[Dy 3 ea. Mo.]~ God’s Spiritual Daily Life Transformation Guide

I place this Cyber warming: this “Testimony” is only for viewer to view, not disfrigerate (take apart/change), copy paste, edit, mend, take ideas from for books, to use as a reason to take retaliation out on me or my grievances, movies or other entertainment. This testimony and all my blogs are of my owner ship only. All other parties may not pass on or use against me; it’s my testimony with the protection of Jesus as the author and my redeemer; deliverer of HIS promises, “enjoy viewing my story of God’s Grace and “hand” on my “nightmare” life and Victor of “HIS earthly good life” HE is rewarding me with. That YOU will all know is happening, because “this” part of my “testimony” of a “no life” with God will be over. Then, sing “hallelujah” for me please, praising Jesus, Our Lord for His faithfulness and putting an end to any neglected, oppressed life of Satan’s will for me and enabling me to Fly in the life that is “God’s will” for me.. Thank you. Amen

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Proverbs 3 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
The Blessing of Wisdom
My son, don’t forget my teaching. Remember what I tell you to do.What I teach will give you a good, long life, and all will go well for you.
Don’t ever let love and loyalty leave you. Tie them around your neck, and write them on your heart. Then God will be pleased and think well of you and so will everyone else.
Trust the Lord completely, and don’t depend on your own knowledge.With every step you take, think about what he wants, and he will help you go the right way. Don’t trust in your own wisdom, but fear and respect the Lord and stay away from evil. If you do this, it will be like a refreshing drink and medicine for your body.
Honor the Lord with your wealth and the first part of your harvest.10 Then your barns will be full of grain, and your barrels will be overflowing with wine.
11 My son, don’t reject the Lord’s discipline, and don’t be angry when he corrects you. 12 The Lord corrects the one he loves, just as a father corrects a child he cares about.
13 Those who find wisdom are fortunate; they will be blessed when they gain understanding. 14 Profit that comes from wisdom is better than silver and even the finest gold. 15 Wisdom is worth more than fine jewels. Nothing you desire has more value.
16 With her right hand, Wisdom offers long life—with the other hand, riches and honor. 17 Wisdom will lead you to a life of joy and peace.18 Wisdom is like a life-giving tree to those who hold on to her; she is a blessing to those who keep her close.
19 With wisdom and understanding, the Lord created the earth and sky.20 With his knowledge, he made the oceans and the clouds that produce rain.
21 My son, don’t ever let wisdom out of your sight. Hold on to wisdom and careful planning. 22 They will bring you a long life filled with honor.23 As you go through life, you will always be safe and never fall. 24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid. When you rest, your sleep will be peaceful. 25 You have no reason to fear a sudden disaster or the destruction that comes to the wicked. 26 You can trust the Lord to protect you. He will not let you fall into harm.
27 Do everything you possibly can for those who need help. 28 If your neighbor needs something you have, don’t say, “Come back tomorrow.” Give it to him immediately.
29 Don’t make plans to harm your neighbor, who lives near you and trusts you.[a]
30 Don’t take people to court without good reason, especially when they have done nothing to harm you.
31 Don’t envy those who are violent. Never choose to be like them.32 Such crooked people are disgusting to the Lord. But he is a friend to those who are good and honest.
33 The Lord curses a wicked family, but he blesses the homes of those who live right.
34 He will humiliate those who make fun of others, but he is kind to those who are humble.
35 The way the wise live will bring them honor, but the way fools live will bring them shame.
  1. Proverbs 3:29 neighbor … trusts you Or “neighbor. After all, you live near one another for protection.”  https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Proverbs+3&version=ERV  

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