The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies (whole story)


true review and testimony. view more on google, fb, wordpress, or twitter moments in my book The ‘theft’ of my 3 babies.. follow this link:

Entire towns, as well, as previous others and others at current time, was set up by organized crime being my own father via cockfighting Donald Walters, Hell Angels Dago Mob Donald Ivester, Roger christie fake THC minister, aka: Ron and Kathy, and Silvia CEO of EGM W omens shelter and their relatives, friends, associates, who they could pay off, intimidate to devour me and find filthy in me and put my life in danger to save their own faces from God having me report their nasty acts to me: as one FBI/Agents Clinton Z., Randy, Joshua Paul Cunning, Srgt. Derr, whom I worked hard for let these criminally insane people in HI and LO places take retaliation out on me, since 2009~ current on…

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