~~~~ Keeping #1 Weapon sharp ~~~~


  • These are only suggestions…
  • NOT demands  ..
  • Either believe or not..
  • I happen to KNOW; I was chosen and I believe.
  • Glory to God, O most high!
  • Victory ONLY “thru” HIM! Amen and Halleluyah.. 
Strengthening our prayer weapon =
  • confessing where “I” as an individual and/or “we” as a group fall short.
  • Then, renew commitment to God.
  • Pray when dont want or feel like it.
  • Pray when do want to and/or feel like it.
  • Pray until want to and/or feel like it.
  • Train self to go into the prayer of THE OUR FATHER being basic only thoughts submitting every situation of self and others into praise and prayer while others are sharing and talking, over both good and/or bad. AS it is to be in Heaven.. praising and worshiping HIM day and night, nothing else matters… Heaven on Earth 
Philippians 4:6 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Don’t worry about anything, but…

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