 2011, Donald walters states,
“thats what happens when you leave your kids alone for classes or with other people, even if its grandpa who suppose to be safe? Bullshit! Sandy and donald walters left me to play alone all the time, where stuffed animals and real were my only friends! i was always “just” dropped at catechism/ccd, girl scouts, riding lessons, walking to frieds, softball practice, blue birds meetings, good news Friday, tiny tots, tiny tots ballet, over friends if any, walking home from and to school, swimming, and more; not to mention with no support and between ages 3~12 is what these eg.s are about. Nobody did unmentionables to me. My violators were donald and sandy walters, my own parents house is where it was scary and i hated going back to,when the above was over. 
All,” is what “all” is. Hence, my 3 stolen babies, now men can freely express, barf up their experience that happened between each other, let it all out.what they share has no “punishment” upon each other. Freedom, healing, guidance in “right” direction and rewards is what they get, with every share because that is how, sharing, leads to healing and helping others up as well, every emo they may feel. Its gods doubles for their troubles. God is their judge!
Halleluyah God does use Satan’s evil for His and our glory! Thanks goes to only Him! Amen victory is! For those whom are children of God’s, who do need recovery and healing, esp., whom are found to have been victimized as an infant, toddler, child, never mind beginning as a teen; beginning as prior to, and is found has these privileges: Hence, “Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.” 
6.1.17; Now, “the truth sets them free.: They may grow and be who they were meant to be. “Find what floats your boat” you can be and do all you choose ~ you got gods divine love, power,and money; mamma loves the 3 of you.” halleluyah glory to god! Amen
“Our Daddy is GOD, as He is All Our Father, My love doves.”
 Woes to Scribes and Pharisees
Matther 23:8~10  But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. 9And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have oneFather, who is in heaven. 10Nor are you to be called instructors, for you have one Instructor, the Christ.…
Jesus Teaches at the Feast
…John 7:4~6  No one who wants to be known publicly acts in secret. Since You are doing these things, show Yourself to the world.” 5For even His own brothers did not believe in Him. 6Therefore Jesus told them, “Although your time is always at hand, My time has not yet come.…
John 8:32Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
32 You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”
*** “So, who are you, now that you have been set free and have free will to be a new creation in me?,” god asks, not me, a nobody, just your mom and friend. ***
******* Tho, it’s God’s program “WE” are to only follow and His Word is Perfectly written for that:******* ~~~~~~~~~~~~Promises of Man’s “recovery” programs that apply to “all,” as even a personal self check way of living and beginning, living, and ending each day, and is in agreement, to the will of God for us to live, in character and personality being the 12 Steps, that evidently Bill W. and another wrote up and began, but “AA” keeps it’s rooms, and other recovery issues of anything have theirs.. yet, all of the recovery rooms apply that 12 step… God obviously used Bill W.’s 12 step idea for His glory…the point of it is developing a “Spiritual connection with a Higher Power of your understanding;” not a religious program or of the such. 
Alcoholics Anonymous
Page 84 ‘big book’
“word serenity and we will know peace. No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear. We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows. Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. Fear of people and of economic insecurity will leave us. We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us. We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.
Are these extravagant promises? We think not. They are being fulfilled among us – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them.
This thought brings us to Step Ten, which suggests we continue to take personal inventory and continue to set right any new mistakes as we go along. We vigorously commenced this way of living as we cleaned up the past. We have entered the world of the Spirit. Our next function is to grow in understanding and effectiveness. This is not an overnight matter. It should continue for our lifetime. Continue to watch for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear. When these crop up, we ask God at once to remove them. We discuss them with someone immediately and make amends quickly if we have harmed anyone. Then we resolutely turn our thoughts to someone we can help. Love and tolerance of others is our code.
And we have ceased fighting anything or anyone – even alcohol. For by this time sanity will have returned. We will seldom be interested in liquor. If tempted, we recoil from it as from a hot flame.”
* God gives me this as A mission statement I am to, attempted to live, only by the Grace and instructions of a Higher Power of something Greater than US, never mind, “greater than me” : dedicated it of course, first to my 3 babies, now men and then to, All God’s people and His enemies; To “All” His  creation
2 Corinthians 5:17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 When anyone is in Christ, it is a whole new world.[a] The old things are gone; suddenly, everything is new!
~~~ God says,
“i am a prov 31 mom. He is using me speaking to a 4 yr old and 10 yr old audience since them originally attempting to steal them and so on, my speaking to them at them ages to this day, as if they are: god is using this to tap into them at those ages, when Satan and his demons in the skin and bones of those whom “we” are suppose to trust did these evil doings to them and stole their child innocent souls that has “blocked” all natural need, thought, desire for me or god. So, god will continue to use me to speak to them and of them, as if them ages, its a must for them to heal and have a chance to develop properly as proactive adults, doing service, not combat, free of combat inside. I’m to still do this with my life with my husband. He will use it to help them, until Satan’s false blocks are removed. Right now, gods using me like a BB Gun shooting his light thru Satan’s false dark walls of bondage,lies, and walls to the truth of the love of god and their mommy. Momma never blamed one, during her shares to them of outburst of stress, about her marriage to their dad! Halleluyah, glory is gods!”
*** I believe the real reasons, besides ‘guilt,’
Karen Walters Hall didn’t sandy have her kids alone and overnight,like ever, because she knew, saw, and participated in what sandy was really doing with mine, behind my back (Said for a lack of better words). And, I believe her and Erik didn’t help me or welcome me in their home, not only because they were a big part of this beginning in the early ’90’s, but mostly because Erik and Karen knew I would find out what was really going on behind their closed doors like, they are meth users, fight before and once having kids in front of them alot physical and verbal, they do smoke pot and were into helping others with lighting and growing; esp. once medical licenses to grow and medically use became a thing in San Diego 2003 ish, and more.  
1. title: Not ‘White’, it’s “Right’! “In God’s sight”
“Ima “right” supremacist, not a “white” supremacist 😀 which, ‘er duh means: i stand up for whats “right.” all cultures, colors, creeds, genders, ages, healthy and sick “all” humans welcome to be apart of “the ‘right’ supremacist club 😉 lol and, unite with god and i, in standing up for whats “just” right, period! :-* god loves his people.”
Christ’s Example of Suffering, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness.
1 Peter 2:23~25 When they heaped abuse on Him, He did not retaliate; when He suffered, He made no threats, but entrusted Himself to Him who judges justly. 24HeHimself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. “By Hisstripes you are healed.” 25For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.…
 * Words/ Lyrics God gave me to express and represent: dedicated to those who are a waste of ‘their’ OWN time 
1.  title: YOUR JOB, NOT MINE!; Inspired by words of a man named Herman
“”IT’S NOT WHO NEEDS IT! It’s for who wants it! if you want it, you can have it” Or,” wasting” your OWN fucking time, is who you are fooling! Never mind MINE!!! It’s for who wants it, not who needs it! “It’s” called a life!! A life with a brain! A Brain!!! One that works for the better of Good, whats right, all in the best interest of YOU!!!! and, helping others, giving back helps you, more than them..shhhh! dont’s a secret key.. if they are ‘really’ haters, they will stop needing thee and/or worse take advantage of YOU!!!!! So, dont waste my time!!!! “It’s who want’s it, not who needs it. if you want it, you can have it .””  
One of God’s purposes and instructions on confessing to one another : and you may be healed;” not punished, consequenses, belittled, may to feel bad… but you may be healed.
The Prayer of Faith
…James 5:15~17 And the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick. The Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. 16Therefore confess yoursins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man has great power to prevail. 17Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land for three and a half years.…
Why God disciplines us His children.. at all ages it is with Him, none of us are out of that.. even if, 101 yrs. old or older.. we are forever His children He will discipline, not punish or abuse at any time of life here on earth; I believe WE his children are to copy Him, our Dad, Our Abba Father. 
God Disciplines His Sons
Hebrews 12:5~7 And you have forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons: “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, or lose heart when He rebukes you. 6For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, andHe chastises everyone He receives as a son.”7Endure suffering as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father?…
sing with me  and praise God for OUR brother Jesus making this plausible thru Him and his love for us!! Thank You
Sing this song: Psalm 51:7Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Remove my sin and make me pure.[a]
    Wash me until I am whiter than snow!
 Isaiah 1:16-18Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
16 “Wash yourselves and make yourselves clean. Stop doing the evil things I see you do. Stop doing wrong. 17 Learn to do good. Treat people fairly. Punish those who hurt others. Speak up for the widows and orphans. Argue their cases for them in court.
18 “I, the Lord, am the one speaking to you. Come, let’s discuss this. Even if your sins are as dark as red dye, that stain can be removed and you will be as pure as wool that is as white as snow.
John 1:29Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Jesus, the Lamb of God
29 The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God. He takes away the sins of the world!
Matthew 28:2-3Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Suddenly an angel of the Lord came from the sky, and there was a huge earthquake. The angel went to the tomb and rolled the stone away from the entrance. Then he sat on top of the stone. The angel was shining as bright as lightning. His clothes were as white as snow.
My experience in protecting my 3 stolen babies, now men:        I understand the psychological torture you endure, sometimes listening to me; ane, i apprecite you. “I also am who is living in my own skin and enduring it myself with you.”
 *** My 3 Love Doves, Our generations who follow, All blessed to view:
There is no greater Power than the vengeance of God on Our Enemies and favor upon Us for living right. NO Power greater or satisfying as the Power In this Power OF God! You don’t get in any trouble, because it is God’s wrath happening, as WE His babies are just being attacked, by Satan and His schemes… doing good. May YOU, receive it, know it, use it for the will of good as Me or Better. Amen “God seen what the wicked did do to you 3, my loves and to your mamma. “
*** Where’s it written, my ‘lil kittens? 😉
that, its not my job to help and protect you, even if we don’t understand God’s perfect timing, word, character, promises, program, and plans. “Yes, “guilty!” i love my three sons Joseph, Jon, Nathan, who, where, and what they love, too 😀 victory is gods!” so, spank me, expose me, here, ill do it for us. God lets me!
~~~”I am blown away,
at my spiritual husband’s power.. no money can even buy such divine power, He can use those of Him to use His money He blesses them and us with to help, but He needs no help from us..”. 
~~~ Let no beings judgement,
ever be upon you; and, receive the wrath of our father, if any ever try or do. we all happen to be right where we are suppose to be, at each and every moment. God is the potter, we are his clay. When its not false condemnation or of Satan, but is god molding me, “let it burn, lord! Let it burn! continue to mold me. in the image of you, in my purpose and who i am in you.” ‘to be one’s own bestie’ ‘god, the people wont stop staring at me and viewing; uninvited and illegal~ in this trashy, unneeded phone rite NOW!”  My biggest to emphasis to ask and say, “if, my 3 stolen sons where with me 24/7, alone when married 16 hrs a day, 6 days a week when in the holy hell did these sick demon people get the chance to do these satanic acts to them! Satan’s here to steal, kill, and destroy! I refuse to let him win, when i know he already lost! Satan doesn’t get me or my 3 sons after all 😀 again, we laugh in Satan’S face and give all victory to god? Thank u lord! ThaNk u! Amen
~~~ Matthew 7Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Be Careful About Criticizing Others
“Don’t judge others, and God will not judge you. If you judge others, you will be judged the same way you judge them. God will treat you the same way you treat others.
“Why do you notice the small piece of dust that is in your friend’s eye, but you don’t notice the big piece of wood that is in your own? Why do you say to your friend, ‘Let me take that piece of dust out of your eye’? Look at yourself first! You still have that big piece of wood in your own eye. You are a hypocrite! First, take the wood out of your own eye. Then you will see clearly to get the dust out of your friend’s eye.
“Don’t give something that is holy to dogs. They will only turn and hurt you. And don’t throw your pearls to pigs. They will only step on them.
Ask God for What You Need
“Continue to ask, and God will give to you. Continue to search, and you will find. Continue to knock, and the door will open for you. Yes, whoever continues to ask will receive. Whoever continues to look will find. And whoever continues to knock will have the door opened for them.
“Do any of you have a son? If he asked for bread, would you give him a rock? 10 Or if he asked for a fish, would you give him a snake? Of course not! 11 You people are so bad, but you still know how to give good things to your children. So surely your heavenly Father will give good things to those who ask him.
A Very Important Rule
12 “Do for others what you would want them to do for you. This is the meaning of the Law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets.
The Way to Heaven and the Way to Hell
13 “You can enter true life only through the narrow gate. The gate to hell is very wide, and there is plenty of room on the road that leads there. Many people go that way. 14 But the gate that opens the way to true life is narrow. And the road that leads there is hard to follow. Only a few people find it.
What People Do Shows What They Are
15 “Be careful of false prophets. They come to you and look gentle like sheep. But they are really dangerous like wolves. 16 You will know these people because of what they do. Good things don’t come from people who are bad, just as grapes don’t come from thorn bushes, and figs don’t come from thorny weeds. 17 In the same way, every good tree produces good fruit, and bad trees produce bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 You will know these false people by what they do.[a]
21 “Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter God’s kingdom. The only people who will enter are those who do what my Father in heaven wants. 22 On that last Day many will call me Lord. They will say, ‘Lord, Lord, by the power of your name we spoke for God. And by your name we forced out demons and did many miracles.’ 23 Then I will tell those people clearly, ‘Get away from me, you people who do wrong. I never knew you.’
Two Kinds of People
24 “Whoever hears these teachings of mine and obeys them is like a wise man who built his house on rock. 25 It rained hard, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house. But it did not fall because it was built on rock.
26 “Whoever hears these teachings of mine and does not obey them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27 It rained hard, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house. And it fell with a loud crash.”
28 When Jesus finished speaking, the people were amazed at his teaching. 29 He did not teach like their teachers of the law. He taught like someone who has authority.
*** My 3 sons copy who they love most.
They each have chosen jobs like Mc Donalds in Stanwood, choices poor or good, suggestions that were mine, their mom. since, they 1st attempted to steal them ’00 to this day ’17.  Twins copy big brother “bubba and me, mamma.” Eg.s: interests, jobs, way of thinking… or confusion of thinking I think a, Nate being taught I, just lived off the system, played sick, and drugged, and lived a secret illegal life….. so, Nate thought that would be a good idea for him, too. Only mom was never playing system, playing sick or drugging and living a secret illegal life.. So, YES I WANT SATAN’S CONFUSION ABOUT THAT OUT OF MY BABY NATE’S BRAIN, NOW!! Anyway, denial or not, these three do copy me, take my suggestions…. and, therefore, I will continue to grow  in life as I am and have been…eventually, they will need to copy cat this that is of me…. ‘the cycle of life and human behavior  ~~~ the will of God ~~~ 
this is dedicated to those who were in illegal loop, but have turned for God, repented, and are standing up for what is right, as well as for those who were innocent to begin with: 
1. title: OUR FRIENDS
Thank you, God for showing me, who turns out to be, after all the mistakes and lessons they made, including it ruining my ARRANGED marriage to Dean! Today, you show me their true identity. They are your friend and mine: aka: bobcat, Rich, Chico, Mark, Michael, Berry, Gasco, Don R., mr. H. Hayens, rose, Gary, j.d., Anthony, Shawn, and Joe,  others to many names to remember or know. Lalalalalalalalalawwwlaw, Charles and Sara, and those I for get the ‘aka’ names of!! Thank you, Abba Father for showing me your friends…   
!!!Alert!!! A note to you who God has shown me as His friends from me:
“I thank God that you are His friends, me, and my 3 babies, but once this illegal loop is destroyed and my 3 son’s and i have moved up and on, those of you above in the song in bold black underlined are NOT welcome near us, our generations to follow, or know of us and our business, again.
With YOU, each Being “real” friends of God’s, He will have other assignments for you, and far from us.
thank you for turning out to be good guys, after all this damage done, to me and my 3 sons; illegally and well organized, at that, criminal loops against me, due to living right and God using me to expose the hidden darkness of yourselves and those who you were illegally helping, you joyfully participated in it. You each really believed YOU were right about me being a duck!!! 
May you each walk in the forgiveness God has graced u with and never sin like this to the innocent, again; who survived to tell about, even if it’s you, i/they survived. May you each find peace and happiness in a higher power i call God, as i have or better.”  all I can say is, “I didn’t experience any of the following from any of you, as God describes below in friendship and at this point, I have no desire to…. “Just move on,” thank you. ~~ a special note to old man Gary, who plays innocent in illegal king county loop: “Go to hell! You don’t even listen when I speak. I am not worrying about a thing! I am exposing you and all God has me expose and tell of surivivng Satan’s schemes! You have been involved illegally in my and my 3 stolen son’s lives! You are illegally on monitors in my business! You are such a weirdo, that you know that Cameras are inside Serenity Hall, that you participate in as smoke screen for you all to do your illegal acts to me, since 2014 and treated me like some whore, when I went to hug you as a daughter one day! As you stated, “we never know what one may think if they saw.” WHAT THE hell!? and, where is your dirty christian mind? It’s suppose to be AA, Cameras are illegally in there viewing me/us, illegally set up on me…anyone viewing would have seen it being and innocent hug and crying of stress of what you guys were are still are doing, illegally and off the wall at that to me and my three son’s! this is why YOU are not allowed to be in our lives once lifted up…you still play games and deny, you never have been a friend to me, and if you are really a friend to God, good, halleluyah, but you gotsta move on….. Good will to you and your wife!”
 * a poetic eg.
1.  titled: Of a real friend and really being A friend is to:
“remember the ‘beloved friend’ may be going thru some pretty challenging things and a real friend will look past what ‘beloved friend’ is saying, if harsh, rash, sarcastic or of the such and will remember how their ‘beloved friend’ is feeling, instead. If, a real friend, being human and imperfect, fails to be such a real friend at given time, a real friend will make immediate amends for not being such a good friend, at given times and willing to make it up to ‘beloved friend.’ thanku, god for teaching us about friendship: what one is and how to be one….” 
~~~ When God looks at our friends he doesn’t look at their personality or appearance but rather at whether they are a good influence on us. 
We are cautioned to steer clear of friends who may led us astray. 
~~~ Proverbs 12:26Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
26 Good people are careful about choosing their friends, but evil people always choose the wrong ones.
~~~ 1 Corinthians 15:33-34Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
3Don’t be fooled: “Bad friends will ruin good habits.” 34 Come back to your right way of thinking and stop sinning. Some of you don’t know God. I say this to shame you.
~~~ A good friend has a positive impact on the other person.
~~~ Proverbs 27:17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 As one piece of iron sharpens another, so friends keep each other sharp.
~~~ God instructs us to be a friend to those who fear God. 
~~~ Psalm 119:63Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
63 I am a friend to everyone who worships you.
    I am a friend to everyone who obeys your instructions.
~~~ Friendship with God 
Real friendship involves face to face honesty. 
~~~ Exodus 33:7-9Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Temporary Meeting Tent
Moses used to take a tent a short way outside the camp. He called it “the meeting tent.[a]” Anyone who wanted to ask something from the Lord would go to the meeting tent outside the camp. Any time Moses went out to the tent, all the people watched him. They stood at the entrance of their tents and watched Moses until he entered the meeting tent. Whenever Moses went into the tent, the tall cloud would come down and stay at the entrance to the tent. And the Lord would speak with Moses.
~~~ Friendship with Jesus
~~~ John 15:15Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
15 I no longer call you servants, because servants don’t know what their master is doing. But now I call you friends, because I have told you everything that my Father told me. 
* God says to me, this day 6.1.17 , the Restoration of Isreal, applies to ‘me; carol walters~barber and His and my 3 son’s as well, in the Earth time of today and the generations to follow.”
The Restoration of Israel
…Isaiah 49:24~26 Can the prey be taken from the mighty man, Or the captives of a tyrant be rescued?” 25Surely, thus says the LORD, “Even the captives of the mighty man will be taken away, And the prey of the tyrant will be rescued; For I will contend with the one who contends with you, And I will save your sons. 26I will feed your oppressors with their own flesh, And they will become drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine; And all flesh will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior And your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”
Revelation 12:7-17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Then there was a war in heaven. Michael[a] and his angels fought against the dragon. The dragon and its angels fought back, but they were not strong enough. The dragon and its angels lost their place in heaven. It was thrown down out of heaven. (This giant dragon is that old snake, the one called the devil or Satan, who leads the whole world into the wrong way.) The dragon and its angels were thrown to the earth.
10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say, “The victory and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Messiah have now come. These things have come, because the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown out. He is the one who accused them day and night before our God. 11 They defeated him by the blood sacrifice of the Lamb and by the message of God that they told people. They did not love their lives too much. They were not afraid of death. 12 So rejoice, you heavens and all who live there! But it will be terrible for the earth and sea, because the devil has gone down to you. He is filled with anger. He knows he doesn’t have much time.”
13 The dragon saw that he had been thrown down to the earth. So he chased the woman who had given birth to the child. 14 But the woman was given the two wings of a great eagle. Then she could fly to the place that was prepared for her in the desert. There she would be taken care of for three and a half years. There she would be away from the dragon.[b] 15 Then the dragon poured water out of its mouth like a river. It poured the water toward the woman so that the flood would carry her away. 16 But the earth helped the woman. The earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river that came from the mouth of the dragon.17 Then the dragon was very angry with the woman. It went away to make war against all her other children. Her children are those who obey God’s commands and have the truth that Jesus taught.
Proverbs 5:21-23Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 
21 The Lord clearly sees everything you do. He watches where you go.22 The sins of the wicked will trap them. Those sins will be like ropes holding them back. 23 Evil people will die because they refuse to be disciplined. They will be trapped by their own desires. 
Romans 12:19-21Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
19 My friends, don’t try to punish anyone who does wrong to you. Wait for God to punish them with his anger. In the Scriptures the Lord says,
“I am the one who punishes;
    I will pay people back.”
20 But you should do this:
“If you have enemies who are hungry,
    give them something to eat.
If you have enemies who are thirsty,
    give them something to drink.
In doing this you will make them feel ashamed.[a]
21 Don’t let evil defeat you, but defeat evil by doing good.
Beginning 2000~2014 cps’s, courts, gartien (liars) litums, authority, and of the such main “excuse/demand to qualify” for them to be able to take legal/necessary measures with my reports thru the years is: “they will need tn hear it out of the children’s mouth, before they can do any thing.” period, another words well, im their mom and what i reported is all, i even know. There was no way in hell they’d tell you! Plus, the guardian alitim at 1st in divorce and the kids were still w/me he was on phone w/Jonathan hired by organized crime knowing regardless to what he did see, them kids were not going to be with me. He knew jonathan was getting their 1st dump to live in with him and Annie used and introduced them to AS THIER NANNY, BABY SITTER not even his girlfriend, ready to take my 3 babies to; where i would never know, to this day on camano island to live. As for me, i was being intimidated guardian litim. Plot already set against me. Even if baby jon told him with crocodile tears, “his daddy scares him more than his nightmares.” as he told me, mamma at the end, “only”. gartim litim says,”you dont want to make Jonathan angry.” when it had to do with my own truck! I put jonathan on my vehicles since met the creep. Story in ’67 book and pt. 1 and 2 of this book. Regardless, the kids were going to be hidden, stolen, from me to be abused, neglected, for eg. and raised to spit on me, by criminally insane, organized crime, who did the sick acts telling boys, it was my fault. I didnt kno and they started by putting me in grocery cart and just tell my 3 stolen babies more lies.
Jonathan Joel Barber found to really “just” making “Popsicle” spiral painted, glued together like, “windmill” sort decor: frm and for the toddlers and little kids “Popsicle sticks already ate,” they ate, when organized had them doing Child porn and other unmentionables. He just so happened to boast and make our baby Joseph one, in 1993 soon after we met Jonathan. Jonathan’s boasting included making each of his daughters and other kids one as Tiffany, Jasmine, Britney, others. As if it was his signature n enjoyed in making things for kids toddler, young child ages. i am glad i broke Joseph’s learning this now! Omg and guilt i was made and left to feel! I dont know, if he ever made twins one or any others. their plans were already in action in stealing kids, etc., here i am to tell, by grace of god 2017.
!!!!!! the roots to why
i and you 3 son’s have been put thru Satan’s evil: my own birth parents donald and sandra walters punishing me since a kid and thru my life of telling them to fuck off and hurting me for life for all kinds of actual criminally “insane” excuses out of their nasty mouths; to steal and corrupt you three they were “showing” me and so, jonathan barber, not Joseph’s biological father, but Jon and Nate’s never would have to pay me child support! These insane demons in human flesh are the one’s crazy kids, not us four. since 1965 to 2017, these biolocal parents of mine had these things done to us! Do you three understand this? Do you three understand dangerous and insane our roots are, esp., your grandma Sandy? God had nothing to do with any of that! God is why truths been told, the worlds largest organized bust in history is happening, and we are lifted up and free. all thanks and credit goes to god for this miracle he has done with and for us! Glory to him, most high! I love you, god mostest! Amen 
!!!!!! 2009~ this present day of yer 2017
Nobody from ’09 FBI clinton z. and randy to ’14~ present ’17 on going, illegally at that, “illegal king county loop,” took time to find the truth to my 3 stolen babies. They fed on it instead and joined organized crime to “only” bring more upon “us,” not to mention any relationship with each other, esp., me. they illegally intimidate us, take our lives over. I never signed my parenting rights over! What the hell? Get away from my 3 babies and all our generations to follow, now, Satan in Jesus’ name flee! They don’t belong to you! 
!!!!!! You see, 2002
jonathan had left me and my 3 sons without a cent and he had already set me up to have no “legal” access and removed me from accounts. So, when i got 1st restraining order on jonathan barber in ’02 and 2nd emergency restraining order and divorce after jonathan playing me to remove the 1st, i had not a cent for me or the 3 boys and organized crime set smokey point,WA., dshs to screw me, too. While they all knew jonathan was setting up a house for him and my 3 sons. As jonathan, norman, jr., sandy, and Joseph stated,”they were going to go to great lengths to make sure i never had my kids.” i told you guys already, “after they intimidated me and you 3 were at jr and maureen’s, norman boasted in my face,”haha i helped get your kids from you.” so, don’t be telling me norman had any good in his heart in anytime he spent with Nate, my son as he let him drink and smoke pot as a teen! Norman doesn’t even know me!but, i know him and the spirits not of god that live in him.
!!!!!! In fact, 
prior to the zoo trip and my filing for any restraining order on jonathan ’02, he had even, some how,some way,with “homemaker” on our marriage certificate,with me disabled, but cant receive if i’m in relationship and i become their dependent, knowing i had no income, knowing i had to be able to buy food for, at least the boys, i could starve,; he had already been up to management office without me ever knowing, it was a woman in management, helped ’00 them already 1st attempt to steal., she and he wrote jonathan off paper work as renter, leaving me alone on it at stanwood apts. ’02! organized crime had tom do exact abandonment and acts as jonathan in ’05-’08. Left me broke and as i am today, surviving in integrity thru and with god.
*** The court house
for Dover, NH., we went out of dover to 1994 for jonathan to legally adopt Joseph has an original copy of Joseph Donald Walters birth certicicate and oliver Joseph Reno Ivester’s death certificate 3.5 ish.’94,  … .. 8181.  Organized crime stole both certificates with a bisexual cartel mexico city silvia was in drug court too.
Officer Hernandez busted silvia when in drug court. 2003 they stole both certificates, had mental health Dr. Say i needed payee, had black man coach me say suicidal to paradise emergency room. They took over my ssi. God me living on wat i still do, approx., $600.00 give or take a month since 2002 to this 2017 year. They even starve me on less food stamps than I ought to have.. 
An ave. $600 a mo thru the years, they take my rent money kick me out. I no longer had or seen Josephs death benefits again and that’s what i used to send them stuff thru months. Joseph is owed his death benefits they stopped in ’03. I don’t know what organized crime did with the money, certificates or ss#’s they probably accused me of doing, from what i pick up in illegal king county loop and my sons actions, as if it was me.
!!!!!! 2010
the owners of “in-patient” drug recovery in Burien, WA., is who was set up to be where my baby Nate, age 15 was put, right when i returned by his emergency request 7.05.11 where i was at egm woman’s shelter. They are apart of the illegal king county loop. The recovery school in downtown Seattle,WA., is owned by same people and who are big illegally in my 3 son’s lives,most unwanted at that. Get away Satan and go slaughter the pigs, get away from my 3 kids and me, in Jesus’ name. Amen
 the following is my reviews and others about them; REVIEWS 

Carol Walters-Barber

Carol Walters-Barber, Wednesday, May 31, 2017
(neg) PERIOD! Smokey point CPS was apart of Organized Crime stealing my 3 babies beginning 2000. I had them at Rosemary Fishers while obtaining my oldest sons birth certificate that he is mine, not Jonathan Barbers! I was knocked out, by clorifiy to my face, in apartment, was woke

by Carol Walters-Barber Wednesday, May 31, 2017
this is a true review and testimony, all true…

more than 6 months ago
My advice….DO NOT SIGN ANY PAPERWORK they give you!! They are liars, cheats and scammers. They do not have your child in their best interest. They are bureaucracy that work for quotas. Your child is a paycheck to them. They push to keep your child, not reunification. The public

more than 6 months ago
Three words B*** F*** Liars……if you ever have to deal with them be warned they will out and out lie to a judge for a court order they will lie at every turn…
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 and, you may view more by following this link:
2014 to present 2017 .6 .05 Monday and illegally ongoing
Illegal king county loop did to our baby Joseph and used twins to set him up, instead of leaving us alone and/or take time to find the truth out! Kids experience together ~ illegal king county used twins set up Joseph ’14 to say,”we caught him!” agent Bonnie was big in that! They never took time to find any of this out and help my 3 sons properly.      
!!!!!! The people illegally in our lives played
on my stolen sons distorted minds and used fake protection for them,thru intimidation as well and agent bonnie and others in illegal king county loop got jon and nathan at age 18 to illegally set up their big brother joseph, then age 25 and a good 10 yrs with their experience together,while joseph was just trying to secretly deal with all this alone and be a productive member in the army. joseph had shared every experience and stories with detail and names with jonand nate ofwhat happened to him.
The illegal king county loop didnt take time to find any of thistruth out. Manipulated jon and nathan to set joseph illegally up as if he were a true sex offender. Jon and nathan so messedup by these illegal meddlers that neither confessed joseph’s story toany one, not even me. They just falsely and out of “retaliation” took the opportunity to get joseph back. Illegal loop used the twins to set up everyone: me, norman, karen,sandy walters, jonathan barber, others!
My joseph and i were the only innocents and equal victims as them two, too! What ignorant and dirties in hi places of education, at that! Praise god for using me to point you out! Regardless, to joseph moving out, it didnt help the twins. at least, with joseph in house he was who protebted them, and who jonathan focused on. With joseph gone the twins were forced to be alone at night, while jonathan and annie went out, jonathan abused them more. Annie told them shit about me, them, she abused them more. This happened to and with joseph in home, too but now it was “just” them in that house with jonathan and annie they hate! Praise god for every cent nate took from them, regardless to what he wasted it on. I dont believe annie deserved any respect from them,but a spit in her face. Gods vengeance be upon that tarot card reading witch of evil!
!!!!!! The illegal king county loop
of retaliators out to pay me back for telling on them, and esp. Since Hawaii and Everett gospel mission ’09_’11 began illegally shadowing Jon and Nathan at age 15. They fed on their experience and distorted beliefs and hatred towards me. They set up traps for jon and nate to fall in, and use to intimidate them and say,”we caught you.” they illegally took over my baby jon and Nate’s lives over, intimidating their innocent,already abused minds. They feed them shit. They illegally used my stolen now adult babies at age 18 to falsely set their brother up…
The illegal king county loop offered jon and nate with their already distorted minds, without taking the time to find any of this truth out and really help, the opportunity to retaliate and take vengeance out on even joseph and me, mamma, which gave them false since of power and vengeance for their distorted brain believing i wasnt there to protect them, their experience with joseph being much bigger than them and what happened.
Nate and jon never had anyone help them or were big enuf to stand up to jonathan, joseph, annie, who else knows and the way the illegal king county retaliators worked them, took advantage of them had them enjoying being used to set all of us up, never mind being honest about what happened to joseph too and sincerely reunite with me, mom. All of you in illegal king county loop who take matters into your oen hands, step away from me and my 3 sons in jesus’ name flee! Gods wrath is upon you, this i know. i ask,”what would do without, You, God? What would i do?” thank u
!!!!!! Cedric knowingly, ignorantly, joyfully participes in illegal king county loop and used job & Joseph story in set up AA Serenity Hall, because he knew the illegal king county loop he is big with used My son Joseph’s brothers to set him up, like in the bible of Joseph..  ‘IT’S TRUE AND GOD SAYS IT IS AND CEDRIC AND THE ILLEGAL KING COUNTY LOOP AND DIRTY AGENT JOSHUA PAUL CUNNING AND ORGANIZED CRIME TAKING RETALIAION OUT ON ME, UNSING JON AND NATE FOR THEIR GAIN…KNEW THEY WERE APPLYING THIS BIBLICAL STORY IN PURPOSE TO MY BABIES; HAVING THE TWINS ILLEGALLY AND OUT OF SPITE WITH OUT FINDING OUT THE TRUTH TO HIS OFFENSES, ETC.., AND SET THEIR BROTHER JOSEPH UP TO DIE!!!     It’s ok. my three beloveds God had arrived and His Holy Spirit Is ending the corrupt and lifting us up, where only those VIP enough may even know of or find us! God’s Holy Spirit IS moving these mountains and what I share of the Good life to come IS…. reality for us! Who to thank? God! Our one and only God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.. the Trinity, itself! Maybe, our roots of ancient alien history.. What has happened and is happening is all due to some super natural.. over us and power.. 
Genesis 37:18-36Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Joseph Sold Into Slavery
18 Joseph’s brothers saw him coming from far away. They decided to make a plan to kill him. 19 They said to each other, “Here comes Joseph the dreamer. 20 We should kill him now while we can. We could throw his body into one of the empty wells and tell our father that a wild animal killed him. Then we will show him that his dreams are useless.”
21 But Reuben wanted to save Joseph. He said, “Let’s not kill him. 22 We can put him into a well without hurting him.” Reuben planned to save Joseph and send him back to his father. 23 When Joseph came to his brothers, they attacked him and tore off his long and beautiful coat.24 Then they threw him into an empty well that was dry.
25 While Joseph was in the well, the brothers sat down to eat. They looked up and saw a group of traders[a] traveling from Gilead to Egypt. Their camels were carrying many different spices and riches. 26 So Judah said to his brothers, “What profit will we get if we kill our brother and hide his death? 27 We will profit more if we sell him to these traders. Then we will not be guilty of killing our own brother.” The other brothers agreed. 28 When the Midianite traders came by, the brothers took Joseph out of the well and sold him to the traders for 20 pieces of silver. The traders took him to Egypt.
29 Reuben had been gone, but when he came back to the well, he saw that Joseph was not there. He tore his clothes to show that he was upset. 30 Reuben went to the brothers and said, “The boy is not in the well! What will I do?” 31 The brothers killed a goat and put the goat’s blood on Joseph’s beautiful coat. 32 Then the brothers showed the coat to their father. And the brothers said, “We found this coat. Is this Joseph’s coat?”
33 His father saw the coat and knew that it was Joseph’s. He said, “Yes, that is his! Maybe some wild animal has killed him. My son Joseph has been eaten by a wild animal!” 34 Jacob was so sorry about his son that he tore his clothes. Then Jacob put on special clothes to show that he was sad. He continued to be sad about his son for a long time. 35 All of Jacob’s sons and daughters tried to comfort him, but Jacob was never comforted. He said, “I will be sad about my son until the day I die.” So Jacob continued to mourn his son Joseph.
36 The Midianite traders later sold Joseph in Egypt. They sold him to Potiphar, an officer of the king of Egypt and the captain of his palace guards
~~~ Glory: Joseph lives and Saves his brothers lives!! Life is no longer a chore, our Son 😀 enjoy, love God and Mom ~~~ 
Genesis 41:50-52Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) 
50 Joseph’s wife, Asenath, was the daughter of Potiphera, the priest in the city of On. Before the first year of hunger came, Joseph and Asenath had two sons. 5Joseph named the first son Manasseh.[a] He was given this name because Joseph said, “God made me forget all my hard work and everything back home in my father’s house. 52 Joseph named the second son Ephraim.[b] Joseph gave him this name because he said, “I had great troubles, but God has made me successful in everything.
Genesis 50:15-21Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Brothers Are Still Afraid of Joseph; but, Joseph Forgives His Brothers and saves them, too
15 After Jacob died, Joseph’s brothers were worried. They were afraid that Joseph would still be mad at them for what they had done years before. They said, “Maybe Joseph still hates us for what we did.” 16 So the brothers sent this message to Joseph: “Before your father died, he told us to give you a message. 17 He said, ‘Tell Joseph that I beg him to please forgive his brothers for the bad things they did to him.’ So now Joseph, we beg you, please forgive us for the bad things we did to you. We are the servants of God, the God of your father.”
That message made Joseph very sad, and he cried. 18 His brothers went to him and bowed down in front of him. They said, “We will be your servants.”
19 Then Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. I am not God! I have no right to punish you. 20 It is true that you planned to do something bad to me. But really, God was planning good things. God’s plan was to use me to save the lives of many people. And that is what happened. 21 So don’t be afraid. I will take care of you and your children.” And so Joseph said kind things to his brothers, and this made them feel better.
!!!!!! and, Cedric aka: CD78
participated big in illega king county loop in many ways and many are reported in this book on other pages and knew illegal king count loop was doing the Job story with me. Applying it to me, as they applied the story of Joseph to my Joseph, knowingly and on purpose with Organized Crime:
Job 2Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Satan Bothers Job Again
Then another day came for the angels[a] to meet with the Lord. Satan joined them for this meeting with the Lord. The Lord said to Satan, “Where have you been?”
Satan answered the Lord, “I have been roaming around the earth, going from place to place.”
Then the Lord said to Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him. He is a good, faithful man. He respects God and refuses to do evil. He is still faithful, even though you asked me to let you destroy, without reason, everything he has.”
Satan answered, “Skin for skin![b] A man will give everything he has to protect himself. I swear, if you attack his flesh and bones, he will curse you to your face!”
So the Lord said to Satan, “All right, Job is in your hands, but you are not allowed to kill him.”
So Satan left the meeting with the Lord and gave Job painful sores all over his body, from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. Job sat on the pile of ashes where he was mourning and used a piece of broken pottery to scrape his sores. His wife said to him, “Are you still holding on to your faith? Why don’t you just curse God and die!”
10 Job answered, “You sound like one of those fools on the street corner! How can we accept all the good things that God gives us and not accept the problems?” So even after all that happened to Job, he did not sin. He did not accuse God of doing anything wrong.
Job’s Three Friends Come to See Him
11 Job’s three friends heard about all the bad things that happened to him, so Eliphaz came from Teman, Bildad from Shuah, and Zophar from Naamah. They met together and went to comfort Job and show him their sympathy. 12 But his friends didn’t even recognize him when they first saw him in the distance! They began to cry loudly. They tore their clothes and threw dirt in the air over their heads to show how sad they were. 13 Then they sat on the ground with Job for seven days and seven nights. They didn’t say a word, because they saw he was in so much pain.
~~~ God again gets His glory at the end and rewards Job double for his troubles~~~
Job 42:10Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
10 Job prayed for his friends, and the Lord made Job successful again. The Lord gave him twice as much as he had before.
~~~ including restored health and long life ~~~
Jeremiah 30:17Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
17 And I will bring your health back
    and heal your wounds,” says the Lord,
“because other people said you were outcasts.[a]
    They said, ‘No one cares about Zion (and/or Carol).’”
~~~ I will praise and sing to Our Lord and King for His divine promise of Long Life ~~~
Psalm 91:16Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
16 I will give my followers a long life
    and show them my power to save.”
~~~ God and i were not fooled,”
as he had me express in my 2007 online book, as the name “carol trier,” the organized crime of these illegal acts had google hide on me, instead of remove it as I requested and legally could have sued them for not due to it endangering my three son’s and I, but its out there; after paralegal studies they also illegally set up, taught me that legally, “googled can be ‘sued,’ if they don’t remove something, “if that something,” did qualify. Well, that book qualifies. It has basically all the same people as this story of THE ‘THEFT’ OF MY 3 BABIES, the new people are those since 2009, I reported and survived the also were already set up to devour me, as Roger Christie THC Ministry on Big Island and bait pushed on me to go was by dirty agent Joshua Paul Cunning…. who kept his bratty nasty dirty lying mouth shut for 9 years, allowing this to all go on, until God called him out WW web to be my first and only honest witness on my life and God used me to expose Josh for being dirty at the same time, He used him to be my honest witness and begin ending all this illegal activity don’t to my three son’s and I to this day of year 2017!
!!!!!! The illegally loops, with Joshua Paul Cunning, since 2009,
tried twisting my request for Google to remove my 1st book written in 2007, THAT DIRTY JOSHUA PAUL CUNNING WAS READING WHILE I WAS WRITING IT IN 2007 AND ALREADY SIGNED UP WITH MY BIOLOGICAL FATHER DONALD WALTERS AND DAGO MOB HELL ANGELS to be dirty with me, as in this book! The illegal loops were now trying to prove that my first book was a book of confessions, not a testimony of ‘MY LIFE WITH AND WITH OUT GOD…………I CHOOSE LIFE THANK YOU’ as the title… ! Yes, Joshua and dirty San Diego Law Enforcement of all levels already were in my book when writing it and in 2007 ish at the end, I was signing up with San Diego Vice to become an undercover prostitute and with San Diego DEA as a legal informant! I have a few mental/ autistic/ challenges and I had an expressing issue with Vice and DEA with much stress when getting rid of Tom Trier that I thought I blew my chance with them, but I kept on going well, regardless and I just went for it, seriously and sincerely in Hawaii…
~~~ Glory to God!!
I and my three stolen babies, who are men now, have been very blessed, by not properly expressing self to San Diego Vice and DEA  in 2007 on phone, tho…only God knew…they are all dirty!! San Diego is ran by Hell Angels money and power…it is also ran by Cartels money and power… together they run San Diego and most in San Diego are dirty..or ignorant that they work for the mob..  I would have ben working for  my own dirty roots and not knowing!!! Praise God for God!! 
And these are the people who had a cow, about me speaking about the past. Telling me to get over it, let it go. Who use my already distorted son’s mind abut me, Jon at age 15 to get him to attempt having me put in mental institution by age 18 then 2015, with help by dirty Dr. Cherry, in Tuckwilla, WA., 2015 for me “always talking about the past,” in the way i do in this book, connecting the dots and solving the criminals to this story; but, saying i was stuck in past, only talk shit about everyone, i needed help, couldn’t let it go, accusing me of being depressed, bipolar, omg! “suck my ass, liars and child thieves! You Satan serving, money, loving whores! Get away from my 3 sons and my daughter, their chosen, by Me, ABBA for her to be their EARTH mother and vessel into this world! now Satan, i Christ command you, Legion flee from my holy children.” 
* Jan. 1989,
not even sure im really pregnant, but being kicked out at age 23 for parents thinking i was. Donald walters asked ME,”what do you have to offer any kid?!” i quickly replied in confidence,”i have love.”
i gave & give God’s agape love to my
3 stolen babies, esp., by applying that love to self, not allowing self to be abused just to complain to them about it, by applying faith in a God’s promises i cant see or received yet, and in taking action in solutions to issues, rather than sit in them and whine “whaa why?”
2009, God said,
“your’e the spirit of love my angel! I crowned you my princess, i made you my queen.”
“2017, God continues to
strengthen His agape love in me for myself and my 3 son’s AND, OMG! ONLY BECAUSE OF HIM, HIS LOVE FOR US, He used my love for his 3 son’s,enabling me to also give them the whole universe and planet earth. He’s got the whole world in his hands. And, that’s what i have to offer my kids, Donald Walters,” agape love and the whole world!”
* Donald Joseph Walters, what did you ever have to offer any kid, besides your dirty cock, mouth, and hands?
Nuttun, dats wat! Who wants chicken up their butt, cock man? YOU??? say, “please,” and lick your lips.
* this is dedicated to aka: Ron;
who continues to stalk me, pretends he is just driving by, waves, but is stalking me and is the Owner and/or affiliated with Julia’s on Broadway, EGM Woman’s Shelter, Drug recovery schools in Seattle, WA and Burien, WA, of Dallas Cowboys, and many other material, sinful and non~sinful ways your family made their pockets rich from Whore houses in Seattle to Recovery homes as people who walk both lines and serve both masters God and Satan for your own profit..who was big in illegally shadowing my sons Jon and Nate at age 15, in 2010 to now, used them to illegally and falsely set up their brother and mother who are innocent victims to you as well….that is child theft of and child stalking!
The following is dedicated to you, AKA: Ron, Donald Walters, and many, many others like them and/or for not being there for my 3 babies and me; Hence, paritcpating for illegal Organzied Crime and closing your eyes! Then, signing up in illegal King County loop and try proving me to be you and them! OH MY! 
now, what is special about this for Donald Walters is: he loved telling me since a teen and having it done to me thru like..”quote UN quote” Donald Walters: “See then five Niger’s in the corner? Fuck ’em, Fuck ’em!” and, Jonathan barber is: He said to me 1993 ish, “he didn’t care if i had to fuck 5 Niger’s. I was to get his meth and not return, until. During that time, we find today, as God reveals Jonathan at that time did unmentionables to my baby Joseph ages 3 13/4~4 1/4 at our apt, Jonathan lived off us in.”
1.  It is a game: Who can eat the center of the Oreo Cookie first?
the “Oreo” game:  that’s when one white (unless you want to do it the double stuff way) man is, in between two black men 😀 lol
White Men Contestants for the center (I am sorry, but this is a black and white ‘oreo’ cookie game and if many of you didn’t get to play first game. You have not been forgotten): aka: Ron, Donald Walters, Jonathan Barber, Donald Iverster,, Gerry Steil, Agent Joshua Paul Cunning, Pepsi Ted, Jr. Gaumond, Norman Gaumond, Erik Hall, Steve Holly, Clyde Eddleman, Craig Olson, Pastor Kris, Pastor Scott, Tom Trier, Roger Chirstie, Tim Whitenberg, Stu, Gary Martin, Richard Roy Kassler, David Webster Oakes, Kevin Hill, Ronald Hill,Gerald Kingston, Chris Giles, Randy Weaver, Randy, Srgt, Bill Derr, Old man mike that was set up as my neighbor in Sheridan, WY ’12 and stalked me to set up skyway,WA., 2014 to this 2017 day, in Skyway, WA friends to aka: Ron, Sam, and others!
Black Men Contestants for each side of White Men center filling:  Dallas Cowboy Players!
ready, set, Go~      
who, who of our black Dallas Cowboy players will be eating that creamy white man’s filling first, from the top of Oreo cookie white center fluff?     
who, who will be filled by a black Dallas Cowboy Player first, into the bottom of Oreo cookie white center fluff? 
Winner must say, “yummmm!” and game will continue, until Yummm is heard
this is dedicated to my biological father Donald Joseph Walters; for what he did to God and My 3 babies, never mind me, his own!!  and,  to Satan and His army of workers in flesh and spirit who will spend eternity in the fiery pits of Hell, as well!
1.  title:  HOW NOW BROWN COW?
* lyrics:
lalalalaww “sing w/me”
2. title: to laugh in Satan’s face
Hahahahehehe god used me to save my three babies and slaughter Satan’s Army who harmed me and them! Thanks be to god! hahahahehehe we are laughing in Satan’s and his army’s faces! And, His Army’s faces are of every culture , who tried stealing, killing and destroying us! hahahahehehehe! Victory is God’s!!! and, we are laughing in Satan’s face!!! hahahahehehe 
lalalalaww “Thank u for singing w/ me”
!!!!!! this is dedicated to
donald ivester, clyde eddleman, steve, steve holy, all san diego dago mob hell angels, Rose Rich, Ivester, Phelpes, all of Campo, CA and all in between to Boulevard, CA, including the casino’s and all their affiliations of the like WW and all of USA border to border, of organized crime, with also Donald Walters and cock fighters via Mexico and Philippians who purposely did unmentionables to me just because you all are sick and out of retaliation for me surviving you all and telling since 1992 as just a small eg.,my 3 babies their kin, and many others WW. Eternal hell has already began for each of you as you are alive in that shell called a body, Satan’s “Legion” demons live in each of you Satanic worshipers, who pretend to be of God, like Rose, who knew Hass Ivester, one of her husbands, dead now, touched her babies, and one was Joe; and when you die out of body your in gods fiery pits of nashing teeth, terror you ever seen or have done to others as me and my 3 babies, for eternity with your master Satan, you had Jonathan Barber confess to be in 1993 go me.
~~~ lyrics God gave me to dedicate to all of you:
3. title The city built on Meth”
please sing w/ me lalalawww
“Jingle bells, jingle bells, dago mob hell angel ball’s smell, like the sh*t they ho ho ho’d in, stayed up for days cooking meth in, poisoning other peoples children and their own, with crystal lemon drops of meth, to build dirty San Diego, as God uses me tell! ‘Eww, can you smell that smell! Its the smell of hell, hell angel dago mob balls! i say, “Ewww, fooiey! Jingle bells, Jingle bells Dago Mob ball;s smell!”
Lalalawww thank u for singing
* A LITTLE poems, story is dedicated to Satan and His army of workers in flesh and spirit who will spend eternity in the fiery pits of Hell!
{note to viewers: (GOD doesn’t want us really doing anything as the above poem reads or of the such, because they could end up gaining knowledge and figure out how to use their mechanical parts to destroy us, That would be sick, mad scientists..)}
~~~ May god be with you three and all you love. All my love, your one and only mamma, me, Carol Marie Walters~Kassler~Barber xo xo xo ~~~
~~~~The end~~~~
!!!!!! Now, who wants to tell god and i that,
“those who stole our 3 babies beginning ’00~ ’17 year and on going, had the best interest for them by stealing them, interfering with their relationship with each other and their mom, sexually assaulting them, putting the fear of Satan, authority, false power in them, poisoning their minds and souls into hatred for their mamma, abused them in all forms, and more!” again, “who wants to say,”these people cared about the best interest of anyone, never mind our 3 kids; except for selves, self gain, self evil motives. Their motive was to do this to my 3 sons, just for being my 3 sons, as an act to “make me suffer” for using my big mouth god gave me, to save me and his 3 stolen kids from Satan and his people! “Its god and i, mom who had and has the best interest for these three. Period and final answer! 
*** There is nothing wrong with you three.
Please accept that. be who god intended you to be in character and personality and more. Fly my baby eagles. Fly, soar hi. Nobody will drop you on your heads again; and, if they try, they die! Period! I personally find joy in gods promise to us job 42:10. Joseph and i did experience double for our troubles when god blessed us with Jon and Nathan,the twins 😀 Joseph age 5 when we just found out, “mamma, it took two years to make my brothers and god gave me two.” lol so cute and Joseph loved his big brother classes in New Hampshire. He was only the best helper mamma had with the twins. I really appreciated it all. He just loves his brothers and they love him. Satan has no hold over them any longer. God has set them 3 free. No more chains, Jon. Life isn’t to be a chore, Joseph. Nice is right, Nate. God bless 
*** And, “all” god and my 3 stolen babies “just” needed their mamma all these years, since twins age 4 and our oldest in out ages “indiffinate” since age 10, as they were left to “just” grow into adult bodies,with all this shit in their adult minds and buried deep from any emotions or natural instinct for me, their natural mom. What these retaliators were willing to do to my 3 sons, just “show” me what my heart of gold, and big mouth, that over rides my humming bird ass gets me.” “quote, unquote” donald joseph walters, my biological father when he said it to jonathan barber in his kitchen, in thackerville, ok., ’95; in which, we, being my three son’s and I, ought to be owners of the Thackerville, OK casino. After all, I am why it is…….It was Donald Walters and his cockfighting friends who God used me to bust and stop.. that Casino is ours as a reward and payment for these sicko’s offenses to me and my three son’s! Plus, my son’s are Cherokee Indian..just so happens Joe Ivester and Jonathan Barber have same like nationalities.. hence, so do my three son’s as 100 % brothers.. 
*** All their mamma needed since 2000 is her 3 babies!! And, look what Satan did! Using those in low places like cock fighters, Hell Angels, Cartel, Hawaiian Mafia, of the like and the 2% nasty Roger Christie, Joshua Paul Cunning, aka: Ron and Kathy, Silvia CEO of EGM Woman’s shelter, owners of Drug program in Burin, WA and Recovery School in Downtown Seattle, WA, other shelters and places that claim to help the less fortunate..but, in reality bring harm to woman and children, families, and more…nasty is what goes on behind their closed doors…. they don’t really help, help…they are more like a show and take advantage and control over the innocent and less fortunate and god forbid if ONE, as me speaks up and does legal greivanced letters and reports.. OH, NO DARE I EXPOSE THEM AND YELL FOR HELP or they will stock me, and go to great lengths to trip me, use my own kids to eat me and save their own nastiness ass*s! 
~~~ More importantly
LOOK AT WHAT GOD DID!!! HE KICKED THESE SATAN SERVING PEOPLE ASSES AND HE US USING MY ARRANGED HUSBAND, HIS PEOPLE, THOSE IN LOOP WHO WERE FOOLED TO STEP UP AND SERVE THEM THEIR CONSEQUENCES AND LIFT MY AND MY THREE BABIES UP TO ‘KENNEDY’ MONEY LIFE, BUT built on integrity and as first borne, including first born set of twins…and, we and ALL our generations to follow will have an empire built on the integrity of GOD! 
*** It is OK Joseph, Jon, and Nate.
God, nor i am mad with you. Nothing was or is your fault. I personally made a point of making sure, my 3 babies did know, they weren’t the cause to any of my bondage’s, relationship their dad Jonathan, the divorce or anything, anyway. They are only responsible for their choices and journey, God already has written for them, now as adults. It is not of my and my character to put blame on my three babies. IF, they received any of that, it was from Jonathan, Annie and others. Satan, you lost!! These babies do not belong to you or them whom are your servants! Step away in Jesus’ name, now.. and, so it is… the bible tells me so..  
~~~ The Temptation of Jesus
…Matthew 4:9~11 “All this I will give You,” he said, “if You will fall down and worship me.” 10“Away from me, Satan!Jesus declared. “For it is written: ‘Worship the Lordyour God and serve” Him only.’ 11Then the devil left Him, and angels came and ministered to Him.…
 ~~~ James 4:7Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
So give yourselves to God. Stand against the devil, and he will run away from you. 
~~~ How to receive and walk in God’s forgiveness ~~~
~~~ Acts 2:37-38Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) (Joseph did a conscious baptism at age 8, 1999 ish, at Camano Chapel. Jon and Nate were dedicated there 1999~ish, and clueless me, used Joseph’s death benefits to pay for Sandy Walters to come visit and be there for the twins Dedication, and it is on film! For all you micro expression frezinic agent geeks, view my expressions in video on Caman Chapel Stage standing with Jonathan, Sandy, and the 3 boys as we dedicated the twins… I knew something wasnt right then and things were not ok in that home! Joseph loves God.) ~~~
37 When the people heard this, they felt very, very sorry. They asked Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what should we do?”
38 Peter said to them, “Change your hearts and lives and be baptized, each one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ. Then God will forgive your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
*** my best suggestion
to you three and all who view this is to copy cat Romans 12 in building character and personality.
*** It is How I aim to live and be.
Where I get my instructions on how to make progress, what to copy cat, not perfection into being my ultimate best. By the way, who you kids have viewed your mom, illegally in illegally king county loop and how I am with God, is exactly how I was when we were together and before any of you three were born! My relationship, who I am in God, what I preach and practice is who you don’t remember, who I was and am as mom, and how I tried to teach the three of you, as far as living and God. I am sorry, you guys were trapped into believing by the God called Satan, we are to be perfect and that progress and trying wasn’t enough, and that I was anything different. Out of all you three, Joseph should admit to remember. 
~~~ Romans 12Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Give Your Lives to God
12 So I beg you, brothers and sisters, because of the great mercy God has shown us, offer your lives[a] as a living sacrifice to him—an offering that is only for God and pleasing to him. Considering what he has done, it is only right that you should worship him in this way. Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.
God has given me a special gift, and that is why I have something to say to each one of you. Don’t think that you are better than you really are. You must see yourself just as you are. Decide what you are by the faith God has given each of us. Each one of us has one body, and that body has many parts. These parts don’t all do the same thing. In the same way, we are many people, but in Christ we are all one body. We are the parts of that body, and each part belongs to all the others.
We all have different gifts. Each gift came because of the grace God gave us. Whoever has the gift of prophecy should use that gift in a way that fits the kind of faith they have. Whoever has the gift of serving should serve. Whoever has the gift of teaching should teach. Whoever has the gift of comforting others should do that. Whoever has the gift of giving to help others should give generously. Whoever has the gift of leading should work hard at it. Whoever has the gift of showing kindness to others should do it gladly.
Your love must be real. Hate what is evil. Do only what is good. 10 Love each other in a way that makes you feel close like brothers and sisters. And give each other more honor than you give yourself. 11 As you serve the Lord, work hard and don’t be lazy. Be excited about serving him!12 Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time. 13 Share with God’s people who need help. Look for people who need help and welcome them into your homes.
14 Wish only good for those who treat you badly. Ask God to bless them, not curse them. 15 When others are happy, you should be happy with them. And when others are sad, you should be sad too. 16 Live together in peace with each other. Don’t be proud, but be willing to be friends with people who are not important to others. Don’t think of yourself as smarter than everyone else.
17 If someone does you wrong, don’t try to pay them back by hurting them. Try to do what everyone thinks is right. 18 Do the best you can to live in peace with everyone. 19 My friends, don’t try to punish anyone who does wrong to you. Wait for God to punish them with his anger. In the Scriptures the Lord says,
“I am the one who punishes;
    I will pay people back.”
20 But you should do this:
“If you have enemies who are hungry,
    give them something to eat.
If you have enemies who are thirsty,
    give them something to drink.
In doing this you will make them feel ashamed.[b]
21 Don’t let evil defeat you, but defeat evil by doing good.
*** a personal chapter in God’s word He told me to give to you three 2017. It is OK to replace our names with one’s written as if HE is speaking to us. God wants you three to know that as King David He has given me visions for you three. You three are to be Kings together. What King David says to his son in this chapter, God is also saying to you three. 
~~~ 1 Chronicles 28Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
David’s Plans for the Temple/ God’s plans for you Three are not necessarily to build a temple together, but He does have great plans for you three, maybe a temple is one of His ran like his word says, period! I do’t know.. I am not God. 
28 David gathered all the leaders of the Israelites and commanded them to come to Jerusalem. David called all the leaders of the tribes, the commanders of the army groups serving the king, the captains, the generals, the officials taking care of the property and animals that belonged to the king and his sons, the king’s important officials, the powerful heroes, and all the brave soldiers.
King David stood up and said, “Listen to me, my brothers and my people. In my heart I wanted to build a place to keep the Box of the Lord’s Agreement. I wanted to build a place that would be God’s footstool.[a] And I made the plans for building that house for God. But God said to me, ‘No David, you must not build a house for my name. You must not do that because you are a soldier, and you have killed many men.’
“The Lord, the God of Israel, chose the tribe of Judah to lead the twelve tribes of Israel. Then from that tribe he chose my father’s family. And from that family he chose me to be the king of Israel forever. Yes, God wanted to make me king of Israel. The Lord has given me many sons. And from all those sons, he chose Solomon to be the new king of Israel. But really, Israel is the Lord’s kingdom. He said to me, ‘David, your son Solomon will build my Temple and the area around it, because I have chosen Solomon to be my son, and I will be his father.[b] Solomon is obeying my laws and commands now. If he continues to obey my laws, I will make Solomon’s kingdom strong forever.’”
David said, “Now, in front of all Israel, the Lord’s people, and before God, I tell you these things: Be careful to obey all the commands of the Lord your God. Then you can keep this good land and pass it on to your descendants forever.
“And you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father. Serve God with a pure heart. Be happy to serve him, because the Lord knows what is in everyone’s heart. He knows what you are thinking. If you go to him for help, you will get an answer. But if you turn away from him, he will leave you forever. 1Solomon, you must understand that the Lord has chosen you to build his holy place—the Temple. Be strong and finish the job.”
11 Then David gave his son Solomon the plans for building the Temple. They included plans for the porch around the Temple, its buildings, its storerooms, its upper rooms, its inside rooms, and the room for the mercy-cover. 12 David had made plans for all parts of the Temple. He gave them to Solomon. David gave him all the plans for the courtyard around the Lord’s Temple and for all the rooms around it. He gave him the plans for the Temple storerooms and for the storerooms where they kept the holy things used in the Temple. 13 David told Solomon about the groups of the priests and Levites. He told Solomon about all the work of serving in the Lord’s Temple and about all the things to be used in the Temple service. 14 David told Solomon how much gold and silver should be used to make all the things to be used in the Temple. 15 There were plans for gold lamps and lampstands, and there were plans for silver lamps and lampstands. David told Solomon how much gold or silver to use for each lampstand and its lamps. The different lampstands were to be used where needed. 16 David told him how much gold should be used for each table for the holy bread and how much silver should be used for the silver tables. 17 He told Solomon how much pure gold should be used to make the forks, sprinkling bowls, and pitchers. He told him how much gold should be used to make each gold dish and how much silver should be used to make each silver dish. 18 He told him how much pure gold should be used for the altar of incense. David also gave Solomon the plans for God’s chariot—the mercy-cover with the Cherub angels spreading their wings over the Box of the Lord’s Agreement. The Cherub angels were made of gold.
19 David said, “All these plans were written with the Lord guiding me. He helped me understand everything in the plans.”
20 David also said to his son Solomon, “Be strong and brave and finish this work. Don’t be afraid, because the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will help you until all the work is finished. He will not leave you. You will build the Lord’s Temple. 21 The groups of the priests and Levites are ready for all the work on God’s Temple. Every skilled worker is ready to help you with all the work. The officials and all the people will obey every command you give.” 
~~~ Regardless, god has great plans for you three as individuals
~~~ Jeremiah 29:11Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 I say this because I know the plans that I have for you.” This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.
~~~ Gods will be done, not mine, nor any others
~~~ Matthew 6:9-13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
9 “So this is how you should pray,” says Jesus
‘Our Father in heaven,
    we pray that your name will always be kept holy.
10 We pray that your kingdom will come—
    that what you want will be done here on earth, the same as in heaven.
11 Give us the food we need for today.
12 Forgive our sins,
    just as we have forgiven those who did wrong to us.
13 Don’t let us be tempted,
    but save us from the Evil One.
# a few replies from one of God’s very ‘few’ sincere, real friends and servants to Him:
1. Have Fruitful Day,  Everybody Love Everybody; Time to move forward and get on with a new positive attitude and outlook! Many blessings coming your way! God is good indeed. Thank you father for your agape love!
2. I’m grateful for you also Carol! You have opened my eyes my mind and my heart to many things. You are a bright light in the darkness. Keep on shining!
3. Amen! Haleluyah!
*** God’s final words to me,
that He gave me the day I became pregnant with Joseph Jan. ,1989! First best Gift God gave me.. 1996 Jon and Nate the 2nd best Gifts God ever Gave me! HalleluYah.. I love Him and them! 
~~~ Matthew 7:11Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 You people are so bad, but you still know how to give good things to your children. So surely your heavenly Father will give good things to those who ask him.
*** This is dedicated to
God, my one and only Hero, loyal husband, and more; As in, “my everything, place, and person. It is also a note to the humans who were apart of illegal loops of any kind anytime in my and my three babies lives, who want credit, at this point at that, for helping! Ya, I don’t think so! My help comes from God and those who do help are suppose to anyway, if your any kind of person and follower of Christ’s example or of the such, (said for lack of better words).” 
~~~God is my only hero and only one who ever really helps me. Not one human gets credit for helping me, period! Oh, sure as illegal participants, in an “illegal” loop assist me with a few errands and rides. You all participate in illegally and purposely observing me, neglecting me, not really helping me with dr.s, rides, a life. Everyone is guilty on some level in the theft of my 3 babies and retaliation by my and their offenders. Only by the grace of god are a small amount of you pardoned and viewed innocent, as god uses you for his glory, to end all illegal loops, and rise my 3 sons and i up. Yes, i am grateful for the minute errands and ride help and here and there other acts of a little assistance a few of you give to me, but shame on any of you who take credit for “really” helping me, where it makes a difference, cuz nun~ya have, get honest w/yourselves! This ordeal done to my 3 sons and i shoulda never happened in 1st place! and, if this supposed man has chosen me, in this arranged marriage way, if you dont have intentions to come quickly as in, hell ya now, lol, as in soon, then go away now as in now. I cant be with anyone who just leaves me as am and for you its at least been long enuf. This needs to end and who chose me needs to value what im saying ugg err frustrated! God is the only! The only humans who get credit of helping me, is the day i am really rescued and lifted up out of skyway, given my new identity and see the faces of you who helped and or hear you names! Either than that, nobody get any credit for really helping me with anything! all of you helped the organized illegal loop! Not god until sum of ya now. Gods my hero~~~
!!!! Jesus, Abba Father !!!!
 I dont believe the man who has picked me, is worthy of me or good enuf for me. He supposedly is against the illegal loop and dumb ass to insane stupid to criminal acts to still be done to me. I already dont want this man! He must step down! Whats wrong with you people!what do none of you fucking NOT COMPREHEND IN WHAT ONE MUST TAKE ACTION IN AND REALLY BE TO WIN MY HAND IN MARRIAGE! Get him away, god and god DONT GIVE ME TO ANYONE, BUT WHO TAKES ACTION QUICKLY OR JUST CALL ME THE HELL HOME OUT OF THIS SICK BODY! GOD, YOU KNOW I CAN GIVE A RATS ASS, IF THE ENEMY KILLS ME! Just get me the hell away frm these illegal weirdo strangers! Do you even deliver ur promises, god?cuz, so far ur full of nothingness, but hot air and words. What the hell!? Im afraid no man loves me god nor is worthy to have me, if “he” steps down,due to not being an action man of you,ending this illegal county organized crime loop and quickly comes to get me. Thank u, Abba 
*** Abba father,
does such a man exist of you, whom you prepared me for and he for me, who was never been in, nor ever would be apart of any illegal loop on me, including my 3 stolen, now adult son’s, who this organized distorted more and used in illegal loop on me, too, such a man of quick action and desire to lift me the holy fuck up and end this corrupt being done WW or does every man have to step down, cuz they ‘aint who you intend to give me to in human flesh, as FIL, DEAN, JOSHUA PAUL CUNNING? I’ve been prepared by you to be the wife of the one who takes action in what it will take to win my hand in marriage, action thats worthy of me and you, worth all i and my 3 stolen babies have been thru as you, Abba father, and finds a pleasant pleasure of taking well care of me, as my 3 adult son’s and all generations to come do too. Halleluyah #yellowGoldISVictorYah’s! 
~~~ Jesus reminds me:
i am glad you tell your frustrations to me, your brother, dad, friend, and husband. Lift this situation you share up in prayer in the our father. Worship and praise our father.” thank u Jesus for ur shoes of peace. Amen
~~~~ a little of God’s instruction’s with Emo’s ~~~~ 
~~~ Proverbs 29:11Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
11 Fools are quick to express their anger, but wise people are patient and control themselves.
~~~Ephesians 4:26-27Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
26 “When you are angry, don’t let that anger make you sin,”[a] and don’t stay angry all day. 27 Don’t give the devil a way to defeat you.
~~~ 10 Bible Verses about Controlling Emotions 
Most Relevant Verses
~~~ Proverbs 16:32
Verse Concepts
He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.
~~~ Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
~~~ 1 Corinthians 14:32
and the spirits of prophets are subject to prophets;
~~~ Colossians 3:2
Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
~~~ Romans 8:6
For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,
~~~ Hebrews 11:9-10 
By faith he lived as an alien in the land of promise, as in a foreign land, dwelling in tents with Isaac and Jacob, fellow heirs of the same promise; for he was looking for the city which has foundations, whose architect and builder is God.
~~~ 2 Corinthians 5:7
for we walk by faith, not by sight–
~~~ Romans 1:17
For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.”
~~~ Psalm 139:23
Verse Concepts
Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts;
~~~ Proverbs 3:5-6Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.
~~~~~~~~ 6.21.17, This book is now finished.
Unless, God has me add and modify, in shining His light upon more darkness as I am still in Skyway, WA and have not been lifted up this book is finished.. If, me pushing it and/or not reposting MODIFIED pages He had me add to then You may all safely know, my 3 babies and I have been lifted up, that THE MIRACLE HAS MANIFESTED, THAT WE ARE LIVING THE MAJESTIC LIFE ON EARTH GOD BLESSES US WITH.. ~~~~~~~~ 
~~~ LET US SING ~~~ 
Psalm 19:1Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
To the director: A song of David.
19 The heavens tell about the glory of God.
    The skies announce what his hands have made 
******** my final words to God, if there even is one…. 
as for me, they are saving me to late to care. I’m age 51, both physically and mentally challenged, with no real skills developed. there is not 1 person, place or thing i’m about to receive and moving up to 2% that was worth anything i been illegally and criminally put thru. All their illegal operation did was cause me to want my death out of body, not life with any of them or my 3 stolen sons! Nobody, nothing, no place is worth what i been illegally and criminally continue to be put thru, never mind ‘put’ through PERIOD; for some greedy god’s glory! Period! What will be is and in all honesty, i dont know if any god or Jesus exists! I am not here to prove it or deny it… I am only another human with no tangible proof.  I know, i really dont care if there is or not, nor am i threatened as to what becomes of me after death. I already walked thru and survived hell. And, as far as any god carrying me with one set of foot prints in the sand; again, those are my footprints carrying self,not any grand gods. And, those are my last words on that. Good riddance and bye! NO, those are my footprints..sorry and if any God was carring me, I wouldn’t be in pain and crippled with MS, fibermyalgia, etc… I would be able to walk and run… 
Exodus 34:14Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
14 Don’t worship any other god. I am Yahweh Kanah—the jealous Lord. That is my name. I hate for my people to worship other gods.[a]
some dumb footprints in the sand poem humans go by:
One night I dreamed a dream.
As I was walking along the beach with my Lord.
Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life.
For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,
One belonging to me and one to my Lord.
After the last scene of my life flashed before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
I noticed that at many times along the path of my life,
especially at the very lowest and saddest times,
there was only one set of footprints.
This really troubled me, so I asked the Lord about it.
“Lord, you said once I decided to follow you,
You’d walk with me all the way.
But I noticed that during the saddest and most troublesome times of my life,
there was only one set of footprints.
I don’t understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me.”
He whispered, “My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
Never, ever, during your trials and testings.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.”
Nope, not having a bad day. What is that? 😀 same morning as always 😀 just speaking truth that is. Not 1 place, person, thing, not even my 3 stolen son’s have been worth what i illegally and criminally been put thru! Nothing has ever changed about me saying and living that! Thats why my circle remains very small. Only tow males Russ and Jon have shown urselves worthy to be accepted in my life now and later. Im not wowed by 1 thing, place or person im finally being lifted up to.
Im actually a lot like god and always have been in same being same yesterday,today,and tomorrow. I dont have moods or bad mornings 😀 thats why it was insane and funny how organized crime of roots and illegal king county loop wanted to prove im bipolar when im not, nor has any lithium or depecote or bipolar medications helped me,but gave me mini strokes instead, by 2005!
. Nope, not havn bad morning. just speaking truth. Truth nobody wants to hear. Just wat pleases the ears is what humans want. I really dont want a husband if i’m still left here come August 2017. I wont accept any companion after that and i dont have to. i really have no use for a husband. I dont care about anything being given to me and i made that clear thru these last 4 yrs. I said, get them 3 sons and my enemies off illegal monitors, let me have closure with them! I said, as the days go by and im left here, not well cared for, left to be neglected and sick,with no real man of action and integrity, who picked me for his wife, that i dont want a husband then and have no respect 4 any man who lets this be,while he, too illegally just views me.”
i’m not saying anything new. And, nobody in any loop cares enough to hear me and take action in coming to get me and begin taking well care of me and i have been sick and tired of that bible being shoved down my throat! Maybe i want to be into science,not some fucking god nobody has any proof of. I am so sick of Hippocrates shoving Jesus down peoples throats and that bible!
nope, just honest and pissed that anyone thinks they are worth what i been thrU as they continue allowing illegal loop to happen! i wouLd rather do dope at this point and I don’t even want that! Thanku
Since 1993, the illegal loop of my own organized criminals roots have purposely been having it appear that I am unable to have healthy relations ect…as they put me with socio paths and real insane criminals to abuse and neglect me…
2008, I showed dirty agents and those in hi places of San Diego, CA YES, I DO! I got rid of Thomas John Trier! I left Joshua Paul Cunning in 6 months!
2014~2016, I kept telling nasty hindu aka: Fil who I was set up to be arranged to marry that I wasn’t attracted to him and he had nothing to  offer me..he took it to point of having my jumped and attacked!
2016, Dean steps up…Thanksgiving God had me say, “my time line for Dean was Thanksgiving 2016! Nasty aka: This lady I caught stalking me in sheridan, WY 2012 to now 2014~2017 on going, old lady Kathy who is big in stealing and shadowing my twin sons at age 15, having them set up their older brother, having Jonathan barber get his back broke, having my sisiter Karen walters hall and Erik on drugs, broke up, and Michelle shedemhelms dead..why Sandy walters is getting in trouble, why my Jon is a drag queen, a part of EGM woman’s shelter, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Mariners, Julias on Broadway Drag Queen dinner and show and much more…stated, that I was threatening them and her by giving Dean that time frame to lift me up or keep doing illegal activities to me and illegally being in my life, but no I will not want to be his wife.. I will celebrate when I hear this evil aka: kathy is dead! YES, the money loving, evil bitch is dead! will be my song!
2017, Dean steps down and one dirty Joshua Paul Cunning I was already arranged to marry in 2008, who I already left once, stepped up again…just to get caught at being one of the dirtiest agents to my story and what has been done to me.. I am pretty exhausted in desiring any husband at this point! 
So, excuse me for really being one who is independent, doesn’t ‘need’ a man for any reason, but his sincere love for me….. Excuse me for not settling for less! Excuse me for being established in who I am for the last 25 years…1993, and ready to be a home maker! Excuse me for being victim survived to tell of who took great advantage of me and was paid to, even taken out of prison to as a favor for hell angels of san diego! Excuse me for knowing me worth and who I am when none of you wanted to listen to me and tell me who I am, instead! Get away from me, Satan, wise in your own money eyes and insanity heads and evil plotters and trap setters to save your own faces… 
Today, June 28, 2017…my boundary is August 2017! If, not one man of real integrity finds I float his boat in many ways, who does want to sincerely be with me, who doesn’ t really take action in ending this illegal loop and lift me up…. NO, I have no desire to ever be with any one, as far as companion and/or of the such.. I can hire a body guard for what I need…. and, get dogs… I will prefer to remain single and independent taking well care of my  own self and enjoying my own company as I treat myself to the things in life that float my royal boat. I been alone and single this long.. adjusted to enjoying own company… so, no big deal of NO man want s me… praise God, if there is one!
In all honesty i loved my life and what i was doing before coming to reunite with my junk kids that are evil selfish humans that are complete strangers to me! All i wanted was to medically be properly taken care of and financially independent so i may take well care of self and do what floats my boat. Thats what i still want. I want no husband and i want them 3 sons out of my life! Im worth more than what i been put thru due to their lying tongues! I do wish i could rip their tongues out and beat them with their lying tongues! So, no come august as god told me last year, if im still left here i will remain single and as am. I could never be happy or sincerely love anyone or any man who just leaves me here any longer. August is it! and, i am ok with that.
Maybe hell is where ill remain, cuz after every illegal criminal thing i’ve had done to me and put thru to be lifted up and have a life I DONT CARE ABOUT OTHERS WHO ARE SUFFERING OR LESS FORTUNATE! I HAVE NO DESIRE TO HELP OTHERS WHEN IM LIFTED UP! LET THEM WORK FOR IT LIKE I HAD TO! Nobody to this day ever really helped me and it making a life long difference! Nobody but them 3 stolen sons get free ride to the top off of my hard work! and, they 3 may still remain strangers with new names to me in their life i was able to offer them,when i wasnt enough for them! They are to stay out of my freaking life forever and remain strangers. Them and their lying tongues wasnt worth having them back. Go away! So, as far as helping less fortunate once lifted up, what a joke! Ill never help them! Let them help selves, as i was left to do! Period! Id help save the whales, before setting up any woman shelters or helping any people! I dont like people much and have no reason to. I see most as wastes of human flesh. No good cane frm any illegal king county loop to me. And, i have nothing nice or of self to give back.
All i know is if you 3 worked an hones 2 yr. recovery program, as your also getn to live and exercise who you are with royalty money and participate in being reprogrammed from all the distortion you 3 were raised to believe about your own selves and me, mom then in that 2 yrs you 3 would begin to redevelop properly into adult men. You hafta want it like i did tho or ur just wasting ur and everyone else time. A healthy mind gets help for its self. Are you 3 healthy minded and seek health or are you 3 that sick that you seek no help?u 3 Wasting my life in therapy! Get therapy for yourselves and get off your mouths page!  
Joseph isnt a sex addict or sex offender. Jon isnt gay and nate isnt a heroin addict! If they cant see its our own roots who did this to them then i dont know what to say. Do they want to be who our roots raised them to believe or do they want to say,”go to hell Satan and roots! Im not what you taught me to be! I am no longer victim to the lies and we will become grounded adults that are healthy productive citizens!” and, take sincere action in their recovery? Them 3 scare me, if not.
I know as long as i seek gods alternative natural herb medication marijuana, im seeking health and life! Halleluyah and amen
~~~ God’s quick replies and our conversations ~~~
*** Joseph, Jon, and Nate God has corrected me.
i was wrong, rude, expressing poorly out of a mixture of fear, love, and hurt. tho, i did address truth it wasnt godly of me to have said some thing. we have had enuf hurt. hurting u 3 isnt what i want to be remembered by. please forgive me and please love yourselves. i do love and miss you 3 so damn much! all my love, imperfect me, your only real mom. thank u, Jesus amen vs bringing family together. and i dont feel u 3 sons are getn free ride to the top off me and my hard work. thats my job to give to my 3 sons as a mom and i did and do work hard for god and the law. i guess, i just hope you 3 are grateful, value the opportunity god gave, and genuinely be true to self. for u 3 i have done and do wat i can. if i had to die to save you 3 i would. theres no greater love than a friend willing to die for another. So, I have no idea of what more I may do for you three.. I have given you all you and from God to US.
No Greater Love
John 15:12~13  This is My commandment, that you love one another as I loved you. 13Greater love has no onethan this, that he lay down his life for his friends.14You are My friends if you do what I command you.…
YES, God those in illegal king county loop as agents, king county sheriffs, others and real addicts and alcoholics dont even comprehend me when i say, “im done or anything like that.” they believe it means im giving up, am going to relasp or what ever it is illegal loop is trying to twist and/or what ever it is addicts and alcoholics do when they say that. for me it means i dont like you, i dont want to play with you any more, i dont have energy or time for your bullshit. it means i am going to expose a situation and or person thats illegally and criminally in my way bothering me. it means im exhausted, am tired of suffering in a sick, painful, diarrhea, fever, head swelling always sick body. it means many things, but never what illegal loop or addicts think i mean. Satan, stop profiling your shit onto me and go address yourself! i dont relate to people in Satan’s bondage if im not. i am a child of god, made in image of him, new creation. Satan has no hold on me. amen
~~~ news god just gave me: 6.29.17
*** my son Joseph is on his way to recovery, becoming pro basketball player, and more 😀
*** my son Nate is in recovery and is becoming a pro baseball player, and more 😀
*** my son Jon is in recovery, being stopped as a drag queen immediately, is becoming whole as the man he is, is becoming a famous makeup artist, and more 😀 
Yes, Lord I do want you to close down Julia’s on Broadway in Seattle, WA who illegally began promoting Jon as a drag queen prior to age 18 and no parents consent…and, gave him liquor under age as an employee… their operation of Drag Queens is an abomination to your creation of us in you..and more.. they are bad, bad, bad and must be shut down! Thank you for asking me, my loyal and faithful husband, Abba.
*** i drop to the floor face down and cry, “thank you, Jesus for this good news! may we make you proud! may they give you the glory, drop to the ground and praise you, too! thank u for saving my 3 babies. help them thru your agape love. evolve them as you did me in 1993 and past with any recovery program stuff and into your temple as being living temples at that, like you did with me or better. evolve them past man’s programs that you do use and into your program and books of truth as you did for me or better. let them claim new creation and time out of bondage, rather than reclaiming a bondage Satan once had them in, as you did me or better. thank u Abba father for this good news. i do look forward to welcoming each of them with a 3 day celebration party!
Luke 15:20~32
The Younger Son Returns
“While the son was still a long way off, his father saw him coming and felt sorry for him. So he ran to him and hugged and kissed him. 21 The son said, ‘Father, I have sinned against God and have done wrong to you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’
22 “But the father said to his servants, ‘Hurry! Bring the best clothes and put them on him. Also, put a ring on his finger and good sandals on his feet. 23 And bring our best calf and kill it so that we can celebrate with plenty to eat. 24 My son was dead, but now he is alive again! He was lost, but now he is found!’ So they began to have a party.   
The Older Son Complains
25 “The older son had been out in the field. When he came near the house, he heard the sound of music and dancing. 26 So he called to one of the servant boys and asked, ‘What does all this mean?’ 27 The boy said, ‘Your brother has come back, and your father killed the best calf to eat. He is happy because he has his son back safe and sound.’
28 “The older son was angry and would not go in to the party. So his father went out and begged him to come in. 29 But he said to his father, ‘Look, for all these years I have worked like a slave for you. I have always done what you told me to do, and you never gave me even a young goat for a party with my friends. 30 But then this son of yours comes home after wasting your money on prostitutes, and you kill the best calf for him!’
31 “His father said to him, ‘Oh, my son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. 32 But this was a day to be happy and celebrate. Your brother was dead, but now he is alive. He was lost, but now he is found.’”
!!!!!! God,
i burn up with fever nightly and chills. this illegal loop is slowly killing me with their criminal medical neglect. you lord kno how sick i really am and infection and more in my body. these organized criminals and good side kno too. god, lift me quickly, lift me quickly or call me home. just pls do something …ur will be done. amen
~~~ your correct again lord!
to this very day not one says,”her health is bad.” during my days as yesterday. yes,the illegal loop still has those wise in their own eyes giving their opinion and twisting my moments,as yesterday into exactly what its not. yes,lord i praise you for your wrath upon Cedric and your favor upon me and my 3 stolen son’s he also brings harm to and twists what they say and do.
halleluyah! gods wrath is upon cedric and his favor is upon us! thank u, Jesus for asking me who hurts us. thanku for loving us. thanku 4 dying 4 us so we may live. thanku amen
~~~ correct again, Lord
they dont even think “she’s burning up with fever. we better go lift her up and address her medical conditions properly.” and, god i lost hope in having any husband. if there is one for me, he does need to come quickly, because its whats right, he does love me, i do float his boat, he cant just sit and watch this any longer, and does come get me. either than that, my hopes remain in you, lord that you will rise me as a single independent woman who may take well care of he self. help, Jesus and make this uplift happen quickly, as in today. after all god, i been living in this sick neglected by organized crime most my life. im ready. help Jesus help!!! thank you!
~~~ God, holy Spirit, Jesus my brother,
what i need is an actual life to grow any longer. meaning, this illegal king county loop has me stagnate like a contaminated pond. I am not an alcoholic or addict,nor active as one,nor relate to those who are and….what they offer in smoke screen AA serenity hall thats a cover up for what my retaliators really had planned for me. i c that place and mtngs nothing more than what it is: illegal people illegally in my life on monitors, visually airing me, as a court illegally set up by organized crime and my 3 stolen sons to eat me! my recovery from all illegal king county loop since ’14 to this days damage done criminally and more neglect to my health, will begin the moment im truly lifted up, in a temp. home with husband to be, we address my health, and a life is happening with all illegal loops destroyed. either than that im doing nothing more than being sicker daily and just stagnate in the illegal, abusive, neglecting, retaliation, racist no life they illegally keep me in. there is no action of integrity i may take to change a thing about whats illegally being done. either, i flip and actually kill people or i do as i do: scream for help, expose them and me, tell God all via WWW to get help out of the illegal organized criminals that include the 2% WEALTHY loops people and continue being, the lady in god i am. help us Jesus and destroy these people and lift us. amen
Matthew 6:9-13Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
So this is how you should pray:
‘Our Father in heaven,
    we pray that your name will always be kept holy.
10 We pray that your kingdom will come—
    that what you want will be done here on earth, the same as in heaven.
11 Give us the food we need for today.
12 Forgive our sins,
    just as we have forgiven those who did wrong to us.
13 Don’t let us be tempted,
    but save us from the Evil One.’[a]

6 thoughts on “The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (The End)

  1. True, I, Jon’s mamma is who sent the redish wig he is wearing in photo as a drag queen age 16 ish~ 17 ish, 2013 ish or so.. from Sheridan, WY.. It is our business.. He is my son! He was not ready for the truth, the way the situation was and has been over phone and not really connecting with me since 2000 when they first tried steally then, and 2006 for sure, after telling Sandy Walters off in her face, of all that I say in this book and my first book about her as my biological mom and NOW I WASN’T ALLOWED NEAR MY HER OR MY KIDS AT HER DEMAND ‘ILLEGALLY’! Jon, needed me to be supportive, loving, accepting. And, God had me encouraging Jon in his artists skills, make up artists skills, and of the such.. that can be used for Hollywood, Law enforcement cover up.. We could address the truth of this entire story..later, when God put us together.. But, illegal organized Crime King county loop wanted to illegally take over and do things their way.. all illegal on Federal levels and more..

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